The day that we met
I'll never forget:
My heart felt the warmth of your smile.

You said "I love you.."
I thought it was true,
That we'd be together awhile.

We had our good times,
We had our bad times;
How quickly the time did fly by.

But then things went wrong--
Love didn't stay strong;
And now all I wonder is "Why?"

You didn't trust me,
I lost trust in you--
I caught you in lie after lie.

When we argued sore
And hate your face wore,
I puzzled and then wondered why.

I am not perfect
Yet tried to direct
You in the way I thought was right--

But not right for you--
And all I did do
Is cause you to feel more uptight.

There I could not stay,
Took our child away
To be sure that she would be safe.

There wasn't a choice--
You heard not my voice--
I know at your mind it did chafe.

When we moved away,
Thought all was ok--
My HEART bore a great gaping wound.

I missed you quite sore--
Like never before--
To many sad love songs I crooned.

Instead of break-up,
Wanted to make-up,
Then found out it could not be so:

You STOPPED loving me
And OTHERS you see;
Though it HURTS me, I must let go.

Cannot think of you
Because when I do
Then all I want to do is cry!

A love that was new
Is now broke in two--
And now all my HEART screams is "WHY!!!"

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