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Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire


"Who Wants to Marry a Young Millionaire Widow?" The bold headline at the top of my newly published advertisement read.

The rest of the advertisement read, "Young Lonely Wealthy Widow Seeking Husband! Only apply if you are between ages 29-49. Please refer to my website for contest details. I look forward to hearing from many of you."

I had written and rewritten the advertisement many times, and decided short and succinct was best.

Would a man send an application and video to a stranger hoping for her attentions? And why would he do it? I didn't know the answer to these questions at first but I knew from all the reality shows on television that this brainstorm of mine could be the way to get the attentions I was lacking.

I had no idea how many would respond to my ad but as I watched the website each day, I saw that I had piqued some men's curiosity, and the number on my counter increased each day.

There was a form to fill out with basic questions about age and history. The long answer portion came next. It would be of some interest to read the responses to the question, "How would you please me?" But the part that I was most looking forward to was the video section.

The pictures of me on the website were really me. I wanted to see if men would still respond if they knew how I really looked. I worry about my looks and wish I were more beautiful. It was important to me that the men choosing to write to me would be choosing me, and writing to me.

I also described my lonely heart and how I didn't need money or fame, just a man. I didn't need much. Was it too much to ask to want a man who would be devoted to pleasing me in exchange for not worrying about finances? Certainly there would be lonely men out there who would enjoy making me happy. Was there anyone out there who was talented with their tongue and fingers in a woman's pussy but also could carry on a decent conversation?

I also suggested that I was open to meeting a man just for fun, so that if someone didn't want to get married they could still apply for my attentions. A good time for me could be traded for my taking care of the finances for the evening. That was to be made clear on the application, so there would be no confusion.

I had filled my website easily as I imagined how to get men's attention with my words and pictures. The easiest part though was describing that ideal man I was looking for. Many of my hours were spent fantasizing about the man I would marry. Too many hours probably.

Within the first week I had two adorable but desperate responses. Within two weeks it really picked up and the anonymous mailbox flooded with eighty responses. Within four weeks it started trailing off and I had over 140 and only one the following week. Then I closed down the website and decided not to post another advertisement.

So who won the contest?

I did.

I am not a millionaire. I'm not even looking for a millionaire to marry. I am indeed young and lonely. I was just looking for a little fun. My responses to my advertisement answered a few of my questions: How many desperate men there are in my city? How many of us are willing to take a chance on finding someone special and take a risk? Could I follow through on my insanely creative scheme?

So I save one letter or one video for each night, so as to spread out the enjoyment. Most are more than satisfactory to bring enjoyment to my lonely pussy. The videos are spectacular. Part of the requirement was to "show yourself masturbating while looking at my picture," so I am at no loss for excitement. The pictures I put on the website were erotic pictures meant to tease.

I have also benefited from this experiment because the first few I've enjoyed so far have been good for my ego as the men have thought me beautiful and sexy, and even described what they liked about my body. If the pattern continues I will orgasm every night.

At this rate I should be set for entertainment for the next year.

What kind of advertisement could I post next year when I'm done with this set of videos?

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