tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhose Wife Is She Ch. 02

Whose Wife Is She Ch. 02


The wedding was wonderful. Kathy looked so beautiful. She wore a white mini wedding dress and white sheer stockings. Her crowning glory was gold colored flowers woven into her honey brown hair. She looked soo sexy and now she was mine.

The reception was good also. Mother had a very good caterer prepare our dinner and a small combo for after dinner music. I think Kathy danced with my brother more than with me. I know he is a much better dancer than I am but it's my wedding.

My mother had booked us a suite at an airport hotel for our wedding night, and it would be convenient for our early morning flight to Puerto Rico. She said Frank would meet us in the departure lounge in the morning.

That night when I went to make love to Kathy she said, "No, I am tired after a long day and we have to be up early in the morning. If you are that horny, why don't you jerk yourself off?" There was no way I was going to jerk myself off on my wedding night.

The next morning after a rushed breakfast, I breathed a sigh of relief as we settled into our seats on the plane. Frank wanted the window seat; Kathy sat in the centre and I had the isle. Kathy with a slight smile on her face said, "Now I want my two men to get along so it doesn't spoil my honeymoon."

What did she mean, my two men, but I did not want to spoil her good mood so I gave Frank a weak smile. "That's so much better," Kathy beamed as she pulled both our hands to her lap.

We arrived in San Juan, checked into our hotel room, and the bottle of champagne and basket of fruit mother ordered was in our room. I was ready to start toasting our marriage when Kathy said, "We can't leave Frank alone sitting in his room while we celebrate. I'll get him and he can help us celebrate." With that she went over to the adjoining door, opened it and walked into Frank's room. She was back in a minute saying, "He will be right over."

When he arrived we had several drinks and then Frank got started talking about things they did when they were going out, and Kathy was smiling as she remembered the good times. Then her mood suddenly changed as she remembered other things. "You treated me like a sex slave and I was too much in love with you to notice. Now I am going to pay you back. I am going to get you soo hot you will be begging me to fuck you. After you have a raging hard on and blue balls, I'm going to send you back to your room. With blue balls you won't even be able to jerk yourself off."

I said, "I don't think that is a good idea. Why don't you send him back to his room now?"

"If I am going to tease and torment him it has to be tonight. He told me he has not had sex in a week. If I wait even one day he will have picked up some local bimbo and got his rocks off. I am going to make him so horny and you can sit back and enjoy the show."

She went into the bedroom to change and came out wearing a white silk mini slip. It was so short you could see her red panties even when she was standing straight. She did that Macarena dance where you buck your hips in a fucking motion, then danced over to the fruit basket and picked up a banana. Staring at Frank she gave the banana long slow licks, then stuck the end in her mouth and did some quick jerking motions. I don't know about Frank but it was turning me on.

Next she sat on her heels, spread her legs wide and pulled her panties to one side exposing her pussy. Then, smiling at Frank, she peeled the banana and pushing just the end into her pussy she did that fucking motion again. She told me not to get jealous; that this was Frank's payback for dumping her. I tried to enjoy her performance but it bothered me that my wife was showing her pussy to another guy on our honeymoon even if he was an ex lover.

Then she started dancing and with her back to Frank pulled her panties into the crack of her bum and rubbed herself against him. Frank reached for her but she danced out of the way. "Had you not dumped me you could be fucking me right now. Beg me and I might still let you do it."

"Come on Kathy, I am in agony here."

"Then beg me"

"Please Kathy, let me fuck you the way you like it."

"Beg me some more."

"You are a teasing bitch," Frank said storming back to his room.

"That was so hot," Kathy giggled.

Over dinner, Kathy explained to me that since I was a virgin she would have to teach me the proper way to make love. "The problem is that you will cum too fast before I can get any satisfaction. A good husband puts his wife's needs first. To help you I have some special condoms that will stop you from cuming to soon. These condoms are very thick and have ridges, bumps, and pimples in them. This won't do much for you, they may even give you mild discomfort, but they will greatly increase my pleasure. At first you will have to wear one each time we make love. Once you learn self control then you can fuck me without a condom the way Frank did."

"OK, but I know I satisfy you when I suck you off so couldn't you suck me too?"

"There is more to being a good husband than knowing how to suck me off."

My wedding night was nothing like what I had imagined. I got to make love to her but my desensitized condom gave me little pleasure. "Billie, you need to thrust faster. Maybe I need to get Frank over here to show you how it's done."

The last thing I wanted to hear on my wedding night was the name Frank.

The next morning Frank joined us for breakfast, and then we were off on Kathy's shopping trip to spend the money we had received for our wedding. I thought it was supposed to be used for furniture and stuff, but Kathy thought it meant clothes and jewelry for her. Since Frank spoke Spanish, he walked beside Kathy talking to her and translating for the sales clerks, while I carried the parcels.

Back at the hotel Kathy had to model all her purchases. We had a bedroom off the main living area but she just stripped in front of both of us before trying on the next outfit. One outfit she bought was sexy silk pajamas. She walked over to me and said, "Feel how soft the material is." I rubbed her silk covered back and it did feel nice. Then she went over to Frank, "Do you want to feel me too?"

"Come on Kathy," I said, "it's almost time for dinner so get dressed."

Frank joined us for dinner and afterwards we were all back in our room chatting. Frank and Kathy got talking about things they used to do when they were dating. As they reminisced, I felt like a 5th wheel. He said, "Remember the Halloween party we went to last year? I just got the pictures developed, so I brought them. Do you want to see them?"

"Sure," Kathy replied.

"Come to my room and I'll show them to you."

"I'll be back in a little while sweetie," Kathy said as she walked into Frank's room. I noticed Frank closed the door. I had been watching TV before I realized a half hour had gone bye. I went to go into Frank's room but the door was locked.

"Frank, open the door. Kathy are you in there?"

I could hear Kathy's voice clearly through the door. "Frank has locked the door and I don't know where he put the key. He wants me to suck him off and then he will let me out. He says if I don't he is going to keep me here until morning. What should I do Billie?"

"Frank, open this door or I'll call hotel security."

"They won't do anything. I didn't force her to come in here."

"Billie, he is standing in front of me with his big fat cock rubbing my cheek. Should I suck it for him?"

"No way, Frank open this door immediately."

Frank snickering said, "Billie boy, you have two choices. I want you to tell your wife to suck my cock or I am going to keep her all night and fuck her."

"Billie, what should I do?"

"Go out the front door into the hallway."

"I can't, he has that locked also."

"Your time is running out Billie. I want to hear you tell your wife to suck me off and swallow my cum or I am keeping her all night, and you had better sound convincing or I'll keep her anyway."

"Billie, you have to tell me to satisfy him with my mouth."

"Frank, a joke is a joke, but now is the time to open the door and let her come out."

"This is your last chance. Tell her to suck me off or you won't see her until morning."

"OK, OK, suck his cock Kathy."

"You had better sound a lot more convincing than that."

"Suck his cock and let him cum in your mouth Kathy."

"Should I lick his balls?"

"Yes Kathy."

"Should I lick his asshole? I know he just loves that."

"No way, I agreed to let you suck him off but that's all."

Then I heard Frank say in a laughing voice, "Good night Billie, I'll send your wife back to you in the morning."

All my begging and pleading accomplished nothing. I spent a restless night. Several times during the night I could hear Frank's muffled laugh through the door and a couple times I thought I heard Kathy's giggle also.

The next morning Frank unlocked the door and my wife came through. I was mainly mad at Frank, but I was also upset at Kathy. It seamed to me that she could have put up more of a fight than she did.

"Frank had a real good time with me last night. I sucked him off once and he fucked me once last night and again this morning. He says I am way better in bed than his girlfriend. Billie I think he is going to want to do that again and I don't think you are man enough to stop him. The only one that can is your mother. You are going to have to telephone her and tell her what is happening. She can give Frank a good tongue lashing and make him behave."

"I could never do that. I would feel like such a fool to complain to my mother that my brother is fucking my wife."

"It's up to you. If you don't mind him fucking me then I don't either. Frank is possessive you know. He might cut you off completely."

Much as I hated to call my mother, I could not think of any other way out, so with great reluctance I called her. I was expecting her to be outraged so I was shocked at her reply. "Frank has a very strong sex drive and Kathy was the only female available. She has been Frank's girl much longer than she has been your wife so it's only natural they would want to get together once in a while. You are in danger of loosing Kathy unless you agree to share. Kathy is the best thing that ever happened to you. Without Kathy you would go through life a lonely, sad, dejected bachelor. Is that what you want or do you want to save your marriage?"

"Of course I want to save my marriage."

"Then here is what I propose. Kathy will spend one day with you and the next day with Frank. That way both of you get to make love to a beautiful sexy girl. Remember the alternative is Kathy leaves you and you probably never see her again."

"But mother, there must be some other way. You always did take Frank's side."

"The other way is to let Kathy go and spend the rest of your pathetic life mourning your lost love."

"But she is my wife, why can't Frank leave?"

"In time he will, and then you will have her all to yourself. In the meantime, do what she tells you, support her in what she does, and don't be jealous, be understanding. Now put Kathy on the phone."

I was still in shock as I handed the phone to my wife. Of course I could only hear her side of the conversation.

"I know he can be stubborn at times. OK, I'll tell him if he does not behave himself, you are going to send him home and I'll finish off the rest of my honeymoon with Frank.

"No, it's more fun if I make Billie do it. I want to see his face when he talks to Frank.

"OK, talk to you later. Bye mom.

"Now Billie, go and get Frank and tell him the good news."

It was so humiliating to tell Frank about mom's wife sharing idea. It was made worse by the big grin he had on his face.

"But what if I want to fuck her on your day as well?"

"Oh Frank, you are such a glutton," Kathy said giggling.

"No you can't touch her on my day and Kathy if I have to share you with Frank then I want to fuck you the way he does; no more tongue love."

"But you are so good at that. I like it when you suck me off."

"How about sucking me for a change?"

"Now Billie, you know Frank is the only one I do that for."

Frank finally left. The night started out great. We had a barbeque dinner by the pool and drank a bottle of wine. Now this was more like how I had pictured it, just the two of us. They had some light entertainment, and then the social director said they were going to have a wet T-shirt contest and they wanted contestants from the crowd. Much to my annoyance Kathy volunteered. There were eight girls in the contest but I bet Kathy was the only married one.

The whole thing was nothing but a cheap sleazy act. First all eight changed clothes behind the stage and came out wearing long white T-shirts or short white nightgowns, I'm not sure which. Then they splashed warm water all over them so you could see the outline of their nipples and the shadow of their pussies. The four judges went down the line feeling each girl's breast. They declared the contest a tie and to break it they would have a sexy kiss contest. I am not prejudice but I did not like seeing four black guys kiss my wife. They still could not decide so the final tiebreaker was to be a wet pussy contest. The judges would feel up the girls and the one whose pussy got the wettest would be the winner. How could Kathy, how could the rest of the girls be so stupid as to let these black guys feel them up without a word of protest?

After the final contest they declared them all winners and they were each given a bottle of champagne and invited to a staff party. Kathy came back all smiles. "That was fun. Here keep my bottle for me; I am going to the staff party."

"But Kathy, it's our honeymoon, I want you to come back to our room with me."

"Now it would not be polite to turn down their invitation. All the other girls are going."

I know her well enough that there is no point arguing once she makes up her mind. She said don't wait up but I thought if she was in a good mood and feeling horny when she got back she would let me make love to her without that training condom.

It must have been after three in the morning when she came in. I was annoyed with her but I tried not to show it. "Did you have a good time?"

"It was great; there were 8 guys and 8 girls so it made for the perfect party. They had booze and Ecstasy so everyone got high. I know I should not have done it, but when I get high I get horny so I let a guy fuck me. He was real cute though. You are not mad at me are you?"

"Of course I am. I am waiting here for you to come home so we can make love and I find out you got fucked at some party. This is our honeymoon, how do you expect me to feel?"

"I told you I'm sorry. It just happened, I didn't plan it. Now I don't want to talk about it any more. I'm tired and I'm going to bed to sleep." I went to bed very mad.

The next morning I got up tired from lack of sleep but Kathy looked fresh as ever. "I know you got no sex last night, so do you want to jerk off looking at me before I get dressed and go to Frank's room?"

"No Kathy, I want to make love to you."

"You know the rules Billie. This is Frank's day to fuck me, not you." She got up, dressed and after a quick kiss was off to his room. I spent the entire day alone. I didn't even see her until she came back the next morning.

I was enjoying a nice quiet day with my wife until Frank came. He said, "There's a big party at the Devil's Hole tonight. Do you want to go with me?"

"Sure," Kathy replied, "It sounds like fun."

"No, you can't go," I said. "It's my turn to be with you."

"That is not a hard and fast rule. It's time you showed your supportive role. Your mother said that if you got stubborn I was to call her and let her know. She will make you go home. Is that what you want?"

"No, don't call my mom, but why can't he take you on his day?"

"No one likes a complainer. Now come kiss me. We will probably be home late so can I sleep with Frank tonight? That way I won't wake you when I get in and I will already be in his bed when his day starts."

"No, No, you're my wife and it's my turn so you are sleeping with me tonight."

Kathy turned to Frank and said, "He can be so unreasonable at times."

So I spent another night waiting up for her. Finally I heard her key in the lock and they came in. I could hear Kathy talking in a low voice. "No you can't. Billie is going to be really upset if you fuck me again on his day, besides your day starts in about 5 hours. I'm sure you can wait that long." I heard the sound of kissing before Frank left and Kathy entered the bedroom.

"Oh good, you are still awake. I need my pussy sucked soo bad."

"What about me? I don't mind sucking your pussy but it's my night so I want some sex too."

"But Billie, pussy sucking is having sex. It's one way to show me you love me. Another way of proving your love is to put my needs first, not yours and I want to be sucked off now. You have to show me more respect by doing what I ask. Now I want to feel your tongue in my pussy working hard to get me off, then you can put on your training condom and fuck me."

The next day she spent with Frank. I never saw either one of them. At least the final full day of our honeymoon was my day.

Kathy breezed in about eight in the morning. "Let's go to breakfast. I'm starved and we need to talk. Your mother and I had a long telephone conversation last night. Your mother is going to give up her apartment and come live with us. She will take Frank's old room and he will share the master bedroom with us. Now don't worry about it being to cramped. She is arranging for your old double bed to be thrown out and replaced with a king sized bed. This will give plenty of room for the three of us to sleep in one bed."

"But I never agreed to..."

"Billie don't interrupt me when I am talking. Where was I? Oh yes, it will mean some changes though. I will have to do the cooking for all of us so you will have to do the dishes, make the beds, do the washing and ironing and clean the condo. Frank has agreed to do the vacuuming to help you out and your mother is going to buy the groceries. Now I see you opening your mouth trying to say something. Just for once I would like you to do what I want without complaining. I really don't want to hear what you have to say right now."

(The final chapter is coming soon. It should be called Revenge}

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