tagAnalWhy Black Girls Love Black Guys

Why Black Girls Love Black Guys


The things I've done this summer would shock even the most seasoned porn star. My name is Trisha Brown and I'm a six-foot-tall, heavyset, wide-hipped and big-bottomed, dark-skinned ( and proud ) young Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I'm having the time of my life in the summer of 2009. After my freshman year at Dalton College ended, I wanted to get my party on. I'm the kinkiest Black woman on the planet and you'll soon find out why.

I hooked up with this really sexy Black stud named James Kane. He's around six-foot-three, broad-shouldered and kind of chubby but handsome, with dark brown skin and short hair. He's the new captain of the Dalton College men's varsity wrestling team. James is a fine-looking brother that all the chicks on campus wanted. Especially after he helped represent the United States of America at the Olympics last year.

Dalton College is a school like no other. Located in the heart of Boston, it has eleven thousand students, thirty nine percent of whom are of African-American, Hispanic and Asian descent. The school is unique for having a student body that's fifty two percent male, especially in an age where young men are minorities on college and university campuses nationwide. Our athletics are top notch, we field Division One teams in men's and women's Basketball, men's Baseball, women's Softball, men's and women's Cross Country, men's and women's Volleyball, men's and women's Soccer, men's Wrestling, coed Rowing, coed Archery, men's and women's Track & Field, men's and women's Swimming, men's and women's Rugby, men's and women's Gymnastics, men's and women's Ice Hockey, men's and women's Alpine Skiing, women's Field Hockey, men's and women's Bowling, men's and women's Rifle, men's Football and women's Equestrian.

I'm a dedicated member of the Dalton College women's varsity Rugby squad and I absolutely love it. James is a rugby fan, that's how we met. We've been inseparable ever since. Even though he's a junior and I'm a freshman, we totally clicked. That's why we went on vacation together. James is originally from Maine, one of the whitest states in America. He fell in love with Boston and its amazing diversity. I took him home with me to Brockton, an even more racially diverse city, so we could have ourselves a good time.

James Kane liked the city of Brockton right away. Located half an hour from Boston, Brockton is a major city with a population of one hundred thousand people. This makes it one of the biggest towns in the state of Massachusetts. Also, it's got the greatest amount of ethnic diversity in New England. Fifty two percent of Brockton's population are people of African-American, Hispanic, Cape Verdean, Asian and Middle-Eastern descent. James grew up in the town of Harmony, deep in the state of Maine. He went to an all-white high school and was thrilled when Dalton College offered him an athletic scholarship and the chance to be around his own people for a change.

I took James to the Westgate Mall and the Marciano Stadium, along with George Keith Park. Three of my favorite hangouts in my city. The two of us had a blast. We were just a young collegiate Black couple in love. Life looked good to the both of us. My man had represented our country in the sport of wrestling. The entire world knew his name and face. Folks, I was dating a celebrity and loving every minute of it. I don't mean to sound superficial but it's really cool to date a young Black man whom millions of people respect and admire. Usually guys like that are professional athletes but James was just a college guy who made good. And being with him meant that I was the envy of many young Black women I knew. I love him for who he is, of course, but his being famous is really cool.

James and I basically humped every free moment we got in my apartment. Let me tell you about some of our wildest times. James is really into anal sex. Well, so am I. I absolutely love it when he puts me on all fours, spreads my plump ass cheeks wide open and shoves his long and thick Black cock deep into my asshole. James really knows how to pump a sister's ass full of dick, folks. I love the feel of his big Black dick inside my asshole. A long time ago, I discovered anal sex while masturbating by thrusting a sleek dildo into my pussy while fingering my asshole. Over the years, I've shoved bigger objects up my asshole. First, slim dildos, then big cucumbers and finally, my boyfriend James Kane's long and thick Black cock.

I grit my teeth as James thrusts his dick into the forbidden depths of my tight asshole. As his cock fucks my ass, I finger my pussy and taste myself. Oh, man. I am so wet down there it's not even funny. James grunts sexily as he fucks my ass. We go at it until he finally shoots his cum deep into my asshole. I scream like a woman possessed as I feel the rush of his hot manly seed deep inside of me. Hot damn. If loving anal sex is wrong, then this big beautiful young Black woman definitely does not want to be right!

James slowly pulls his member out of my ass and I wince, suddenly feeling a bit empty. We rest a bit, then we are at it again. This time, it's his turn to get fucked. I don my favorite strap-on dildo and make him get on all fours. The only thing I love more than getting my ass fucked is fucking someone else in the ass. James readily assumes the position. I come up behind him and lubricate his ass before taking him. I push the dildo into his ass, slowly. James grimaces as I penetrate him. Slowly but surely, I work most of my dildo deep into his ass. He's screaming as I fuck him. Oh, man. I am absolutely loving this. The power I feel while sodomizing my favorite big and tall Black man with my strap-on dildo is more than intoxicating. I daresay it's addictive!

Yeah, we're having a good time as I fuck James in the ass with my strap-on. I love doing this to him. Almost as much as he loves taking me. I do this because I want to and because I love him. We're very open-minded sexually and that's part of the reason why we're so happy together. We suck and fuck the evening away, and daylight finds us wrapped in each other's loving arms. What can I say? We're very happy together!

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