tagBDSMWho's the Bitch Now Ch. 02

Who's the Bitch Now Ch. 02


I thought it over in my head a million times. How the fuck did this happen? Why would Beth do this? Would she really follow through with her threats of showing people the video? How would I explain this to my frat brothers?

"Hi, I am Alpha Gamma brother Steve and I was raped on that video." Who would fucking believe that if they saw the video? Frat brothers love to bust balls, and this would be by far the most hilarious thing in the world to most of them. I mean I would be the butt of jokes for a long time, no pun intended. Hell they would make fun of it for years to come. If it wasn't me, I would tease a guy about it relentlessly. Come on, watching some dude get fucked in the ass in front of his girlfriend. I would have to leave the frat if they did not kick me out for being a faggot. This is the type of thing that gets around. I would be a campus joke. People would be pointing and laughing at me. Things could be worse if the video went around the net.

It had been three days since that phone call from Beth. I had not called her and I was hoping she would not ever call me again. Although I knew in my head she was going to call. I was trying to figure out what to do. I needed time to think. It was clear to me I had to get back at her, I had to get revenge, but first I needed to delete that video. She had a copy on her computer and emailed it to a secret account belonging to her and to Kylie's email. Once I got that taken care of I could get back at both of them. Kylie would be easy, I could kick his ass. Beth on the other hand, now that would take some thought. I am not a woman beater. Despite what she did I could not just beat a girl up. I would have some time to think it through while I worked on getting those videos deleted.

I had missed four days of class thinking of what to do next. I was also just hanging in my room at the frat really avoiding anyone. I did not want to see anyone. I also did not want to run into Beth on campus. On Friday, my frat brother came Jimmy came up to my room and asked what was going on. I told him nothing. Then he told me the guys were having a poker game tonight and I should come, since they needed a fifth player. I didn't want to play, but he would not take no for an answer. So, I agreed to play. Then he let me know he was going to Tony's. Tony's was a deli near school. They made the best hoagies and hero sandwiches in the state. I could not say no to that.

We hopped in Jim's car. On the way there some asshole cut us off. I started screaming out the window at the guy and flipping him the finger. When we got to the next stop light the guy clearly saw me. Then he rolled his drivers side window down and gave us the finger. That was all I needed to fly into a rage. I jumped out of the car as Jim tried to grab my arm to stop me. I started stomping towards the asshole's driver's door. Jim jumped out the car and started yelling.

"Steve, Steve stop. Relax it's alright."

I was going to whip this guy's ass. I didn't give a shit what Jim had to say about it. About a second before I got to the door the light turned green and the guy sped off. I ran back to the car telling Jim to chase him. Jim just pulled away from the light slowly and made a right turn towards Tony's. I was telling him let's go kick this guy's ass. Jim just told me to calm down. He couldn't understand why I was getting so mad about it. I just shook my head as if to say whatever.

When we got to Tony's the line was around the block. We parked and got in line. It took nearly 15 minutes till we were next in line. Then the jerk in front of me starts acting like he does not know what he wants. I could not help from complaining loudly enough for the guy to hear. The guy shot me a look and Jim had to step between us before things got more heated.

We got our sandwiches and Jim asked me what was up. "Steve you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something? You never act like this"

I did not respond. Hell I knew what I was pissed about, but this was the first time I was out since then and it seemed the slightest thing was setting me off. Hell I was not even enjoying my sandwich. I told Steve I was just hungry and would be fine once we finished eating. Jim accepted that without any more explanation. After we ate we headed back to the frat house and that is when my cell started ringing. I looked at it and saw it was Beth. Jim asked if I was going to get that, I just clicked the ignore button. Beth called my cell two more times before we got back to the frat. I just kept hitting the ignore button.

"Dude I wouldn't ignore that girl, she is hot."

I just told Jim I was waiting to talk to her tonight. I didn't want to tell him I was avoiding her, it would only lead to questions like why. So I turned the volume off my ringer figuring it would be easier to avoid. When we got back to the frat I just hung out in the living room with a couple of the guys watching a basketball game. It seemed like the TV only had sports or porn on and nobody including me in the house minded. After the third quarter I got a text from Beth.

"I will not be ignored. I gave you time to sulk. Now man up and call me."

I ignored it again, but a 2nd text came in about 5 minutes later.

"Go check your email, if you do not call me I will forward that email to everyone in your frat."

I headed back up to my room. I was lucky only me and the frat president had single rooms. So with no roommate I could go up and check my email in private. I locked my door when I got the room and texted her back that I was opening the mail. I knew what it was going to be, but I wanted to confirm my suspicion. One new email, from an account I did not know. I opened the attached video and my real player started up. There was the whole sick scene from the perspective of the camera. I could see Kyle pumping behind me, his bare ass thrusting into me. Beth was not on the screen, this must have been her filming since the camera moved around a bit. Then another text came in from Beth.

"Make sure you turn on the sound this is a good part."

I had the sound off since I was trying to keep this under wraps. I turned the volume up a bit. The camera angle was behind me, but was moving slightly to the side showing Kyle really pumping into me. I could see his dick as he gave long thrusts to make a show for the camera. Then I heard Beth's voice.

""Look who got hard. You want me to jack you off?"

Kyle pulled my dick back a bit so it could be scene on the camera. I was rock hard on the video. I hear my self answering back, "Yes"

Then Beth mocking me, "Tell me you want a reach around, and I will."

I felt sick to my stomach watching Kylie smacking my ass while he fucked it. Fucking faggot was not going to get away with this. I almost vomited as I see myself lift my body just enough to allow Kyle to stroke my cock as he fucked me. I just turned it off. I could not watch anymore. The whole video and incident was so repugnant. I sat there just stunned, it was worse then I thought. I mean Beth was not even on the video at this point, and I seemed to be asking for it. I knew she wanted me to call her, so I dialed her number. When she picked up I could not even say anything, she had to break the silence.

"Steve I still love you, I just had to teach you a lesson. I gave you time to get over being all mad. Now you need to face it. You liked it. Maybe you do not want to admit it to yourself, but come on? You asked for a reach around. You lifted your body off the bed and you were already rock hard. You shot your load after only a few strokes of your shaft. It was from Kylie jerking you off as he fucked you."

I still had not spoken. What she said was not true. I was not gay. She tricked me. The only thing I could manage to say was.

"I never asked for that?"

Beth laughed and responded, "Really, I asked you if you wanted to butt fuck?"

I sharply responded, "Kiss my ass. You know that is not what I was talking about."

"Steve, do not take that tone with me. When you come over tonight, I want you in a better mood."

I tried to tell her I had plans, but she just told me to she would not listen. I told her I agreed to play poker with the guys, and this did not stop her demands. She told me she would pick me up after the game. I knew I could not get out of this; I would have to see her, so I just agreed. We said our goodbyes, and I awaited the up coming nights event.

I sat there thinking how the fuck was I going to get out of this? Then it hit me, Beth had emailed me from an account I did not know. This was not her regular account. This was the secret one. All I had to do was figure out her password, and I could hack in there and delete the video off her email. Then, I could go to Kyle's dorm beat the shit out of him and get his email and password.

I had been seeing Beth for a little while now, so I figured I could attempt to get access to her account with what I knew about her. The first thing I did was go to my own yahoo account and put that I had forgot the password to see what questions they would ask. If I knew what questions yahoo would ask I could see if I knew that information about Beth. I carefully looked over the questions; I knew all this stuff about Beth, name of high school, city born at, pet's name, and favorite vacation spot. Shit, no wonder people got hacked into all the time. Then the only problem I could think of came up. It would not tell me her password; it would only let me set a new one. If I did that she might know what was going on. I would have to get into her account the same time I got to Kyle's email. I had to do all of this quick or at one time.

I was thinking about how to pull this off for a long time. I must have been just sitting in front of my computer plotting for hours when Jimmy knocked on my door. It was already time for the poker game. I attempted to tell him I had made plans with Beth, but he was not listening to me. He just insisted since 4 guys playing poker would be a shitty game. It was a $100 buy in, so I grabbed some money and followed Jimmy down stairs.

In the basement the poker table was set up and the other guys were all waiting on us to start. Bill, Paul, John were already drinking. We had a college basketball game on the flat screen, but no one was really watching since we were getting started. We had shots of Jagermeister and plenty of beer on hand to get the night rolling. I was usually good at cards, but I was still a bit distracted.

We were playing only an hour before I was tapped out. I had to run to my room to grab another $100 to get back in the game. We would allow anyone to buy back in once if they got knocked out early. I was quick to return to get my money back and some of the other guys as well. When I sat at the table I noticed the basketball game was over and there was now some porn on the TV playing. My back was to the TV so I was not as distracted as the other guys watching. Hell Bill was sitting directly across from me and taken most of my money, but now he was looking right past me.

I think the other guys put the porn on to take Bill's head out of the game. We were really into the game, when it was Bill and me heads up for a nice size pot. Bill moved all in and I called. His three queens killed my 3 fives, but not combined with a pair of fours. I slammed my cards down and yelled.

"Full house bitch. Read them and weep"

Bill was pissed and the guys agreed he would be the last to buy back in since it was getting late. Another hour or so passed and I was on a roll. First time in a week I was feeling pretty good. Then it all seemed to crash when I heard her voice.

"Are you guys almost done? Steve and I have some plans tonight."

It was Beth, someone let her in. I guess I blocked out that she was coming. I suppose I was hoping she forgot. The guys were all joking around making whip cracking noise, to indicate that I was pussy whipped.

I responded by saying, "We will be done once I take all these guys money."

The guys all laughed, but I was winning most of the hands at this point. Beth decided to wait while we finished up. She went to sit on the couch and then noticed what was on the TV. There was a hot dark haired beauty on her knees with on cock in her mouth, one in each hand and two behind her. It was the start of a gang bang. Beth was totally disgusted, all the guys could tell by her facial expressions. Bill offered to put something else on the TV for her.

Once Bill put on MTV Beth sat and watched as we played. John and Paul got cleaned out leaving only Jim, Bill and me. The other two guys were sitting with Beth talking as we played. I was half listening while I played thinking she would say something about the other night. Finally a large pot was on the table. I had a flush of all hearts, but was checking and letting Jim and Bill raise the bet. Once things looked to be in my favor I went all in.

Now Beth and the other two brothers came back to see what was going to happen. Bill had to decide if he should go all in or fold. I had a stone cold poker face and was giving him nothing. Jim also had to make that same choice, but he had more time since he got to see what Bill did.

Then Beth asked, "Honey is having all hearts good?"

My ship was sunk. She gave away my hand. Now if I had the guys beat, they would fold, if not they would not be intimated into folding since I went all in. Bill smiled and folded. Jim started laughing. He pushed all his chips in. I did not even have to see his cards, we all knew.

Jim then told us all, "I was so folding, but hell even a weak full house beats a flush."

A fucking pair of fours and three fives. He was folding thinking I must have had a better full house or four of a kind. I had them both, and then she gave away my hand. I slammed my cards on the table and jumped out of my chair I was boiling hot mad. The guys were telling me to calm down; telling me it was just a game. Then Beth chimed in.

"What got up your ass?"

Everyone got a laugh, although it was clearly a double entendre meant for her and me to know about. I got her message loud and clear and calmed down. The guys were fine with my outburst, they thought it was funny my dumb girlfriend gave away my hand at such a critical time. Bill even made a joke that if I was to mad at her to take her out tonight he would be more then happy to fill in. Beth laughed and grabbed my hand and led me out the door.

Beth and I left and headed for her place. I had no idea what she had planned for the night. Beth was telling me how she thought the porn we were watching was gross. She had no problem with guy girl porn or girl on girl, but 5 guys fucking one girl she thought was messed up. She was telling me how bad she felt for the girl. As she spoke I started hatching thinking this would some how be part of my revenge plan, but I did not have time to think of how when we reached her place.

I was nervous as we entered her place. It was like returning to the scene of the crime. My mind was racing thinking about what she had planned. I mean last time we were here, I was fucked by her gay friend while she watched and filmed it. What did she have in mind tonight? As soon as we got in Beth closed and locked the door. She told me to strip. No small talk, no warm up.

She told me, "Strip off those clothes."

I tore my clothes off quickly and stood there buck naked in front of my fully dressed girl friend. She reached out and grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. She guided me in front of her and as I passed with my back to her she slapped my ass and told me to jump in the shower. I really had no choice so I started the water as Beth closed the bathroom door and left.

My mind raced thinking about what Beth had planned for tonight. Was this going to be a repeat of last time or did she just want to have sex? I could not help but think of last weak as Beth showed me the strap on. As I was tied down and felt the cock rip my ass open. Although I was not gay I could feel my dick getting a little hard. I was taking my time hoping to avoid the inevitable. Even when the water turned cold I just stood under the water, letting time pass. The water was ice cold when I heard Beth shout come out.

My slight hard on had completely disappeared under the cold water. In fact I had quite a bit of shrinkage. I grabbed and towel dried off and walked into Beth's bedroom. There she was Beth dressed in a pink corset with matching pink gloves up to her elbow. Her breasts were pushed all the way up showing off her cleavage. She had a pink garter that attached to her white thigh high stockings. She looked so sexy I dropped my towel without even thinking. I looked up and down her body again taking in the outfit and then finally up at her face. She had her hair pulled back in a pony tail. Her bright red lipstick showed off the wicked smile she had. She walked over to the bed and sat on the edge.

Then she told me, "Come here."

I walked over to her and she had me bend over her knee like a little child about to be spanked. Then I felt the hot sting of her first strike. I jumped off her knee and got to my feet. There was no way I was going to put up with this. Then Beth put me right in my place.

"Bitch, get back over my knee now! If you don't do what I want there will be a punishment."

I stood there, I was not walking away, but I was not listening to her instructions either. Then Beth repeated her instructions.

"Get back over my knee. If I have to repeat myself one more time, you are not going to like where this goes."

I was frozen. This was in part sexy, but I was so mad at this girl for what she did. I was also really turned on by her outfit. My dick although shrunk from the cold shower was rock hard. With the panic running through my head I had not even noticed. Beth did and she reached out and grabbed me by the dick. She pulled me close to her. She guided me back to my position over her knee. Once I was in place I felt several hard strikes over my left as cheek. There was a brief pause then several hard slaps on my right ass cheek. Then Beth rubbed my ass softly up and down each cheek. Again I felt several hard slaps on each cheek followed again by her softly rubbing my butt. A third time I felt hard slaps on my right cheek and then my left. Then as I thought she was going to start lightly rubbing my ass cheeks, I felt even hard slaps on each cheek. She swatted me until I could not take it any more.

I jumped off her lap and landed on my knees in front of her. That seductive smile was back on her face. My ass was on fire. Beth pointed her foot at me and told me to kiss her feet. I bent enough to reach my lips to her toes and gave them a quick kiss.

Then Beth said," You can do better then that, can't you?"

I started kissing her feet as Beth unhooked her garter to her stockings. She pulled her foot away from my lips and started to peel her stockings down her leg. Her soft skin looked so lovely. She then took off her other stocking and threw it over my head. She then pointed her foot at me again and instructed me to kiss her feet. Now I could feel the difference of her warm skin on my lips as I kissed her feet. She slowly moved her feet around as I kissed so I was kissing them all over. Then she had her feet at an angle so I was kissing her toes. She slowly pushed her big toe in my mouth and I kissed and sucked on it. When I looked up I could see Beth lightly rubbing her crotch over her panties as I did this.

I was fixated on Beth rubbing her pussy through her panties, so I stopped sucking her toe. When Beth noticed she slowly pulled her foot from my mouth and stood up. Her panty covered crotch right at my eye level. She pulled my face into the front of her panties and mashed my face right in between her legs. I could feel her warm pussy though the panties and I started kissing and licked right on the panties. Beth pulled her pink panties to the side and had me licking her shaved pussy lips. My dick was aching for attention at this point. Beth was moaning softly as I ate her pussy. Her head would arch back as I worked my tongue between her lips to her tiny clit. She whimpered again and again as she reached her climax.

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