tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhitney Gives In To Security Guard.

Whitney Gives In To Security Guard.


Note: This story is entirely made up and is for entertainment purposes only. Copyright 2003 by LadysMan.

She walks through the airport, prim and proper. People stop and stare but she continues to walk past them. Her high heels, skirt, and blouse show that she has wealth and taste. She is very well known. Whitney Houston, a very famous singer. She stands in line, and is subjected to a random search, by the security guard. He asks her to take off her high heels an he inspects them before allowing her to put them back on. The guard does a routine pat-down of her body and checks her purse.

"Ms Houston we have a problem." The security guard says. "Please follow me." The guard says as he grabs her by the elbow and leads her away from the line.

Fellow passengers stare at their departure. They speculate about whether or not she is caught for carrying more drugs. The guard leads her to an empty room with tables and chairs. The guard grabs her purse and begins emptying it on the table.

"You know carrying drugs across state lines is a federal crime." He says and picks up various little Baggies, vials, and needles that were dumped from her purse.

Whitney begins to cry and beg him to not report her to the police or F.B.I. He shakes his head in amazement wondering how someone who has it all, like she does, could fall so far.

"I'll do anything." She says, after he refuses her begging repeatedly.

"Anything?" He asks suddenly.

Whitney takes her face out of her hands and says "Yes, anything. Please do not report me. I do not want to go through the embarrassment of the media, like last time. I do not want to go to jail either. Please!"

"OK, let's make a deal." The security guard says.

Whitney looks hopeful that the man is willing to help her. She knows that it might cost her some money but she could well afford it.

"What deal?" She asks, impatient to hear his demands.

"I get to fuck you anyway I want for as long as I want." The guard finally says.

Whitney looks shocked and begins to shake her head "No." but the guard reaches his hand for the phone on the table and she grabs his hand. "Wait, please, anything but that!" Whitney says.

"Sorry Ms Houston that is my only offer. I would not ask for money because you celebrities never keep your end of the deal. I want something and I want it now and from the looks of it the only thing you have that I want is your body. You have to decide: embarrassment in the media and public eye and jail time or give up your body and do everything I want." The guard says.

Whitney sits there and looks shaken.

"Can I think about it?" She asks nervously her hands shaking as proof of her nervousness.

"No, you must decide now, this instant, sex with me or jail." He says as he leans down and hovers above her like a Detective in a cop movie.

"OK, I'll do it. I don't have any protection and I don't use birth control, do you have any condoms?" Whitney asks.

The security guard is white and if she gets pregnant and has the baby, she could not possibly explain it to her husband, Bobby Brown, why their child is white.

"Nope, sorry Ms Houston. That's a chance you will have to take, unless you prefer jail instead." He states knowing her answer will remain the same.

"No, you win." Whitney says, rises, and begins raising her skirt slightly.

The guard puts his hand over hers and says "Not here. They have cameras recording this. I will go get the tape so they will not see our conversation, after we are through having sex you can have the tape and our deal will be done." He says.

Whitney nods her head in agreement. "Wait right here. I'll be right back." The guard says.

Whitney again nods her head and sits back down.

The guard is back in three minutes and he opens the door and says, "Come with me."

Whitney rises, brings her purse, and follows the guard.

They walk down a long, empty, hallway with Whitney struggling to keep up with tall guard. She had not really thought it over before now, but she realized that she was actually going to have sex with this man.

She looks at the security guard from behind and admires his young, handsome body. She feels a tingle inside her pussy, despite trying to force herself to treat this as "just-another-business-deal" but she could no longer deny the reality of the deal she had made.

As soon as they get where they are going to, she realizes that he will expect her to give in to his demands of sex, how he wants it and for as long as he wants it.

They reach the restroom area and the guard stops and looks around before pushing on the door marked "Women." He steps inside and finds that there are no women inside. He opens the door quickly and grabs her inside.

They head for the handicapped stall, which is bigger then all the other stalls, and he steps aside

"Lady first." He says.

Whitney steps in ahead of him and he steps in, shuts, and locks the door behind him.

She puts her purse on a counter and asks with eyebrows raised "What do you want first?"

"Suck my cock." He demands.

She hesitates but realizes she has no other choice but to do as he says. She kneels down in front of him, unzips his fly, reaches in, and pulls his penis out. She is shocked to see the hard white cock. Most men she has been with before have been black and most of them were not this big. Men tend to exaggerate their penis size to try to impress women.

She holds the hard cock in her hand, rubs it a little, and admires it, thinking "This would give Bobby a run for his money."

The guard reaches down, grabs the back of her head, and pulls her closer to his cock.

Despite herself, she begins to smile. If she is going to be laid, she might as well enjoy it.

He brings his cock up to her lips, which remain closed. She breathes on his cock for a moment or two before sticking her tongue out to lick the head of it. He closes his eyes and moans in response. She swirls her tongue around the head of his penis and suddenly takes it inside her mouth, causing his to gasp. She begins pumping his cock with her fist and forcing it in and out of her mouth. She knew how to please a man.

Surprisingly, she found herself getting extremely turned-on by giving this man head. Her pussy was starting to get wet and she let her free hand drop under her skirt and start rubbing herself through her expensive, black, panties. She realized that only helped to frustrate herself more so she put her hand inside her panties and rubbed her pussylips directly, causing her to moan around his stiff cock. Part of her was looking forward to having this big, white cock buried inside her. She imagined it would fill her like no other cock besides her dildos.

Whitney began to seriously suck on this man's cock, like there were no tomorrow. She began taking more and more of it into her mouth until it was buried in her mouth, up to his pubic hair. She never thought she could deep-throat this man. She found pride in doing so and hearing his moans as she sucked his cock. Whitney applied suction and kept her tongue on the head of his dick or let it roam up and down his huge shaft. The man began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, as he wanted to do with her pussy.

Whitney looked up at his face as she sucked him. She began rubbing his balls softly and playing with them, knowing it would help make him cum quicker. She guessed that he would want her to swallow, something she has never done before, so she wanted to get it done and over with. The man took his cock out of her mouth and rubbed his dick all over her face. She was surprised by this but found herself turned on as well. No man has ever done this to her before.

He put his cock back in her mouth and began thrusting again, faster. She pumped his shaft faster as well and played with his balls with her other hand.

The man began moaning and said, "I'm going to cummmmm!"

She felt the spasming of his balls and his cock began to spasm as well. She felt the first to streaks of cum shoot so powerfully they went straight down her throat, not even hitting her tongue. The next spurts landed on her tongue and she tasted it, surprising herself that she enjoyed it. Maybe it was the taboo nature of her, a famous married woman on her knees in a restroom sucking off a security guard.

Whitney reached into her panties again and rubbed herself furiously as she sucked the last drops of the man's cum and licked him dry. She never swallowed before but decided she liked it. She let the man's cock fall from her mouth and he was gasping for air and trying to keep his legs from crumbling out underneath him.

"Wow!" Was the only word he said afterwards.

Whitney continued rubbing herself at a frantic pace trying to cum as fast as possible. He grabbed her hand just as she was on the verge of orgasming. "No." He said, lifting her to her feet. He lifted her, by her waist, to a small counter for the handicapped. He pushes her skirt up around her waist and pulled her soaking panties in his pants pocket. He noticed her nipples were sticking out under her blouse and he wanted to see her breasts in the flesh.

"Unbutton your blouse." The guard commanded and Whitney hurried to do as he said.

She began unbuttoning the blouse frantically. The guard went down on his knees and touched her pussylips with his fingers. He played with the lips, opening and closing them, teasing them; He opened them again and lowered his head. He sucked on the lips causing Whitney to moan. He spread the lips wider, found her clit, and teased it with his tongue. Whitney was playing with her tits and squeezing her nipples

The man kept sucking her clit, driving Whitney wild. She grabbed the back of his head, forcing it deeper into her pussy. Whitney began thrusting her hips towards the man. Her pussy was on fire.

"I'm going to cummmmmmm!" She screamed out.

Two women walked in the restroom just as Whitney screamed this, they turned around and walked right back out.

One woman whispered to the other "I wish I could find a man to make me cum like that!"

The other woman, a friend of hers, whispered back "Ever try a woman?"

The original woman with big breasts answered "No, but I am so horny right now I am willing to try anything!"

Her female friend (with model looks) replies "Let's goes back to my place!"

They both walked off with their arms around each other's waist, smiling.

The security guard found himself hard again and started rubbing his cock against Whitney's pussy.

She said, "Do it! Fuck me!"

He picked her up and turned her over the toilet, standing doggy-style. He raised her skirt again, which had fallen down.

"Nice ass." He said as he rubbed both hands across both of her asscheecks.

Whitney put both her hands on the wall to maintain balance.

The man rubbed his cock up and down her pussylips, teasing her. He soaked his cock with her pussy juices and rubbed his cock up again toward her asshole.

"Oh my lord!" She thought, never stopping to think that he might was anal sex with her. Just when she thought he was going to put his cock in her ass he pulled back.

A moment later, his cock shoved its way, roughly, into her pussy.

Whitney could not help but groan aloud.

She had never been taken this way. She found herself enjoying it. The man began thrusting his cock in and out of her causing her tits and body to bounce back and forth. The man's hands went from her hips to her asscheecks. He rubbed and spread them as he thrust in and out of her, hard and fast. He spit on a finger and approached her asshole with it. He roughly shoved the finger in.

"Ooooooh!" Whitney moaned.

The man began seriously fucking her and thrusting his finger in and out of her asshole. Whitney never had sex half this good. Her nipples were rock-hard and the man reached around and squeezed them, He was pounding her pussy with all his might.

"Oh God!" Whitney moaned in pleasure.

"Oh yeah, oh baby, make me cum!" She whispered fiercely to him.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to cum too!" He said.

"Fill me with your white sperm! I want to feel it in me! Make me pregnant, I want to have your baby!" Whitney said.

"Oh yeah baby I am going to fill that pussy!" He said as he felt the cum traveling from his balls to his hard cock.

"Oh yeah, cum inside me! I'm going to cum too!" She said.

Just then, he erupted inside her as her pussy juices soaked his cock. They both stood there exhausted and sweaty.

"OK, I am done. I was going to fuck your ass but I don't have it in me after that" The guard said.

Whitney stood and smoothed her skirt down. She walked to the sink, wet some paper towels, and tried to clean her pussy of spare cum. She wet more paper towels and used them to wipe the sweat off her face and braless breasts. She buttoned her blouse and wet more paper towels, and threw them to the guard, so he could clean himself up. Whitney looked relatively composed after she reapplied makeup. She walked up to the man and gave him a fierce kiss. Both of them threw the used paper towels away. Whitney applied more lipstick to cover the smudges from kissing the man.

As the guard walked toward the door, she said, "Wait."

He stops in his tracks. She ran to the door to check to see if any women were coming. She saw nobody around and motioned him forward. They both walked out of the Lady's room. They both had the afterglow of "just fucked."

"Can I have your name and number?" She asked the guard.

He writes his name and number down on his notepad, ripped the paper off, and handed to her, which she stuffed in her purse.

"When can we do this again?" She asked seductively as they walked back towards the security line.

"Anytime." He answered with a smile.

She smiled in return.

"I will give you a call sweetheart, you best believe that." Whitney said.

He nods his head and goes back to his post. She stands in line with a smile on her face. She knew Bobby was cheating on her with every whore he came across.

"What goes around cums around!" Whitney thought happily.

She smiled as the security guard allowed her to pass by without frisking her again. They smiled at each other and she walked off toward her flight. What a day!

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