tagAnalWho is this Man?

Who is this Man?


Two nights ago, he was a total tease. I totally had to masturbate to get to bed. I hadn't for the week plus that I hadn't seen him. All day yesterday he was a tease by email. Still, I didn't really think a lot about it; his more-forward attitude just told me he was horny. We talked about going to a movie and then grabbing dinner. He later suggested by email that we move to Plan B: Meet, fuck, grab dinner, fuck. I agreed, of course.

I. Never. Expected. What. I. Got. I walked into his house. I was naked in three minutes. I'd worn "pussy jewelry" and had a mini vibe in my pants during the whole drive to his house. I wanted to be wet. I was sort of. Oh well! Yes, so... My clothes were off in minutes.

Giggling, I fell to the bed, naked. He took his clothes off and promptly spread my legs. He had a goal in mind, right from the start--I see it now. Beginning with his mouth on my clit, a finger in my pussy...he quickly turned that into two fingers in my ass. Rough, too. Two in my ass, a thumb in my pussy, tongue on my clit. I was doomed. Done. Fucked but yet not. I think I came in three minutes. The sensations, the roughness. I didn't have time to think about my ass being clean or prepped, or whatever. I was done. I came so hard, and I wasn't even in the house more than ten minutes. He felt me cum, I totally lost track of the sequence, but his cock was soon in my pussy, me on my back, legs in the air. He twisted my legs up, cross-legged, leaning on me, when he spits on his hand and reaches around to my ass. I know what he wants. I've never been able to have him missionary and in my ass. I didn't have time to think. I knew I was going to feel pain and pressure, I worried about being clean, and then he was in my ass.

I forced myself to relax, relax, relax...shut up, Dani. Just fucking take his fat cock in your tight ass. Oh I did. He had to work it. Fuck. Me. He did. What a dirty fuck.

He's silent this whole time. I'm dying. Who is this man? He's quiet. He's always quiet, but you know...I talk, I tease. I want to know. What does he want. Deep in my ass, I get it. Fuck. Shut the fuck up, Dani. He's going to demolish your ass.

Its tight, it hurts, it feels good. Hell. I am going to cum and I can't do much about it. I move his hand, I want his thumb on my clit, I want to cum hard. Again. He does, for an instant. At some moment I think he takes his hand away just to be a little evil. I feel like I'm going to cum, and I'm going to gush all over him. I want to let go, but he's pounding my ass. He shoves fingers, maybe even several in my pussy for an instant. It hurts, it feels good. I'm so going to cum.

He spits on me, I'm so surprised. My legs in the air, my body twisted with my ass as available to him as possible, he slaps me. Ohh what a nasty fuck. I call him that, the bastard had to have been thinking of it all day. Didn't he? He doesn't answer and he has this evil grin on his face, fuck. Fuck. Me. I'm so going to cum. I have to let it go, I have to cum.

I've lost all ability to control myself, I just want him to fuck me and I want to keep cumming. As I let it go, I clench my muscles deep inside and I hold them, I can't. Stop. Cumming. I feel like I want to squirt all over him, I swear I feel like I am. The pressure is amazing. I lose all track of what is going on, sensory overload. Cock overload, hello, cum for me, baby. I want it. I want the whole deal, I want cum every-fucking-where. I feel him tense up. I want it, please, give me your cum. I feel him thrust into me, deep into my ass, and there it is--I've got what I wanted. I feel the cum, I am in a daze. I feel him slide out, he's watching me. I whine, my poor ass. I worry about being messy, I want to please him. He leaves me and I whine that I'm coming into the bathroom. He tells me no! No!?! No, he wants me juicy, he wants me to put my clothes on and I tell him how I want him more. Fuck. Me. I can't stop the want even when I hurt.

I put my clothes on, we leave. I'm in shock. Who is this man? I want more, yet I'm almost afraid. Where has this animal been, this aggression? I really am a bit shaken, but there we go--out to dinner and yes, I have to drive. He's always delicious, yet now, he holds a sort of power. I'm defenseless!

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