tagHow ToWho Wants To Be A Slave?

Who Wants To Be A Slave?

bypanthers babe©

As with all this sluts submissions while she checked the box acknowledging that story belonged to her she readily accepts the fact that she owns nothing and the story, her mind, and her body are owned by Master Panther.

Recently this slut has seen a lot of articles that appear to her and her Master to inappropriately be classified as a Master/slave relationship. This has caused this slave personal sadness when she has been requested to help someone become something she is not. While this slut has never been happier than this cunt is in her current relationship, this slut realizes this lifestyle is not very everyone.

The chances of being hurt or hurting someone else are lessened tremendously if both members of the pair are on the same page. Also it is much easier on a third party being brought into the mix when H/she knows where the people are coming from. Because this slut knows she is a true slave when Master Panther brought in Sir P to help with the training we all were aware of our positions and the relationship has worked out. When Kitten's "Master" asked Panther's slut to help train his "slave" neither of them were actually at that point in their relationship and therefore both Kitten and this slut were hurt by the misunderstandings that ensued. In order to help keep this from happening to others, Master has asked that this slut share the letter she wrote to kitten asking her to clarify where she was. Maybe this letter can help others decide if they or their partners are role players, subs, or slaves. Knowledge is the most important tool towards acceptance.

Dearest Kitten, Please do not take what this slut is going to say as an insult. It is not meant that way at all. This cunt is speaking totally as both an educator and a slave. this slut feels that you are at a point where you need to make some very important and difficult decisions. Up to this point you have played at being submissive or in you words you have had scenes. This is fine and good and many couples decide they do not want to go any farther than that.

If that works for them this slut says go for it. No one, Master, slave Dom, sub should feel forced into a situation where they are not comfortable. You and your Dom need to make that decision yourselves with no interference. If you decide to stop at this point this slut doesn't know how this cunt can be of help to you, because she doesn't understand the concept of playing at submission it comes so naturally to me but this slut is willing to help in any way she can . This is the point your relationship is at now and if that's as far as you both want to go that is fine but if you want to go further, no want is not the right word, most of us did not WANT to become subs we needed to be in spite of ourselves. If you need to be a sub then you must obey and follow the rules the two of you have decided on. Is this part time or full time? Is anything off limits? what is the safe word? The important difference in a sub and a slave is that a sub does participate in deciding the direction her submission will take. At this point you start to learn that unless an order is in direct violation of one of the rules or you use your safe word immediately you must submit. the only way you can now say I can't is if you use your safe word.

The majority of people who are into D/s relationships stop at this point but there are a few of us who go one step farther and enter a Master/slave relationship this cunt looked up the definition of slavery in the dictionary and it read A person who is held in bondage to another; one who is wholly subject to the will of another; one who is held as a chattel; one who has no freedom of action, but whose person and services are wholly under the control of another.

I went a step further and looked up bondage and chattel, they read

Definition of bondage . A state of subjection to a force, power, or influence

Definition of chattel 1. Any tangible movable property (furniture or domestic animals or a car, etc.);

If you put that all together you get a very clear idea of what you are committing yourself to when you accept your collar

A person who is held in . A state of subjection by force, power, or influence to another, wholly subject to the will of another; one who is held as a tangible movable property (furniture or domestic animals or a car, etc.); one who has no freedom of action, but whose person and services are wholly under the control of another

This slut thinks this is a very clear definition of what exactly you are getting yourself into. Lets look at it from the point of view of a piece of chattel, say a domestic animal or more simply a bitch dog. Would it make any sense for a dog to say I can't come when you call me? of course not a dog can or can not do only what her Master tells her. Likewise a slave can do or not do only what her Master tells her. As for the use of a safe word would it make any sense for a dog to be told if you scratch your nose you will not have to do as I command? of course not the Master knows better than the dog what is good for it. It also makes no sense for a slave to use a safe word the Master knows better then the cunt what is better for her.

Is this whore saying you will lose all your spirit? Absolutely not! When a Master comes home after a day at work the dog is eager to see him and excited about being able to please him and you will be the same. Should you hide your feelings from your Master? No he needs to know exactly what you are feeling so he can better train and use you. Sometimes Master will do something like take the dog for a walk simply because Master needs exercise and it has nothing to do with the dog. Likewise sometimes Master will take and use you just to serve his needs. Many times however Master is trying to do what is right for his bitches. If his bitch dog needs discipline and Master tosses her out in the back yard for punishment only to find she likes being outside what has he accomplished accept for rewarding negative behavior. If he feels the dog deserves a reward and gives her a piece of cheese only to find out she doesn't like cheese has she really been rewarded.

With his human bitch if she is not totally honest with her feelings Master will not know what to use for punishment and what to use for rewards and training will be much more difficult. In both cases the canine bitch and the human one, when she is well trained Master and her can live together happily. This is what it means to me to be a slave.

* * * * *

Please for your sake, your Master's sake and the sake of any other Masters, Doms, subs, or slaves you come in contact with figure out where you want to be in this pecking order,

Write me back with your feelings about what I've written immediately after you've read it AND ALSO after you have talked to your Dom I am very interested in what both of you have to say about this

Panther's slave

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