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Dave kept driving the car as Monica blew her nose. She'd been crying all day thinking about their situation. She knew her and Dave had a lot going for them in spite of their financial situation.

Monica was gorgeous. Her and Dave had been married for three years. They planned on having children. They bought a cozy little ranch home about two years ago. Who would have thought that things would get this bad!

Monica had been working as a bank teller until the bank merged. She was laid off from her job like several hundred others. Dave worked at another bank as a loan officer. Things got so bad that he was laid off when their bank almost failed.

The two of them couldn't find anything decent except Dave worked as a cashier down at a local grocery store. Their savings was dwindling down to the last few dollars and the mortgage was due again.

Everything they worked so hard to achieve was in jeopardy. It was until last week. That's when Dave was approached at the store where he worked by a man he didn't know. He made Dave an offer. Dave was so scared and upset he threatened to call the police. The man calmed him down until he was able to give David his sales pitch.

Dave and Monica's problems would be solved over night. The man explained this wild idea which involved selling his wife's services for a whole year. Dave couldn't remember exactly what persuaded him to allow this man to speak to Monica and him together but he did and the deal was done.

Dave suddenly slammed on his breaks as Monica looked over at him to see what was wrong. The dirt road they were traveling on was dark. There wasn't a building for miles except this tiny little sign on the side of the road.

The white sign had the letters WWS printed on it. Dave had no idea what that meant other than he was told to watch for a white sign with those letters. He was to follow the dirt drive back into the woods until he came upon a guard shake. The night was dark, there wasn't even a moon. All Dave could see was a man shinning a flashlight for him to stop. Dave showed the man the letter and he was directed through a barbwire gate. He pulled up next to a roll of cars and parked. There was a large pole building a couple hundred feet from where they parked.

Monica busted out crying. "Honey, lets go I don't think we should go through with this."

Dave leaned over as Monica cried on his shoulder. He rubbed her back and hugged her tight. Somebody tapped on the car window startling the couple. There was a man standing outside motioning them to hurry up.

Dave opened the door and walked around taking his wife's hand. The man waiting for them was wearing a dark hood. He seemed polite as he directed the couple to follow them to the pole building. The man knocked on the steel door and it immediately opened. They followed him inside.

There were several men standing around wearing hoods just like the man that lead them in. One of the men walked directly into Dave's face and said.

"I need you to follow me while we prepare your Mrs."

Dave looked a little confused and concerned as two of the hooded men grabbed hold of his wife's arms and started to take her away.

Monica twisted until she broke loose and ran to Dave crying. He immediately took her into his arms as she stood crying and held her tight.

"It's alright honey. I'll see you a little later on."

She was afraid even though they were well informed of the procedures that would take place that night. Everything just seemed so scary. Monica finally regained enough of herself to be walked out of the room as Dave was taken to another room.

The place wasn't much more than a barn with a few makeshift rooms. Dave was taken into another room where the man they called the Trader was waiting. There were several men standing around while the Trader got ready to speak.

"I'll have you taken out into the arena area in a few minutes. As soon as the bidding starts on our first cow, you will be seated at the back of the arena where you can watch the progress for yourself and see that I'm not going to cheat you out of any money.

Cow? What did he mean by calling Monica a cow?

Dave stood near the desk as he waited while the Trader flipped through the contract.

"Everything seems to be in order. You'll be brought back here where you'll be paid in full once your cow has been sold."

"Excuse me sir but Monica isn't a cow. She's my wife and I don't appreciate you degrading her like this."

The Trader just stopped what he was doing and starred at Dave for a few seconds before he replied.

"Wouldn't you say that you're the one who is degrading your precious Monica? You agreed to have her sold here tonight didn't you?"

Dave stuttered and replied. Well.....Uh......Yes....But.....Not like this.....I mean, I was told my wife wasn't going to be hurt."

"Nobody is going to get harmed here tonight, I can assure you of that. We have our way of running our business here. We have clients to expect the best merchandise."

The Trader leaned forward adding. ""Do you think my clients come here to see somebody get hurt? Why would they want to pay top dollar for a cow that wasn't up to our standards?"

Dave swallowed. "I guess I'm not use to hearing my wife referred to as a cow."

The trader pointed his finger saying. "Get over it. Your going to hear the auctioneer referring to all the cows in that manor out in the arena."

The trader turned to one of the men. "You can take him out there to wait now."

Two men approached Dave pointing to another door. Just as Dave was about to leave the Trader spoke out.

"I think you will be very pleased with the selling price your beautiful cow is going to bring tonight."

Dave was taken around the back of the building and brought back in through another door. He could hear a crowd of people inside as he was lead inside where he could peek through a small doorway looking out into what they called the arena.

Dave was so nervous he hardly noticed the other men being held in the same area. Dave looked at them and figured they were here for the same reason. Nobody spoke as they just stood waiting until somebody finally came through the door and escorted them out into the arena area.

The room was filled with people who were mostly all seated in a typical auction fashion. Dave and the other men were lead up onto a small bleacher section at the back of the arena. There was just enough room for the small group of men. Dave finally started to count them. He thought he counted twenty.

Dave looked around at the audience seated in front of him on metal chairs. There were all sorts of people. White men, black men, Arabs in full dress and a few women. They all looked wealthy and important.

Another hooded man approached them and spoke to the group. "As soon as your cow is sold, you will be escorted back to the Trader to complete your transaction. Just sit tight, the auction is going to begin soon."

Dave gulped and looked around at some of the other men. The lights dimmed about five minutes later as a man stood on a lighted stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen. We're going to start here in just a minute. Make sure you have your bid paddles where I can see them when you make a bid tonight. We'll be bringing the cows in one at a time. Please look at your auction guide where you'll find additional information on the cows."

The auctioneer walked over to the center of the stage as the lights got brighter and a curtain opened to the rear of the stage. A petite blonde walked out wearing a pink thigh high robe. She was wearing spike heels and carefully walked out toward the auctioneer.

"That's my wife! That's my wife, Cindy!" Oh my God, it's my wife!"

Dave turned to his right and looked at the man who spoke. One of the hooded men walked over and told him to quiet down. Dave hadn't noticed the large plasma television screens hanging from the rafters until now. They all lit up at once showing a close-up of the blonde's face.

Dave turned to look at the man again and saw tears in his eyes. He must be in shock seeing his wife up their ready to be auctioned and sold to the highest bidder. Dave turned to look at the screen nearest to them and starred at the blondes face.

She looked frightened standing up there. Dave wondered if she always looked so beautiful or did they make her up to resemble a gorgeous actress. The auctioneer began to speak.

"Look here ladies and gentlemen. We have our first fine specimen standing before us. This is a petite natural blonde with green eyes. Let me point out the long slim legs and thin ankles You male bidders can imagine how those tiny little heels would feel like digging into your back on a cold winter night."

"Oh my God!"

Dave looked at the man again when he spoke out again hoping he wouldn't get himself in any kind of trouble.

"Let's have a little peek at what's under the robe."

The auctioneer helped the little blonde as she unwrapped the belt on the robe letting it fall open revealing her beautiful petite body for the crowd. There were gasps and chanting as the auctioneer helped her remove it completely and tossed it on the stage floor. The camera's caught everything as the image panned downward toward her pussy mound.

The camera zoomed in on a neatly trimmed patch of blonde hair on her pussy mound. The auctioneer held her hand while he pointed toward her pussy.

"As you can see ladies and gentlemen, she is a natural blonde. Take particular note of her flat belly and the way her gorgeous hips flare out. Let's turn you around and have you bend over and put your hands on your knees little one."

The tiny blonde housewife turned around until her ass was facing the crowd as the auctioneer helped her bend down as she touched her knees.

"Hold it right their for me please. Look here at this gorgeous soft little ass ladies and gentlemen."

The auctioneer was rubbing the palm of his hand across her ass cheeks than leaned down further pointing out her pussy from behind.

"look at that puffy little slit peeking out from under there. Doesn't that look inviting?

The camera got a splendid close-up of her gorgeous pussy from behind. The auctioneer helped her straighten back up and had her turn around to face the audience again. He waived his hand across her nipples making them poke out as hard as can be.

"Look at those beauties ladies and gentlemen. I bet you can feel your lips and teeth teasing those wonderful nipples right now.......OK, ladies and gentlemen, who is going to start the bed for this lovely creature?"

Dave saw bid paddles raising in the air everywhere. There were auction helpers walking around ready to point out the bidders to the auctioneer.

"Who'll give me a million, do I hear a million?"

The helpers we hollering out each time a bid was taken. They were up to seven million.

"Look at this little beauty! She's worth much more than that, folks."

The auctioneer raised her left hand and smiled as he positioned her hand so the camera could get a nice shot of her wedding rings.

"He held back laughter as he said. "Look here ladies and gentlemen. She's still wearing her wedding rings. She's almost a virgin. Who'll give me ten million?"

There were bidders still raising their paddle for the young housewife as he took their bids. He was somewhere at fifteen million now.

"Come on ladies and gentlemen, certainly you have plenty of good uses for this little blonde cow! Maybe perhaps you might want to consider breeding her with one of those fine young black bulls you have in your stable?"

He kept taking bids as he held onto the blondes hand. Dave turned to see her husband wiping tears from his eyes as he watched his wife being sold.

"Do I hear twenty-three million anyone?......This is the last call ladies and gentlemen....Going once.....Twice........"

The auctioneer picked up a gavel and slapped it down across his podium.

"Sold for twenty-two million, five hundred thousand to the gentlemen on the left!"

Dave gulped as he did the figures in his head. The husband was going to be paid forty percent of the sale. Wow.....that's over eight million dollars! They're going to be rich when this is all over!

Dave hardly paid any attention to the husband as he watched the blonde being escorted back behind the stage. One of the bidders helpers was walking a tall black man around the side and up behind the stage. Dave figured he must have been the winning bidder.

The crowd got a little loud with all the whispers going back and forth while two hooded men walked over to the blondes husband.

"You can come with us now sir."

Dave watched him wipe another tear from his face as he stood and carefully walked down the bleachers with the two hooded men. They took him out the back as Dave focused on the lighted stage again.

Dave's hear began to race wondering if his wife were to be next. The crowd gasped as a tall buxom redhead walked out onto the stage next. Dave felt a little relieved knowing Monica wasn't going to be sold next.

The camera took a good close-up of her smiling face. You could certainly see that she was wearing a lot of makeup as well and was trying her best to keep smiling. She just looked like she would start crying at any second as the auctioneer took hold of her left hand. The auctioneer leaned over and whispered into her ear and she shook her head.

Dave heard a man down at the end of the roll say, Sue! He looked over and saw a middle aged man covering his mouth with his hand. His eyes were tearing up as he starred straight forward. Dave thought to himself that it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which wife belonged to which husband seated with him.

The tall redhead was wearing the same kind of pink robe as the blonde. Dave figured it was something they were all probably wearing. She wore spike high heels as well and looked like a goddess standing out there as she faced the audience.

"Isn't she just a beauty ladies and gentlemen? Just look at this natural long red hair. Makes you wonder if she's that hot in bed!"

There were laughs coming from the crown of people as the auctioneer helped the redhead remove her robe. The robe fell to the floor revealing her gorgeous buxom figure. She had one of the nicest large pair of breasts that Dave had saw in a while.

The auctioneer didn't waste anytime running the palm of his hand across her nipples making them stick out as hard as little stones.

"Don't you think these are gorgeous ladies and gentlemen? I have to tell you up front that this gorgeous creature has given birth to two healthy siblings already. You can see the slight bulge of her belly but still a fine specimen."

The auctioneer actually reached out and held one of her large breasts in his hand and said.

"These are wonderful and I think she could breast feed a lot more with these babies." He leaned over and asked the redhead. "Did you breast feed your children my dear?"

She nodded her head up and down that she did. He kept kneading her boob as he smiled at the audience than cleared his throat and finally let go.

"I could do that all evening folks."

Everyone laughed as he had the redhead turn around and touch her knees like he did with the petite little blonde.

"Look at this plump round succulent looking ass ladies and gentlemen. It's certainly a magnet for those handsome black bulls you have in your stable. There is nothing those black bulls love more than a perfect white plump ass like this one ladies and gentlemen."

The camera got really close showing her pussy slit as the auctioneer helped spread apart her ass cheeks than gave her a playful slap before having her turn back around to face the crowd.

He smiled at the redhead saying. "I apologize for the little slap my dear. It's just that your ass is so attractive and inviting."

He raised her left hand and smiled at the crowd as he held it up for the camera. The camera zoomed in to see that her wedding rings were already removed. Dave looked over at the husband and noticed he was holding onto them in his fingers as he starred up at the stage.

"Isn't that wonderful, ladies and gentlemen. She's already removed her wedding rings for her new owner."

There were chuckles coming from the crowd as the auctioneer began.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, who will start me off at a million? Do I hear a million from anyone?"

Hands were raising and the auctioneer kept going up. He was a ten million now and they were still going strong.

"She's worth much more folks, just look at those breasts again and tell me what you think? Will somebody give me fifteen?"

Dave was surprised that the bidding was going higher for the redhead than for what the petite blonde sold for a few minutes ago.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have twenty-three million dollars now do I head twenty four?"

Dave saw somebody in the back row raise there paddle and the auctioneer yelled out again trying to get twenty-five.

"Let's try this one more time folks, do I hear twenty-six anywhere? Come on folks, this is the last call for twenty-six million!"

It looked like the bidding was done for a moment when a large black man in the back row raised his paddle in just the nick of time as the auctioneer said."

"Thank you very much sir, do I hear anyone else in at twenty-six, five?"

Everyone got quiet as the auctioneer did his last call.

"I have twenty-six million.....Going once.....Twice......Sold to the gentlemen in the back row for twenty six million dollars."

Dave watched as the redhead was escorted off the stage and the two hooded men came and got the husband. Dave looked over at the man seated next to him and finally spoke to him.

"I wonder why she went for more than the pretty little blonde?"

The man leaned toward Dave whispering back. "I would imagine because she hand a nice wide ass on her, you know those black men love those big asses on a white woman don't you?"

Dave nodded his head. "I suppose your right, I always noticed that myself."

Dave began wondering about Monica since she had a nice round ass herself. She wasn't fat by any means but she had what many guys would consider a healthy looking fine body.

Dave sat and watched as they brought out another blonde. She started to cry before they got her sold but the auctioneer gave her tissue and a hug until she was able to smile again. There were two women who rushed out on stage and touched up her makeup before the auctioneer started the sale.

She didn't fetch as much as the first two wives and only sold for fifteen million. It was probably because she cried and perhaps the bidders felt that would cause a problem down the road somewhere. Dave found himself crossing his fingers hoping Monica wouldn't start crying out there.

Dave knew it was an awful thought but if she was going to be sold for millions tonight that it might as well be for a hefty chunk of money.

That blonde was followed by another blonde than a redhead with short hair and a petite body. They all fetched over twenty million dollars. Dave watched the stage and his heart sank as his beloved wife walked out onto the stage smiling at the auctioneer like she was Vienna White hosting jeopardy.

She strutted out and he took her hand and turned and smiled at the audience. The camera panned in taking a nice shot of Monica's smile. She looked so beautiful made up like a model. Dave never seen her look so beautiful like this before. The auctioneer helped Monica remove her pink robe and everyone gasped as her gorgeous body was revealed. "Isn't she just gorgeous, ladies and gentlemen? Just look at those large breasts and flat tummy."

The camera panned downward and focused on her neatly shaven pussy. Dave knew Monica wasn't shaven when they came here.

"Take a good look at that pretty smooth pussy mound, folks. Our staff just shaved it for your pleasure this evening."

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