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White Trash

byNo Panty Girl©

Princess Point is parkland bordering Cootes Paradise, a large marshy area connecting Burlington Bay to the old town of Dundas.

Many years ago barges went from the bay to Dundas via the DesJardins canal, which was a narrow channel dredged to about a depth of about four foot and marked by a series of wooden post rising above the water marking each side.

During the week the park was usually desolated and I found it an ideal spot to do some sunbathing on my way to work.

I was working as an exotic dancer at "Solid Gold", a strip club a few miles down the road in suburban Aldershot.

Aldershot is a suburb of Burlington an affluent neighbor of Hamilton where I lived. The cliental of Solid Gold was primarily a white-collar crowd of younger successful businessman.

I was being paid a grand a week as a featured dancer and kept the money I made doing table dances and lap dances in the V.I.P. Lounge. It was not uncommon for me to exceed my salary in tax-free cash servicing the customer's requests.

Tanlines are undesirable in my line of work so I spent a lot of time in the tanning beds at Aggie's Tanning Salon getting an all over tan. If there was no one around when I was sunbathing at Princess Point I would slip off my bikini top and sometime both the top and bottoms. I could see anyone approaching from a distance and quickly cover up if necessary.

It was a warm afternoon and I did not start my shift for another four hours. I had brought a bottle of red wine along to sip while reading my book.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and not a soul in sight. My bikini was stuffed in my bag and the bottle of wine half gone. I must have dozed off naked in the warm rays of the sun.

I was awaken suddenly by the cold nose of a dog sniffing my bare thigh, a very large dog!

I opened my eyes to see the dog's owner standing over me looking down at my naked body. As I was lying on my back everything was on show.

Being a stripper my nudity did not overly embarrass me as hundreds of men had seen me naked.

It was a black man staring at my exposed cunt while his German Sheppard's nose explored the source of my musk.

"You never have seen a shaved pussy before?" I asked him defensively.

"Not one as pretty as yours." He smiled.

My worries were unnecessary as he introduced himself apologizing for intruding on my privacy.

Stan then chastised his dog whose nose was getting dangerously close to the source of the scent that was attracting him. I told him not to worry as I had experience with dogs and knew how they loved warm, wet holes.

Sensing I was not uncomfortable with his presence Stan went on to tell me he was a musician who did vocals and played guitar with a band doing gigs at the Galley Pump, a local Country and Western watering hole where the customers wore denim and cowboy boots and smoked Export "A"s.

Stan went on to tell me he had a brief career with the Ottawa Roughriders, a C.F.L. football team before he married "Effie" and settled down.

I told him that I was a dancer at Solid Gold and invited him to come out and see me perform sometime. We both agreed to try to catch each other's act.

I could tell Stan was hesitant to leave as I was now sitting with my knees up and somewhat spread apart so he had an excellent view of the pink interior of my partially open slit.

I went on telling my new acquaintance that I was engaged to be married to a auto mechanic in a couple of months who wanted me to quit dancing.

My fiancé Glen said he made enough money to support both of us comfortably and didn't like so many guys seeing me naked and lusting to fuck me.

Stan said he didn't blame him, if I were his girlfriend he would feel the same way.

I explained to Stan the money was just too good to give up. I told him I was not into drugs like many of the other girls were and I did not have sex with any of the customers.

I assured him they only got to look and maybe fondle my boobs if they paid for a lap dance and that was it. I didn't elaborate on how I sat on their boners with only the fabric of their trousers separating their cocks from entering heaven and gyrated my cookie on them smearing their pants with my juice.

We talked for about an hour and as I was loosing the sun and wanted to stop at Le Femme, a lingerie shop to pick up some items to add to my costumes before starting work I promised Stan I would drop in the Galley the following night as I was off work.

The Galley Pump was almost deserted when I entered about nine o'clock. There were about a dozen patrons scattered around the room. The Galley is located in a rough side of town and all eyes were on me as I entered, I was likely the classiest broad to enter the place in quite a while.

The band was between sets but Stan was at the bar and saw me come in and came to greet me. We found a vacant table in a corner and Stan went to get our drinks.

When I am not working I do not dress provocatively, I try to blend in with other females. I was wearing a red skirt with a black filigree blouse that did not reveal any excessive amount of flesh. I was likely dress a little better than the Pump's regular female customers and meeting up with a colored guy I imagine the others thought I was the typical blonde attracted to big, black cocks.

I had heard all the stories about black men having exceptionally large cocks from other girls but the only practical experience I had was at a Jane Doe party where I took a turn at sucking the black male stripper's cock. It had been quite a mouthful, ten inches long and as thick as my forearm I would guess?

Although Stan had seen all my equipment other than from the bulge in his trousers I had no ideal how big his schlong was.

Stan returned with our drinks and we sat talking while the others speculated.

I sat through three of the band's sets talking between and by the time closing time approached I was starting to feel like partying.

Just before their last set Stan said the band was going to get together later at one of the guy's places and would I like to join them?

They seemed like a nice bunch of guys, Stan's age or a bit older with the drummer also being black and the other two white guys.

As the place closed the guys loaded their instruments into their van in the parking lot and when it was loaded we all piled in and headed for Steve, the sax player's apartment.

I was pretty well bombed by this time. One inebriated female and four strange men, a deadly combination!

It was a typical guy's apartment with no feminine touches, just a sink full of dirty dishes and garbage can overflowing with takeout food cartons.

It was just one large room with a sofa that folded down into a bed, which was still in the bed mode. The washroom was separate and a counter with a sink and hotplate against one wall.

The focal point of the room was a fairly large screen TV opposite the sofa bed.

Steve had a "beer fridge", and old refrigerator that contained mostly bottles of beer. He went to the fridge and got out a bottle of beer for each of us while Lloyd the drummer tuned the TV.

I sat on the edge of the sofa with my beer while watching Lloyd finding the porno movie he was looking for, Soon I was watching a young white girl being gangbanged by three big black bucks.

The girl looked no more than sixteen-years-old and between her three studs they must have been sticking twenty-five inches of black cock into her various openings. She was making a noble effort but I could tell by the look on her face they were stretching the hell out of her.

"Jesus Christ, she loves it!" Lloyd yelled looking at the whore's facial expression.

"You think so?" I asked.

"Hell yea, white broads love black cocks!" Lloyd grinned, "You ever tried one?"

I hesitated for a moment, thinking about the black one I had briefly sucked a couple of years ago.

I had only sucked it a few seconds as part of the hijinks the girls at the party were up to. I had only had it in my mouth long enough to get the feel of it, he hadn't come in my mouth or anything.

"Nope!" I answered Lloyd's question.

"Would you like to?" he looked at me with interest.

Again I hesitated, the booze was catching up with me and everything was unfolding so fast. I saw Stan was also waiting for my answer.

Stan had told his friends I was a stripper and I guess they thought I casually fucked many men.

"Here?" I asked.

"Sure!" Lloyd smiled, "We'll all do you, even the whities here?"

Before I could answer the buttons on the front of my blouse were being unfastened. As my blouse opened my well-filled black bra came into the guys' sight, it looked as if it was about to explode with its load.

"What are you doing?" cried.

"Just going to take a look." Lloyd grinned.

The other two white guys had joined us on the sofa while Stan watched from across the room.

The clasp was on the front of my bar, someone pressed the plastic button and the bra popped open allowing my tits to tumble out into view. As a hand filled itself with my left breast I knew I was in trouble.

In minutes I was naked from the waist up being groped, fondled and kissed by three guys at the same time.

Stan just sat there watching with no intention of rescuing me.

I felt my skirt and thong being pulled off. Now I was totally naked and hands were everywhere, grabbing my tits and ass and fingers were exploring my openings.

I panicked, as I was not using birth control. I had always relied on my fiancé to pull out before he come.

But I realized resisting was useless so I stopped struggling and submitted to their demands.

Lloyd's cock was the first to enter my cunt.

It had been well over a year since I had been fucked by anyone other than my fiancé. I guess I had become accustom to his average size cock because when Lloyd rammed into me he stretched me to new limits.

":Owwww! Jesus Christ!" I cried in pain.

Lloyd was on top of me and someone was holding my legs apart. In three quick thrusts he was into me up to his big black balls.

Suddenly another black cock slapped me across my face. Stan had come to join in the fun.

"Suck it bitch!" he snarled.

This was the guy who was supposed to be my friend? I realized all the time Stan was just setting me up for a gangbang.

I opened my mouth and took his cock in.

I was never big on sucking cock. Believe it or not I had never sucked my fiancé's cock the many times he had begged me. Sucking the black stripper's cock was just a lark and it had only been for a few seconds. The thought of a cock cumming in my mouth was revolting.

Stan started skull-fucking me like I was white trash. His cock was going into my mouth as far as Lloyd's was into my cunt. The big bulbous head was entering my throat and gagging me. I had to grab his shaft just above his balls and try to control the depth of his plunges.

Lloyd's cock was using my pussy far deeper than my fiancé every had, the tip of his cock felt like it was touching the entrance to my womb.

My mouth was stuffed with Stan's cock so I could not even plead with Lloyd not to ejaculate in me. I would have rather him fire his jism into my mouth with Stan's than risk pregnancy.

My mind was spinning when Stan's cock begin using my mouth as a toilet, shooting spurt after spurt of thick, slimy goo into it.

I instinctively gulped, trying to breathe, allowing the horrible snot to roll down my throat.

Oh God, I was swallowing a black man's cum!

I noticed the two white guys were hanging back, satisfied to merely grope me of jerk-off onto my tits. I wondered if this might to be a prearranged plan for the black guys to try to breed me?

They could not know I was not using birth control but on the chance that I wasn't I may have a black baby if they pumped enough cum into me. Had Stan been planning to breed me from the beginning of our friendship?

It was too late now, he was about to cum into me any minute and after him no doubt Lloyd would make a deposit in my sperm vault.

I did some quick mental arithmetic and damn it I was likely ovulating!

I made one more futile plea, "Stan, please don't come in me, I'll get pregnant."

Revealing to him I was at risk only brought a grin to his face as he fucked me with more pleasure.

"Close your eyes Sweetheart, I gonna give you a black baby!" Stan groaned on the verge of his climax.

I felt his body stiffen as he begins ejaculating his black baby seed deep into my cunt. He had a diabolical smile on his face as his sperm drained into me.

"Oh my God!" I cried as my own climax took control of me.

As my body trembled in the throes of climax Lloyd's sperm began flowing into my mouth. Greedily I gulped it down hoping the more I sucked out of his cock the less her would shoot into my womb when Stan was done with it.

I was hopelessly one hundred percent defiled with black men's cum now and knew when my black baby popped out everyone would be calling me "white trash".

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