tagBDSMWhite Women are Goddesses Ch. 11

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 11


My slave Martisha Jeans is so obedient. This big and tall, chubby and extremely dark-skinned, big-bottomed, forty-something Black woman does absolutely everything I tell her to do. She cooks and cleans and does it all with a smile. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Slaves must know their place. She's got to please me. After all, it's what I bought her for. My name is Artemis. Like the legendary Greek Goddess of the Hunt, only meaner. I stand five-foot-eleven, lean and wiry, with long blonde hair, alabaster skin and pale blue eyes.

I'm an Eastern European woman of Jewish descent. And I'm very much a proud slave owner. You may ask how could this be, especially in the year 2010? Well, in this world, if you're wealthy and powerful enough you get to have whatever you want. There is a secret organization which provides wealthy people around the world with slaves. They're known as the Program. Women without a past or a future are given a chance to serve their betters in the present. These slaves are usually sexy women of African, Asian and Hispanic descent. Some of these female slaves are White too, of course. The White ones cost a lot more. Welcome to my modern-day Plantation, folks.       Where are we? Somewhere in Eastern Europe. My Plantation is a big farm sitting atop a hill dominating three hundred acres of farm lands. Protected by ten-foot-high walls and an electric fence along with cutting-edge technology. Privacy is a must when you are into what I'm into. I recently purchased this slave, Martisha Jeans, on the Black Market. She cost me thirty thousand U.S. dollars but it was worth it. My whole life I've lamented the fact that I was born long after slavery became illegal around the world.

I think I would have made a wonderful plantation mistress if I lived in the early nineteenth century. Unfortunately, I was born in 1985. For my twenty-fifth birthday, I gave myself a wonderful present. I bought myself a sexy Black female slave on the Black Market. I already had plenty of other slaves. Nikki Lee, a chubby Asian woman with a fat ass takes care of the field work around the farm. She's aided by Khadija Abdul, a tall, bronze-skinned and dark-haired Arab woman I recently purchased. They're both sturdy women who are quite able at field work. I wanted a Black female slave for the Big House.       My new acquisition, Martisha Jeans fit the bill wonderfully. I read her detailed file. In another life, Martisha Jeans was a crack head, prostitute and a member of society's lowest of the low. She was in and out of prison. She had three sons by three different fathers. Her sister Marietta and her husband Paul took her sons in since Martisha couldn't and wouldn't take care of them. Her life was going nowhere. Then she caught the attention of the Program.

The men and women of the Program work closely with Social Service agencies around Europe and North America. They took Martisha Jeans to a detox center and cleaned her up. Then they acquired her and put her on the Market. I bought her and now she's mine. Think of it this way. With me, she has a roof over her head, a room to sleep in and three square meals a day. I even allow her to have Sundays off. On Sunday, she gets to do whatever she wants except disobey me or leave the property of course. I think I'm a pretty generous slave owner, wouldn't you say?       Presently, Martisha Jeans is sucking on my toes while kneeling before me. I'm reading a wonderful book. The adventures of a White woman disguised as a colonial British soldier in the wilderness of Africa around 1840. She fights alongside brave men of the British Empire, defeats some natives and wins glory for herself and her country. Makes for good reading. How I wish I could have lived in those days. I found myself quite turned on as I read about the exploits of my favorite gorgeous blonde heroine. I started fingering my pussy, oblivious to the fact that Martisha Jeans watched my every move.

I saw her watching me fingering my pussy. She was turned on. I could tell. I smiled and asked her if she wanted to lick something tastier than my toes. Martisha nodded eagerly. I spread my creamy White thighs and allowed Martisha access to my pussy. The older Black woman breathed in the scent of my cunt. Then she began licking me like her life depended on it. I grabbed the back of her head and urged her to lick me faster. Martisha licked my pussy eagerly and gently fingered it. I leaned back on my high chair and relaxed as my sexy Black female slave went to work on me. I wonder if any White female plantation owners from the old days enjoyed steamy lesbian encounters with Black female slaves on their properties. Maybe. Maybe not. I doubt it's the sort of thing either party would go around bragging about.       I watched Martisha as she licked my pussy. Hot damn this big Black slut was really good at eating pussy. When she was done, I smacked her hard in the face. She looked at me, stunned. I smiled wickedly and told her that's what she gets for getting fresh with me. I'm her Mistress. I can dole out pleasure and pain on a whim, and with equal measure. I put a collar around Martisha's neck and made her follow me around the Big House on all fours. I took out my belt and ordered her to stick her fat Black ass in the air. Obediently, Martisha assumed the position. Face down and big black ass way up.

With vigor I began lashing her big Black ass with my belt. I whipped her, and whipped her good. My slaves exist to serve my every whim. Martisha Jeans is docile and obedient but she seems a bit too comfortable around me. And she has dared looking me in the eye, which I'm sure wasn't acceptable in the old days. So why should it be acceptable now, on my property? Yeah, that's what I thought. The big Black woman yelped and moaned as I whipped her big Black ass. I loved the way her fat Black ass jiggled as I whipped it. I haven't whipped her ass since she came to the Plantation. When she first came, she was a bitch with an attitude problem just like ninety nine point nine percent of Black women living in North America. I had to break her in. Once I did, she became docile and pliant just like a good Black female slave should.  

  After whipping Martisha's ass, I decided to have some fun with her. I ordered her to lie on her back with her thick legs spread. I came between her legs and shoved a dildo inside her pussy. An eight-inch dildo modeled after the penis of a certain porno stud. Martisha's eyes widened in surprise as I jabbed the dildo into her pussy. At the same time, I fingered her asshole. I sprayed lube all over her anus and then inserted a dildo into her asshole. A nine-inch dildo which was even thicker than the one in her vagina. Martisha howled as I filled her asshole with the dildo. I smacked her hard across the face.

That's what she gets for whining. I told her if she didn't stop whining I'd put her in the Dungeon for the winter. That silenced her toot sweet. Gritting her teeth, Martisha endured the punishment I dished out at her. Double penetration is a lot of fun. Especially since I'm the Penetrator. It allows me to completely dominate my slut. I don't know how I ever got along without my Black female slave. She's so much more fun than the others.       I hardly play with Nikki Lee or Khadija Abdul anymore. The plump, matronly Asian female slave has accepted the fact that her lot in life is to serve me, her superior White goddess. I recalled with joy how I spanked Nikki Lee when she first came to my Plantation. I would whip her hard for hours and then finger her pussy and asshole. I would berate Nikki Lee constantly as I fucked her with my dildos. I even pissed on her and made her drink it. The plump Asian female slave is a natural submissive. Khadija Abdul on the other hand was another story.

The feisty Arab woman wasn't as submissive as I thought all the women of her culture would be. I had a lot of fun breaking her. I would tie her up to a wooden pole and whip her for hours while constantly berating her. Then I would insert ten-inch dildos up her pussy and asshole while at the same time gagging her mouth. I even tie her up and farted on her face repeatedly after chugging down loads of cheese. Eventually the feisty Arab woman became a docile and pliant slave just like her Asian predecessor. Both of them acknowledge me as their White Goddess who righteously owns them and brings order into their chaotic lives. I'm proud of what they have become. Yes, I have a good time with my racially diverse female slaves.    

None of them are as much fun as Martisha Jeans. I love to tie her up and then fuck her in the ass with a twelve-inch strap-on dildo. Back in the early days when she still showed me some defiance, Martisha would tell me that she was a strong Black woman and would never surrender to a White bitch like myself. I asked her how much dildo could the ass of a strong Black woman take. She looked at me, puzzled. We both found out the answer to my question.

With enough lubricant and some patience, I transformed Martisha Jeans previously tight asshole from a tight end into a wide receiver. Her asshole can now take big dildos with no problem. I love to shove my entire fist into her pussy while burying a twelve-inch ( or more ) dildo up her asshole. The strong Black woman has become my own personal bitch. And I absolutely love it. I now require Martisha to walk around naked in the Big House. My other slaves wear clothes because they work outside mainly. Martisha is my House Slave while they're my Field Slaves. She doesn't like them and they don't like her. I love observing their interactions. They frequently compete against one another to prove who's the best slave for their favorite White goddess. Isn't that sweet of them?       As you've probably figured out by now, I run my Plantation with a tight fist. Sometimes I invite some friends over for a visit and I order my slaves to put on a show for them. I allow Martisha Jeans to act as overseer over Khadija Abdul and Nikki Lee while the two of them wrestle in oil, completely naked, to the delight of my guests. The winner is allowed to suck on my toes. The loser gets whipped by Martisha. My guests find my form of entertainment unique and quite regal. I am so happy to hear that. Let's see. So far I have a diverse bunch of slaves. A Black woman from North America. An Arab woman from the United Arab Emirates. And an Asian woman from Mainland China. I'm thinking of acquiring someone new. Who shall I get? Decisions, decisions. Oh, well. I'm sure it will come to me eventually. Have a nice day!

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