tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWho Was Forcing Who?

Who Was Forcing Who?


I forced my eyes open. It felt like an almighty effort as if I was using all my strength just to lift my eyelids. At first my eyes didn't focus but, when they did, I couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Just a few feet from where I was sitting was a huge TV screen and on it was playing what looked like a very high quality home movie – of the "adult" variety. I didn't have any problem with that, especially as the two women writhing on the bed seemed to be enjoying themselves so much. What was taking my breath away was that one of the women was Jane, my boss's wife, and the other was Aileen, my own, very innocent, wife!

Both women were naked, Aileen lying on her back, while Jane was lying on top of her sucking my wife's tiny nipples. I could tell Aileen was enjoying the attention as the look on her face was exactly the same as when I had first convinced her to show me her breasts and to allow me to introduce her to the pleasures of tit love, a mixture of excitement and disbelief, tinged with a hint of newly experienced lust.

As Jane made her way down Aileen's slight body, kissing every inch of her delectable skin, I knew that I had to find out what was going on and put a stop to this rape of my young wife.

That was when I realised that, not only was I naked too, but that I was bound to the chair, my wrists tied to the arms and my ankles strapped to the legs.

"Help!" I shouted. "Somebody help me!"

The door swung open and in walked my boss, Kevin, also naked, with his erection bouncing before him.

"Hi, Andy. So you're finally awake. Enjoying the show? We wanted to wait until the drugs had worn off but Aileen wouldn't wait any longer. She's quite a whore once she gets going but I suppose you know that already.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I'd been drugged! By my boss! Aileen was a whore! I didn't know which was the most fanciful.

"I'll leave you here for a while to watch the girls but I think you'll see me on screen too very shortly. We can't allow the girls to have all the fun."

"Let me go! Let me go! If you untie me now I'll take Aileen home and no more will be said about this. Either that or I'm going straight to the police."

"Relax, Andy, nobody's going anywhere. We'll talk about your options once Jane and I are finished with Aileen but, if you'll excuse me now, my prick's desperate for some attention."

I struggled with my binds but he was right: I wasn't going anywhere. "Let me go!" I screamed again but he had already left the room. Before he left, however, he had turned up the volume on the TV and the room was filled with Aileen's desperate moans. My eyes were dragged back on to the screen to find Jane now had her head between Aileen's outstretched legs and, from her movements, was obviously doing to Aileen what only I had ever done before. At that moment, the camera angle was adjusted and I was treated to a close up of Jane lapping at Aileen's dripping pussy.

Aileen was thrashing her head from side to side, her arms outstretched, gripping onto the bed sheets, obviously very close to cumming. I knew the signs well enough; her eyes were glazed over as if she were in another world; her hips were rising from the bed to push her cunt hard against Jane's tongue and, when that tongue moved up to Aileen's small clit, I knew my beautiful wife wouldn't be able to stop herself, even if she wanted to (which it didn't look like she had any intention of doing).

Jane began to insert one, then two, then three fingers into my wife's tight pussy and fucked her hard. Aileen's hips were now permanently off the bed as she tried to get Jane's fingers deeper and deeper into her cunt. I had never seen her act so wantonly, even with me, and I was jealous, enraged and incredibly turned on all at the same time.

I tried again to free myself but just at that moment Aileen's screams of pleasure filled the room as she came on the fingers and tongue of my boss's wife. I looked on, incredulously, as Aileen had a massive orgasm and flooded Jane's hand and mouth with her pussy juices. I couldn't believe how long it kept going but, eventually, she dropped back to the bed, exhausted but obviously satisfied.

I was still having immense trouble reconciling the image of the slut on the bed with the innocent wife I had married only weeks before and who was a virgin when I had first met her. It didn't seem to matter that she was only eighteen and I was twenty five. She had learned the pleasures of sex only from me and I had taken great delight in teaching her. Now, as the camera again changed position, I watched in disbelief as Jane got up and sat down on Aileen's face.

"Now it's time to return the favour," Jane said as she lowered herself on to my previously innocent wife's mouth. The camera showed the anticipation in Aileen's eyes and her tongue instantly poked out of her open mouth to taste another woman's cunt for the first time. I didn't know what Aileen was thinking as she began to lap at Jane's wet cunt but she must have been amazed at the differences between both of their pussies. Aileen's was almost untouched, had hardly any protruding lips to speak of and was covered in a fine down of strawberry blond hair. Jane's, on the other hand, was covered in dark, curly hair that stretched all the way around to her arse. Her lips met Aileen's tongue before the rest of her cunt had settled on my wife's face and, as Aileen's tongue slid up her slit, which was obviously as slack as her morals.

"That's it, Aileen. Just do what you like Andy doing to you. You're very good at it. Are you sure this is your first time with another woman?"

Aileen grunted underneath Jane as she didn't seem to want to stop tasting the older woman's juices. Jane was playing with her large, sagging tits as my lovely wife pleasured her from below but obviously decided to crank things up a notch as she reached down and began to rub her own clit while still gyrating on Aileen's tongue.

"Don't stop, Aileen. Don't stop," pleaded my boss's wife as she started to tremble with what I knew would be an immense orgasm. Faster and faster she rubbed as Aileen's tongue continued to lap up the juices pouring from Jane's cunt.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'M CUMMING!" screamed Jane as her pussy exploded on my wife's face and drenched her with the result of Aileen's ministrations.

Jane collapsed backwards on top of Aileen, her legs wide open, her cunt almost as wide, and left my wife with nothing to see but the older woman's cunt still in spasm from her huge orgasm.

"I think we need a rest before we invite Kevin to join us."

Kevin, however, had other ideas. I don't know if he had been watching but he appeared on the screen just at that point, his cock straining to join in.

"Don't you dare touch her! Don't you dare touch my wife!" I shouted at the TV screen in front of me but, while I could hear every sound of the assault on my poor wife, they obviously had no idea what I was screaming at them.

Kevin practically pushed his fat wife off my sweet, young Aileen and replaced her between my wife's open legs.

"I never fuck a cunt I haven't tasted first," he laughed. Aileen, in reply, instead of recoiling in horror raised her hips again and offered her pussy to my boss.

"Help yourself," she said with a smile and Kevin did just that. He bent down and lapped my wife's pussy from bottom to top and down again.

"Very nice," he grinned, licking his lips. "I'm going to enjoy this."

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare! Aileen, what are you doing?" I shouted futilely at the screen. "How can you do this? How can you let them fuck you?"

Aileen lowered her hips to the bed, oblivious to my pleas and reached out for my boss. "I think my pussy needs you cock inside," she said. I had never heard her say these words before.

"Well, who am I to reject a lady?"

With that the camera angle changed again and, once again, I got a close up of Aileen's cunt, only this time I was "rewarded" with the sight of another man's penis pushing into my young wife's waiting pussy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing; neither could I turn away as my boss's hard prick proceeded to slide in and out of my wife's cunt as if he had never fucked a woman before.

"That's it, Kevin, fuck her hard. Fuck her like the slut she is," encouraged his wife.

"Yes, Kevin. Fuck me. Fuck me like you've never fucked before. Don't think about me. I want it hard, as hard as you can. Fuck my cunt. Make it sore. Fuck my cunt with your big hard cock."

Kevin didn't need any more encouragement. He started to hammer in and out of my wife's tender cunt as if he was punishing her with his big, throbbing cock. In and out, in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder. My boss pummelled my wife's cunt. My wife thrust her hips up to meet his downwards lunges and very soon both of them were cumming.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh God, I'm cumming. I'm filling her cunt with my spunk.!"

"Yes, Kevin! Fuck me with your big, hard cock. Fill me with your spunk. Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt! Oh, GOD! I'M CUMMING!"

"Fuck her, Kevin!" cried his wife. "Give the slut exactly what she wants. Fuck her cunt hard!"

Kevin and Aileen seemed to cum together and both their bodies trembled and shook until they both fell on the bed exhausted, my boss on top of my wife. Just then the screen went blank.

Chapter 2

Kevin collapsed on top of me, his cock still throbbing deep within my spunk-filled cunt. I still couldn't believe what I had done. I couldn't believe that over the last few hours, after a very nice dinner with my husband, his boss and his boss's wife, I had been forced into allowing a woman to make me cum with her tongue, I had been forced into eating her cunt in return, and now, even worse than that, I had been forced to let Andy's boss fuck my pussy and fill it with his seed.

I had been terrified when I realised that they had somehow drugged Andy but they promised not to hurt either of us if I did as I was told and fucked them both. Not only that but I had to make it look as if I wanted it; and just for good measure they were going to record the whole episode and show it to Andy if I ever mentioned this to anyone. If I kept quiet and did what I was told, Andy would be unharmed and would even be promoted if I performed well.

That's why, when I felt I had finally done enough to satisfy them, I was slow to react when Jane raised one of my arms and handcuffed it to the bedstead. I must have been sluggish after the biggest orgasm I had ever had and, with Kevin lying on top of me, I was powerless to resist when she walked round the bed and secured my other arm in the same way.

Once they knew I couldn't get off the bed, Kevin got up off me and stood by the side of the bed, his cock still dripping. As Jane came back round to stand beside him, they put their arms around each other and looked down on me like some sort of favoured pet.

"I don't understand," I said. "I've done everything you asked of me. Please let me go now. Let me see Andy."

"Well you can certainly see Andy," said Jane with a smile. She leaned over me again and tucked the pillow under my shoulders and head to raise me to an almost upright position.

"All you have to do is watch the TV and you will see Andy on there in no time at all."

With that they left the room and left me bewildered, afraid and with the horrible sensation of Kevin's spunk dribbling out of my punished cunt.

Chapter 3

It must have been nearly half an hour after the screen went blank before my boss and his wife, both still naked, walked into the room where I was secured to the chair.

"Looks like you enjoyed the show, Andy," teased Kevin as I looked down to my erect prick and knew it had never been harder. "Aileen certainly enjoyed being the star and what a tight cunt she has. No wonder you've kept her to yourself."

"The minute you untie me I'm going to kill you, you and your whore of a wife."

"Well, I can understand that but we've got a proposition for you that I think might change your mind," said my boss with a knowing smile.

"I don't want anything from you, you bastard. Untie me this minute and before I report you to the police for drugging me, holding me captive and raping my wife, I'm going to beat the living daylights out of you," I growled at him.

"Like I said, I can understand your reaction but, "rape"? Did it look like we were raping Aileen? I thought she quite enjoyed being fucked by Jane and I. I know we certainly enjoyed fucking her.

"Anyway, here's my idea. First we let Jane take care of that large cock of yours in any way you may chose. Then you get the chance to fuck her up the arse as that was the one thing we couldn't convince Aileen to do and I'm guessing you're a bum man, Andy. You wouldn't give up the chance for some anal action. Finally, as my part of the deal, I'm going to offer you a promotion that will see you and Aileen set up for life. What do you say?"

Everything was swirling round my head and this time it wasn't chemically induced. I was torn between wanting to kill this man and finally getting the chance to fuck someone up the arse – a long time fantasy of mine. Added to that was the promotion that I had been working so hard for being handed to me on a plate and the fact that Kevin was right: Aileen had enjoyed being fucked by these two older sluts.

"All right. I'll agree but I want one more thing."

Once I had explained to Kevin and Jane what I wanted they agreed without hesitation and my boss started to untie my bindings. When he was finished, surprisingly, he left the room.

Chapter 4

Andy's boss walked back into my room and leered at my naked, bound body.

"Show time!" was all he said as he switched on the large TV and sat down beside me.

"Now it's Andy's time to have some fun," he laughed.

The picture on the screen presented me with a view of Andy that I never thought I would see. He was sitting in an upright chair with his head thrown back in what was obviously a moment of extreme pleasure and it wasn't difficult to imagine where that pleasure was coming from.

Jane's head was bobbing up and down in his groin and I knew she was sucking his cock. I couldn't believe this; after all I had gone through to protect him from harm, here he was enjoying the blowjob of his life. I hated doing that for him and I hated the taste of his salty pre-cum so I had only ever done this for him a handful of times. Never once had he cum in my mouth.

"Jane's an expert at blowjobs," said Kevin with a smile and a huge degree of pride as he watched his fat wife sucking another man's cock. As if to emphasise the fact, he picked up a control from the side of the bed and the camera moved in to show Andy's huge cock sliding in and out of Jane's wet, red lips. She varied her action between taking his prick all the way to the back of her throat and then sliding her lips all the way back up his rod and licking up and down both sides of his throbbing shaft with her long wet tongue. When she started to suck on his balls and continued to pull at his cock with her left hand, I knew Andy wasn't going to last very long.

So did he because just then, showing who exactly was in control here, her pulled her off his cock by the hair and ordered her on to the bed. Jane practically jumped on to the bed and lay down on her back. Andy got on to the bed, straddled her chest and knelt down, laying his cock between her massive tits.

Now I knew this was Andy's scenario. He always complained my tits were too small for a proper tit wank and now he was obviously going to use Jane's huge breasts for his own pleasure. Kevin adjusted the camera angle again and I was treated to the sight of Jane wrapping her enormous tits around my husband's cock.

"Go on, Andy; Aileen will never know. Use my tits the way you want to. Shoot your spunk all over them."

I look on in disbelief as Andy thrust between Jane's tits and, after the blowjob she had just given him, it was no surprise when he started to plunge between those two mountains of tit flesh and shouted, "Oh God! Here it comes!"

His spunk flew from the head of his cock and landed on Jane, first on her nose, then her chin, then the last few spurts covered her breasts. Jane started to wipe the cum off her tits and then licked it off her fingers. As she went to remove it from her face, Andy stopped her.

"Leave it there, slut. I want you to have a reminder of what a whore you are."

At that, he climbed off his boss's wife, stepped down from the bed, and sat back down on the chair.

"Get over here, cunt," he said with some menace. If ever I had any doubt about whether Andy was being forced in to this as I had been, they were now dispelled. Jane just giggled like a schoolgirl, jumped off the bed and stood beside my husband, meekly, with her hands held behind her back.

"This is something Andy added himself. I think you'll agree it's a nice touch," said Kevin. Once he had positioned the camera just as he wanted it he put down the control and proceeded to stroke his cock with one hand while rubbing a finger up and down my wet slit. I tried to wriggle out of the way but was distracted once again by Andy's voice coming from the screen.

"Get over my lap and accept your punishment for what you've done."

I saw Jane tremble a little but she did as she was told, her giggles now with a hint of nervousness in them.

"What are you?" Andy asked as he took Jane's right arm and bent it behind her back.

"I'm a slut," she said with relish and dread.


I nearly jumped off the bed as I watched my husband raise his hand and bring it down, hard, on Jane's huge arse.

"Wrong," he instructed. "You must almost address me as "Sir" from now on. So what are you?"

"I'm a slut, sir," she pleaded.


"Wrong. You're a dirty slut. What are you?"

"I'm a dirty slut, sir," she whimpered.


"Wrong. You're a dirty, fat slut. What are you?"

"I'm a dirty, fat slut," she whispered.


"Wrong. You're a dirty, fat, slut who needs her arse fucked. What are you?"

"I'm a dirty, fat, slut who needs her arse fucked, sir."


"Well get on your knees and beg me to fuck your big, fat arse?"

This was unbelievable. Not only had my husband spanked his boss's wife but now he was going to fuck her up the arse. I looked over to Kevin but he was mesmerised by the action on the screen, my cunt long forgotten as he wanked his cock so quickly his hands were a blur.

"Please, sir, please fuck my big, fat arse with your big, fat cock. Show me no mercy, sir. Punish my arsehole with your prick and fuck me hard. Fuck me hard and fill my arse with your spunk. Please, sir," she begged, again dragging my eyes involuntarily back to the screen.

I watched as Andy lined up his cock with her dirty hole and pushed in. At first he didn't seem to be making any progress then the shiny head of his prick seemed to pop on through her hole and they both seemed to rest for a minute, presumably to get used to this unknown sensation.

"Do it, sir. Please, do it. Fuck me up the arse and make me cum," she entreated.

Andy needed no further encouragement and I watched, glued to the screen as my husband began to plough her tightest hole with a violence I had never seen in him. He plunged in and out of her arsehole, faster and faster, harder and harder.

"Beg me again, you slut. Beg me to fill your dark hole with my spunk."

"Please, sir. I need it. I need your big cock up my tiny arsehole. I need you to fuck me hard. Fuck me, sir! Please, sir! Fuck me! Fuck my big, fat arse with your big, fat cock."

Andy obviously couldn't take any more as I watched his whole body tense and he gave one final push into the mountain of flesh kneeling before him.


Chapter 5

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