tagBDSMWho's The Boss? Ch. 08

Who's The Boss? Ch. 08


Author's Note: Although you can enjoy the story as a stand-alone, I recommend reading the earlier chapters in order to get the context of this story.

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I was riding pretty high about the fact that both my boss and her secretary were now serving as my personal submissive sex toys. Yet despite the incredible night of debauchery with Nikki during our lingerie-shopping spree, I still felt a little unsettled about everything. The deception by my boss, Adrienne, about her past Dominatrix experiences somehow cast an ambiguous pall of doubt over me. Before discovering her secret, I had been so pleased with how I'd so readily educated her in the lifestyle, how quickly she'd been turned into my submissive little slut. But it came to light that all along she'd been keeping her secretary Nikki as her own submissive for years. Why hadn't she come right out and told me that she was a Domme interested in switching into a submissive role? Although her explanation at the time of the revelation of all this seemed plausible and sincere, and she hadn't actually lied to me about anything, the deceit seemed wrong, and I couldn't completely shake the impact of her duplicity.

On the positive side, mitigating the doubts, I took pride in how quickly and completely I had turned her. I'd succeeded in exposing her deep need for submission, and propelled her headlong into it with forceful vigor. There was something to be said for that. Plus, the notion of having two sexy, submissive women under my complete domination was going to open up entirely new worlds of pleasurably deviant possibilities. Of course having a deviant sexual relationship with two women in my office at one time was going to require more than twice as much caution if we were not to be caught and have our hopes ruined.

The erotic potential of this new arrangement was truly mind-boggling.

I had an early appointment the next morning with Adrienne and a small project team (yes, an actual business-related appointment), and I paused at Nikki's desk on my way into the boss's office. I wanted to ask her how she felt about her new lingerie, which I happened to know from the photo I received via cell phone that morning was a pretty black lace demi-bra and matching bikini panties, but I couldn't figure out a way to ask in sufficiently coded language, fearing that being too playful where others might overhear was too risky. So I just moved on into Adrienne's office after exchanging a knowing smile with Nikki.

At the conclusion of our meeting, I lingered as the others filtered out. I couldn't shake the many questions that had been rolling through my mind about Adrienne, about her past, and about her relationship with Nikki. I wondered how she now envisioned moving things forward. I wanted a chance to clear the air a little and soon.

When it seemed we were alone, I spoke, still using coded language for safety. "I'm thinking we should have another meeting with MLS. I've got some questions I need to have clarified, and I think a face-to-face is the best way to get them resolved. Should I try to set up a dinner meeting for tonight?"

"I'm sorry, Jason, my husband is just back in town and we have dinner plans for tonight. Should we try to do it by phone conference?"

"Drinks late?" I countered.

"Can't tonight. Sorry," she replied. "If it has to be in person, have Nikki set up a lunch meeting tomorrow. Tell her to reschedule Aldridge for Thursday, OK?"

Disappointed, I made the necessary arrangement with Nikki on my way out and headed toward my office feeling strange. Adrienne's denial of my request to meet that night only fueled the nagging doubts I was having about the sincerity of her submission. In my head I understood that she couldn't take risks now that her husband had returned, but I wondered, now that everything was out in the open about her past Domme life, whether some of the thrill had gone for her. It was plausible to me that her husbands return was just an excuse to avoid discussion, and it seemed like things with Adrienne were somehow slipping backward.

I needed to confront her about it, and I wanted an immediate answer. Back in my office I opened my IM program and saw she was on. I typed a quick, curt, but unambiguous command.

me>> Drink hubby's come tonight.

There was what seemed like a long pause, and I wondered what kind of response my instruction would garner from her.

her>> But I never give him oral sex. He'll completely freak.

me>> Do it. Do it good - like I know you can. Make him fill your hot mouth. And swallow it while you look him in the eyes, like the slut you are.

her>> I can't. He'll question me about it. He'll be suspicious.

me>> Think of an answer. You're a creative liar.

her>> That's not fair.

me>> You'll do it because I want you to do it.

her>> Yes, Sir

It seemed I had my answer. She was still my little slut. I sat back and smiled to myself, knowing that she would do as I had asked, simply because I had asked, despite her reticence. Good little slut.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We met at our usual out-of-the-way place, Schruff's Grill, for lunch the next day. I was sitting with my back to the wall, watching her as she came in. Damn she looked good. I decided right then and there that I might just have to fall in love with this wonderful woman. She was dressed in a sleeveless red and black print chiffon number, with a slightly cleavage-baring neckline and an above the knee hemline, both delicately framed in wispy black lace. I always loved the way she skirted the limits of "acceptable" office attire. She was one of the few women I knew who could get away with it.

She smiled a sexy smile as she sauntered my way, her shoulder-length dark blonde hair swishing across the back of her neck in counter-rhythm with her subtly swaying hips. There's nothing sexier than a woman who knows she's turning every male head in the place – likely a few female heads as well.

"I like the dress," I said as she took her seat.

"I wore it for you, Sir. No panties, just a garter belt and stockings. For you."

"I know. That's part of the reason I like it. The other part is that you look so damn fuckable in it."

"Are you going to fuck me in it then?" I was surprised that she didn't bother to lower her voice, but we were in a corner booth and there was quite a hum about the restaurant. Despite the fact that many eyes had followed her to her table, I supposed that no one overheard our blatantly sexual conversation.

"I suppose I'll fuck you if I wish, when I wish, and how I wish. But you know that already."

"Yes, of course. You are the boss." We both laughed at the paradoxical meaning.

"Tell me about your obedience to me last night with your husband." I said, quickly shifting the conversation.

"Yes. I obeyed you, Sir."

"I had no doubt you would. And did he respond as you anticipated?"

"It was more of a challenge than I thought. I had to practically beg him to let me suck him. Stupid man."

"But once you got that magic mouth of yours working I bet he didn't protest much."

"We hadn't had sex in a month and a half. He lasted less than a minute. He wasn't even fully hard yet. He tried to warn me that he was going to come, tried to pull out, because I never let him come in my mouth. But I grabbed his hips and shoved him in deeper while he spurted a rather large load. I did as you said. I pulled away after he filled my mouth, looked him in the eyes and swallowed it all. I don't think he knew what to do with that. He was all apologetic after – like he'd violated some sacred vow or something. He was in shock."

"What did you say?"

"I said absolutely nothing. I kissed him goodnight and went to sleep. I was doing my damnest not laugh at the ludicrousness of what I'd just done."

"What will you say if he asks you about it later?"

"He won't. We don't talk about sex. Ever."

I smiled at her and reached across the table to take her hand in mine. "You were an obedient little slut, Adrienne. I'm sorry I brought your husband into this, but I had to test your submission, and it's the best way I could think of."

She quickly withdrew her hand and shot me an insulted look. "Test my submission? I haven't shown you enough how deeply I'm committed to being your little slut already?"

"That was before. Before I knew you were an experienced Domme. Before I knew you misled me."

"I never meant to mislead you, Sir. I never claimed to be inexperienced in the lifestyle. I just let you assume. I don't even know why. Maybe I was afraid you'd back off if you knew. Maybe I was afraid you'd try to be different with me. I wanted the real dominant in you, not something you thought I thought you should be."

"You know, I have no choice but to believe you, Adrienne. Still, if you've got other shit that you are hiding from me, I need to know it. I need to know it right now. Is that clear? No more surprises."

"Yes, Sir."

For the next hour we talked at length about her past experiences in the lifestyle. How she'd been introduced to domination six years prior when she stumbled into a chat room where an online scene was taking place. She was sucked into it immediately, and she fingered herself to three incredible orgasms before finally logging off. She assumed, because of her naturally dominant personality, that being a Domme suited her best. And she certainly enjoyed dominating men. Starting first with online relationships, she soon grew frustrated with the limitations of virtual encounters. Her first few real-time relationships were short-lived and filled with drama, but she quickly learned to discern better what she was looking for in her male subs.

Years into the lifestyle, mostly out of curiosity, she began toying with the idea of dominating women, which led to her first lesbian experiences. But she never had a serious female slave relationship until Nikki. Being astute and insightful like she is, Nikki was onto Adrienne's sexual bent within a few months of starting work as her administrative assistance. After many frank and revealing conversations about domination and submission, Adrienne finally agreed to train Nikki as a submissive. She took to it voraciously, and their friendship and master/slave relationship flourished. Things were still going strong almost three years in – until earlier that week, when she turned Nikki over to serve me.

"So tell me what made you decided to give Nikki to me" I inquired.

"Like I explained before, Sir. I am no longer interested in being the dominant one in a relationship, either male or female. I am a submissive. It was you who showed me that it's submission I crave. There was no way I could completely surrender to you if I kept Nikki as my slave. But I love her, and didn't want to completely lose my relationship with her. So I came up with the idea of us both being yours. It makes perfect sense. We're both excited about it."

"And there's no risk of jealousy here between the two of you?"

"Some risk, I suppose," Adrienne shrugged. "But I love you both, and if you are both happy then I will be too."

It all sounded plausible, but I noted to myself that this jealousy question was going to need to be tested.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I spent a few hours after lunch getting hooked up with Nikki's IM and personal email contact info, and I set her up a personal blog site similar to Adrienne's, giving each of them access to the other's blog, with the idea that transparency was the best way to fight envy and resentment. After sending Nikki a personal email with links to her new blog, I asked her to write an entry concerning our encounter at the mall the night before. I explained to her that writing assignments would be a regular requirement, and I mad it clear that although Adrienne had access to read and comment on her blog, I was her intended audience and she was to hold nothing back.

What I didn't tell either of them was that I had installed an invisible tracker that would log the time each of the spent on either journal site. I was certain that this information was going to come in handy at some point in the future, though I wasn't sure exactly how or when.

Late that afternoon I read Nikki's account of our lingerie-shopping trip. I was struck immediately by the expressive talent she showed in her writing: intelligent, creative and well-considered. I was also struck by the intensity of the lust our evening together at the mall had stirred in her. Since her response hadn't been completely clear to me during or directly after the encounter, I deduced that the reserved Nikki was also good at hiding her feelings - something I was going to need to break her out of in time.

I immediately sent Adrienne an email with a link to Nikki's blog. I asked her to respond to it by sending me a private email. I didn't tell her why. I didn't let her know that I wanted to find out exactly how it made her feel to read how I'd brutally used her sister slave and spoiled her with a new lingerie wardrobe. I wasn't trying to set up a competition between my pets, but I needed to test the waters of jealousy in order to help me gauge our way forward.

Her response was as disappointing as it was surprising. It was a one-line email. "Can I ask her to show me?"

I simply answered. "If she wishes to."

It wasn't until later that evening that I found out, by reading Adrienne's account of their "show and tell" session in Adrienne's office immediately after work, exactly how she felt after reading Nikki's blog. She was not the least bit envious of what happened with me and Nikki, but rather became extremely aroused after reading the intimate details of our erotic experiences in those dressings rooms the previous night.

As Adrienne described it, Nikki teased her with a slow, sensual striptease, during which she not once bothered to fold or present her dispatched clothing. She teased her boss into a frenzy, not once allowing her to touch her increasingly naked body as she writhed around the office to the dance beat. Slowly and provocatively she worked her way down, over the course of many minutes, to just her new bra and panties, which were completely soaked by the end of her erotic dance. I imagined as I read, Nikki standing there in front of Adrienne, gyrating her sweet ass as she slipped her hand into her little black panties and fingering herself toward ultimate ecstasy.

Adrienne describe how incredibly seductive Nikki was standing there in front of her office couch from which she'd viewed the show; how sexy she looked and how it drove her wild not to be allowed to touch her. Normally Nikki would have served at her boss's every desire, but suddenly they were launched into an entirely new dynamic. She went on to describe how delicious and refreshing the sex was that followed between her and Nikki, coupling for the first time as equals instead of Mistress and slave. She was free to generously spoil Nikki to three intense orgasms with her tongue and hands, and she gladly received return attentions without feeling the need to dominate or humiliate her in the least. She loved losing control and not having to concern herself with maintaining her position of authority. It was an hour of long, slow, passionate lovemaking such as the couple had never experienced before.

In the afterglow, as my little slut and my cunt lounged half-naked together in each other's arms, Nikki still dressed only the gifts I had bestowed up on her lovely body, the pair talked about their mutual addiction and excitement in submitting to me. Adrienne wrote effusively of how it seemed all the pieces had fallen perfectly into place for her. And she thanked me for making it so.

For Nikki's part, as I read in her own blog account, the new lingerie was a definite hit. Her earlier entry had focused primarily on the lurid details of the sex that went on in the various store dressing rooms. This latest entry was more about her emotional response to the whole thing, perhaps brought on by the incredible sex she and Adrienne shared on the couch of her office after the striptease. Nikki too, was genuinely excited about the turn of events over the past few days. She admitted to some initial apprehension, but clearly those early doubts had been largely put to rest by the tandem experiences of my dressing room domination and her tryst with Adrienne.

My doubts were dissipating quickly as well, and it was time to fan the flames of excitement that my two sex slaves held for this new poly-amorous arrangement. It was time to take things to the next level – time to clearly and powerfully demonstrate my state of ownership and challenge the depth of their submission to me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That night I sent both women an email, putting them on orgasm restriction until further notice. I planned to do everything in my power to make them randy and to keep them that way, but prevent them for finding relief. I wanted them desperate and eager to do whatever I might challenge them to do. On top of the orgasm denial, I also prohibited them from playing with each other without my permission.

Next I started up an erotic chain story that began with the three of us meeting for the first time on the first day of a seven-day Caribbean cruise. I set it up by describing the scene in the bar where we met, with both of them dressed to the nines and looking to get fucked. I also made it clear that the characters in the story had backgrounds identical to our own real-life situations. I passed the story first to Adrienne, instructing her to add a section and forward it to Nikki, who would then add her bit and send it to me. As it went around, the story spun into quite a tale of frequent debauchery and uninhibited wild sexual adventure. Nikki was clearly the best writer of the three of us, and Adrienne has the dirtiest story sequences. For my part, I added enough to keep the story line simmering, but my real purpose was to stir their sexual imaginations and fuel the urgency of their mounting need.

For the next three days I gave them an additional assignment. Twice daily, morning and night, each of them was to find a pornographic picture depicting a female-male-female three-way scene that especially turned them on. They were to post it in their personal blog and write a minimum one-paragraph description of why they chose the picture. The entries were extremely hot, and I could tell the ladies were really getting worked up over it.

As I sensed their sexual tension growing toward a gradual crescendo I called a meeting in Adrienne's office on Thursday afternoon. I stopped at Nikki's desk and asked her to join me, and together we entered the boss's office.

"Close the door Nikki, I need to talk to you both privately for a few minutes. You should lock it too," I added without explanation.

Adrienne looked a bit flushed, which I assumed was from sexual excitement or frustration, or both. She seemed to know that it was obvious and quickly explained. "I was just reading Nikki's picture entry. Wow, girl, I don't know where you are finding all these hot photos, but you need to send me the link. And you're an incredible writer. Your story addition this morning was amazing. I was sitting here reading and trying not to squeeze my thighs together. My heart is pounding, and I feel like I'm about to explode."

"Thanks," Nikki replied plainly. There was an erotic charge swirling around Adrienne that was palpable, but Nikki was quite a bit harder to read. Her photo essays and story additions had been scorching hot and very explicit, yet standing there I saw no visible sign of the impact my assignments had made on her. She certainly looked beautiful, despite the plainness of her outfit, a simple cotton button-front white blouse and black knee-length skirt. Her stunning dark eyes and long brunette locks had always captivated me, and knowing that she had on a sexy white corset underneath was just fuel for the fire.

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