Who Dat Girl?


Tia stashed her backpack under the seat in front of her and plopped down in the aircraft exit row. She reveled in the extra space between the seats. Tia wasn't a tall woman, but she still appreciated being able to stow her bag under the seat and still have plenty of room to stretch out her legs.

She was looking forward to this trip and spending some time with her husband, David. She had to admit that their marriage had been strained over the past few months.

Life had come at them hard and fast, and they were trying to deal with the body blows that lately seemed to be never-ending. They were keeping their heads above water, but they had been so busy and stressed dealing with external factors that they hadn't been able to focus on keeping the spark alive in their relationship.

Of course, it didn't help that David had been on the road the past two weeks with work. They were going to hook up in Dallas for the trip to New Orleans - NOLA - the Big Easy, and Tia couldn't wait to get back to the French Quarter.

As a lifelong Texan, Tia had a fascination with New Orleans and Louisiana that was a bit mystifying. She just loved the free-spirited, party atmosphere that the people and state seemed to evoke. The odd part was that few people would describe Tia as a free spirit or a party girl. David knew, though, that alcohol frequently brought out those qualities in his normally shy, reserved wife.

Tia stretched out in the seat and prepared to take her customary nap while flying. A little extra sleep would be a good idea, she figured, since she was sure she and David would party late into the night — a party she was confident would continue after they returned to their room. They had been apart for two weeks, after all, and frankly she was horny. Her vibrator had helped take the edge off a couple of times, but she was looking forward to reconnecting with her husband, not only emotionally, but physically as well. That thought caused a little tingle between her legs, and she squirmed in the seat trying to "scratch" that itch that could really only be sated by a hard cock.

There was no doubt about it. By the time their weekend in NOLA was over, David would know full well how much she loved him.


David hadn't slept all night. Every 30 minutes he flopped over in bed, glanced at the alarm clock and groaned in frustration. He was tired, but the alarm was going to go off any minute, signaling that it was time to get up, get dressed and head out for his early morning flight.

The West Coast time zone was killing him. His two-week trip to California had not given his body enough time to adjust to the two-hour time difference, and he'd been on the road so long, he couldn't even remember what the date was.

All he knew was that he was finally going to see his wife, and enjoy a fun, but not necessarily relaxing, weekend in the Big Easy. He couldn't wait.

He just wished he'd gotten a better night's sleep because he knew that Tia would want to hit the French Quarter soon after they arrived at their hotel.

With less than 30 minutes until he had to get up, David considered taking the opportunity to use those last few minutes to alleviate his morning "wood." His cock, as usual in the morning, was rock hard and throbbing. He knew it wouldn't take long to whittle it down to size, but he resisted the urge, wanting instead to save his load for his long-neglected wife.

With one final frustrated groan, he decided to go ahead and get up and take a shower. Stripping off his boxer briefs, he wasn't surprised to see his cock staring up at him as if to say, "What the fuck, Dude? You can't just leave me like this!"

David turned on the shower, and was immediately rewarded with a nearly endless supply of hot water. As far as he was concerned, that was just about the only redeeming quality of the hotel life he led. Oh, that and the daily maid service.

Stepping under the hot spray, he reveled in the feel of the water cascading over his body. David had turned 40 not long ago, but most people thought he was in his mid-30s or younger. While his body wasn't "sculpted," it was certainly fit from the triathlons he competed in. As part of his competition, he removed the hair from his body to reduce drag during the swimming events, and he was lean as you might expect.

He squirted some shampoo it into his palm and rubbed it into his short brown hair. The soap suds flowed down his body, following the peaks and valleys of his muscles. He then lathered his body with soap, taking the opportunity to stroke his neglected friend, which perked up in anticipation of more foreplay, but alas, David was just teasing himself.

Still, it did feel good, and the "cleansing" of that area took a little longer than the rest of his body combined. He justified it, though, by telling himself that he wanted to be especially clean down there for Tia. (Yeah, whatever).

Realizing that he really didn't have time to dilly or dally, he shut off the water and grabbed the towel from the rack. A mere 15 minutes later he was shaved, clothed and ready to go.

He made the airport in plenty of time to catch his early-morning flight, made necessary so that he could give back the two hours he gained flying west in the first place. If everything went smoothly, he would hit Dallas right about the time Tia's flight took off from home, giving him an hour to hit the airport lounge and partake of a free cocktail or three.


David was standing at the gate when Tia walked off the plane. She took his breath away, just as she did 10 years before when she walked down the aisle and for some unfathomable reason, agreed to be his wife. He was definitely one lucky bastard.

Tia covered the distance between them quickly, almost leaping into his arms and kissing him deeply, oblivious to her fellow travelers, who gawked at the public display of affection. Being somewhat reserved himself, David was slightly self-conscious, but he was too glad to see her to care.

He felt her large breasts pressed against his chest, and her hands gripped his head, pulling his lips to hers as she thrust her tongue into his mouth. The kiss last several long seconds, and only after it was over did David notice the sounds of the airport gradually returning to their normal volume. It was as if the kiss had momentarily caused all sound to evaporate until their lips parted.

Tia leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "Can you tell I'm happy to see you?"

He pulled away slightly and gazed into her eyes. "The feeling's mutual," he said.

Leaning back in, she whispered, "Do you think anyone would notice if you just fucked me right here and now?"

The human body is an amazing thing. His ears captured her words and his brain processed the information. Immediately, and electric impulse traveled from his brain to his cock, which responded to the instruction by hardening at a somewhat uncomfortable angle.

He groaned quietly and put his hand in his pocket to surreptitiously reposition his member.

His movement didn't escape Tia's notice, and she smiled mischievously. "Did you need to adjust your package, baby?"

He laughed at being caught "red-handed," and simply replied, "We're going to have a lot of fun this weekend, I can already tell."

Her flight had arrived a little late, and they only had about 45 minutes to make their connection. He took her hand, and they walked quickly to the Skylink to transfer to Terminal A.

*** Being a frequent flyer, David more or less had his pick of seats on the aircraft, and he had secured the exit row on the two-seat side of the Super 80 aircraft so that they wouldn't have to cope with another passenger directly beside them.

As the other passengers boarded, they talked quietly about what they would do once they reached New Orleans. First on their to-do list was to hit Tropical Isle and order a couple of Hand Grenades, billed as the strongest drink in the French Quarter.

They also hoped to catch one of their favorite bands while there.

As the plane backed away from the gate, Tia pulled out a blanket she had brought with her and draped it over her legs. The short skirt offered little protection from the overly air-conditioned cabin, and Tia did not like to be cold.

She took David's hand and held it in her lap under the blanket.

"There's something I need to tell you," she said earnestly.

Immediately, David became concerned. With all that had happened lately, he was afraid of more bad news. He couldn't believe their vacation was going to start off on a bad note.

"What is it?" he asked hesitantly.

"I hate to tell you this," she said, "but forgot to do something pretty important this morning."

"What?" he asked, racking his brain trying to figure out what important thing she was supposed to do.

"I forgot ..." she began, "I forgot, um ... to ... put on any panties," she said quietly and somewhat demurely.

David's ride on the emotional rollercoaster suddenly shot from the valley of concern to the peak of excitement, and a big grin appeared on his face.

Tia smoothly guided his hand under the edge of her short skirt, and his fingers traveled up her bare skin to the juncture of her thighs where they discovered something else. The sparse patch of hair that normally adorned the area was gone, and only smooth, sensitive flesh remained.

"Oh!" she said, "That's the other thing I was going to tell you."

She leaned in close to whisper in his ear, "Do you like it?"

OK, admittedly, that was a stupid fucking question, kind of like asking a gourmand if he likes food.

David didn't even have to answer. The bulge in his pants told Tia all she needed to know.

As the plane taxied into position for takeoff, David continued to stroke his wife's cleanly shaven vulva, eliciting sounds of pleasure and a hint of moisture.

The jet began its takeoff roll, and the rumbling of the aircraft masked the movement of his hand under the blanket.

He gently ran his fingers along the sides of her labia and then pinched them together gently in a way he knew she loved.

He eased her lips apart and circled his middle finger around her opening, coating it with her body's natural lubrication. The pad of his finger slid easily along her slit like a marble coated in oil, and he moved upward toward her hardening clit, tracing a circle around it, but not actually touching the sensitive bud.

Tia closed her eyes and parted her thighs a little to give him greater access. She was slightly nervous about their public behavior, but she was also turned on by it. She pretended to be asleep while she concentrated on the dance David's fingers were doing across her clit.

The huge aircraft soared into the sky, gaining altitude as Tia came closer and closer to climax. A "ding-ding" chime sounded indicating that the plane had crossed through 10,000 feet, and soon the flight attendant came on the speaker announcing that passengers could now used approved electronic devices, blah, blah, blah.

As usual, no one paid any attention.

Tia was pretty sure that the electronic device she wanted right now wouldn't be on the approved list, let alone something she could have carried through security.

"Besides, who needs a vibrator when you have a husband with talented fingers?" she thought.

David's wrist was growing tired, but he continued to circle her clit, occasionally allowing his fingers to slip down and replenish their supply of lubrication and dip into her beckoning hole. It wasn't easy pleasuring her without causing the blanket to move and obviously give away what was happening beneath its thin veil.

He was determined, though, to make his wife cum now that they were well-above 5,280 feet in altitude. He didn't know if a hand job officially qualified him for entry into the mile-high club, but he was willing to claim it anyway.


A dozen rows in front and across the aisle from the frisky couple sat two beautiful co-eds. Erin leaned over to whisper something to her seatmate Danielle, who responded with a nod.

Unfastening her seatbelt, Erin rose and began moving toward the back of the plane.

She was a totally striking woman; the kind that most people can't take their eyes off of. As she moved smoothly down the aisle, every male (and most females) within view tracked her progress surreptitiously.

She was almost 6 feet tall, which in and of itself would have made her noticeable, but there was much more — the spiky jet black hair; the sculpted toned muscles; the way she moved like an athlete; the white tank top that seemed to barely contain her impressive breasts and revealed a hint of midriff; the short skirt that showed off her long legs; the ankle high boots that made her taller, and especially her steel-gray eyes. All of those things would have made her noticeable, but there was more.

Much of her body appeared to be covered in a single exquisite tattoo of a type of chimera, a mythical creature whose body is composed of parts from various animals.

The tail, which ended in the head of a viper, trailed down the calf of her left leg. It coiled around her leg, traveling up the back of her thigh and morphing smoothly into a dragon's body that disappeared under her short skirt. The skirt and shear white tank obscured most of the creature's trunk, but its outline was still visible through the thin material of her shirt.

Two necks emerged from the armholes of her tank top with one draping over her left shoulder and the other running along her neck on the right. The left neck ended in a fierce looking head with mouth wide open, seemingly poised to sink its razor-sharp teeth into her left breast. It was dark and foreboding.

On the right, a similar creature, but this one light, almost more of an outline, perched over her other breast, it's serpent's tongue extending outward ready to lavish her jutting nipple.

The detail was incredible. In fact, even those who weren't fans of tattoos would have to admit that the person who created this one was an artist, and somehow, it seemed to match perfectly the dual personality of the woman who wore it.

Mouths gaped and heads turned as she passed. More than a few husbands and boyfriends received elbows in the side from their peeved companions.

Erin knew the effect that she had on men, and frankly, she couldn't have cared less.

David spotted her almost the second she stood up, and despite what he was doing to his wife, he tracked the woman's progress down the aisle. He was, after all, a guy, and by definition, a pig. Tia, eyes closed, and coming closer and closer to cuming, was totally unaware that her husband was distracted. Why should she be? It wasn't affecting his delicate manipulation of her sex.

Erin grew closer, her eyes scanning the passengers before her, and they lit on Tia, who appeared to be asleep, but then Erin realized that people don't usually bite their lower lip while they sleep.

Intrigued, she kept her eyes on the beautiful woman, and as she reached the row in front of them, she spotted the blanket draped over her lap, and detected the subtle movement of David's hand beneath the fabric.

She treated David to a hint of a smile as she continued past on her way to the bathroom.

Latching the door in place, she allowed herself a warm smile and thought, "He's friggin' her right there on the plane, and I saw it!" She couldn't believe it. Of course, she'd heard about people "doing it" on planes, but she'd never known anyone who actually did it, and she had certainly never seen it. She actually felt herself getting a little wet at the thought.

Lifting her skirt, she sat down on the toilet without removing her panties. Instead, she tugged the thong to the side and let loose a strong stream that made a metallic ring as it rained against the side of the aluminum bowl.

She toyed with the idea of briefly toying with herself, but she decided against it, wanting to get back and tell Danielle what she had seen. She wiped her pussy with a wet paper towel, slid her thong back over her crotch and allowed her skirt to fall back in place.

She exited the head and began making her way back to her seat.

She wasn't sure what possessed her to do it, but she slowed as she approached David and Tia's row, prolonging her ability to watch the action. As she came abreast of David, she suddenly leaned down and whispered in his ear, "If you need an extra hand, let me know," and continued walking.

Stunned, David was speechless as he watched her walk away, but three rows ahead, she turned and looked back over her shoulder at him and winked.

The distraction interrupted him long enough that Tia, with eyes still closed, whispered, "Don't stop, baby, I'm so close, please."

He renewed his effort, focused now on getting Tia off while envisioning in his mind's eye the tall tattooed woman helping.

Erin resumed her seat and immediately leaned over to whisper something in her companion's ear. The girl looked stunned at what she heard and then turned to look toward the back of the aircraft, scanning the rows. She wasn't expecting to lock eyes with David, who was still watching Erin.

Immediately, Danielle averted her eyes and whispered something to Erin. They continued their animated, but quiet discussion, and Danielle turned around again to look, and David was still watching them. Again, she quickly turned back around, embarrassed at having been caught watching twice.

David was starting to enjoy this. Like Tia, he had a bit of an exhibitionist in him, and it was a turn on to know that these two hot girls were watching them.

He knew, though, that he needed to focus his full attention on Tia, which he did. The flight attendants were working their way down the aisle, and David wanted her to cum before they arrived.

His fingers began circling her clit faster and faster. He was less concerned about the movement of his hand under the blanket. Tia was gently thrusting her hips against his hand and still biting her lower lip. She parted her legs a little more, hoping David would slip a finger inside her, which he obligingly did.

About that time, Danielle decided that she needed to check out the action herself. She slipped past Erin and into the aisle as David's finger entered his wife, giving her the little extra shove she needed to tumble over the edge.

The convulsions began to rack her body as Danielle drew closer, and she could see the beautiful woman suppress a vocal groan and try desperately to keep her orgasmic contractions from being obvious.

Danielle walked slowly so that she could observe the couple for as long as possible, taking her eyes off of Tia for only a second to glance at David, who was once again staring straight into her eyes with a conspiratorial smile on his face.

Danielle couldn't help herself. She smiled back, even as she blushed realizing that she had been caught red-handed watching the couple's sexual escapades. Well, she wasn't the only one caught "red-handed," she thought with a grin.

She continued on past as Tia's orgasm subsided. Totally relaxed, Tia dozed off with David's hand still between her legs.

Danielle made it to the bathroom, but honestly, she didn't really need to go. After what she had just seen, though, she needed some immediate release.

Digging through her purse, she pulled out what looked like a small handheld personal fan — the kind with blades that retract along the side when inactive, but that extend like a propeller when operating to provide a little cooling relief to its user.

It seemed innocent enough, and if switched on, it would actually work, but this little device could have been designed by the ingenious Q from the James Bond movies. In fact, Danielle referred to it as her Double-OH!-7 secret weapon. Because when you removed the blade attachment on top, the little device looked surprising like a mini-vibrator, which was exactly what it was.

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