tagLoving WivesWho The Hell Is John Ch. 03

Who The Hell Is John Ch. 03


For those who don't know it, I am a female, 37 years old, married and living in the USA.

The ending of my story will show what I have been telling those folks who write and leave their address, there are no wimp men in my stories. These people have balls and I will reply to everyone who writes me. The ass hole who never leave his name is the wimp here.

No men in my stories will ever be a wimp or a knowing cuckold. They will sometimes have compassion and love but won't be a sissy. Thanks again for everyone who wrote me with good or bad comment and who left an e-mail address to reply. Your words are read and enjoyed. Now on with the story.

I held up the many papers I had just printed out and said, "What's wrong? What isn't wrong! We need to talk Lou we have a very serious problem."

She looked at me funny and then took the papers from my hand and began to look at them. She started to read them and it took a second or two for her to realize what they were. Then she seemed to collapse and sat straight down in the chair behind her that was across from me. I saw all the color drained from her face as she looked up at me with a glazed over look in her eyes. Her face was a gray/white color now and as she slowly scanned over the papers again before she looked back up at me.

It was at that very point in time, seeing the look on her face and the color of it, that I finally realized she had actually done it. I guess I was in denial until I saw the look on her face. That told me what she had done. She didn't have to tell me she did it, I saw it! I saw it on her face. I guess it just sank into my brain and finally it hit me for the first time that she had actually cheated on me and had sex with another man!

I sighed loudly and looked at her. I didn't say anything for the longest time as she glanced over the last pages of the e-mails and then back at me. I just watched her without saying anything. She didn't read them all she held them in her hand and it was shaking. I saw her begin to shake too as she looked up at me for the last time as guilt was written all over her face.

I said with a broken voice, "Why?"

She didn't answer me. I asked again, "I only want to know why? Why you did it? Why did you cheat on me and why did you killed me inside more so than the accident could have ever done. My insides, our marriage, our life together all gone Lou, your kids, our love all gone and for what, a big cock. I would have been better off dying in that fucking car accident it would have been more humane and quicker and sure as hell less painful."

She said, "Please Bud, don't say that, please! The accident and you being in the hospital scared me so badly! I was sure you were going to die. You looked so bad when I saw you the first time after they took you to the hospital."

I said, "Who cares?"

She said, "I do Bud!"

I said, "yea right!! You really proved that to me today."

She didn't answer. I asked again, "Why?"

She said, "I have asked myself that a 100 times since yesterday. I can't answer your question as to why I did what I did."

I said, "Say it Lou! Why I cheated on you and had sex with another man!"

She was crying now as she said, "I'm still not 100% sure why I did it. Maybe it was the excitement, maybe the thrill that another man wanted me so badly. Or, maybe it was the fact that John just seduced me over the Internet for the last six months. Then when we did meet, we went crazy on each other. I really don't know why, for sure Bud? I can tell you it will never happen again. I will never meet him again and never have sex with him again. I guess that doesn't do much for you now but it's all I have and all I can say. It won't happen again."

I said, "That's not what your last e-mail told him said. You said you would meet him again."

She said, "You don't have the last message here that I sent Bud. I wrote it just before I left the office tonight."

I said, "Right! You didn't take him to the airport?"

She said, "No. I was going to but I called him and told him I couldn't do it. I also to him to check his e-mail tonight when he got home. The guilt has been killing me. I wanted to tell you a100 times last night but couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't have the courage or wasn't brave enough to tell you. I knew it would hurt you too much. So I figured I would try and keep you from finding out."

I said, " After you fucked him 6 times you have guilt?"

She said, "Yes! Yes, I do. I was going to come home and delete all the messages last night. But last night you wouldn't let me alone long enough to do it. I didn't want you to ever find out I went to bed and was to afraid to have sex with you last night because I was so stretched out from him. So, I just asked if I could go to sleep and you held me in your arms. That's when the grief got really bad. Then today you found out about it and well it's to late now to do anything. I told him tonight that it was over. I told him I was never going to write him again and he should stop writing me because I wouldn't answer him. I swear to you that was exactly what I was going to do. Read the e-mail now it's there."

I said, "No it's no use now you did it and I know about it."

She said, "Yes, I know Bud and I know it's too late now. I hope it's not to late for us Bud. I love you and swear to you that I will never do anything like this again. I also will do anything you want me to do to try and correct the wrong I did to you. As I'm sure you know from reading all of these it was a one-time affair over a couple of days. It's over Bud and I prey for your forgiveness."

I sat there and looked at her. She seemed to be telling me the truth. I don't know why but I wanted to hear about the time she spent with him. I said, "Who the fuck is John anyway?"

She said, 'He's just a guy I met on the Internet. He was in a chat room I visited about quilting believe it or not. We began to chat about quilting and he asked for my personal e-mail address. I gave it to him and he started writing me. Then I wrote back and over time we got to know each other better. I guess I got infatuated with him. As time went by we became closer and closer but I still didn't feel I was doing anything really wrong. Certainly I didn't feel I was cheating on you Bud. It started off as a friendship and grew into the affair. I know now that he seduced me and for the first time in my life I'm a shame of myself and so very sorry for what I did to you and our marriage. He went slowly and I fell for his lines. Before I knew it I was telling him things I would have never told anyone not even you. Then as I fell deeper into his trap and he told me he was coming to town I knew it was wrong but I had to actually see him. I knew I shouldn't because I knew I couldn't trust him or myself. But, something in me said do it, see him and see what happens. I did...and......well...now you know the rest. Oh God Bud I'm so very sorry!"

I said, "No, I only know what you two wrote to each other. I do know you made him cum three time that first day you were with him and he fucked you 6 times the last day but that's all I know. I have no idea what you did between that first and third day."

She hung her head and hugged herself as if she was cold. Then she said, "Maybe it's better that way Bud. Let's just say we had sex and leave it at that. Please! I not proud of what I did. In fact, I am having a really hard time living with the shame of what he made me do. No, that's not right! He really didn't make me do anything I didn't want to do at the time. Oh Bud, I'm so very sorry. Please don't ask me to tell you what I did for him you don't want to know."

I said, "Well at first I said the same thing Louise. I didn't really want to know, I already know you fucked him. But now, I want you to tell me everything. Then I want you to ask him to write you one last time. I want you to ask him two things. One, I want him to write and tell you what you both did those three days. I don't care how you get him to do it but do it. Secondly I want to know where he lives, his home address and phone number everything you can get from him. Now, I don't care how you manage Louise it but you better get it done for me. Do we understand each other?"

She hung her head and said, "Oh Bud I can't. I'm so embarrassed! I don't want to write him ever again! And I don't want him to tell me what I did. I know it and I'm so sick about it. "

I said, "Then get out!"

She looked at me and said, "What?"

I said, "You heard me get your ass out of my house. Leave! Go somewhere else but you can't stay here unless you do what I tell you. I don't care if you want to do it Louise. I don't care if you want to remember it. I want to know what my loving wife did with her lover for three days! We may not make it anyway so maybe you should just leave now and not even try. It's up to you. I'm very tried and I'm even sicker than you are. I'm sick all over from knowing you were with him and being a whore for him. I feel like shit from what you have done to us Louise. But I now know I need to know it all. So decide now what is it going to be? Decide and do it quickly! Or, get your whoring ass out of my house!! NOW!!!"

She hunched her shoulders even further down and then said, "OK, OK Bud if that is what it will take I'll do it. I'll do anything to keep us together."

I said, "Well that's just a start but certainly not the end of what I want. Now first tell me what you did. All of it Lou I want to hear all of it. And I'm going to videotape you so I can compare it to what John writes back and tells us about it. It better be the same babe! You won't get another chance. I want to know just how nasty and disgusting you got with him. You'll call in sick for the next few days until he replies back to you."

She said, "I called in sick for those three days Bud I can't take any more time off right now."

I said, "Then go! Look I'm not asking you to do anything you don't want to do to try and hold this all together Lou. This isn't up for discussion! I'm fucking telling you how it's going to be Louise!"

She asked, "OK! I tell then that I got a relapse or something. Do you want me to tell you now, tonight?"

I said, "Yes, I want you to tell me tonight before we go to sleep. You'll not be sleeping in my bed. I don't care where you sleep but it won't be with me until I decide to accept you back, if I ever do. Wait! Let me get the camera wait there."

I got up and went to get a beer. I didn't ask her if she wanted one. When I came back into the living room I had the camera with me and she said, "I would like to write a few things down first so I don't get them out of order Bud. Would that be OK?"

I said, "Do what you have to Louise but start soon, it's late."

She got up and got a pen and paper. She also got a beer. She sat down and jotted down some notes and then she started to tell me what happened that first day when they met. Her hands were shaking as she began to write the details of her affair over the three days.

I still didn't know much about the man she had been with but I was going to find out. While she wrote down her part of what she did, I began to compose an e-mail to John from her. When I was done the e-mail read:

"John darling I can't stop thinking about you and the time we just spent together. I loved what we did together. My panties are now always wet and my pussy feels like it is on fire. I loved the way you stretched me baby! Now, I know you can't get away again so soon to come see me. But, maybe I can get away and come see you. Would you like that? Please John, seriously babe I need to see you again as soon as we can arrange it. I need you to fuck me again with your beautiful big cock I know you're married so please tell me how I can reach you without your wife knowing about it. OK? Please babe! I need to see you and suck you hard and have you fuck and suck me. And I especially need you to fuck me and cum deep inside me again. I want at least another day with you. I'll meet you wherever you say whenever you can. Tell me where and when John. Love. Lou."

Then I had my wife read it over and had her press the send key. I then waited for either his reply or her to finish her statement. She finished first and had written down what they did that first day.

I said, "Are you ready Lou?"

She was crying but said, "Yes! Oh God this is so embarrassing for me."

I said, "I don't really give a fuck babe! Tell me.

I took the two pages from her and read them quickly then I said, "Go on Lou. I want you to tell the world. I was planning my revenge and contacting him as Louise was the start. I would write him and he would think it was Louise from now on. Now, he would fall into my trap. That was the start of my plan.

I had her tell me everything on camera so if I wanted to leave her cheating whoring ass I could do it and that our kids with me. Talk right into the video camera", which I had turned on when she was reading my e-mail to her lover.

I sat on the sofa and read what she wrote. Then I had her tell it to me. She started out by saying she was shaking when she went to meet him she was that scared. When she parked her car in the underground parking lot and took the elevator up to the restaurant she saw him immediately. He looked just like his photo. When he saw her and they met him face to face for the first time she realized he was taller than she felt he was. John stood around 6 foot tall and was slim but fairly muscular. Over the course of the evening he told her he worked out three or four times a week. He also ran and swam. John was very healthy she said he had a great six pack and nice arms.

I said, "Great get on with it Louise."

She sighed and said, "He kissed me and took my hand as he moved me to the booth he had reserved. We sat facing away from the door and entrance to the place. He sat next to me in the corner and he ordered for both of us."

I said, "Trapped you in the corner so you couldn't get out once you were in.

Then she said, "We both had seafood as a dinner and wine. I only had one glass and it took about an hour for us to finish eating."

I said, "So you can't blame what you did on being drunk right?"

She said, "Right Bud I wasn't drunk. During that time we talked about how good it was to finally meet and he told me how much lovely I was in person than in my picture. He touched me from time to time, but nothing very sexual, it was on my arm and knee and neck and cheek Bud."

I asked her if she liked it and she said, "Yes. It sent waves of excitement over me. It made me wet Bud. Oh I'm so sorry but it's the truth!"

I said, "OK! So he made your panties wet by touching you. Go on!"

She continued to tell me what happened by saying, "He whispered in my ear telling me he was getting hard as he touched my thigh now about a hand about my knee. The he asked me if I was wet? And I told him I was and that I was also scared. He kissed me again this time a little longer and he pressed his hand over my right boob. He squeezed it and made me moan. I touched his face as he did it. Then he waved for the waitress, signed for the meals and took my hand as we walked to the elevator.

I told him I wasn't sure I wanted to go all the way that first night. And I asked him to go very, very slow and he agreed.

I asked, "So when you both got into the room what happened?"

She said, "Well first he told me he wanted to undress me. I told him to go slow and stop if I wanted him to stop. He told me he would. So with that, John started with my blouse. His eyes never left my eyes as he undid one button at a time until he had them all undone. Then he dropped his eyes to my breasts and the silky bra I had on. He smiled when he saw them and reached and cupped both of my breasts in his hands holding them like he was weighing them."

She stopped talking and seemed to be thinking about that moment. I said, "Then what did he do?"

She said, "He lifted my bra up over my breasts and they fell free into his hands again. Now he was really weighing them as he squeezed them and rolled my nipples around with his fingers."

I said, "Did he get them hard?"

She said, "Yes Bud. He had them like rocks and then he bent forward and sucked one into his mouth! That's when I moaned and held his head against my chest."

I said, "Did you say anything to him?"

She hesitated and I said, "Tell me Louise! Tell me all of it."

She looked at me and her eyes went down towards the floor. She said, "I told him yes! Yes babe, suck them! Suck them hard. Oh God Bud I'm so sorry. Please don't make me tell you about all of it! I feel so much like a whore!"

I said, "You are Louise! You are a whore. Now continue. I want to hear all of it. Did you touch him?"

She said, "No Bud, not yet. I let him play with my breasts and as he sucked from one breast to the other and back again his hands undid my skirt. I had on a short skirt like he asked me to wear and it fell off my hips quickly and on to the floor. He stood back and admired me then. My tits were red around the nipples from him biting and sucking on them and the stood out from under my bra which was still hooked and sitting around my neck. My panties were soaked with my excitement. He said he could smell my sexual musk. He smiled as he said, "Would you like to see me now Louise?"

I stopped her and asked if he didn't take the rest of her clothes off?"

She said, "No Bud. It was sort of funny he left my panties on and my bar over the top my tits. Then he asked me if I wanted to see him. I looked down and saw the huge lump in his slacks. I told him yes! I could hardly get it out my throat was so dry. He smiled and said, "Undress me."

I waited for her to talk and then I asked, "And did you?"

She was looking down at the floor and told me, "Yes! Yes Bud I did. I pulled his polo shirt over his head and he lifted his arms to let me get it off. That's when I saw how well built he was. His stomach is so flat and his chest and arms are very defined. He told me to kneel in from of him and take his slacks off. So I sat on my legs and undid his belt. I slowly ram the zipper of his pants down and pulled them down off his body."

I asked, "Did that excite you? I mean getting to undress him like he did you?"

She said, "Yes! It made me dripping wet. I'm sorry Bud you don't want me to lie. But when I pulled his slacks down he wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock came jumping out over the top of his slacks."

I asked, "And was he as big as he told you he was?"

She said, "God yes Bud. He was huge. He had the biggest cock I ever saw."

She realized what she just said and looked at me. I said, "So?? So?? Lou, what did you do?"

She continued by telling me that he stood there and smiled down at her and said, "Go ahead and touch it Louise. I know you want too. Feel my cock Louise!"

She wouldn't look at me as she told me, "And I did Bud I wanted to feel it so bad. I took it in my hands and it was heavy. He was right too I couldn't touch my fingers around it."

He told me, "Stroke it. Touch it! Love it baby. Stroke it back and forth a couple of time Louise, feel the weight. It's not like your husband's is it Louise? Yes that's right my love feel it throb in your hand from your touch. You will learn to love my cock before these three days are over Louise. Yes baby! That's it, make love to my cock. First make love to it with your hands and then soon with your mouth and body."

Louise stopped and looked at me. Then she said, "That's what he told me Bud, over and over again. I did it! God help me, I began to jerk him off. I hadn't been in the room more than five minutes and I was half nude, he was fully nude, and I was on my knees in front of him jerking his big cock off. It was like he had me under a spell. I would have done whatever he wanted right them Bud."

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