tagBDSMWhy Ch. 02

Why Ch. 02


I looked at my computer screen. His timer counted downward and each second felt like an eternity. I wasn't cut out for this kind of torture. 15 seconds later I called Suzanne's cell phone again. I got her stupid voice mail greeting and left another frantic message. I knew that calling was futile, yet if I didn't try, I believed I would regret it too. On the fourth call she answered.

"What is it?" she asked. Exasperation colored her tone.

"He's going to broadcast sex with you on the Internet!" I said. Relief blanketed my shoulders as I told her the bad news.

"Does it matter?" she asked.

"He wants our friends to see you suck his cock." I countered.

"That's part of the risk-rush-reward isn't it Bob?"

"It wasn't supposed to happen this way. We were supposed to go together."

"I didn't want to do this Bob. It was your idea."

"I know. I'm sorry."

"But I saw first-hand what this fantasy does for you. And quite frankly what it does for me as well. I like the rush too."

"But I want to be with you. It's not couples submission if you go by yourself."

"Hold on a sec." She said.

I looked at the countdown timer. 20 minutes had passed since I joined his pay site.

"Okay. I'm back." She said. "I'm at his house now." I heard the car door open. "I can't believe I'm doing this." She said. Excitement pitched in her voice. Then the car door shut.

"Suzanne. Please tell me where you are. If something bad happens at least I can call the cops."

She didn't say anything. Hope chilled my spine. It was the first thing I said in this call that actually felt like I got through to her.

"He lives in a really nice part of town. The houses are separated by 200 feet or more. I'm sure I'll be fine." She said.

"Please Suzanne. Tell me where you are."

"Bob. I'm not going to do that. But if I get into trouble call the police and give them the Lojack number for my car. They'll locate me quickly."

"How will I know you're in trouble?"

"I'll leave the phone on."

"Okay." I said.

"Honey?" She asked.


"My pussy is so wet." She said. "How hard is your cock?" She was definitely revved up for sex.

I looked down. My cock pointed toward the screen.

"It's rock hard." I admitted.

"That settles it. Now I want you to mute your iphone. You can listen but you can't disturb us."

"I love you Suzanne." I said.

"I love you too. Now please do as I ask. If I hear one more peep I'll end this call."

"Okay." I said. "I'm sorry. Shit. Don't hang up. I'm muting now. Thank you."

I muted the phone quickly. There was no audible answer to my last comments and I listened intently. In a panic, I looked at the screen. The end call button was still visible, so I pressed the volume button to crank it up high. I could hear Suzanne's heels click on whatever surface she was on. Then I heard a doorbell chime. It had a progressive ring to it, each note going higher.

Moments passed until the door opened and his voice greeted her.

"Mrs. Wilson?" He asked.

"Call me Suzanne." She said.

I could hear them perfectly. Wherever she kept the phone I hoped it would stay that way for the duration of their encounter.

"Please come in." He said.

I heard her step into his home and then the door shut. I wished I could be there.

"You have a beautiful home." She said.

"Thank you. Would you like a tour?"


They walked a short distance and he spoke. "My home is three stories high from ground level. Plus I have a basement."

"You have a big yard too." She said. "How big is it?"

"The property sits on three acres."

"You are so young to have such wealth." She said. "What do you do for a living?" Their footsteps stopped. "Do you mind me asking?"

"I'm in the entertainment business."

"Are you an actor?"

"Occasionally I am in a scene, but I prefer to be the director." He said. "But the kind of money that buys estates like this comes from producing and distributing."

"You have done very well for yourself." Said Suzanne. "This room is exquisite."

"Would you care to sit in here for awhile and talk?" He asked.

Silence crept between them. I imagined Suzanne looking about the room as she considered what to say next.

In reality she looked down and up her host's body. She noted the bulge at his crotch and she smiled while her eyes grew wide. When they re-established eye contact she offered. "I'm nervous."

"You're very beautiful Mrs. Wilson. It's quite normal for a wife to be nervous the first time she enters another man's home for sex."

"I talked to my husband on the drive over here. He really wants to be part of this experience."

"What do you want Mrs. Wilson."

"Your cock." Then she added. "Inside me." It was not her usual confident voice. Nervousness was still there but fading. She sounded more like her mind was far away.

"Is that all? I was under the impression you wanted so much more than that." Disappointment lined his voice.

"I don't understand." She said.

"Do you not want to serve a dominant man? Give yourself to him, perform tasks he assigns. You're your boundaries pushed. Grow wet as he humiliates you and your husband."

"Yes!" I shouted. "Tell him we want that." I added.

No one answered me.

"I don't want to be humiliated." She said.

"If you have an open mind and work with me, you will look through a new lens and your actions will be rewarded beyond words I can possibly describe." He said.

"Oh my God!" said Suzanne.

"What's the matter?" He asked.

"I'm embarrassed to admit this." She began. "I'm so wet. I think I'm dripping down my leg."

"Lift your skirt and show me." He said.

She must have complied. I could hear a ruffling of sound as she moved.

"Is that an iphone?" He asked.

"Yes." She said softly.

"Call me Master."

"Yes Master."

My hand went straight to my cock and I jacked it fast.

"Why are you holding onto it?"

"So my husband can hear us. He is listening in for my safety."

Silence ensued and then he spoke a few moments later. "It's important that you feel safe. Certainly. Are you comfortable with me?"

"Yes Sir. You are a wonderful host."

"I would prefer that you shut it off but if you want to keep it on then I think it would be appropriate that you do something to earn my permission."

"What would you like me to do?"

"Take off your clothes."

"Right now?"

"Yes. You can keep your heels and wedding ring on, but put your dress and purse on the sofa."

My cock hardened.

"Are we the only ones in this house?" She asked.

"No. The video crew, my assistant, a technician and the couple you watched earlier are still here."

"Bob said you were going to broadcast me having sex with you on the Internet. Is that true?"

"When you want that, I'm prepared to make it happen."

"Will you hold this?"

"Okay." He said. The sound of his voice was much closer than at any other time since she'd been there.

"My husband is afraid our friends will see it."

He laughed.

I slowed the pace of jacking off as I listened to them. His laughter mocked me.

"You are very beautiful Mrs. Wilson. You have a slut's face and body. If you want to be in my Internet videos, I would expect you to be very popular. Eventually someone you both know is bound to see them."

Suzanne did not respond verbally.

"Does that turn you on Mrs. Wilson?"

Still there was no audible response. I wondered if she was undressing for him and I stopped jacking altogether to listen.

"Admit it so your husband can hear."

"Yes." She spoke faintly.

"Louder slut." He said firmly.

"Yes. I'm turned on." She said in a lust-filled voice.

"Men vote on the videos. They make requests. I sell those privileges and then my sluts deliver."

"What kinds of requests?"

"Pain induction is a very popular request Mrs. Wilson. Object insertion is another."

"They don't just want to see a woman fucked?"

"Fucking is standard. Requests are extra."

"I see." Again her voice was faint and barely audible.

"I don't accept requests unless the slut understands the request and begs me to let her fulfill it."

"Does that slut I watched earlier beg?"


"I wet myself watching her obey you."

"You want to be like her. That's why you are undressed now. Isn't that right?"

"Yes Master."

"Then kneel."

Suzanne must have complied.

"Now part your knees wide."

"That's it slut. Now hold your shoulders back and push your chest out."

"Excellent. This is position 1. When you're on live video and I hold up one finger, you get into this position. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

"Now drop your hands to the floor like you're ready for a doggie style pounding."

"Good slut. This is position 2. When you see two fingers, you move into this position. Watch for my thumb too. If I give you a thumb up like this. That means your face goes to the floor and your ass sticks up high."

"Yes Master."

"My thumb is up slut. Show me the position."

I imagined Suzanne's face pressed to the floor and her ass in the air. She is beautiful from every angle and I had no doubt in my mind that he intended to exploit every bit of her.

Immediately I heard a loud clap and then Suzanne yelled. "Ow!"

Another loud clap followed and Suzanne yelled once more. "Ow! Why did you do that?"

"Stay in position slut. Or I'll revoke your husband's listening privileges and send you home."

I wanted to un-mute the line and tell her to obey him. My cock was so hard I tapped the mute button to undo it. Then without thinking I yelled into the iphone. "Fucking do it Suzanne!"

Loud clapping ensued. Each one was followed by whimpers from Suzanne.

"That's it spank that Slut into submission." I yelled.

"Please cut him off Master. He's not supposed to be heard."

I quickly tapped the mute button and prayed he would not cut me off. As the spanking continued the stress in Suzanne's voice pitched higher and my cock flexed in earnest. He kept pace for a full minute. Each slap was hard and landed firmly on her bare ass. When her whimpering turned to crying he stopped. I couldn't tell what was going on other than the spanking remained stopped.

My screen was still blank. The timer continued running a downward count. Fifteen seconds passed. Then Suzanne made the next sound. It was faint but continuous and it grew louder every few seconds. My cock pulsed in response as her voice climbed a familiar path. Some thirty seconds later, Suzanne came. Her voice rang out in high pitch fashion followed by verbal confirmation.

"Oh God Master, I'm coming!" She yelled.

Immediately the hard slapping resumed.

"Take it slut. Show me you appreciate the orgasm I just gave you."

Suzanne whimpered on every slap, but she did not complain and she did not fight. Two minutes passed. A couple times, maybe three Suzanne yelled "Ow!" He did not let up and she simply whimpered until she could not take any more. The moment she burst into tears, the spanking stopped.

My dick was beyond hard. It felt like it could grow an inch.

Ten seconds later I heard Suzanne whimper sexually. Another few seconds after that, she asked him if she could suck his cock.

"My slut wants so much: first for her undeserving husband to listen in; then she wants him cut off; now she wants to suck my cock. What am I to think?"

"Tell me what to do Master. I'll do it. Just tell me what to do please." She sounded confident. Her desire felt convincing to me.

I heard the unmistakable sounds of a zipper going down and a man taking his pants off.

I looked at my screen. The timer was down to 30 minutes. I wondered if he knew how close they were to show time.

"Oh God yes. Fuck me Master. Fuck me."

He grunted in earnest and I heard a new slapping sound. It was not like the spanking he gave her previously. This sounded more like bodies colliding during heated passion. It was the moment I fantasized for ages and it was finally happening. Another man was fucking my wife and she sounded the exact way I wanted. She loved it. On every thrust she expressed her appreciation with undying volleys of obscenities.

"Oh God yes. Fuck me Master. Fuck me."

They fucked for 25 minutes. It was the hottest thing I ever heard. Several times his grunting stopped and then I heard muffled sounds from her. Until he finally shouted "Suck my cock bitch!" I wasn't exactly sure of what was happening.

Five minutes before showtime he withdrew and she whined. "Why did you stop?"

"Does my slut want more cock inside her?"

"Just your cock Master."

He laughed. "Good. We have a show to put on. Follow me." His voice trailed off.

"What about the phone?"

"Shut it off or bring it with you. I don't care."

"Bye Bob." She said and then tapped the end call button. Immediately my end call button disappeared.

"Damn bitch!"

When the timer hit three minutes remaining, my screen filled with an image of my naked wife on her knees. I stared at every detail on the screen as she knelt frozen in time. The shot showed off her entire body and it was close enough to make out the wildness in her eyes. The only thing moving on the screen was the countdown timer and it took forever to reach zero.

Once the timer reached zero, the screen refreshed and the young dominant stood center stage. He looked directly into the camera and began his greeting.

"Welcome viewers. Today we have a special guest. Mrs. Suzanne Wilson of Johnson City. She is the hot wife of newly cuckolded Mr. Bob Wilson."

He turns to look off-stage and the camera pans in the same direction. I recognize my wife instantly. She is naked and sitting on a director's chair with one leg crossed over the other.

He snaps his fingers. "Come here darling." He says to her.

As she gets out of the chair and steps toward him, the camera zooms-in on his face and he says. "She is prime and she is primed if you know what I mean."

The camera slowly pans stage right. When they meet, he embraces her in one arm and she looks at him.

"Look at the camera darling. Over one thousand men and women want to see your beautiful face."

I spray my load the moment Suzanne looks into the camera. My cum shoots in three pulses then the rest dribbles onto my seat cushion.

He holds up one finger and immediately Suzanne drops to her knees and thrusts her chest out. The camera zooms out to keep pace. Her hands drop to the floor in front of her and she arches her back. She looks like a cat ready to pounce. She watches him as we watch her. My cock remains hard and I stroke it lightly with my right fist.

He steps in front of her. The camera moves and the angle changes. The new position provides the perfect view. Just as her lips part he slips his cock inside her mouth. Immediately she turns her head in corkscrew like fashion while he thrusts in and out of her mouth. As her lips expand to accommodate his girth, I cannot help but wonder how many men just came.

"Bob I hope you are watching. Soon you will have a choice to make. Either stay at your screen and watch or go to your kitchen to take a call on your house phone. Your phone will ring three times. It will not ring a fourth. One of my staff will invite you to join us for clean-up duty." Then he laughed and thrust his cock all the way down Suzanne's throat. Her hands flew up in the air and I could hear her muffled shriek as he held position deep in her throat.

"Hurry Bob." He said as the camera focused on his top half. His arms reached down and I could tell he continued to hold Suzanne on his dick. "I see my assistant tapping your number into her cell phone right now."

The camera zoomed out once more and I saw my wife at the young dominant's feet. He was literally thrusting in and out of her mouth like it was a well oiled cunt. Saliva was churning out of her mouth as he kept his fiery pace. How she breathed was beyond me. The display of her submission was incredible.

Then the phone rang and I panicked. This scene was too hot to leave but then I remembered how I felt after she drove off and I made my choice. I made a bee line for the stairs and descended three at a time. I landed at the bottom as ring number two began. My bare feet pounded the hard wood floor as I beat a path to our kitchen. Ring three ended just as I lifted the handset off the cradle.

"Hello?" I asked. I panted heavily.

[to be continued.]

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