tagMind ControlWhy Did You Pull Your Panties Down?

Why Did You Pull Your Panties Down?


The one buddy's name was Bartholomew but we didn't dare call him that because he might just unload a swing.

Nope, we called him Brad, to this day I am not completely sure as to why.

Brad ran with a guy named Martin, they were quite a pair.

Martin was maybe 5'7" tall and 150 pounds right after eating, Brad was 6'2" and closer to 250 pounds, so they were like night and day.

My wife Sharon and I lived way out in the sticks, on 10 acres that I used my veteran's loan to buy.

Anyone who has one of those loans knows how those go, you always send the check on a Monday to make sure it gets there on Friday, otherwise they tag on interest for Saturday and Sunday, and if the next Monday is a holiday, you lose ground.

If you are late just a couple of days, the principal goes up, not down.

We call those, "No way in hell to ever pay one off" loans.

That didn't matter, it was cheaper than rent.

Me? My name is Ted, just a guy. I managed a gas station for a boss that never bothered to come around...ever. The pay was lousy, the days were long and by the time I got home I had to spend an hour in the shower to get the stink of gasoline off of me.

I did write all the checks which meant I signed my own paycheck, I would have just given myself a raise but that would be enough to make the boss show up.

Brad and Martin were damn near a fixture around our house, they both had dirt bikes just like me so weekends and evenings they would come out and help me tear up dirt on my little cattle ranch.

OK, so I only had two cows and one bull, but that's cattle.

The bull apparantly had no clue as to what to do with a cow, at least we never saw any calves which I mentioned to the guys one day.

"Hell, why not go out there and demonstrate?" Martin wisecracked.

Brad thought that was funny as hell but then he though everything Martin said was funny.

My Sharon was about five feet tall and around 100 pounds, her behind was tiny to the point of looking a bit off size considering her boobs were "D" cups.

I spotted her on a beach one day wearing a green bikini, conservative as hell by today's standards but I followed her around and pestered her until finally she agreed to a date.

Now only 24 years old, her tits were already heading south. She never bothered with a bra which might have been part of that, I am not sure there either.

I used to call them my "funbags" which was another funny thing since we found this website that used the term, I claimed they stole the idea from me.

That website had some videos, I used to try and play those on our 8G computer. That was click on the video, wait 5 minutes while the little thingie sat there processing, then play four seconds of the video and wait again.

Hell, the four of us sometimes spent an entire evening drinking and doing exactly that, the sample videos were free.

Anyway, one evening we were playing this video and it was about this hypnotist, he was waving this chain with a shiny thing on it, getting a woman to strip right up on the stage.

"Man, this is bullshit!" Martin said, popping another can of beer.

"Oh, I have heard that it really can be done." I answered.

"No way in hell, people can't be hypnotized." He insisted.

"Sure they can." I launched off into a whole bunch of stuff that I had read, although most of it I was making up. Then I made the mistake of adding that I not only knew about it, but could do it.

"Betcha fifty bucks!" Martin popped up with.

Fifty bucks was about two whole day's take home pay.

Martin was always making bets, most of the time we just ignored him.

I could see he was getting drunk, but then so was I or I might not have been shooting off my mouth. Brad of course could drink a whole case of beer and it seemed to have no effect, more places to put the stuff I guess.

"You are on, but how would we prove that?" I asked.

"Go ahead, hypnotize me!" He challenged.

"Yea, sure. You know it is coming so you can resist." I said.

"Kind of what I thought you would say." He said, snickering and getting a laugh from Brad which pissed me off.


It took about an hour more and the video finally finished, the hypnotist got the woman to take off her blouse and her bra, finally she was down to her panties in front of a whole room full of people when the video ended.

All of this was still early on with the internet, they did have web sites that showed everything but we had to pay for those which meant calling some phone number with a credit card and I had heard stories about that kind of stuff.

I happened to glance over at Sharon and her eyes were heavy, she was on beer number three and that was usually enough for bedtime.

On a whim, I began to talk softly to her. Just things about being tired and her eyes were heavy, then she closed them and her head nodded.

"Damn. Was this shit working?" I thought. Both Brad and Martin were sitting there watching me with interest now.

I began to talk about ocean waves coming in and going out and coming in and going out, deliberately letting my voice drone on and on.

Sharon slumped even more.

"There is only you and me here, it's very quiet, Sharon. When I tell you to, stand up." I told her.

The instant I told her to, she stood up, standing there meekly with her eyes closed.

"We are all alone, there is music playing, I want you to dance for me."

Sharon began to move her arms, shake her fanny slightly. She had on a sweater and a mini skirt and the motions she was making caused her oversize breasts to sort of roll around underneath the sweater.

Sharon actually did that for me in our bedroom, often doing a little strip tease which without fail got me upright and rolling.

"Bunch of shit." Martin muttered.

"Shhhh! She is really under!" I told him, although I was thinking she was faking it too.

"Oh yea? Let's see her tits, then!" He said, getting a snort from Brad. They gave each other a high five, Martin I knew was completely sure he had me with that one.

That really pissed me off, but I managed to keep a perfectly straight face. I sneaked a glance at Sharon, she was still doing that sway back and forth thing, her eyes squeezed shut.

"You are dancing just for me, so pull up your sweater, Sharon." I told her, figuring that Martin had me cold now and I was going to be out 50 bucks.

No way in hell was she going to bare her boobs for these two assholes, friends or not.

My breath caught in my throat when she did exactly that!

"Jesus!" I heard Brad say as Sharon crossed her arms in front of herself and pulled up her sweater, exposing both of her heavy boobs.

My mouth dropped open, I had no clue as to what to say now. I would never have dreamed that she would actually do that.

Sharon was still swaying to some imaginary music, her big breasts with their dark nipples were swinging back and forth gently.

I guess we all sat there staring for a full minute. Just looking at her big beautiful tits was getting me to breathing heavy, but then this woman always had that effect on me from the very first time I spotted her.

Of course, her showing them off like that to my two buddies sort of gave me pause.

"There, see what I mean? You owe me 50 bucks!" I told Martin. Brad was sitting there with his can of beer halfway to his face, his mouth hanging open.

"Bullshit, she is faking it. Make her pull her dress up, then maybe I will believe you." Martin was not taking his eyes off Sharon's boobs, that much was obvious.

"She isn't faking, look at her." I said.

"I am looking at her, those are nice tits!" He snorted.

I glanced over at Sharon, she still had her eyes squeezed tightly shut, her body swaying causing her big boobs to make incredible motion.

I don't know why I said it, maybe the booze, maybe the heat of the moment?

"We are all alone, Sharon, go ahead and pull your dress up." I droned. Normally there was no way in hell I would have said that but I was working on beer number six myself.

There was just a moment's hesitation, then Sharon reached down and slowly pulled the bottom of her skirt up to her waist. She had on a pair of simple white cotten panties. She began to wiggle her hips like she had done many times in our bedroom when she was teasing me.

Brad was leaning forward now, his beer forgotten. Martin was grinning ear to ear.

"Man." Was all he said.

Then Sharon reached up to her waist and hooked both thumbs in her panties, slid them down her hips and stepped out of them. She stood there, moving her fanny back and forth, her legs about a foot apart.

I hadn't told her to do that, but neither of the two guys appeared to notice. I saw Martin lean over to take a good look, he obviously didn't want to miss anything.

She didn't shave at all but that didn't help much, her pussy was still clearly on display since none of us were over six feet away from her.

"When I snap my fingers, you will wake up and remember nothing." I told her, thinking I had better bring an end to this.

I snapped my fingers, Sharon dropped the hem of her skirt and opened her eyes. She looked around for a moment.

"I guess I must have dozed off." She said, blinking. Then she looked down and saw her panties lying on the floor, she reached down and picked them up with a confused expression on her face.

When she looked up at Brad and Martin staring at her, her face went bright pink. She quickly balled up the panties and hid them behind her back.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing." They both said at the same time.

She went into the bedroom shortly after, Brad and Martin were getting ready to leave when I told them to keep what happened under their hat.

I sort of didn't want everybody and their Dog finding out that my Sharon was showing off her goodies in my living room to my buddies.

Knowing Martin, I was pretty sure there was fat chances of that being any secret, but he was such a blow hard nobody ever believed him anyway.

Martin reached into his pocket and handed me four tens and two fives.

"That was fucking worth it!" He laughed.

In the bedroom, Sharon was curled up under the covers so I stripped down and slipped in with her.

I slid my hand up and down her naked side, finding she had her panties back on again.

"So? How did I do, honey?" She asked with a giggle.

"You mean you weren't hypnotized? Then why did you do that?" I asked her.

"Because you told me to, honey." She smiled, shoving her hand down the front of my briefs.

I started laughing.

"No, I didn't."

"You didn't?"


"Well, I thought you did." She said with a giggle.

"Hey, get up and pull your panties down for me now!" I told her.

"I thought you would never ask!" She laughed.


We of course saw Brad and Martin many times after that but never did anything like that again.

He did ask me several times if I could make her do that again, I told him I wouldn't.

Finally after he had pestered me enough times I got fed up with it, I told him to forget it or I would hypnotize him when he least expected it and make him jack off in the street in front of the Sheriff's office.

I kind of think he believed me, that was the end of that.

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