tagErotic CouplingsWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 04

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 04


Chapter Four: Big Brother is the Little Brother

Girls love horses; it is a well known fact. Ask any woman alive what their favorite animal is and almost every one of them will answer the same: horse. When ask why they girl multiple reasons, such as, "Horses are strong, sturdy, and they stand tall," or "They are beautiful, graceful, and enduring." It seems that it is every woman's fantasy to have a powerful horse that carries them off into the sunset.

This is just romanticism and half truths. Something else drives women in their love of horses, something which women have forgotten in all of their struggles for equality over the past few decades. The truth is that women love horses for their big cocks.

Women think their cocks are big, strong, sturdy, and stand tall.

Women think their cocks are beautiful, graceful, and enduring.

In truth, all women want a powerful, virile male with a cock like a horse that can fuck them into feminine submission. That is a truth of the world.

Through out his life Joseph had always looked up to his older brother, Trevor. Trevor was everything Joseph had ever wanted to be. Trevor was muscular, and Joseph was scrawny; Trevor was suave, and Joseph was clumsy; Trevor was very sexually experienced, and Joseph was a complete virgin. From a young age Joseph had always wanted to be his brother, but he felt he could never compare.

They lived across the state from one another. When they were young their family was separated in a brutal divorce. For years they barely saw each other, as Trevor lived with his father and Joseph with his mother. Now adults, they made sure to meet up periodically and spend time together.

That is what Joseph kept reminding himself as he sat in the movie theatre next to Trevor. It was still lit, the movie hadn't started yet, and the two were talking. At least, Joseph was trying to talk, but Trevor wouldn't let him. Instead, he spoke at length about his sexual exploits. Actually, it was all Trevor ever did once he became a teenager, and Joseph grew increasingly tired of the subject.

"Hey, bro," Trevor said.

Joseph jerked up. He had long sense fallen into a lull while his brother bragged. He sat up straight, but his bony body still looked frail next to Trevor's muscular one.


"I asked you a question."

"Sorry, I didn't hear."

"Yeah, yeah," Trevor said.

"What'd you ask?"

"Have you ever had a blowjob in public?"


"Nah, I bet you ain't even had a blowjob in private," Trevor said. "Anyway, what puts me on the subject is this." Trevor pointed up a few rows to an empty spot. "I got one there once, and trust me little bro, it's one of the hottest things that could ever happen to you."

Joseph slouched. "Yeah?"

"Yeah, someday you'll know, Joe. You'll get some girl to get with you, and then you'll know how great sex is." Trevor put an arm around Joseph, and Joseph sagged from the weight of Trevor's muscles. "Listen here, bro, I got some advice for you. Don't worry about pleasin' the girl, you're not goin' to be able to, you're not big 'nough. No, you just worry about gettin' yourself off. If you're lucky, she'll get used to it and stay with you

"If you weren't so scrawny you could probably get a girl with tits like mine. Doubt it, though, you've always been scrawny."

Joseph glowered at his muscular brother as the lights dimmed in the theatre and the movie started. Sometimes, Joseph truly hated his brother, and it hurt him, because he really wanted to be like him. Joseph didn't want to be a virgin, he didn't want to be scrawny, and he wished desperately that he were as experienced at Trevor. He wasn't though, and chances were he never would be.

The two settled in to watch the movie. Trevor continued to brag through out at random points. Joseph tried hard to focus on the film, but he couldn't ignore what Trevor said. There had to be a way for him to prove himself his brother's equal, but he didn't know what it would be.

By the time the movie had ended Trevor had quit bragging, but Joseph hadn't forgotten his words. He still obsessed on how to prove his worth to Trevor, how to prove that he was a man like him. Somehow, he had to prove Trevor wrong, but he couldn't see a way.

It was late in the night and the weather was chill. The movie theatre was at a half way point between them. Joseph decided to stay the night with Trevor and they drove back to Trevor's apartment that he shared with his girlfriend, Mandy.

It was a small, one bed room place. Trevor unlocked the door and they were greeted by darkness. "I guess Mandy's asleep," Trevor said. He walked in and went to the fridge. "Wanna' beer?"

"No thanks," Joseph said. "I don't drink beers."

Trevor popped the beer lid off on the counter and took a swig. "You still drink those wine cooler things? You know those are for faggs, right?"

"I just don't like how beer tastes," Joseph said. He took a seat on the worn, thread-bare couch. Joseph had a much better job than Trevor and a much better apartment. Unfortunately, he was still single, and he was a huge nerd. Where Trevor had plenty of sports posters on the wall, Joseph had posters of Star Wars.

"Shit," Trevor said after he took another draft. He felt around on his pockets. "Oh, fuck, man!"


"I left my phone at the movie theatre. Shit, I can't believe I did that." Trevor rushed over and grabbed his keys. "I'll be back in forty-five minutes or so. Relax, kick your feet up."

"You want me to come with you?"

"Nah," Trevor said. "It's late. You just chill. Besides, you whine too much when I drive fast. It'll be quicker with out ya'. Just don't go in and try to get with my woman," Trevor said, and he gave a laugh. Joseph scowled as Trevor closed the door.

Joseph waited in the dark for a few minutes. He looked around the living room, which was completely pristine. Trevor's girlfriend, Mandy, was a bit of a neat freak and worked hard to pick up after Joseph's slovenly brother. He appreciated her hard work, and found that despite not having very much money, it truly did look like they did well.

After a few minutes alone in the darkness, Joseph heard stirring in from the bedroom. The door was open, but the room was in complete darkness. Joseph's stomach stirred with excitement, but he wasn't sure why. He stood and peered into the dark bedroom.

"Trevor? Is that you?" It was Mandy, Trevor's girlfriend. Her voice was strangely breathy at the time. Normally she had a some what far away stare and a vacant voice, like she was off somewhere, dreaming, but she sounded labored at that moment.

"Oh, am I glad you're home! I need you right now Trevor, I'm so fucking horny." She obviously had no idea that Joseph was there. Joseph shook a little bit from anxiousness and he didn't know what to do. His head told him to call out to her, but he was too embarrassed to do so. He looked around the house nervously.

Trevor was probably about halfway to the movie theatre by that point. What made it worse was that if Joseph told her it wasn't him, he was sure Trevor would come home and fuck her very loudly with out any shame. The thought of it filled Joseph with feelings of inferiority and shame.

"Get in here, damn it! I need you to fuck me!"

The word fuck had never sounded more erotic to Joseph. When Mandy said it Joseph imagined her in the bed, exposing herself to him. Mandy was a voluptuous woman with a far-off stare, large blue eyes, and full lips. Her breasts were massive, the biggest Joseph had ever seen, and her ribs tapered down to a surprisingly thin waist. Below that her hips flared out ridiculously, giving her a dramatic house-glass figure that many women envied.

The thought of her in bed, her legs spread and inviting, was too much for Joseph to resist. His cock reacted inside of his pants and a thrill shot through out him. It was then that he got his idea. He would prove to be Trevor's equal by fucking Mandy. No one else would know better how good Trevor really was, and in the darkness he was sure Mandy would never know.

It seemed like a crazy plan, but Joseph's body was hi-jacked by the images of himself plunged inside of her. The allure of a tight pussy and a hot body was too much for Joseph's fear of Trevor. It overwhelmed his fears completely, and he couldn't do anything but succumb. He had to act quickly though, other wise Trevor would walk in on them.

Joseph came into the bed room and closed the door behind him. Mandy gave a soft sigh. "Thank God you're here," she said. "My fingers aren't cutting it, baby. I need your big cock."

Joseph flinched. Trevor apparently had a big cock, and Joseph couldn't help but wonder how big his brother was. With effort, he shoved the thought to the side and began to undress. His clothes were left on a heap in the floor and he mounted the bed.

His heart was going crazy in his skinny little chest. Mandy rolled over under the blankets, presumably to face him. It was too dark for him to see her, but he felt her out, and one of his hands landed directly one of her big, spongy breasts.

Mandy quivered and sighed. "Don't worry about the foreplay, baby. I don't need it. Just stick it in me."

Joseph couldn't hear her, he didn't care. He fumbled with her enormous breasts, shocked by the feel of them. The only thing that got him to leave the huge, springy mound alone was his desire to fuck Mandy before Trevor got back. Besides, he figured Mandy would be able to figure out it wasn't him by their hands. Trevor had rough, bear-like hands, while Joseph had slender, bony claws.

Joseph felt lower and found her thigh. He tugged on it gently, and Mandy slid her legs open for him, giving him complete access to her vagina. A strong, musky smell filled Joseph's senses. He was surprised with how flexible she was, and was equally amazed by the heat that her crotch gave off.

Nervous, Joseph jerked his cock a few times to make sure it wasn't limp. He didn't have to. His cock was the hardest it had ever been, and was more sensitive than ever before. When he was sure he was ready, he lined up clumsily with where he assumed his cock should go.

"God ahead, baby, fuck me! Fuck me hard with your big cock," Mandy said.

Joseph required no further invitation. He pushed forward hard, expecting to penetrate her deepest parts. Instead, his cock slid across her slick labia and crashed through her pubic garden. It slid up along her body and ended up wedged between her heavy breasts. His shaft ran along her tight stomach, and his balls were nestled against her wet pussy.

"Oh my fucking God," Mandy said loudly, her voice filled with surprise. She scrambled beneath Joseph while shouting, "What in the hell is that?" Suddenly, the light came on.

It all happened so fast. Joseph winced at the lights, and then looked down. Mandy gaped at Joseph and his humongous prick. It stretched across her perfectly flat belly into the very bottom of her cavernous cleavage. Her pubic hair tickled his balls, which were now wet from her leaking juices.

In the light Joseph caught his first glimpse of a fully naked woman, and the sight was astounding. Mandy was undeniably attractive when fully clothed, but in the naked she was spectacularly. Her massive breasts were more than twice a handful and surprisingly firm. Her short torso was slender and gave way to a thick glade of curly, reddish hair that matched the hair on her head. Her long legs were wrapped around Joseph's waist, holding him in position.

The far-away look that Mandy normally had was gone. Instead, she was heavy-lidded, with sultry blue eyes. Her nose was cute and slightly up turned, and her full lips were parted in awe. The relaxation that normally marked her was removed. Instead, she seemed bewildered and awed at the same time.

The sight and sensations that Joseph experienced was too much for his virgin mind. His body pulsed with raw sexuality, and by the time he realized what was about to happen it was too late. His cock lurched, his balls contracted, and to his shame and his pleasure, he came. Thick rope of cum were jettisoned from his cock. Mandy was caught completely off guard, and barely got her eyes closed in time for his first wad to completely coat her face.

It was in rapid fire. Wave after wave of cum spurted out from him and landed on Mandy. It wasn't long before she was buried beneath heaps of his sperm. Her breasts, neck, face, the pillow she lay on, the head board; all of them were covered in a thick layer of fresh sperm. It amazed Mandy how much cum Joseph could produce, and she attributed it to his huge balls that were nestled against his ass.

When he was finished his cock pulsed lazily on her stomach. Joseph was out of breath and gasping. He leaned over her, his eyes closed, his body shaking. Mandy let out a breath and a bubble of cum formed around her lips. "My fucking God," she said breathlessly.

Joseph stared at her sperm soaked head. He had cum hard, much harder than ever before, and he was overcome by the pleasure he felt. The situation was just that damn erotic, and it was so erotic that Joseph remained hard. His cock was still hugely bloated and stiff.

Mandy slowly regained her senses. She wiped sperm from her eyes and face, and then stared, wide-eyed, and Joseph's fat horse cock. "This thing can't be real," she said. Gently, she cradled the crown and looked up at Joseph. "It's still hard, and you came so much. You can't be real."

Joseph wasn't sure how to react. He couldn't tell if Mandy was frightened or excited. All he knew at that point was that she hadn't hit him, screamed, or shoved at him, and he took that as a good sign.

"How...Just how big is this thing," Mandy asked. She slid her hands along his thick shaft, and when he stammered she grinned. "Don't worry, Joe, I'm not mad. I just NEED to know how big it is. I am..."

Joseph grunted. "I-It's about fifteen inches long."

"About?" Mandy gaped. "It's fifteen fucking inches long? Oh my God, I have to try this thing!"

Joseph jerked. The pleasure her touches gave him were unlike anything he'd ever experienced. "T-Try it?"

"Yes, I have to have it. You're huge, Joe, almost twice as big as your brother. I just have to know how it feels."

Suddenly, Joseph had second thoughts. It was all too easy. He stared down into her wide, loving eyes, and he couldn't help but feel guilty. "Have you ever cheated on Trevor before?"

"No," she said, and she seemed insulted by the idea. "No, no, of course not, I would never. This is different, Joe. In this instance, I am being presented with a once in a life time opportunity. No woman would be able to turn down something like this!"

Joseph couldn't help but grin, yet he felt shorted somehow. "I thought size didn't matter to women."

Mandy laughed throatily at what he said. "Well, the truth is complicated. In most situations size doesn't matter, but with something like what you've got it definitely does. You, Joe, have a horse cock, a certified pussy-breaker. For smaller boys, for average boys, it doesn't matter that much. We mostly say that because we want to control the sex and thus the relationship. If the truth were let out that big cocked studs like you were really in charge, you'd all use your big, swinging dicks to get whatever the hell you want!"

Joseph laughed incredulously. "You mean that, don't you?"

"Every word of it," Mandy said. "I would never lie in front of a fine piece of manhood such as yours." She smiled and looked at the alarm clock. "Now, before things go any further, where is Trevor anyway?"

"Back at the theatre, he left his cell phone there, but he's probably on his way back by now." Joseph said that nervously. Even if Joseph had a bigger cock, Trevor had the biggest biceps.

"Okay, then," Mandy said. "You go wait in the bathroom, and I'll meet you there once I clean up this mess." She smacked his thigh. "Come on, donkey dick, we haven't got much time."

Joseph, unsure of what to do, nodded mutely and obeyed.

Inside of the bathroom, Joseph waited nervously for Mandy. He had forgotten to grab his clothes, and was too afraid to leave the bathroom with out them. If Trevor came home he would skin Joseph and rip his cock right off.

He paced the small room, and as he did his big cock bounced off of his long legs. His feet were chilly from the tile. He shivered from the cold and anxiousness. Soon Mandy would be there he hoped, and he was excited for a chance to fuck her.

Mandy came into the room suddenly, with out any warning, and Joseph found himself blushing despite everything. His cock was limp by then, but it was still surprisingly large. It hung eight and a half inches down his leg, and his balls were about half way down. They were still burdened by sperm.

"Hot damn," Mandy said as she eyed his crotch. "I just cannot get over how big it is."

"Thank you," Joseph said, but it sounded like a question.

"You're very, very welcome," Mandy said. She looked him in the eye and smiled confidently. She still didn't possess the same airiness of her usual self. "So, how do you want to start?"

Joseph felt hot around his ears. "Well, I...I've never...You know..."

"You're a virgin," Mandy asked with a gasp. "I didn't know they made that model anymore. It's a joke, Joe, calm down. It's okay that you're a virgin, it just means I'll have to teach you about sex."

"Really?" Joseph was excited by that idea, but he felt uncomfortable when she smiled at him. "What?"

"Nothing," Mandy said offhandedly. "You're just cute is all. Okay, now where would you LIKE to start with?" She cast her gaze at Joseph's cock. From the look in her eyes, Joseph could tell she really wanted it.

"Well," he said nervously. "Maybe you could show me what a blowjob feels like?"

Mandy chuckled. "So, you're telling me you want a blowjob?"

"Well, yeah, if you wouldn't mind..."

"No, no, no, Joseph! That's not how you say it." She sat on the toilet defiantly and stared at him. "You don't ask, you don't hope, and you sure as hell don't stammer. Look at that big, fat horse cock! You're a man, so you demand things like a man!"

Joseph frowned. "But...I always thought girls liked nice guys."

"We like control, and when it comes to guy, boys, really, who have normal cocks, that's what we want. But with you...With your size...It makes me feel dainty and weak." She began to breath heavily while staring at his cock. Her face flushed. "It makes me want to obey you! But when you stammer, it ruins it for me. So, be a real man and tell me what to do!"

Joseph groused. "Fine, fine...Suck on my cock now." Joseph said it, but his tone was not invested at all.

Mandy scoffed. "You call that manly? Please."

Joseph gritted his teeth. If they didn't hurry Trevor would be home in the middle of it. It wouldn't take him long to find a cell phone, so they didn't have time for Mandy's silly little game. If she was going to do it, then she should just do it.

"Do it now!"

"Not good enough," she said. She crossed her arms over her chest, which caused her breasts to bulge over her forearm and her cleavage to deepen.

Steadily, Joseph's temper increased. He wanted to fuck her terribly, and he wanted to do it before Trevor got home, but she was too spoiled to just go along with it. The dam burst, and he grabbed her firmly by the head with both hands and pulled her head into his crotch. Mandy gasped at his ferocity and pushed weakly on his hips.

"What in the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I'm done asking," Joseph shouted harshly, "Now I am telling. Suck my cock, bitch!" He ground her face into his balls. His pubic hairs chaffed her nose and cheeks, and his big cock smacked against her chin and neck.

With effort, Mandy pulled her face free. She looked down at his big cock, the head of which plunged into her cleavage. Then she looked up at Joseph and smiled. "Spoken like a true man," she said adoringly, ands he took hold of his cock and stroked it gently. Slowly, it grew in her hand, pulsing and twisting into shape. "That's how I wanted it from the beginning.

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