tagIncest/TabooWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 06

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 06


Chapter Six: Cleanliness

Meg Cooler was a proud Canadian girl. She was attractive, free-spirited, and nurturing. Her hair was naturally dark, just a few shades shy of black, and she had stunning almond shaped, hazel eyes. Her chin ended at an attractive point and her lips were full and pink. Her nose was cute and small, and her skin was very fair.

She also had an amazing body which she kept fit with secret exercises in the night. Her frame was short and slender, with wide-hips. She was a true hour-glass. This meant despite her slender waist, she had enough butt and breasts to draw attention, especially with C-cups on a 5'3" frame.

Despite being so attractive, Meg dressed down. She was more comfortable in dark colours that hid her away. She was just one of those types who didn't really want the attention, and she frequently did things to go against societies standards. She liked unpopular music, she only watched independent movies, and she dated and over-weight kid with dreads. Anything that was popular wasn't cool to her, it was conformist crap.

One of the things she advocated against most was the rumour that size mattered. She didn't believe that a big penis made a good lover. Sex with her boyfriend was completely satisfactory for her; that is what she told herself. She even convinced herself that an orgasm was not necessary for the sex to be good. The important part was that she was with the one she loved.

One major event changed her life and her perspective on sex forever...

It happened in the autumn. Meg had come home around eight p.m. after an uneventful day spent with her boyfriend. They had made love, but she didn't orgasm, as usual. The only thing it had managed to do to her was leave a strange itch in her pussy that he couldn't scratch.

Sex aside, Meg was very happy with her relationship. Her boyfriend was a good guy and he treated her well. He actually appreciated her love for the fringe culture, and that was enough for her. Most people, like her annoying little brother for example, thought that Meg was a self-centered elitist, but her boyfriend understood her.

She came through the front door and rushed to her room. Even though she was a twenty-year-old woman, she still lived at home. It was cheaper than living in a dormitory or on her own because living with her parents was rent free. Besides, she got along with her parents. The only thing that bothered her was her younger brother.

Her brother, who was eighteen and in his last year of High School, was a giant pain in her ass, he was a slob and a know-it-all, and he was constantly in her business. Ever since they were young he would just talk and talk about things that no one cared about, or he would spy on her and harass her with he learned. He tattled on her until he was sixteen, and he only stopped because she literally beat him over it. Needless to say, the two of them were always at odds.

To get to her room she had to cross the living room, down a hall, and down into the basement. On the way she had to pass her brother's room, and the thought left her nauseated. It was normal for him to keep dirty silverware and dishes in his bedroom for weeks at a time. His dirty clothes sometimes piled up for weeks, and one time when she was looking for her calculator she found pornography and stained rags. After she saw that, she didn't even want her calculator back.

When she passed by his room his door was open. She walked by, ready to be recoiled by whatever she saw, and when she glanced in she froze in place. Something inside of his room caught her attention. She looked in and went wide-eyed.

Chris, her brother, had left the door open, and he was in bed. At some point, he had pulled his dick out and he left it out. It stood out from his pale, skinny little body, and Meg was shocked.

Chris had always been a scrawny kid. From childhood to adulthood, he was all skin and bone. His hair was always a brown mess, and to her he just looked downright small, almost feminine. In fact, she almost thought he appeared like a boy version of her and thanks to those boyish looked and slight frame, he looked more like he was fourteen rather than eighteen.

His penis was very different though. It was long and incredibly thick. Even from outside of the room, she could tell that it was longer than any boy she had dated by at least four or five inches, and it was at least twice as thick. Veins were laced around it too, supplying the bulbous thing with the blood it needed to stay alive.

She squeaked and nearly ran away, but then she noticed the slow movements of Chris' chest. He had fallen asleep with his cock out and the door open.

Meg glanced down the hall cautiously and saw no one. She figured what the heck; it wouldn't hurt anyone for her to look, and entered hi room. The closer the got, the more interested she became. Increasing with her interest was an acrid smell. It was like the room was rotting.

She looked around and, as usual, was disgusted. Piles of dishes and clothes were strewn about the room, but that was not what stunk so badly. No, it wasn't either of those. It was her little brother, specifically, his impressive cock.

At the edge of the bed she covered her nose. There were no visible signs of dirt of his cock, but it was obviously very unclean. It smelled like sweaty balls times itself ten times, and she assumed it hadn't been washed in a while. The smell was absolutely atrocious.

"What a waste on a disgusting kid like him," she thought, and then she reminded herself that a big cock like his wasn't a blessing, but she couldn't completely convince herself that it was a curse, either.

Even though she was convinced his cock wasn't anything special, she was curious about it. Unfortunately for her, the smell was too horrible for her to examine it thoroughly, so she would have to solve that pNeillem. She ran to the bathroom and brought back a wet washcloth. With the cloth in hand, she dropped next to the bed and covered her nose.

The smell was even more awful up close. It nearly made her cry, but she persisted. No matter what, she was determined to inspect her brother's cock, and she was ready for the worst. "Once it's clean, I won't have anymore pNeillems looking the huge thing over," she thought with a cute little grin.

As gently as she could Meg ran the washcloth along her brother's big cock. She made sure to be gentle so as not to wake him, yet firm enough to get him clean. It was strange enough for her to want to see his cock, but it was be impossible for her to explain it properly to him.

"Not that he would be able to complain," she thought. "He's the door open with his cock out. That's strange enough in itself!"

The rigidity of his cock surprised her. It was harder than any other penis she had ever felt, and it grew harder when she started to wash it, and that was the biggest surprise of her life. She had thought Chris' cock was fully erect, but she realized then that it was only half-hard. Once she started to clean it, it continued to puff up to full brilliance.

She washed without prejudice. Slowly, she ran the rag along his shaft as the veins puffed up. They were like a thick weave of webs, with each vein filled with blood to power his cock. It worked, as it was the hardest cock Meg had ever seen or felt.

"No," she thought, "My brother's cock is the only cock I've seen or felt. All of the others were penises, small, insignificant penises." She caught herself again and was ashamed.

For whatever reason, she was lost in a strange sort of worship for her brother's big, pulsating cock. It was fully erect then and longer than any of her past boyfriends. The head was thick, bloated, and red, and it was hard as a rubber ball, and the whole thing gave of incredible amounts of heat. She was truly astonished by what he had to offer.

Gingerly as she could, she curled the rag along his glans. His cock jerked but nothing else happened. The sensitive flesh underneath his crown was the most disgusting part, so she absolutely had to wash it, but she had to be careful. While it was the dirtiest point, it was also the most sensitive, and if anything woke her brother that would.

When she was finished she ran the rag along his shaft one more time, just to make sure it was clean. Then she grasped the head and threw the rag to the side. His cock gleamed. It was finally clean and fully erect, with thick, bloated veins and a fat, red crown.

"This cock might even be as big as my forearm," she thought.

She stared in awe. It stood extremely rigid, firmer than any penis she knew, and that is what made it a cock. It wasn't just his length and his girth, both of which were equally impressive, but it was how hard his huge cock was. That amazed her the most.

Something strange happened to her as she stared at his huge cock. She became dazed and lost herself in the sight. All she could do was stare at his immense size. She wagered it was at least ten inches long, if not significantly more. "...Ah, I need to know how big it is!"

Meg searched his room for a ruler, and then she held it against his cock, along the top of it to measure it. She gasped once she found the length. It measured 30.5 cm long. Her hands shook.

She measured across the cock. It measured 12.7 cm across, which, if she did her math correctly, meant he was about 25.4 cm around. Meg gaped in shock over the sheer size of Chris' cock. It was an official pussy breaker.

Though Meg claimed not to be interested in size, she couldn't deny her arousal. She chalked it up to the taboo of the situation though, and then continued to cradle her brother's big horse cock reverentially. It was so warm, so firm, and so big, she just had to hold it.

Gently as she could, she ran her fingers along the puffy veins of his cock. The pulsed with blood, fueling his monstrous cock and keeping it erect. That gently touch soon turned her clutching him with both hands, and she found that Chris was so thick that her fingers couldn't touch. Her pussy practically drooled.

She held him for at least ten minutes. Over that time her hold turned to a gentle massage, and shortly after that she was jerking her scrawny younger brother's humungous horse cock off. When she realized what she was doing she was shocked, but she didn't stop. She was fascinated by his cock. It was so long, so thick, and so warm, and she felt compelled to service him. She thought, "Who knew a horse cock could do that to a girl?"

She stared at the bulbous crown of his cock. It grew even redder as more blood surged into his bloated beast. She found that it was growing even harder in her grasp. "Wow, if it gets any harder it could break a bone," she thought with a grin. She almost felt like she liked his cock, and felt it was unfortunate that it was attached to her younger brother. He was a little shit, and yet he was blessed with such a big cock. "If only Neil had one like this," she thought cynically.

Luck didn't appear to be on her side though, so she made due with what she had and continued to jerk off her little brother's gigantic cock. It felt nice to jerk him off, like it was natural. "His big cock deserves this," she decided. To her the size and color of it made it look like it was about to burst. She felt like she had to relieve it, because it deserved relief. It was so huge that it deserved anything it wanted.

It was fully erect and pulsating in her hand. Meg stared at his bright, puffy tip, and down his slightly curved shaft. Thick veins ran along it, giving it a look of power. She chuckled to herself as she pondered if he could stay awake with such a beastly erection. "It's pNeilably whys he sleeps so much."

She drew closer to his massive cock to inspect the thick veins. They fascinated her the most at that moment. The way they bulged in an effort to keep his huge cock full of the blood it needed to stay so wonderfully hard and big. With out his veins Chris would just have a big, floppy noodle that slapped against his legs. It was truly thanks to those veins that he was so big and virile looking down there. "It's thanks to his thick, bulging veins that he has such a big, bulging cock."

To gauge his length in comparison to her boyfriend's she put both hands on him. Even though her hands were small, it gave her a perfect perspective of how big her younger brother's cock really was. When she held Neil's penis, his small, little penis, she eclipsed the better part of its length. Chris, on the other hand, only looked even bigger when compared to her small little hands. His huge cock dwarfed her tiny fingers.

She got closer and examined his cock, amazed by how big and bloated it was. "I wonder if I could handle something like this," she thought. "Not that I would want to try. I have a boyfriend, and this is my brother's penis." She smiled. "I mean, it's my brother's big, huge horse cock."

Then she started to ask herself why she was doing what she was. "I mean, this is Chris' cock we're talking about here. Why should I be jerking him off?" She stared at his bloated cock, and was amazed by how big it was. "Well, it is my fault it's all hard, and it wouldn't be right of me to make his cock so big and hard and then not release the pressure that I built up in it. After all, it must hurt to have so much blood inside of there and to get so big."

"So why did I make it hard in the first place? Did I do it because it's so big?" She shook her head in denial. "No, no, big cocks don't interest me. Love is what is most important, and cock size doesn't matter to me at all." As she thought, she continued to jerk him slowly, absent-mindedly. "The only reason that he got hard was because his cock was dirty, and I had to wash it. If I didn't, then his glorious cock would stink, and it deserves better treatment than that. It is beautiful, and it should be washed everyday." She smiled down at his bulging cock and thought, "Chris doesn't take care of this massive thing, so I had to do it for him."

When Meg stopped thinking she realized how close she was to his cock. She could feel the heat of his cock on her face. This heat was refreshing and very different from her boyfriend's heat. Her boyfriend's small penis couldn't warm her face like Chris' humongous horse cock did. His cock was like a furnace, and the warmth felt amazing on her hands and face. She loved the heat it gave off.

Up close it looked even bigger, and Meg couldn't think clearly anymore. The size of Chris' cock perplexed her. At some point in her astonishment Meg opened her mouth, and she sucked the fat cock head inside. Her jaw strained, and there wasn't much room left for anything else, but Meg wasn't concern with that. Instead, she was amazed by how natural it felt to have Chris' cock in her mouth.

Normally Meg hated to suck on penises, but she sucked on Chris' cock enthusiastically. She figured it was because Chris didn't have a penis. Instead, he had a huge horse cock, and she thought, "It is only natural for girls to submissively suck on a huge horse cock, because horse cocks make girls want to do things like that. They're so long and thick, they deserve that sort of treatment. Kind of like how they deserve to be washed or held. It's just normal."

Meg continued to labor over his huge cock, and to her surprise she loved every second of it. It felt invigorating to stuff her mouth full of her brother's humongous cock. While she suckled on his gigantic cock head, she also massaged his bloated shaft. The crown of his cock was just as firm and powerful as the rest of his cock, and the astounding rigidity of his outstanding manhood made it all the more arousing for her.

Meg was so aroused that she was wet just from sucking him off. Sucking off her brother's huge cock fulfilled her just as much as sex with her boyfriend ever did. "Actually, this might even be better than sex," she thought. The more she considered it, the more she decided sucking Chris' cock was definitely better than sex. It made her feel like she was spending her time productively.

Chris twitched in his sleep. Though he wasn't awake, Meg could tell from the motions of his hips that he enjoyed the blowjob. His pleasure wasn't important to her, but she did take note of it, because if Chris appreciated her efforts that his cock most certainly did as well.

She sucked fervidly on him, and his cock bulged and strained further. The veins puffed further, and Meg knew what was coming. She could feel his sperm surge through his gargantuan shaft, but she didn't let go. "A huge horse cock like Chris' deserves to have it's cum swallowed."

Chris' huge balls had a reserve ready for her, and her cheeks bulged on his first shot. She was caught so off guard that she fell away from his erupting cock, coughing and choking from his explosion. What she had caught in her mouth she struggled to swallow. It was incredibly thick, and he came more than her boyfriend had in their few months together in just one wad.

Chris continued to fire round after round of thick cum into the air. It flew high and then rained down on the both of them. Chris' slender stomach caught most of his semen. The rest of it landed on Meg, who happily accepted the creamy gift. She even opened her mouth to eat more of it.

Normally Meg found the taste and texture of sperm disgusting. It was a bland and disgusting goo that didn't suit her palette at all. Again, Chris surprised and surpassed her every expectation. His cum didn't taste any different than she suspected, but the thickness and richness of it made swallowing more than just bearable. Meg enjoyed his sperm and swallowed it happily, as a sort of worship for her brother.

Chris continued to shoot for roughly a minute, until his big balls were completely empty. By that time Meg was back to his cock and was cleaning it with her little, pink tongue. Some of his cum had pooled around his gargantuan balls, and she happily licked it off of his two, avocado sized testicles.

Chris groaned and stretched. At first he sat up with a lazy grin because the load he just shot was the best load of his life. Then he froze and stared at his sister, who was hurriedly sucking sperm from his belly.

"A-Meg," he squeaked in a comically high-pitched voice.

She looked up at him and hesitated. She still had his huge cock in her hands, and she had her tongue still on his slender belly. The sight caused his cock to surge back to life. Even then, Meg found his horse cock magnificent. She absolutely adored the big thing.

"Um, wh-what are you doing down there?"

Angrily, Meg released his cock, which stood proudly, and she stood. After smoothing her hair for a moment, she stared down at him. "What am I doing," she snapped. "What the hell are you doing not washing that thing! I could smell it from the hall!" From the floor she scooped up the wash cloth and chucked it at him. "You need to keep that monster clean, and since I obviously can't trust you to do it, I'll do it myself!"


Koto's Commentary: "And so we have a story of intense worship of her younger brother's...endowments. How will the next chapter turn out? Has he learned his lesson? Will she continue to wash him? Find out next time on...Why Girls Like Horses."

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