tagErotic CouplingsWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 03

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 03


Chapter Three: Pretty in the Pictures

Girls love horses; it is a well known fact. Ask any woman alive what their favorite animal is and almost every one of them will answer the same: horse. When ask why they girl multiple reasons, such as, "Horses are strong, sturdy, and they stand tall," or "They are beautiful, graceful, and enduring." It seems that it is every woman's fantasy to have a powerful horse that carries them off into the sunset.

This is just romanticism and half truths. Something else drives women in their love of horses, something which women have forgotten in all of their struggles for equality over the past few decades. The truth is that women love horses for their big cocks.

Women think their cocks are big, strong, sturdy, and stand tall.

Women think their cocks are beautiful, graceful, and enduring.

In truth, all women want a powerful, virile male with a cock like a horse that can fuck them into feminine submission. That is a truth of the world.


For months now Harry has dated a young woman named Jennifer whom he met online. She was a wonderful girl, smart, sweet, and cute as hell from what he could tell. The only problem was that she was ashamed of her looks; she thought she looked disgusting, and would never send him photos.

From the few photos Harry got he knew she had some specific, defining features. Jennifer had big brown eyes, which were almond shaped and bright with excitement. This meshed well with her impish pink lips, which formed a perfect smile that had a light sense of mischief to it. Most all Harry thought about her curves. Jennifer had very wide hips, a round rear, and large, full breasts that were a blessing of pure genetics.

Harry never had the chance to touch her heavy breasts in person, he never even met her in person, but he was proud that they were 'his' none the less. Frequently she would talk to him at length about her body, usually in a bad way, and she spoke a lot about her breasts. From her description they were full, very round E-cup with bright red nipples that stuck out noticeably when she was around. Furthermore, her nipples were extremely sensitive and were the source of a lot of unintentional pleasure if she didn't wear a bra.

Since she had such low self-esteem, Jennifer rarely sent Harry photos of herself that weren't photo edited and fake looking. She was beautiful still, but she dressed bulkily to cover up what she thought was a horrible figure, and wore a lot of make-up to cover up her natural glory.

For photos of the 'real' Jennifer, Harry relied on her real-life friends. Shortly after they began their relationship she introduced him proudly, telling her friends about how he would be a game designer someday. They ended up feeding him video and picture of her in every day life, and they were even more beautiful than the 'fake' her he saw so often.

There was one friend who was the most useful, and her name was Cherry. Harry got along well with Cherry most of the time. She was a bit catty and rude, and sometimes she told him things meant to make him jealous, but he didn't care. He trusted Jennifer, and Cherry was a valuable source of photos and videos of Jennifer, so he put up with it.

One day Harry was chatting with Cherry. He ignored a comment that she made about Jennifer having a crush on a guy on the football team named Landon. Harry knew about Landon. Jennifer talked about him a lot, but she assured Harry that they were just friends. Harry knew his Jennifer well enough to trust her. "Whatever, Cherry," was all she typed in response.

After that the conversation went dead for a short time. Harry ignored her and busied himself with a video game website. New videos were just posted about a game her was looking forward to. He was about to load it when he heard the message alert. He opened the conversation again.

Cherry: "I have a video of Jenny for you."

Along with the message she sent a link to a file storage site. Harry jumped at the chance. The file was surprisingly large, and it took a while to down load it. He allowed it to download completely, and then opened it. His stomach was knotted with desire to see his beautiful girlfriend again.

The download took thirty minutes, but the video quality was worth it. Jennifer was displayed on his screen so clearly that it almost felt like Harry himself was there. The only thing that ruined it for him was the camera person's shaky hands.

From the ambient noise in the video Harry assumed she was at some sort of party. There was a lot of motion behind her. People were dancing and laughing, and a lot of people were looking excitedly at something behind Jennifer. She was on her knees, with her eyes covered. Behind here there was a large leather couch and a brown rug lined the floor. She looked absolutely beautiful and had a big grin on her face.

"Are you ready," asked the person holding the camera. Harry felt a twinge of anxiety over the videos strange beginning.

Jennifer was oddly dressed. She wore a skimpy top with spaghetti straps that exposed her delicate shoulders. Her large breasts strained the top, which revealed deep cleavage. She was blushing behind her hands, and a sweep of the camera down her body revealed a skimpy skirt that showed off her thighs. She had amazing thighs, built of muscle on fat on muscle. Her straight blonde hair was swept behind her ears, not a strand out of place. She looked absolutely divine.

She nodded. "I'm totally going to win this bet," she said. "He doesn't have the balls to go through with it.

The camera man laughed. "You might be surprised how much balls he has, Jenny."

It was at this point that Harry felt his stomach lurch. He was delighted to see Jennifer but something felt odd. He didn't understand why she was blushing, and he had a bad feeling about that bet that she talked about. What the camera man also said gave him the chills. A special sixth sense kicked him in the rear, and Harry didn't like where it took his thoughts.

Jennifer remained stationary, but someone moved behind her. The camera zoomed out and changed focus. A tall man stood behind her. He was young and very muscular. His jaw was square, his cheek bones were high, and his hair was short and blonde. He was a perfect male specimen, with sculpted muscles that limed his body, from heavy pectorals to perfect abs and sturdy quads. His torso looked immense and was made to knock down other people.

Harry also couldn't help but notice that the boy was naked, and he was very well endowed. His cock was thick and long, and it dangled between his legs before an equally impressive scrotum. Even though he wasn't hard, he was better equipped than Harry was with a hard-on. His crotch hair was trimmed, which accentuated the size of his already impressive dick.

Harry's heart sank into the pit of his stomach. He could already figure out where the scenario was going. Part of him wanted to turn off the video, but another part watched in spite. He convinced himself that he would be proven wrong, and the only way to see the truth was the watch the video. It was just a silly prank, he thought desperately,

"There he is, Jenny, uncover your eyes and look."

The screen zoomed in on Jennifer as she opened her eyes and looked at the boy's monster. She said, "Gross!" and she smiled at it. Her eyes bulged at the sight.

"Too late to back out now," said the camera man.

Jennifer blew a raspberry at the camera and turned her attention to the horse cock before her. "I have to be honest, Landon. You're way bigger than I expect." As she said this she grasped his cock in her right hand and glanced up at him. She slowly jerked his cock and held it close to her body. It grew harder and harder until it was fully erect, and by that point it was probably twice the size of Harry's penis in every dimension.

Disgust and revulsion grew in Harry's stomach. He immediately recognized that name. Landon was the boy whom Cherry had warned him about, and he was the boy who Jennifer assured him was "Just a friend." The video revealed the truth to him. Jennifer looked at Landon in a way that Harry didn't know people could look at other person. She seemed to completely adore him, even worship him. There was nothing left inside of her that belonged to Harry. She was all about Landon.

Completely erect Landon's cock eclipsed Jennifer's face. It stretched from her chin past her head. The big, knobby crown was ten inches from his crotch at least and bright red. Jennifer slid her hand along it and stared intently.

"You know, Landon, having now seen your big, fat horse cock, it's got me wondering," Jennifer said. She ran her hand along his perfect abs, caressing them with longing. Harry suddenly felt incredibly ashamed of his flabby body.

"Wondering about what, babe," Landon asked from off screen.

Jennifer smiled up at him and squeezed his cock gently. "Why do you work so hard to keep in such great shape when you're hung like this? You probably have no trouble getting laid already."

The camera jumped to Landon's face momentarily, showing him grin. He didn't say anything; he just stood there, looking perfect while Jennifer jerked on his cock with both hands.

"Cup his balls, Jennifer. Let's see if he's got enough for you."

Jennifer hefted his cock up and giggled. "I think he does, but we might as well find out for sure." She reached under and cupped Landon's testicles. The camera zoomed in on her hand to get a close view. Landon's balls were at least three times the size of Harry's and filled Jennifer's hands to the brim. His sac spilled out between her fingers as she rolled them. "Oh, wow."

"Fuck, they're so huge," the camera man said.

Harry couldn't deny that. Landon's testicles were large enough to fill their scrotum almost completely. They looked so plump that there was no room left in his large, virtually hairless sac. When released his scrotum sagged under the weight of his fat eggs.

The video had Harry completely transfixed. Everything about Landon was so massive. No matter what, Harry couldn't compare to Landon. He lost on every account. Landon trounced Harry if size mattered as much as people said it did.

Jennifer blushed and giggled while she groped Landon's immense genitals. One hand slowly jerked his cock, while the other rolled his balls slowly. She still seemed shocked by the size, because she stared at him crotch in amazement, as if she was looking into the face of God.

Of screen Landon grunted. "Suck me off," he commanded in a haughty tone.

Jennifer obliged eagerly. Harry watched his girlfriend draw in close to another man's fat knob and stuffed it into her mouth. It seemed difficult for her. The way she struggled to work with his huge cock proved to Harry that was the first time she had ever worked with Landon's endowments, but she didn't act like it would be the last. Not much of his cock could fit, but she sucked on him with an eagerness that bordered on desperation.

The camera zoomed out and panned up to Landon's face. His jaw was tight and his eyes were narrowed. His nostrils flared, and to Harry he looked like a wild animal. Jennifer looked the same, like she was caught in season, and she had found her alpha male. All of Landon's masculine hostilities would find a home in the wet, hot vagina of Harry's girlfriend.

The camera returned to Jennifer, who was avidly sucking on Landon's huge cock. She continued to work his balls with one hand, which were too much for that one hand to hold. The other hand held his cock to her mouth and jerked the shaft rapidly while she slurped on it.

She kept at it until Landon grabbed her head. His grip must've been tight, because Harry saw Jennifer wince as he grabbed her thick hair. With no warning at all Landon let out a deep grunt and thrust hard into Jennifer's mouth. Tears teased her eyes, but she remained still, not even allowing a whimper.

Instead of fighting him off, Jennifer continued to jerk his shaft, even as her began to ream her throat. Inch after inch of cock disappeared into Jennifer's inexperienced mouth. She choked, and she sputtered, and she cried so much that streaks of mascara ran down her cheeks, but still she didn't resist. Landon brutally assaulted her with out complaint.

Harry watched in disgust as a particularly powerful thrust pushed deeper than he thought imaginable. Jennifer's throat made a sick sound like air was compressed in there. She sputtered around Landon's cock, her eyes bulging and her grip tight of his shaft. Landon had just entered her throat.

Landon pushed down deep into Jennifer's throat and held there. The camera zoomed in close on her face. Jennifer was flushed and struggling. Her face turned gradually redder and redder, and then slightly purple. Her eyes bulged and her nose flared as she struggled for breath. It looked momentarily like she was about to pass out, but she held still, open wide for Landon's invasion.

At that point Harry caught the length of the video and was surprised how long Landon had lasted. He continued to use Jennifer's mouth with out the slightest hint of fatigue. His orgasm hadn't come yet, and Harry thought that Jennifer might break before Landon did. Harry was impressed, and horrible terrified by the realization. Again, Landon proved to be something far superior to Harry.

Landon released her finally, to the relief of all who watched. Jennifer drew back from his cock surprisingly slow and collapsed to the floor in a fit of coughs. Saliva burst from her mouth when she released his cock. She lay on the floor wheezing and red faced. The camera pulled back from her, and the camera man asked how she was.

Still coughing, Jennifer offered a weak thumbs-up and got back into position. This time she eyed Landon's cock apprehensively and took a number of deep breaths.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," she said, and she took hold of Landon's cock. "Let's see if I can do this right."

"Let's," Landon said with a smirk. The crowd around them cheered.

Jennifer went directly back to work and gorged herself on Landon's horse cock. She took ad much as she could into her mouth. This time Landon didn't thrust, he merely held her by the hair and watched her suck. The camera caught her beautiful face stretched around his thick cock. She sucked like she was possessed.

"Wow, look at her go," said someone in the crowd. The camera zoomed in on her face. Her hair was pulled aside. Harry could see every detail of her lips stretched and her eyes closed. She sucked deep and then began to bob rapidly, fucking his dick with her mouth willingly.

A loud gagging sound interrupted the show. At first Harry wasn't sure what happened. He leaned toward the screen, scrutinizing the details. Jennifer's face strained as she sucked. She dipped her head on his cock further and the gagging got louder. "Oh my God," the camera man whispered in awe, and Harry repeated it shortly afterward.

Jennifer had willingly throated Landon's huge cock. Her neck flexed in strain to hold him, her cheeks went red with effort, and tears streaked down her cheeks from her closed eyes. She didn't retreat from him though, she gagged louder and pushed deeper.

While she choked herself on Landon's cock, she used both hands to jerk what was left out. Watching his girlfriend ream her throat willingly and still do her best to service Landon further made Harry realize the truth. She was lost to him, completely and totally. The act of sucking on Landon's cock had completely dedicated her to the over-muscled stud.

Jennifer released his cock and fell back. Her rear hit the floor hard as she collapsed into desperate gasps. She sat for a moment, catching her breath, and then went back to jerking his cock with both hands. As she jerked she stretched her jaw out. Landon laughed.

"Give it time and you'll get used to it," he said with an arrogant smirk. Harry hated Landon's shit-eating grin so much that he wanted to throw his computer against the wall, but he had lost all will to move, so he simply watched.

Jennifer stared at his dick critically as she jerked. "I think I would need a whole life time before I could ever get used to your monster."

"Well, if your throat can't fit, how about we try somewhere else?" From his pants Landon produced a magnum sized condom. "What do you say? Want to be broken in?"

Jennifer's face bloomed into a beatific smile. Harry's heart sunk. "I thought you'd never ask." She released Landon's cock and watched him settle on the couch. She waited patiently on her knees for him to tell her want to do.

Landon put Jennifer's hand to his cock again, and she leisurely jerked on it. The camera zoomed in on Landon and caught the moment. He sat there, his broad muscles toned perfectly and tanned. Jennifer was between his stretched legs, holding his cock in her hand. It was incredibly thick, so thick that her fingers weren't even close to meeting around the shaft.

It was also monstrously long. Harry figured Landon's cock wasn't quite double his own, but it was much longer, and it was accompanied by equally unreal testicles. They wobbled up and down as Jennifer jerked passionately. They looked very heavy and full.

The camera zoomed out to capture the two of them down. Landon threw the condom packet to the side. The condom looked huge, way too big for Harry's average cock. Yet, it still looked too small for Landon's impressive girth.

Landon placed the condom at the mushroom tip and put Jennifer's hand on it. Using both of Jennifer's hands, he unrolled the condom down his cock. The latex hugged his prick, which bulged against it, and it looked even bigger. The camera zoomed in on the sight, showing how strained the condom really was. Harry feared it would break apart inside of Jennifer.

Jennifer jerked his cock gently a few more times before Landon pulled her up. He guided her by her wide hips and drew her over top his standing tower of flesh. Her feet rested on either side of him on the couch. She wobbled precariously, and then angled herself down. His cock was poised for penetration, and she was faced away from Landon and toward the camera. Her breasts wobbled and her pussy, which was clean shaven, glistened. She looked down at his cock apprehensively.

Landon placed both hands on her hips, and she shivered with what looked like arousal. Pussy juices dripped down onto Landon's huge cock. The camera zoomed in on her pussy to get a perfect shot. She was pink and moist, yet so small and young. It looked almost like Landon wouldn't be able to fit.

"Okay, the shots ready, go ahead," the camera man said.

Jennifer slowly lowered her body at Landon's urging. The camera followed and caught Jennifer's first penetration by a cock, and what a cock it was. Her labia split widely to fit the thick knob. Landon speared the lubricated hole very slowly, sliding gently inside of her.

More and more sunk into Jennifer as she pushed deeper and deeper. The camera zoomed out slightly to show more of the sex. It showed Jennifer's sleek tummy and ponderous breasts. Then it swept up to shower her face, which was twisted. She was lost somewhere between the realms of overwhelming pain and undiluted pleasure.

Jennifer didn't bleed, and Harry recalled her telling him that she had lost her virginity to a tampon years before. Regardless, she looked exceedingly stretched out the more Landon sunk into her twat. Her lips strained around the girth of Landon's massive prick. She was at least as wide as Harry's forearm by that point.

Even though Harry couldn't imagine her enjoying at all, her face told a different story. As Landon moved gently into her, rocking his fat cock in and out slowly, Jennifer bit her bottom lip and whimpered loudly. From the way she lolled and rode him, Harry figured she was lost in unimaginable pleasure.

Landon finally pushed in one last time, and he couldn't fit any more of her. A small portion of his cock was still outside of her, but Jennifer had taken at least two inches more than Harry had to offer. She rested above him, allowing her body to adjust to Landon's intrusion.

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