Who Dat Girl? Ch. 04


"Umm," Tia replied, allowing his cock to momentarily slip from her mouth so she could respond. "Do it baby! I want you to cum in mouth while they watch. Fuck my mouth, baby. Let me taste every drop."

She put her mouth back on him, and he held her head in both hands as he did as she requested — he fucked her mouth.

Her left hand grasped his balls, and he felt her run a finger down past his balls and press against his asshole. She circled her finger against his tight back door, and that drove him to fuck her face harder.

She withdrew her finger and made a show of sucking on it to coat it with saliva before she returned it to his back hole. Now lubricated, she was able to gently insinuate the tip into his anus.

That was the final straw. With both hands tugging her hair, he lodged himself deep in her mouth as his ejaculation began. Tia worked hard to swallow the copious amount of semen, but it leaked from the corners of her mouth. The falling droplets glistened in the moonlight as they fell like rain to the ground.

David heard a groan from their audience, and he could see the guy convulse and realized that he was cuming in his pants from the hand job his girlfriend was giving him. She continued to stroke his shaft through his pants until his orgasm stopped, and then withdrew her cum-slick hand.

Staring directly at Tia, who was now watching too, she smiled and slowly and deliberately sucked each finger into her mouth, cleaning the sticky residue from each digit. With the last finger, she let it slip from her mouth with an audible pop, and Tia watched as she ran her tongue around her full lips to get any lingering droplets.

The girl gave Tia a nod of camaraderie, tugged her camisole back over her bare breast and tugged on her boyfriend's arm. He was still kind of shell-shocked about what he had just seen. He tossed David a little mini-salute as his girlfriend led him back toward the action of Bourbon Street.

Tia, still crouching, looked up at David, who stared back at his wife with adoration in his eyes. Tia took her own finger, and wiped the cum dripping down her chin back into her mouth and licked her own lips in satisfaction.

Rising to her feet, she pulled his pants up for him, raised the zipper and then buttoned them. She rose up on her toes and kissed him on the lips.

"There, are we even now?" she asked.

He took her head in his hands and kissed her deeply, his tongue invading her mouth where moments ago his ejaculating cock had been. He could taste himself on her, but he didn't mind. He was totally, completely, terribly in love with this woman, and he wanted her to know it.

"I'll take that as a 'yes,'" she said when the kiss was complete. "Now, let's go dancing."

To be continued

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/31/17

Another unfinished story by this author

Can't seem to complete a story.

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