tagInterracial LoveWhite Slaves of Eban Ch. 03

White Slaves of Eban Ch. 03


Katie flipped the pages back on the calendar and found the pencil mark she put next to the date she first arrived at Eban. It seemed like ages ago even though only three months had passed. She kept starring at that date wondering what Jeff was doing.

She'd heard all sorts of nasty stories about what they put the men through who were employees at Eban. She'd only been out of her dorm for a short visit to the resort last week and saw a few of them. It made her sick to her stomach knowing that her husband was now known as one of those men they referred to as eunuchs' she saw.

Those poor soles had to endure wearing those uncomfortable hoods over their heads for hours at a time. Katie remembered thinking how pitiful they appeared with their genitals and legs shaven.

Her one and only visit was part of her training. She was known like all the other white wives at Eban as divorcees'. Katie's roommate, Diana had become a good friend over the past three months.

Diana was in her second year at Eban and shared her stories both good and bad about her clients. Katie found that most of the divorcees' took great pride in bragging about the bonuses they made.

The bonus system here at Eban was very important. It meant how much money a woman would make during her time spent as a working girl. The clients gave them ratings and the divorcees' had to work their asses off literally to obtain a high rating to get a good bonus.

Every divorcee wore a gold chain around her neck with a small pendent. The word inscribed first was, divorcee followed below by their real first name. Katie's had her name followed by the number three. That meant there were two other Katie's working before her at Eban.

Katie had spent hours in a classroom type setting being trained on how to please a man. The new arrivals were taught by one of the black mistresses employed at the resort. They made it very clear on how they expected the divorcees' to react and how to respond to their black clientele.

Katie's mind drifted off for a moment as she remembered her first day in class. She recalled what the mistress said that afternoon.

"I want all you new divorcees' to remember that you're now employed at Eban now. You will act and obey our rules here for the next three years of your employment. Your sole purpose here is to insure the luxury and comfort of our black clients. I want you to remember that from this day forward you will agree to do everything possible in your well to make our black clients happy."

Katie remembered that clearly and she also remembered what she was told next as she starred at that calendar.

"I want you divorcees' to remember that you belong to us for the next three years. We will control your diet, as well as how you think and the way you perform. We will also take the liberty of controlling your daily medication through your personal diet."

Katie knew exactly what that meant. Diana said they were kept on drugs to help enhance their sexual appetite. Katie could feel it. It was a strange feeling at times especially during her classes when the mistress would be speaking about something sexual.

Katie could feel it throughout her whole body. There were many times during her classes that she wanted to play with her pussy. There were nights when she was laying in bed that she wanted to make herself cum but it wasn't allowed.

She shared her dorm room with seven other divorcees' and Katie never knew which one was going to tattle on her. There was one thing that scared her the most. The women were given their birth control through their meals. The resort had complete control.

There were over eight hundred divorcee's working at Eban and approximately five to six percent of them were pregnant. It was in the contract she signed. They had complete control over pregnancies too!

It all worked in stages. A client would pick out a divorcee. He would than have one of those ankle bracelets put on her ankle. This meant that the divorcee was off limits to any other client at the resort. The client may spend a week or two at the resort. He'd mate at any possible opportunity during his stay with the divorcee.

It was always a good sign that the ankle bracelet was removed after the client left the resort. That meant he was only holding her out and away from the general public. It also meant he had to spend a lot of money with the resort to do so.

The bad sign was if the ankle bracelet remained on after the client was gone. Diane told her that it either meant that the client was returning soon for another stay and wanted to keep his personal pussy away from the other clients. The other being that they were waiting for the first sign of pregnancy than a test.

Everything was kept secret from the divorcees'. She'd never know if she was being breed until she began having physical effects like morning sickness or other signs.

The divorcees' would still not be sure until those little belly bulges started to appear on them. Katie only knew one of the divorcees' personally that got pregnant. She was extremely upset knowing that her ex-husband was going to see her walking around the resort with a huge belly.

Katie could hardly image Jeff seeing her with a large belly knowing fully aware she was carrying a black child. What made matters worse was the fact that the men or eunuchs' as they were called wore those masks over their heads.

A divorcee never knew if her ex was even in the same room as her at any given time. It was humiliating to think that Jeff could watch her work as she encouraged the clients to kiss and touch her like a common street whore.

The pregnant divorcees' were kept working at the resort right up until they were due to deliver their baby. There was talk among the divorcees' that this was for the purpose of advertising, plus it served at a symbol to the black clients that they had that kind of control here.

Katie heard a lot of the girls come back and tell stories they over heard the clients saying. A client would spot a pregnant girl walking around and they'd want to get in on the action as well.

The only positive note about a pregnancy was the fact that the divorcee would be paid a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar bonus. A divorcee that carried twins than the bonus would be a much higher amount.

Katie was just surprised that so many black men came here just for breeding them. It was sort of a status for them to be able to come here and pick out a white woman of his choice to impregnate.

If any of this made any sense to her it was the fact that all the women here were married at the time they entered the resort to work. The resort could recruit couples a lot easier plus it worked out better for them because they were getting both a white woman and a male worker that could be assigned too many of the daily work chores that it took to keep the place running.

Katie was amazed at how attractive these women were that worked at the resort. They were carefully weeded out the bad apples during the initial application process.

Katie was startled when the mistress appeared in the doorway.

"It's time to get you dressed and ready, Katie."

Katie gulped as she smiled back at the black mistress. This was it! It was time! It took three whole months of careful preparation. She slowly walked out to where the mistress was waiting and followed her down to the dressing room. There, they would prepare her for her first day at Eban.

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