tagLoving WivesWho The Hell Is John Ch. 05

Who The Hell Is John Ch. 05


Thanks to everyone who wrote me and gave me input. It is appreciated. I won't be writing much in the summer months since we move to the beach. I am working on a story but it will be a series of tales on a subject. Each story could stand on its own.

We love the outdoors and spend most of our time there. It also gives me time to think up new stories or even have a real one to tell. Have a great summer everyone. Vastie

So after the introductions from me to Louise and Phil, the three of us took a seat in the living room where Detective Phil Klein began to question Louise about her relationship with John Randolph.

Louise looked scared and upset but she answered his questions one by one as he asked her. He went over the affair with her and she was completely embarrassed having to tell him the entire story again. She didn't go into the sexual parts nearly as much as when she was telling me but she did have to tell him about the four men and what they did to her. She had to describe them and any details she could remember. I found out that one was Latin, and one was from out west, she could tell from his cowboy accent as she called it. The youngest with the smaller cock was black and then there was John the big cock crook. She had to describe their physical traits and any scares or identifying marks she could remember.

Then out of the blue Phil asked her, 'Do you know that your husband's accident was no accident Louise? Someone cut your husband's brake lines?"

He was watching her very carefully and so was I. I swear I would have punched her right in the mouth if I felt she knew anything about it. But she didn't as far as I could tell. She put her hand to her mouth and said, "Oh my God no!! I don't know anything about that. We both felt it was a manufacture or equipment malfunction. You mean some one cut them on purpose?"

He said, "On purpose and we believe it was the work of this Randolph character. Do you know he's an ex-con and has a list of crimes that range from assault to arm robbery. He has been arrested four times for murder but none were ever proved. And he had been arrested three times of attempted murder, mainly by car accidents, but again never proven. Did you know about all that Louise?"

She looked absolutely stunned and shook her head no to both questions. Then she said, "I had no idea! Oh Bud! Oh my God do you think he tried to kill you because of me?"

I said, "I have no fucking idea. But from what I heard he's very capable of such things."

Then Detective Klein asked her if she knew any of the twelve women he started to name off. She said, "No. But what do they have to do with all of this?"

He told her about John Randolph and his plan to take money from these women and over time have them gang banged and filmed and then blackmailed to keep it from their husbands. He told her all he needed from each wife was a few hundred dollars a month and he could sit back and do nothing while the funds from these twelve and the many other just kept coming in. They would pay him by money orders mailed to a lockbox at a bank and then the funds were credited to a fake company he ran. He then transferred these fucks to the Cayman Island where we can't touch it. Phil told both of us that this John Randolph had maybe $8,000 to $10,000 a month coming in from women all over the country and he was adding more added everyday."

I said, "And how much money have you given him Louise?"

She hesitated and then said, "No...none Bud! He hasn't tried to blackmail me yet."

I said, "Well how come there's only $123.77 in our joint account then?"

She said, "WHAT? I...I did give him a check for...$200. It was just for the dinner and room we had those first two nights but he told me he would pay me back. But I told him I wouldn't pay for the third since I felt I was sort of raped. He just laughed at me that third night as he walked out the room."

The detective said, "Well he most likely changed that $200 check to $2200. I bet you he's even created checks that look like yours now and will begin to cash them shortly!"

She said it again, "Oh My God Phil...Bud! How do you know that?"

I said, "Because I checked our account today and Phil tells me that's how this crook who you fucked operates."

She said, "I'm so sorry!" She buried her head in her hands and then whispered, "I never realized...oh God Bud he has our account number he could take all of our funds."

I said, 'No not all of them, only yours baby! I opened a new account this afternoon after I left the police. If he takes any more money it will be your $123.77 not any of my money."

She said, "It's our money Bud."

I said, "Not any more it isn't. The new account is in my name only. And I canceled all the credit cards and told the bank you'll be paying for your own bills from now on. The cars are in my name but I plan to sell the one you drive unless you pay me the monthly bill on it. You see, I worked all afternoon to separate our assets. You know just incase we decide...no, make that, just in case I decide to leave you."

The detective said, "Well we're almost done here. Louise, I expect you to tell me everything you know about this man, and I do mean everything. Do you know where he's living right now?"

She said, "Well all I know is he lives in Columbia South Carolina and that he's married too. He told me he comes here once a month for three or four days. He works mainly at night installing new computer programs in companies when they aren't in operation. That's why I had to meet him during the day."

She hung her head after she told Phil she met him during the day. Phil said, "We seem to know he's not into PCs and computer programming now don't we Louise?"

She said, "Yes" but it was very low and more like a little girl's voice than a woman's sounds.

Phil then said, "And you're sure you don't know any of these other twelve women? Here take a closer look."

She looked again and saw another woman she didn't see on the page the first time. She was sure she knew her now. It was Louise from Accounting up on the fourth floor where she worked. She said, "Oh My God! It is it's...Mrs. Peters from Accounting!"

She said, "If she gives him a check from the company he'll be set for the rest of his life. He could take a million dollars over time."

Phil said, "And he would channel it all to the Cayman Island and Jesus, we would never get it back. That's the type of score he has been looking for over all these years. Who is this Louise?"

Louise said, "I have her phone number here in my briefcase. Phil asked if she had the big boss's number and she told him she did. Phil called Mr. Jackson who was the CFO of her company. He explained all of it very briefly and told Mr. Jackson to meet him at his bank first think in the morning around 7AM. Jackson was scared the transaction was already in place and they wouldn't be able to stop it. But he agreed and would have all the necessary individuals needed there before the doors opened. He then told Phil he was going to call his account rep and have them meet everyone at the same place first thing in the morning. With any luck they could head off this tragedy. Phil put in a good word for both women and then told Louise to call Louise and have her meet her in her office in the morning. He told her not to say what it was about only there had been a major problem with the bank. He wanted to question the Peters woman first before telling her everything.

He was about to get up when he said, "Oh yes. Look Louise when you had sex with this man and the others, did they use protection?"

Her face got a look that both of us men knew she hadn't. Phil shook his head and said, "Didn't you realized that these men were not the normal husband out for a good time or men who don't mess around all the time? These men have been in and out of jail for years. God knows what the have picked up. Bud do yourself a favor and have no sex with her. OK? I mean Louise, you need a test now and more testing for the next two year. God I hope you didn't pick up STD or AIDs when you were having your fling!"

She started to cry really hard again and with that Phil said good night to them and Bud walked him to the door. They talked about what was going to happen now and what Bud should do. "Look Bud if you locate him call me. Stay away from this guy he's bad news, "Phil told him.

Bud told him OK but in the back of his brain he knew he wasn't going to do it. If he found him he would surprise him and beat him as he was instructed in the SEALS years ago. He told himself he had it. It all depended on who found this ass hole first!

As Bud closed the door, Louise began to walk towards him but he told her he didn't want anything to do with her now. He said, "I'm sick of you and this entire situation Louise. You could have killed me you dumb bitch! We could still loose almost everything we have, and I see now just what a whore my wife turned out to be. Go call then doctor and set up a time to get tested. Don't even think of touching me or the kids until you get a clean bill of health! Jesus Louise how fucking stupid can you get, no protection!"

He hard a sound of a throat clearing. He turned and saw Bill standing in the doorway. He had forgotten all about Louise's dad still in the kitchen. When he came around the corner he said, "Look you two calm down. I think we need to talk about a coupled of things."

Neither of us moved until he yelled, "I said sit, both of you!"

We did. Bill came over and sat facing us. He said, "It would really help if you two would stop and not do anything for a while. Let the ashes settle a little and let Detective Klein work the case. With a little luck he'll catch this John Randolph and that would really help all of you. Now Louise you need to call the doctor on Monday morning first thing. You tell them why too even if it is embarrassing to you. You need test quickly!"

He continued, "Now Bud, it would help if you could refrain from calling Louise every name in the book even if she deserves it. I don't expect you to forgive her but just don't talk to her right now like you just did. It doesn't help matters at all. Wait until you are more settled and less pissed off to talk with her.

Finally Bill to his daughter, "And Louise it will definitely help if you give your husband some room and let him alone. He has been through a huge deal of physical and mental pain. You have to be one of the dumbest women I have ever met to do this to him, your kids and your mother and me. Do have any idea how this is going to hit your mother when she finds out? And you know she'll find out. And what about your kids? Did you ever think of them over the past 6 months? How do you think they'll react to you not being here for them if Bud divorces you or you have some bad sexual disease? Which by the way he has every right to do."

He turned to me and said, "And you! I know you still love this woman Bud. So even if you can't forgive her, ease up and let things settle. Let the detective catch this John Randolph first. I know right now Bud that you can't tell her that you would be willing to work on forgiving her. In fact I know you're only thinking of throwing her cheating and whoring ass out."

She said, "Dad!"

He said, "Shut up Louise. God damn it, what would you call what you did?"

She didn't say another word as Bill tried harder to calm the situation between them. He knew it would be the hardest sell of his life. Then he finally left.

Bud sat there looking at Louise for a long time. Then he told her he really doesn't think their marriage is going to hold together. He said, "I know it's early, but I think I want a divorce."

Louise said, "Oh no Bud don't say that. My God what is wrong with you that you can't at least try and work this out? Do you hate me that much?"

Bud said, "No I haven't lost my mind I lost my wife."

He said, Louise, would you agree that a marriage is an intimate relationship between one man and one woman, no more?"

She hung her head and said, "Yes Bud and I know I have hurt you and I would do anything to take it all back."

He said, And do you think a marriage can survive if one of the people in it lies to the other and cheats on them?"

Her eyes got big and I thought I saw a little fear come across her face. Then she said, "I guess it would depend on the two people Bud. I made a big mistake and I know that now. A mistake that many marriages could not survive. Ours might because it is so strong and we do still love each other Bud. At least I still love you."

I said, "I don't know Louise, I just don't know any more. You had sex with four men. One of them might have tried to kill me. It's hard for me to say this but I don't think I can accept what you did and turn the corner and forgive you. At least I can't do that now. I'll give it some time and we'll see."

And with that I walked out of the room and left her sitting there weeping.

I turned on the shower and took a hot one. When I had finished I heard Louise in the bedroom. Minutes later she came out in her robe and she began to shower. With the water running I made beeline for the email. I checked and found no new messages.

Then I saw her brief case opened and saw the date book. I thumb through it and found a few new e-mail addresses, which I didn't know about before. I typed in the first one and sure enough there was an instant message from her to him. He must have been waiting for it because he answered. In it she told John that I knew everything and that the police were now looking for him. He replied that he would use this e-mail address to keep in touch with her. She asked him what the hell she should do? What if I wanted to actually divorced her, could she come live with him? John shot right back that she could live anywhere in Columbia she wanted but he was married and did NOT want a divorce. What they had was fun and exciting and he reminded her that she asked him to fuck her a 100 times over those three days. This was all her fault and to not be a cunt about it now. He told her to lie to me and make me think she still loved me and it was all a huge mistake.

Louise fired right back to him, "John, you know I am not on the pill and we didn't use protection. Are you clean? I just thought about all the sex you and I had, and nothing else. What if I got pregnant? Bud had a vasectomy two years ago he'll know the baby isn't his."

John told her not to worry, he was clean and he felt for sure that she wouldn't get pregnant. But if she did, it was simple just have an abortion. That was the answer he gave her.

Louise told John she would NOT get an abortion. She told John she was confused, but she knew she really loved her family, she just let her curiosity and lust convince her to make a bad decision. She told John she cared deeply for him, he had a wonderful cock and she would want it again one day when all this was over. I read the line again, yes, she had said she wanted it again just like he told her she would. He told her she was his now. That when he told her to come meet him she would. I knew from what I read that she most likely would try. She told me her family had to come first but that was all bullshit.

John told her to convince me it was over and from now on she would be faithful. He would try to figure out how she could work things out with me and help her. They would hold off meeting again for awhile. He said, "After all baby he and I are both men. He'll understand you're a beautiful woman and maybe just a little too much for one guy with an average cock. He told her he would write her again later on.

Louise signed off, thanking him! Thanking him!!! The stupid whoring cock sucker!

As I sat there I had a sense of loss. I knew her cheating would now continue and she would cheat on me again with John. It would never stop. She was planning to see him again after all this had blown over.

I didn't confront her when I came back upstairs. I would wait until Phil told me what was going on. That is unless I found out where John was first. If he were back in town I would see to it that he got fucked up.

So John has a wonderful cock and she love having it up in her. Wow!! Did I love hearing her say that to him again! NOT!! Maybe I should take care of him by cutting off his cock!

She had told me that her affair was over and that it wasn't worth losing her family or me. My God, what a bullshitter she turned out to be. Had she been shitting me our entire marriage? I didn't know or what to think. Our marriage was done, but I still did not know how to find this asshole John and share the misery. After I signed off the new email account I sat down on the couch. The lights were off and I just sat there, tears running down my cheeks. I guess I was sobbing a little because I did not see Louise walk up.

Bud, what are you doing? Are you crying? Good Lord, what is wrong with you Bud? Can I help?"

I told Louise I did not feel well, I had not felt well for about a week, and now that she was cheating on our marriage, I was really getting sick at my stomach. I told her to go to bed and I sat there thinking. I knew my life would soon be very different. I needed to set up a budget for the kids and I. My disability and the child support from Louise would have to make do until I went back to work.

Louise acted like she was mad at me and told me I sent her away when she wanted to help me. I said as she reached the doorway, "Tomorrow I'm seeing a lawyer Louise."

That rocked her and she looked back and said, "Can't you give this a little time Bud?"

She did not say a thing, just stood there looking back at me. I said, "Why are you still her Louise? Thinking of what lies to tell me next I guess."

She said, "I love you Bud and only you."

I was thinking about what John had told her about convincing me that she was faithful. I knew I should just confess to her that I knew she had written him again.

She said, "I'll pray tonight Bud that you'll forgive me. Maybe my dad was right after all and we should give it some time."

I was thinking about what John had said, "That we were both men. Maybe she was more woman that I could satisfy, But I knew I didn't want to share her with anyone.

I told her, "Good go prey! Go to bed Louise and prey! I hope I am wrong, but the look on your face tells me I am not."

Louise shook her head and asked me to come to bed with her. She said she needed to feel my body spooning with her even more now so she could go to sleep.

I told her I was too upset to sleep with her. After I heard the door to our bedroom close I just sat there. My mind was going a million miles per hour. How can I find John and get even? Louise is toast, I will contact a lawyer tomorrow, while she is at work. Hey - wait a minute, she will be asleep in a few minutes, then I can look through her briefcase and her purse completely. I know she hasn't had time to remove anything. I bet she has his info in her purse or that briefcase some place.

Now I had somewhat of a plan, I felt a little better. After about an hour I walked over and got her purse. I glanced up the stairs, to be sure she didn't sneak up on me again. Hmm, well, lipstick, makeup, address book and a small not book hidden way in the bottom of her bag.

As I looked further at the papers I saw his full name and addresses and phone numbers. Jesus he had three of everything. But that was it all his info was there. I had first looked under John and found nothing. Then I checked the last couple of pages and found a couple of pieces of paper with all his information on it. I read every page of the book and found several pieces of paper too. They were folded in her purse. They all had addresses and or phone numbers written on them, and they were all in the same handwriting a man's handwriting. They will be the first thing I check out tomorrow with Phil.

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