Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 02


Their mother stood at the door, which Isabella had left unlocked in her arousal. Jacob, who had been fucking both sisters for the past two weeks, had grown too arrogant to even think that they might get caught. It was their fault entirely, and they were just about to pay for it.

Images rushed through Jacob's mind. His mother would tell his father she saw, and Jacob would be led outside. His hardened cock would be put on a tree stump. His father, a beefy man with a thick beard, would take a hatchet to his cock, and Jacob would be castrated. He wondered if he should change his name to Dina.

He nearly sobbed at the thought. After all, he had just learned how to appreciate his glorious horse cock. Years of resentment and anger were wiped away in only one month, only to have his cock taken away from him in his prime? He looked down at his horse cock in resignation, and said his internal fair-wells.

His mother stood at the door, a stern look on her face. She looked like an older version of Isabella with curlier hair. Her breasts were larger and heavy, which is why Isabella and Kristin turned out so curvy. Wide hips were another family trait they got from her. Her face, young and attractive, scrutinized the two of them. All in all, she looked years younger than her age, which she refused to give to anybody.

"What in the world..." She gazed down at Jacob's cock and did a double take. "Isabella, are you..." Again, she couldn't finish her thought. She just stared, her face betraying no emotion.

"Mom," Jacob choked. "You don't understand...We...We were..."

Isabella pulled her hand away from Jacob's cock and grinned nervously. "Ha! It's a joke, a prank! Haha! Got...you?"

Their mother stared at them longer. She didn't speak at all. Both of them were paralyzed with fear, specifically Jacob was afraid for his cock. He probably wouldn't even have to wait for his father to come home. His mother was plenty tough enough, and would cut off his cock herself. She might not even use a knife; she may just rip it off with her bare hands!

After a lengthy silence their mother slammed the door and locked it behind her. Her furrowed brow softened, and she cracked a grin. "Damn, that's a huge cock," she said, and with a dramatic sway of her feminine hips, their mother rushed them. Her shirt came off at some point in time, revealing her glorious tan breasts. "Give me some!"

"What," the siblings said in unison just before Jacob was pounced upon.

That night Jacob enjoyed his mother and both of his sisters, and from that day on they all had a special secret that no one else could know about. There was a downside to all of this. Jacob lost his complete control over the women, but Jacob thought it was a fair trade.

Koto's Commentary: The next chapter won't be posted in the incest catagory, guys, so don't look for it. Also, it won't feature Jacob at all. Entirely new cast!

As always, comments are appreciated.


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