tagIncest/TabooWhole Family Fun

Whole Family Fun


Adam was a tall, 6'1" youth of eighteen. Athletic, handsome and horny. He was well endowed, 9" and thick. A senior in high school he was popular and liked by all the girls. He went out with a couple of them but never had a long term relationship with them. The reason was he was attracted to his mother, Margery.

She was a woman of forty, but looked twenty five. She was petite except for her tits, which were E cup size. She had a nice body for a woman her age. Adam often fantasized about her and masturbated. She would often wear almost sheer summer dresses around the house her puffy nipples and areolas showing through. She would not wear panties so when she bent over Adam could see her nice ass and shaved pussy, with her large clit.

Although Adam wanted his Mom he didn't know how to approach her. One night his opportunity came. His dad, Bert and his Mom went out for dinner and drinks. His Mom wore a short , tight dress that showed her curves. Adam jerked off after they left thinking about her.

Adam was awakened at Two thirty A.M. by the arrival of his parents. They were brought home by taxi. They were both extremely drunk. Adam helped them into the house. Bert flopped on the couch.

"Help your Mother to bed would ya? I'm too drunk." he slurred then passed out

Adam saw his Mom was incapable of walking so he lifted her in his arms.

"My aren't you a strong thing Sweetie." she slurred then kissed him on the mouth and passed out.

The feeling of her in his arms, her big breasts pressed against him gave him an instant erection. He gently laid her across her bed and began to undress her. He removed her dress to reveal she was wearing a garter, no panties and no bra. Her huge breasts with their gargantuan areolas and nipples stared up at him. His cock was throbbing by now. He looked down at her pussy, getting a full, unhurried look for the first time.

Adam couldn't resist. This was his chance to finally feel those monster tits. He cautiously leaned over and gently began fondling them. She moaned almost inaudibly. Adam froze but realized she was still passed out. He began massaging her nipples, which sprang to life becoming even bigger. She was moaning softly and steadily now. He felt bolder now. He leaned down further and took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to suck and lick it. Her moaning was louder and her body began to writhe. Seeing his Mom excited by his touch almost drove Adam over the edge.

He reached down between her legs and started massaging her labia and clit. She groaned and spread her legs for him. Her eyes flew open at one point as he fingered her wet juicy hole. He froze but shortly realized she was still unaware. He then knelt down between her legs and began to lick her pussy lips. She let out a grunt then a long continuous moan. He got bolder and began to suck and lick her clit. She was panting now as her hips writhed up to meet his mouth and tongue.

"Oh God, eat my cunt." she slurred almost unintelligibly in her stupor.

Adam did just that. Slurping her cunt juices and sucking her clit. Her body was spasming and writhing as she neared orgasm. He kept up the pace sliding his finger in her hole while his hands frantically kneaded her bosoms.

Her body tightened as her orgasm neared. She cummed with an unintelligible shout and fell back on the bed mumbling about how good it felt.

When she had settled down for awhile Adam stood up and removed his shorts, releasing his throbbing, aching cock.

"I've waited a long time for this I can't turn back now." he whispered.

He placed his hands on both sides of his mom on the bed to hold his body weight off her. He slowly lowered his dick to her pussy lips. He was so excited he had to stop so he wouldn't cum fight then. He bent down and began sucking her huge nipples again. She responded with a moan and placed her hand behind his head. He slowly pushed his penis into her. The feeling of being in a tight pussy was fantastic but the fact that it was his Moms tight pussy was exhilarating. He sank it all the way in then pulled it out except for the head. He began to slowly fuck her. This was his first time and it was with the woman he always wanted to fuck. As he sucked her tits and fuck her pussy she was responding again. She wrapped her legs around him, mumbling sexy things and wanting more. He picked up the pace, but not too much he didn't want to wake her. After ten minutes slowly fucking her he couldn't hold back any longer. He pulled out and shot his load onto her flat, hard stomach. The sight of his sperm splashing onto her made him cum harder and longer than when he jacked off.

After his cock was drained he pulled back the blankets and put her to bed.

The next morning Adam awoke with a smile. He went downstairs to find his mom in the kitchen taking aspirin. She was wearing a short nightie that did not cover her ass and pussy completely and no bra. Her huge melons swinging like a pendulum when she moved. Adam tried to hide his growing cock.

"Where's dad?" Adam asked.

"Golfing" she replied

"Wow, what a night. I got way too drunk." she said

"Yeah, I had to put you to bed." he replied turning red.

"I thought I remembered you carrying me. Did you have fun with me?" she asked looking closely at his face.

"What do you mean?" he replied lamely, turning beet red.

"Well I thought I had dreamt it all until I found your dried cum on my stomach." she said

Adams heart sank. He forgot to clean her up. What would she do? Would she tell his Dad?

"Next time cum in me not on me." she said laughing at his terror stricken look.

Adam's knees almost buckled. Next time? Was this an invitation to more sex?

"Now come over here and kiss me. You didn't last night and you should always kiss the girl your fucking." she said playfully.

Adam fell over himself getting to her. Their lips met and then she forced her tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately for some time. Adams dick was rock hard and pressing against her stomach. She was writhing and moaning again.

"You ready to fuck your old Mom again stud?" she asked pulling him into the living room.

"Your not old, your smoking hot." he replied following eagerly.

They sat on the couch and resumed kissing. His hands found their way under her nightie. His hands caressing her beautiful bosoms. She was stroking his cock through his shorts.

"If you take off those shorts I'll take of this nightie." she said between deep breaths.

Adam quickly removed them as she tore her nightie off over her head. She was as eager as Adam apparently. As they settled back on the couch Adam ravished her tits with one hand and his mouth while his other hand reached for her wet pussy. She was gasping for air as she madly stroked his cock.

She pushed him away and made him lay back on the couch. She knelt down between his legs and began to kiss the head of his cock. The sensation was overpowering. She began to lick his shaft then slowly slid her mouth over his cock. She began to slowly move her mouth up and down his dick. Adam laid his head back, enjoying the new sensation of his Mother sucking him off. She sucked him for five minutes.

"That's repayment for what you did last night." she said as she pulled off of his dick.

She then climbed onto his lap, positioning her pussy over his cock. She slowly lowered herself until Adam was buried in her wet, juicy hole.

"God Mom that feels so good. You are so tight." Adam cried out as he bottomed out in her.

" Your just really big son but thank you. And this does feel good. Better than last night because I' awake to enjoy it." she panted.

She continued to slide up and down Adams cock enjoying the feeling of her Son fucking her. As she sped up, she and Adam were having trouble catching their breath.

"FUCK YOUR MOM ADAM! FUCK ME GOOD! I'VE WANTED YOUR COCK FOR SO LONG, NOW GIVE IT TO ME GOOD SON!" she screamed so loud Adam was sure the neighbors could hear.

Adams mind reeled. She had been wanting him too! It explained the skimpy clothing.


Soon they both were in a fucking frenzy as their bodies slammed together repeatedly.


Her body was spasming as her orgasms ravaged her body repeatedly.

Adam could hold out no longer.



Adam let his cum fly. It splattered her vaginal walls as shot after shot of his load was launched into her.

After they caught their breath they cuddled together naked on the couch. Adams sperm spilling out of her onto the couch. They soon fell asleep in each others arms.

They were awakened by the front door closing. They opened their eyes to see Bert standing and looking at them. He looked at them sternly.

"What the hell is going on here? You two have been screwing havent you? I see the cum stain on the couch.." he said

Adam and his Mom didn't know what to do they tried to cover themselves .

"I'm pissed. You two have incestuous sex and don't include me! How hot is this and I'm not invited?" he said laughing "You two wouldn't be ready for another round would you?"

Adam and Margery laughed in relief. And agreed they could go again. Adam began touching his Mom's breast, his dick hard again.

"Nice cock son, mind if I touch it?" his Dad asked.

"Uh I guess not." he replied hesitantly.

"Yes Bert feel our sons big cock. It's so firm and he shoots big loads." she said excitedly.

Adam felt his Dads hand surround his meat. It actually felt good as his Dad stroked him while he caressed and sucked his Mom's tits.

Soon he was breathing hard. His Mom got on his lap facing away from him and sat on his cock, riding him hard. She laid back so Bert could lick her clit while she fucked her Son. Soon she was cumming in multiple orgasms again. She relaxed and climbed off.

"Taste me on him. Lick my juice off your Son's cock." she demanded.

"Uh I don't know Mom." Adam protested.

But it was too late,. Bert was already licking him. It felt good, to Adam's surprise he liked it. Bert then started slowly sucking Adam. Adam could not believe how wonderful it felt. His Dad was an expert cock sucker, better than his Mom if that were possible

"God Dad I'm gonna cum Better pull off." he cried out.

His Dad responded by sucking faster. Soon Adam unloaded into his Dad's throat. His Dad swallowed every drop and licked his cock clean.

Adam felt he should repay his Dad so he had him sit on the couch and began to stroke him.

"Wow, that feels good Son. Thank you." Bert said appreciatively.

Adam began to wonder what sucking his Dad would feel like. He leaned over and began to lick the head if his Dad's cock.

"God Son that feels good." Bert said breathlessly.

Adam began to suck his cock into his mouth. He swallowed the shaft. He felt it enter his throat as he went up and down on it.


"Suck your Daddy good Son for Mommy." Margery said urging him on.

Adam suck deeper and faster wanting to feel his Dads cum in his throat, wondering if he would like it.


Adam just kept sucking and moving up and down the shaft faster. Bert screamed and shot his load into the boy's throat. Wad after wad of thick jizz entered Adams throat. He swallowed it and found he liked it. He licked his Dad's cock clean.

They all cuddled together on the couch and took another nap. When they awoke it started all over again.

They are now a happy incestuous family. They often do threesomes but Adam and his Mom or Adam and his Dad often find time alone. Adam is the only one Margery lets fuck her but Bert doesn't mind as long as he and Adam can suck and fuck.

Adam and Margery are expecting their first although friends think it's Bert's child.

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