Why had I started playing bingo? I ask myself this question every day now. I must have been mad to believe that you could win the way I had, and gone on to be in the situation I now find myself, without any hope of getting out from under it.

Unless I was given the reprieve I needed.

I had seen an advert on TV for on line bingo, where you were given 'free' tickets to start, and a cheap joining fee. I applied the following morning on my laptop, it cost a tenner to get going, and I won, I won 40, then later 90, a week later I won 400, I was on a roll. The trouble was it would roll me right into the shit heap I now find myself in.

I never told my husband, I didn't think it mattered, and it didn't really, until it flowed over my head. I saw another advert for on line gambling, poker and some other things. It seemed to be the same format, free try's, nominal joining fee etc.

I had no idea how to play, but the site had a learning programme, and you could actually play, but only for tokens. Once you attained a certain level, you could have a proper go, and if you got better you could play for good money.

I soon found I had an aptitude for it; soon I was winning well on the tokens. Then came the day I played proper, but only for peanuts. But I loved it, it excited me greatly.

2 weeks later I was playing against other players. I won, and won, then lost, then won, soon I was getting more and more money in my bank account. The reason it all went wrong was, I thought I was better than I actually were.

There was/is a casino not far from where I live, so one afternoon I went there; It had all the tables, blackjack, roulette, craps, 21s. Gaming machines, etc etc. I joined, I wanted to see it, look at it, and decide if I could do it, I decided I could!

So one afternoon, I was there with money in my purse, I had listened to the man who had told me, 'Never take with you, more than you can afford to lose.' Words I heeded. I took a hundred with me, and came home with 130; if I had lost I would have given it up there and then. But I had won so no problem.

I went back the day after, the same thing, 100 became 120,, then 180, then a loss, then a win, the thrill of it overtook me, but I wasn't aware of the danger I was heading to.

Soon I was a regular player at the poker table, dinks and food became free. But I was always home to cook dinner for my husband. My home life didn't suffer, I love my husband, he is the centre of my life, he is in fact still that centre. But now my life is somewhat askew!

Me? My name is Lena, I am 25, my husband is Albert, to me its just Al. He is nearly 22, we met at college, him in the first year, me in my last, I met him by accident at a college do, and even now I can't remember what the attraction was, but he asked me out the following week, and it led to my now married life.

He is from 'good stock', but this comment always makes me smile, His family is well to do, whereas mine are not, but we get on great. His long divorced dad paid for our wedding. He is 'something' in the city or whatever. Just what, I don't know, but he certainly has contacts, some of whom I'm not sure of when ever I have met them.

Al was taken under several collective wings, and he also now has a good income, but if I ask he is always vague, so I don't bother now. He spends a few days away on business here and there, so I have a tiny kind of life of my own too. I just live the good life in our large house, children are not on the horizon yet, but they are on the agenda.

He is an only son, his parents got divorced shortly after his birth, his dad never remarried, and his mother has never been seen since. Even after many searches by his dad, and Al, nothing.

I am 5ft 5" tall, not bad looking; even now I still get wolf whistles, which is always nice, because it lets me know I still look good. I love sex, and all that goes with it, though Al needs it a bit less than me, I have a rabbit for fun when I need it. My body is always sensitive to the touch; I have remained faithful to Al, but only just. I have almost been seduced a couple of times. I have managed to hold onto my vows, but I was sure that one day it would happen, I just knew it would.

But not in the way that it did, and still does.

I was telling you about me, I have a really good body; it's well shaped and very curvy. And plenty for a man to get a hold of. My face is good and my hair is great, soft, and brown, with wavy loose natural curls down past my shoulders. My legs are strong and toned, I used to run athletics at college and am still in trim, I train and still jog.

My gambling career was going on a high; I was winning regularly, and beginning to move up the league tables. I was being matched with better and better players, and I was beating them more than they beat me too!

I had an account of several 1000s which went up and down as I won and lost but generally it was on the up. I stopped asking how much was in it, I knew what I was doing, once or twice the croupier who was there on most of my games, hinted that I was losing, so I would stop and go home. The next day I was back.

This went on for months, I never asked for money out of my account, it was just filled automatically, and I signed for it as and when. Then came a day when I was asked into the manager's office. I imagined they wanted to know how I did it, have I got a system, how did I know to play so well. I was excited; I must be a bit of a celebrity or something. Well I was, but not the kind I thought of!

'Ah Mrs Harker, Lena?' he said, 'please take a seat; we need to discuss your account.' 'Yes Mr?' I asked as I looked at his badge to get his name right. 'Joplin.' 'Mrs Harker, there is a somewhat large deficit in your account that needs some urgent attention from you, if you would be so kind?' 'Deficit?' What is he talking about? I thought. 'What do you mean Mr Joplin,' I said. 'I'm afraid you art 30000 overdrawn Mrs Harker, we need to get the balance down, and in fact, it needs to be paid off.'

I nearly fell off the chair, 30000? That isn't possible, it can't be right? 'But I have credit; you must have made some sort of a mistake.' I said easily. 'Yes ma-am you do, but it has gone too high, it must be dropped to zero as soon as you can?'

'But it can't be right, I have been winning, I have the win cards?' I told him. 'Yes Mrs Harker you do, but you also have the losing ones in your cubicle.' My heart was beginning to shudder in my chest. 'Please show me how you have arrived at this figure,' I asked, still believing there was an accounting error.

He did, and I nearly died. He show me the winning amounts for the 8 preceding months, all signed for by me. And then the losing ones, again all signed for by me, there was no mistaking my signature. I had made this signature my own, virtually impossible to copy, It was mine alright.

I had won and lost a fortune without ever knowing it. I had actually been nearly 20000 in credit at one time. But my losses out did my winnings by 2 to one at least But being the gambler I now was. I was only ever interested in winning, losing took a aback seat.

I sat there dumb founded, 30000, how the hell, what the hell. Then the enormity started to hit me, what would this do to my marriage? There was no way I could get that amount without Al knowing about it.

Playing for time, I said to the manager. 'Mr Joplin, please give me a few days to get my head round this. I need to go over everything to satisfy myself that this is real.'

'Yes Mrs Harker, but please don't ignore it, it won't go away, can you come back next Monday to talk with us again?' 'Yes,' I replied, and I left, and I never went back, until the Monday as agreed.

My gambling days are well and truly over, I never want to see a casino, or hear about it ever again.

I went over everything, the papers I still held, I couldn't quite get to the amount that they did, but it was near enough. What was I going to do? What would they do? Tell my husband? Take me to court? Shoot me? Break my legs? I just didn't know at all.

I dreaded my walk to the office, I felt as though all eyes were on me. The doorman escorted me in, and sat me down. I was on my own. Then Mr Joplin walked in. he sat down very solemnly. 'Mrs Harker,' he said, ' I'm so glad you made it, I must admit I was a little worried.'

'Well now,' he continued, 'have you found a solution to your, er problem?' I had decided I would try and bluff it out. 'Mr Joplin, I am at my wits end, I don't have that kind of money, I'm so sorry, but what can I do?'

'Mrs Harker,' he said, 'I am sorry to hear that, the money must be repaid, and by the end of this week or we will have to take action to retrieve it.' There was a big man standing behind my chair, it gave him all the authority he needed to tell me that.

'Our immediate desire is to get our money back, if we can't, then other avenues will have to be followed.' He told me. 'What will those be?' I asked. 'Well, we would first contact your husband, maybe take court proceedings to foreclose on your home, it is a large property isn't it Mrs Harker?'

'Oh my God, no, please, please don't do that, it will wreck my marriage, please tell me how I can repay you?' My bravado was gone; I had no option but to throw myself at his mercy. I knew for certain my husband would throw me out. There was no way he would accept any excuses, I would be gone!

'Mrs Harker, there is only one way to remove the problem from your door.' He said. Grasping at straws now, I begged, 'Please Mr Joplin tell me, I will do it, I promise.'

'There is someone who I deal with in these trying situations. He would buy your marker, and you will be at liberty to make a deal with him as to how this unfortunate matter can be settled.' It was an offer of sorts. But what deal would it be? And who would it be with?

'Mr Joplin, who is this person, what deal would be struck?' I asked. 'Mrs Harker, you would only meet with him if he owned your marker. Any deal you make would be with him. And please be assured here, it would be a deal from which you would not be allowed to renege on.' He stated.

These are the terms of today's meeting, you pay us the money by Friday, or we will take the steps I have already described. Or you agree to sell your marker on?'

'Please let me make this clear Mrs Harker, I am only the manager here, I run it totally, but I have to answer to the owner. Only he or they, if there are multiple owners can settle this matter for you. I had to give in, I couldn't raise any significant money by Friday, I had to agree.

He produced what looked like to me to be a legal document. He read my mind. 'It is a legal document Mrs Harker, believe me.' He said.

It was headed note paper from a large firm of solicitors. 'But will they know of me, who I am?' I asked. 'No Mrs Harker, they won't.' I signed. 'Now what?' I asked him. 'You will be contacted later today.' And I was shown out of the casino, just like that, out!

That night I received a call from a man, I assumed it was my 'saviour?' He told me to expect someone in 1 hour, and, 'Make yourself presentable Mrs Harker, my boss doesn't like slovenliness.' I was left holding, and looking stupidly at the phone.

I hurried upstairs, I would make myself look as good as I know I can do, and I did. I put on a snug, not tight, thin white wool, sleeveless dress; round necked, and not showing my ample cleavage, it ended about 5" above my shapely knees. I brushed my long hair down around my shoulders. A small but beautiful gold necklace that Al's dad had given me on my birthday, around my neck. I did my face, put on my backless patent white leather high heels on.

I looked good, even better than good, I looked fabulous. I looked and felt utterly sexy too. In another situation I would be turned on and hot, very hot. I would have this man eating out of my hand, if hell had me. I would get out of this, I was sure. My confidence was on a high.

What I hadn't done was try to play this out in my mind. All I was thinking was him settling with me, and this problem would be gone. I couldn't have been more wrong!

My husband who was on one of his 3 or 4 day trips, doing whatever it is that he does. He had made his customary 6 o'clock call. So I was safe from detection.

I waited in the kitchen, had a glass of wine, and watched the clock, 9pm was approaching fast. The doorbell rang one last check in the mirror, and boy, was I smoking hot!

I opened the door and nearly fell over; to be honest I don't really know what I was expecting. But it wasn't this. I was looking at Mack, Mack Harker, Al's dad!

'Hi Lena,' he said brightly, 'you look terrific, are you expecting someone?' I glanced past him, expecting to se someone else approaching. But no one was. He waited at the door, I hurriedly asked him in. He walked past me into the sitting room.

I went after him. I said. 'What can I do for you Mack?' 'It's not what you can do for me Lena, it's what I can do for you honey.' 'What do you mean?' I said. He held out a thick envelope. I took it and opened it up.

The paperwork I had signed at the casino was in it! I couldn't, even then, understand what it was doing in there. What he was doing with it. I was brain dead at that moment in time.

I looked from it, to him, and back again. Then stammered that I didn't understand? 'You have been a silly girl Lena, I own your marker now, and you now owe me 30 grand honey?' he said. 'But, but Mack, how how did you get this?' 'I bought it babe.' He blithely told me, 'come on Lena, realise your situation here!' He said this rather forcefully.

'But I can't pay it, that's why I signed the papers?' 'Yes I know,' he said. 'And if Al learns of all this, you know exactly what will happen, don't you Lena?' 'Yes,' I moaned, 'he will throw me out and divorce me.' I wept then.

'That doesn't necessarily have to be the case honey?' he said. 'But what can I do Mack, I'm finished.' I wept more and more. My marriage was over now I knew it. 'Please Mack, please help me, and tell me what to do, tell me what I can do?'

He went and sat in one of the arm chairs. 'Come here Lena,' he said. I went to him, not understanding what his intentions were. He pulled me into his lap and held me. I laid my head on his shoulder, and cried into his neck.

'What will you do Lena, to get out of this mess? To make sure Al doesn't know of it? To keep your marriage?' he said. 'Anything,' I told him, 'anything at all, I don't care what I have to do.' 'You can make it go away Lena, but it will cost you honey.' He offered. 'Just tell me Mack, please just tell me?' I whispered.

He ran his hand up my leg as far as it would go. I jumped up and yelled. 'Mack, what the hell do you think you are doing?' 'To make this go away Lena, the get out of jail price you will have to pay, is you!' He said.

That's when the penny dropped. Sex! He wanted me for the marker. 'Oh Mack, please no, I am your sons wife for fucks sake?' 'Yes Lena, I am well aware of whom you are, but I am a business man. I buy things that will be good for me. I have bought, in effect, you haven't I?'

Now I knew, but it hit me like a hammer. Mack is a good looking man, an older version of his son. Well built, powerful, and sexy. I know he has had many conquests, Al had told me, and to be honest, I had admired him for it. But now I was in the firing line, and no bullet proof vest!

He took my hand and pulled me back onto his lap and, unknowing to me just then, my seduction. Unwilling yes, but forced seduction was on it's way never the less! 'Mack please, don't, I don't want to, its wrong Mack, please think about Al, please?' I begged.

His hand was already high up my exposed thigh. 'All I'm thinking of is you Lena, how good this is going to be. And believe me, it will be good, and for you too, I promise.' He said. 'Please Mack,' I bleated as his hand rubbed against my scantily clad pussy.

He kissed me then, I tried not to accept it, but I had no choice. 'Mack please don't, please stop.' I begged. My father in law was going to fuck me, make love to me, seduce me, take me, do what ever he wanted with me, and to me. And it seemed nothing was going to stop him, nothing!

But he didn't just do me there and then, he kept working at me. He feathered my pussy, squeezed and rubbed my nipples, kissed me, nibbled my neck. Held me tight, loved me; I knew I would give in! I knew what he was about, the trouble was I knew him, I knew was a powerful man, and I don't mean just physically either.

When Al had told me of some of the women he had had, I had been amazed, A wife of the city's Mayor, a member of the royal family, politician's wives. I knew some of them. Some of the married women, who would lead you to believe that butter wouldn't melt in their collective mouths!

Al said his dad was the ultimate ram, a complete pussy lover. If he had a woman in his sights, then that woman would give in, he had told me, and give him it all. How prophetic was that now?

I was in his sights, of that there was no doubt, and here on his lap, his cock hard beneath me, sticking into me. I was about to give him it all! I was still resisting, but my body was softening its stance. It was beginning to appreciate the attention it was receiving.

If this had been the man, who had tried to seduce me a month ago at a party we were at, I would be at him already! That thought sent an unbidden spasm through my pussy.

I tried what was to be my final plea, one last feeble time. 'Mack please, please don't, think of who I am, please?' He squeezed a nipple through my dress, I moaned. It was part arousal, part despair. He kissed me again. I was done for; it was over, the contest finished. I had tried; I could always say that couldn't I?

Without realising what I was doing, I half turned to him, we were full on kissing. I still knew what was happening was wrong, that he shouldn't be forcing me into this. But I also knew I was beginning to accept it. My response was like a fatalistic view. My body's longings were taking over. I wasn't being asked. I was being told.

Like lots of women, I had played this out in my mind many times, the scenario of forced sex, being raped, used, abused and made to suck and fuck. I had had some massive orgasms at the hands of a strong imaginative man. He was a total stranger who had entered my life, and taken me. He was oblivious to my pleas. Who was having me, no matter what, and being made to orgasm at his will, uncontrollably?

And now it was happening, the only exception was that this was my husband's father, my father in law! He had me, I was his, even if I went against him and told my story, no one would believe this. My marker would return to the casino, and I would still lose everything!

This was the time I knew would happen one day. I knew someone, a friend of my husbands, someone at a party would get me in the right frame of mind, or feeling randy. Or even just call me one day, and find me in a wanting mood. Lots of women have these kind of feelings, but never act on them. I was always sure that I wouldn't, (hopefully?) But I would be seduced into an affair somehow probably.

He took complete control then, cupping my heavy breast, working my nipples into a hot frenzy. His mouth found my neck. Then his hand finding my upper thigh, a quick caress of my pussy sent me into the love zone that he wanted me in.

'Oh Mack,' I whispered, 'why me?' 'Because I have wanted you from the day I met you honey, I really have?' he said. 'I would never have let you know, I would never ever have made a move on you. You are my son's wife I know. But you have put yourself in this situation, not me. And I just can't pass up this opportunity. Business as they say is business!'

'This isn't just about sex Lena; it's about you, about me.' His presence was too strong for me; I had never been challenged by a man in this way. I succumbed to him. Now I understood what Al had meant about him getting someone in his sights, and they would give in. Here I was the living proof!

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