tagLesbian SexWho's The Boss Here?

Who's The Boss Here?


Brenna was excited the moment she saw the job posted on the company's intranet. Working as a Sales Coordinator would enable her to stretch herself and hone some her hidden management skills. She had survived the first round of interviews with HR, and was scheduled to meet with her ultimate superior, Debbie, at the close of business.

She dressed up this day, looking both sexy and attractive in a dark business suit, white blouse with just enough cleavage, and heels, just this short of too high for tasteful business attire. Brenna had dark, almost-shoulder-length hair that looked great any way. Today it looked especially beautiful to Debbie, who was scheduled to interview the aspiring Sales Rep. Debbie secretly harbored a deep crush on the younger Brenna, and had made a point to stop by Brenna's cubicle a few times throughout the day to, quite frankly, fuel her own imagination and sexual fantasies she had been having with her sexy interviewee.

Four-thirty took forever to roll around, and Debbie was first to the vendor conference room near the front door of their office. She stood and checked herself out in the reflection of a glass-framed picture. She brushed her blonde bangs and glanced at her full breasts, and ran her hands down her wrap skirt, flicking away some lint. She felt nervous. But why? She was the interviewer, not the interviewee.

She waved goodbye to some fellow co-workers as they filed out, including Jenna, Brenna's best buddy at work. Jenna waved, passed by the office door, then backed up a step, stuck her head in and whispered, "You're in for a treat," winking and smiling as she whisked out of sight.

Debbie moved nervously in her chair, curiously hopeful about Jenna's vague comment. She had confided in Jenna weeks earlier about how delicious she thought Brenna was. Some 12 years younger than she, Brenna exuded a sexy confidence, and tantalized her and many of the male co-workers with her casual tight yoga pants and open-toed footwear. Debbie knew of Brenna's boyfriend, whose picture was framed in her cubicle, but was nonetheless curious if not hopeful about her sexual preferences.

Brenna appeared in the door, and Debbie's felt a zing. She looked stunningly gorgeous and most definitely hirable. She had apparently 'freshened up ' some before the interview, having applied makeup to highlight her already gorgeous cheeks and eyes. Debbie stood to greet her and shake her hand. The feel of Brenna's long fingers and painted nails in her own hand sent a little chill up her arm.

As the last of the office workers filed out, Debbie excused herself to get up to lock the front door.

She returned. "They both stood close to each other. Debbie some 8 inches taller. She could smell Brenna's beautiful hair.

"Well, let's cut to the chase, Brenna." Debbie swallowed hard, fumbled with a thin file folder, smiled, and looked her in the eye. "The job's yours if you want it. I've been admiring your work, admiring you, in fact for some time, and I think you could really help me." The sexual tension was prevalent.

"Wow. That's great," replied Brenna, not especially surprised by the offer.

Brenna moved closer. "I know you could really help me too. You know, I heard about that little fantasy you had about me." Debbie could feel the blood rush both to her face and her own loins. She was blushing and getting wet all at once.

"You and I rubbing one out together in the restroom -- that's pretty hot I must say." Debbie was shocked but glad Jenna had shared. In an instant, Debbie's mind flashed back to the daydream she had concocted during a recent masturbation session at home. She was off guard by Brenna's forthrightness, but nonetheless had to go through with the interview. They sat down and Debbie offered up some soft-toss questions and half listened to Brenna's responses as her mind drifted back to her fantasy...

Brenna follows me into the restroom at work. I make my way into the stall and feel her right behind me. She asks me if I'd like to see up close the breasts I had been ogling all morning from a distance. I'm embarrassed and excited as I dutifully sit down and watch her unbutton her shirt. I begin to quickly lower my skirt and take a seat behind the closed bathroom stall door. I start to rub my pussy. I am stretching my body out nearly the full length of the bathroom stall as Brenna pulls her perky breasts -- nipples hard -- and begins to lick and bite. Brenna moves forward and squeezes her boot-clad calves in a vice-like manner against my stiffening legs. As she hovers over me, I can only hope her pussy is moistening like mine. Looking down at me, she sees my eye's alternate between opening wide to watch my nipple-licking beauty, and closing and squinting as I continue rubbing.

Brenna's free hand now finds her own waistline. She pulls in her already taut tummy to allow her long fingers to pass beneath the fabric. Her hand disappears to the delightful moist folds of a pussy I long to lick. We are masturbating together.

She lets her titties go and places her damp hand now on mine. It was warm from her spit. Her fingers now intertwined with mine. It won't be long before I erupt into a wonderful climax, and Brenna would feel every jolt of it. Brenna's fingers could not resist adding to my fervent rubbing. She grabs my hand and brings it to my mouth. I hungrily lick my own juice. I am so close to cumming.

With my hand is in my mouth, self-muzzling my silent moans, Brenna clutches my cunt, and my hips rise and fall in the familiar pattern of a body-shaking orgasm. I buck, feeling the heel of Brenna's hand against my mons pubis. As my O subsides, Brenna quickly stuffs her cute titties' back into her shirt, unlocks the stall door and slinks out.

"Well, I'm happy to offer you the position and you start as early as next week," Debbie announced. They stood up and shook hands. Brenna's moved her hand to Debbie's cheek. She glided it down and over Debbie's breast, bisecting precisely her hardening nipple beneath her thin white sweater. She continued to run her hand down to Debbie's hip, then she pushed her back against the conference room table. Brenna moved closer, now placing both hands on her hips. She was inches from Debbie's face when she said in a soft, slow tone, "I'll take the job. I'll do everything I can for you to make you, us successful. I know we'll work well together. But..." There was a pause that left Debbie hanging for what seemed like minutes. Brenna glanced down at Debbie's breasts, looked down at her legs then back up to her widening blue eyes.

"...There's a position I have in mind for you." Her hands came up and rested firmly on Deb's shoulders. She patted the sides of her upper arms. She leaned in so close and brought her lips to Deb's ear. Deb was about to faint. She felt Brenna's breasts against hers.

"And it's to be my sex toy. My personal, little sex toy. I know that's what you want, but more important, it's what I need. I could tell how you sniff around my desk, how you melted in the restroom. You're a horny little slut who needs someone like me."

Debbie could do nothing but nod in agreement. She was mesmerized and so turned on by Brenna's directness.

Brenna stepped back and reached down and began to unhook the three hidden buttons securing the subtle slit that angled up her skirt. As she reached the uppermost button, her skirt peeled back, revealing the toned fair calves and thighs that Debbie had longed to touch and lick. She was hoping this would be her moment. Brenna spread her feet, still poised on her high heels, and returned her hands to Debbie's shoulders and pushed her down. Debbie knew what to do.

Grasping Brenna's ankles with each hand as she knelt down, Debbie positioned herself with her ass back and head still up, looking for direction from Brenna. Debbie felt the fullness of her own breasts as they hung loosely now in her bra. She wanted to pinch her own nipples, but waited for a tacit cue from her new sex boss. Brenna simply spread her skirt further and nodded ever so slightly, and Debbie began kissing Brenna's ankles. Kisses and licks. More kisses and licks. Slowly moving up past her knees, onto her thighs. As she licked Brenna's soft inner thighs, she spotted Brenna's black lace panties for the first time. It wasn't long before her nose bumped her panty-clad pussy and her lips worked the upper most regions of Brenna's thighs.

"Do NOT lick my panties," commanded Brenna. "Pull them down, you little whore. Pull them down to my knees and lick my pussy."

Debbie delicately slid her hands up to Brenna's hips and pulled down her panties as directed. She was greeted by a small landing strip of fine dark brown pubic hair and tucked pussy lips that were soon to be unfolded.

Debbie placed her hands softly on Brenna's thighs, took a deep breath of Brenna's goodness and began licking slowly. For the first time, she heard a quiet coo from Brenna as she licked slow and long strokes up and down Brenna's pussy.

Debbie delighted as her new assistant squirmed beneath her tongue.

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