tagIncest/TabooWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 07

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 07


Chapter Seven: Cleanliness, the Second Story

Chris lounged on the couch with his head back. His skinny little legs were spread wide, and he reclined his head in his hands. He had a big smile on his face. He looked almost like a king. At that moment, he felt like one, too.

His parents weren't home, and so he was in the living room without his pants on. That was a thrill in itself, and the lack of underwear made it even hotter. He couldn't wear underwear though because it would get in the way of his sister's work. You see, his sister was between his legs with his cock deep in her throat.

It had been two weeks since the first blowjob. At first Chris was too embarrassed to talk to her about it. He thought it was some kind of ridiculous joke. The day after though Meg came to wash his cock, and that is when he knew it wasn't a joke. So he went along with it, and he took advantage of the prime opportunity. After all, his sister was quite the looker.

So he went to her whenever he wanted to get off. She gave him blowjobs whenever he asked, and with each blowjob she got better and better. It surprised him how much Meg seemed to love his cock.

He always knew that he was big down there. The kids at school never let him forget. In the locker room they would call him all sorts of names, mostly in jest. He just didn't know that his cock would have such an effect on a woman. After that first time Meg turned into his blowjob slave.

Meg liked his cock so much that she would come to him if he didn't go to her. Every day, sometimes even two or three times a day, she found him and sucked him off. It was always under the same ruse. "I'm here to clean your cock, because I know you won't do it yourself." Chris knew it was a lie and that she really just liked to suck him off, but he didn't say anything to make her angry.

Every time she sucked him off she would pull his cock out and jerk him until he was hard. Then she rubbed it along her cheek and talked about how big it was. She would say how thick it was, how hard it was, and she never pleasured him without singing those praises. Sometimes Chris found the whole thing a bit scary, but he was always too aroused to say anything.

On that day he got his first blowjob of the day after school. With his parents gone he felt gutsy, so he demanded that she blow him in the living room. By that time Meg had grown so obedient that she posed no opposition. She was just eager to see his cock again.

The dynamic of their relationship was forever changed. Chris was normally a pain in Meg's ass. He always harassed her and annoyed her, but after the blowjobs started she had much more patience for him. Chris no longer felt the need to tease his sister, and even when he did, Meg put up with it. "Maybe it was sexual tension all these years," Chris thought, but he knew that he would never know the truth.

Meg was getting into sucking him off, and she took him very deep. Due to his size she still couldn't quite manage half, but Chris was astonished that she could take him into her throat at all. Judging from how much effort she put into it, Chris figured it was a major strain on her, but she really seemed to love it. Since it was her choice, Chris just sat back to enjoy it.

Chris loved how velvety Meg's throat felt, and he also appreciated the warmth of her mouth. The way she swirled her tongue so expertly was nice, too. For a long while Chris had always suspected that Meg knew how to give head, and he was right on. Based off of the way she gave blowjobs, Chris assumed that Meg was the kind of lover that would blow his mind.

Meg was really getting into the blowjob. She was noisy and lewd, and she kept looking up at him with her big, hazel eyes, as if to ask if he was enjoying himself. Then the front door opened, and his mother called into the living room. "I'm home," she said as she hung her coat up by the entrance.

Chris jerked nervously. His mother had her back turned to them and was trying to get the snow off of her coat at the time. "Get up here," Chris said hurriedly to his sister. She crawled up onto the couch, still between Chris's legs. He grabbed a blanket from the back of the couch and threw it over them. He kept his legs up to create a canopy and hide Meg. Then he turned on the television and pretended to be lounging and watching T.V.

His mother came into the living room and stood by the couch, completely unaware of the incestuous blowjob that had been taking place. "Hey there, little man. How was school today?"

Chris shrugged and tried his best to act casual. He was still afraid that she would notice the slight bulge of Meg's head against the blanket. Covertly as he could, he reached under the blanket and pushed her down further on his cock.

That was a huge mistake. As a result Meg was forced to take him deeper than she ever had before. Half of his gargantuan cock was buried deep into her tiny throat. She gurgled around it, struggling for air. Even more unfortunate was that the pleasure it gave Chris was outstanding. His orgasm came swiftly, and he literally shot off down Meg's throat, which choked her even more.

Oblivious, Chris's mother looked around the house. "What in the world is that sound? Could it be the heater...Maybe I should have your father take a look at it when he gets home."

Lost in euphoria, Chris struggled to stay focused. He was lucky that his mother was preoccupied, because it was obvious what was going on if she was paying attention. He jerked and thrashed silently, and once finished he was completely out of breath. "I think it was on the commercial, mom."

"Maybe," she said with a shrug. "Don't waste all day watching television, Chris. I want your homework done tonight, mister. I don't care if it is a Friday. Now, I'm going for a bath. I'll talk to you later."

Once she was gone Chris lifted the blanket to check on his sister. Meg was covered in a huge wad of cum that was all over her face, neck, and shirt. She held his cock reverently, with a look of awe on her face. When the light hit her she cast a wroth gaze at Chris.

"You get to my bedroom right now!"

"What," Chris asked, and he was ashamed to note that his voice cracked with fear as he spoke.

Meg either didn't notice or didn't care. She licked at his cock lovingly while still glaring daggers at him. "I said for you to get to my fucking bedroom right now!" Then she looked at his cock with a strange satisfaction. Despite her sheer lunacy, Chris couldn't keep from hardening again.

Chris leapt up and rushed down to Meg's room as soon as he put his cock away. Behind him he heard Meg's small feet keeping pace. He ran into her room and turned around just in time to have her heave into him. Their lips collided forcefully, and they kiss for the first time. It was electric. Chris could taste himself on her tongue, but he was too aroused to stop her. Instead he grasped by tightly in his arms and pulled her close.

"Take off your fucking clothes, Meg said once they broke their kiss. Then she locked the door quickly. Chris undid his jeans and dropped them to the floor. Then he pulled of his shirt, revealing his scrawny chest.

"What's...What's happening?"

"You are going to fuck me with that big horse cock of yours." Meg pulled her sweater and jeans off, leaving her only in a matching black panty and bra set. Her breasts looked huge on her slender frame, and Chris loved that.

There were other things about Meg to appreciate. She had large hazel eyes, full pink lips, and flawless skin. Her long, dark hair framed her heart-shaped face, and she had a body to kill for. Her stomach was so toned that each of her labored breathes showed her flexing abs. From there her feminine hips flared out. She had a perfect hourglass.

Even after blowing such a huge load Chris was already at his full, thirty centimeter fury. He was ready to stuff himself into her and unload another copious load into his beautiful sister, but only after he enjoyed her beautiful body.

He reached down and jerked on his rigid cock. All of his blood rushed from his head and was lost to his organ. His freewill was lost to it as well. His cock desperately wanted to fuck Meg and nothing in the world would stop him. There was no taboo strong enough that could halt him. He was going to fuck his sister, and he was going to fuck her hard.

"Okay, get into the bed and..." Meg didn't even get to finish her thought. Overcome by testosterone and driven by his sister's beauty, Chris rushed her. He pinned her tight against the wall and pulled her legs apart. She was heavier than he thought she would be, but he wedged her firmly against the wall to hold her.

"Chris, what are you doing?"

"You wanted this," Chris said harshly. "I'm giving it!" He thrust his cock at her roughly. It slid up along her taught stomach and left a trail of thick cum on her.

Chris pulled back and repositioned himself. Then he buried himself into her with one powerful thrust. She was so tight that he felt like she would break at first. Obviously her boyfriend, as nice as he was, paled in comparison to Chris's endowments. So when he was buried inside of her she wailed shrilly and began to cry.

Her body was tense as Chris held her. She panted heavily and winced in pain. "Oh, God, Chris, you're so fucking thick!" Her voice cracked. It was obvious to Chris that he was hurting her. He had stretched her wider than she was ready for, and she could barely handle him.

Though he knew she was in pain, Chris didn't stop. He didn't think that he could. He just kept thrusting into her as hard as he could, and despite her obvious pain, Meg's body came to accommodate him. She became more slippery and more relaxed over time.

He held her tightly, his fingers digging into her round ass. His mind was blank save for his desire to fuck her. He grunted into her mess of hair, and he whispered to her lewdly. "I'm going to fuck you so deeply and touch places you've never been touched. I'm going to stretch you, Meg, stretch you until you suit my huge cock." As he said this his cock slid in a bit further than before, and Chris realized the key to pleasuring Meg. All he had to do was remind her of what only he could give her.

Meg's expression softened considerably, though it was still somewhat strained. Chris slid a bit further into her before he met with resistance. He was opening new territory in her, widening her and spreading her for his future use, and he decided to let her know that in detail.

"Do you know what I'm doing to you, Meg? I'm reshaping you; making you fit my new cock." His voice cracked as he wedged himself even deeper. Less than half of his bulbous cock were buried in her, and they were the thickest, most defining centimeters of her life.

Meg winced and wrapped her arms around him. With surprising strength, she buried his face into her breasts. He found that her breasts, while perfect, were firm yet yielding and her rosy little nipples slid across her face. Aroused, Chris groaned passionately into her cleavage. Half of his manhood slid into her, and he looked up to find her crying.

"Oh, fuck! Chris...Chris, it hurts."

"Trust me, Meg, that pain is only momentary. I promise that it won't last much longer, and that you'll come to think that my cock is the best thing you've ever felt in your life. Just bare with me and..."

Meg winced as Chris drove up deeper into her, and then she smiled. "Oh, shut up, Chris! I believe you. Now fuck me, fuck me with that big horse cock of yours. Reshape me and make me yours!"

Chris grinned. "Of course, I'll make you my woman!" He buried his manhood into her and held firmly in place. Twenty-two centimeters of wrist thick cock was inside of her tiny snatch. He could feel her slowly relaxing around his rigid meat, and that sensation was her slowly coming to accept him and his horse cock. He was making her belong to him.

Meg groaned loudly and closed her eyes tight. Chris could see her struggling between great pain and burgeoning pleasure. He couldn't stand to see her suffer so much, and so he gave her soft, loving kisses along her chest and neck. Then he kissed her jaw and whispered into her ear again. "You're tight, Meg, you're so amazingly tight.

"No, you're just incredibly fucking huge. Your horse cock is...It is...God; your horse cock is stretching me out, Chris! I won't even be able to feel Rob anymore."

Chris grinned and said, "That's the whole point, Meg. From this day forward you're mine now." He withdrew and found that his cock was sliding out more easily than ever. Meg had been wet to start with, but not nearly wet enough for what they were doing. Now her warm cunt was sopping and stretched out, and it felt warm and inviting to his cock. It felt even better than her mouth. Meg was Chris's first, and while he doubted that all pussies felt as tight and velvety as his sister's, he did finally understand why men trolled for pussy all the time. It felt amazing!

The pace of their fucking increased, and soon they were ramming against the door loudly. The most Meg could take was twenty-two centimeters, and by that point she was no longer in pain. She had curled her legs around his scrawny waist and pulled him in forcefully each time she could. The harder he pounded her, the louder she wailed.

Chris couldn't hold them up. They slid from the door and Chris fell down on top of his sister. His dick went in with extra force, buried in to the depths of Meg's body. She rocked back against him and her back arched while she screamed loudly. Her womanhood gasped him so tightly that he could hardly move at all, but he continued to pound her with all of his might.

They fucked like animals for a long while. Chris had developed an impressive rhythm and quickly found how to swivel just right to bring Meg orgasms. She climaxed relentlessly on his huge cock. It was like her lips were constantly gripping him and massaging him while she screamed out her orgasms. It felt perfect, with just enough silken friction to bring him pleasure.

Bring him pleasure she did. Chris bucked forward one last time and buried himself twenty-two centimeters in. Meg wrapped herself around him again as her face came to life. Her eyes bulged and her mouth gaped as she howled. They both shook together.

Chris arched his back, his head craning back far. His eyes twitched while the rest of his expression was completely blank. His breathing was labored, and he shook all over. Pleasure erupted from the depths of his stomach, rolling all over him. His balls tightened quickly, and he unloaded the most powerful orgasm of his life deep into his older sister's ruined twat.

Sperm surged through his bloated shaft and filled her insides. It was very thick and incredibly copious. Chris could barely see straight. His body was so tense that it almost ached, the pleasure was so intense. Even with such a powerful orgasm just thirty minutes earlier, Chris produced an astonishing load. Even as he cum, he almost feared sperm would run out of her eyes and mouth if he kept going.

He couldn't stop coming. His whole body felt like a giant nerve ending and the sensations he felt were completely euphoric. He lost himself in it and felt things he never knew he could felt. His cock kept pumping more and more into her, pulsing inside as one spurt of scalding cum after another was released into her. Meg seemed to cum again just from his twitching cock.

When his orgasm finally subsided he slid out of her and fell next to her. Sperm bubbled out from her stretched vagina, but Meg paid it no mind. She just lay panting, and Chris lay next to her, equally winded.

They were quiet for a long while, and then Meg fell into a fit of loud, joyous laughter. Chris, shaken by her sudden outburst, looked at her nervously, but she kept rolling on the floor, laughing. Sperm continued to seep out of her worn pussy, but she didn't seem to care, even as his thick load settled on the carpet.

"Meg, are you...Uh, are you okay?" Even as her face turned red from her wild laughter, Chris found her genuinely beautiful and erotic.

Meg wiped tears from her eyes and gave him a big, beautiful smile. "Oh, Chris, yes, I'm okay. Actually, I'm better than okay. I'm absolutely wonderful!" She settled at his side, smiling up at the ceiling. "I'm a bit sore down there but, fuck...I'm great!"

Chris looked bewildered. He struggled to sit up and rest on his arm. His slimy cock fell from his thigh onto the carpet. It still gleamed from her juices.

"You have a truly amazing cock, Chris."

Chris grinned and fell onto his back again. "Thanks."

"No, I really mean it, Chris. I love your cock, I think it's glorious." Meg sat up and looked Chris in the eyes. She was intensely serious as she spoke. "You have no idea how lucky you are to be hung like a stud."

"If I'm such a stud then why were you laughing earlier?"

Meg's expression softened, and she giggled. Normally Chris thought she was a bit of a tomboy, but she seemed extremely girlish at that moment. "I was laughing because that was the best fuck of my life. I had always told myself that big cocks weren't important. It was about love, that was what made sex important, that is what I used to think. Then I saw your cock out one day, and I couldn't resist. It was just so powerful, so beautiful, so amazing, and now I know the truth. Horse hung studs like you are way better than their counterparts." Meg looked Chris in the eyes. "Really, Chris, you were amazing. Thank you."

Chris didn't know how to react, so he laughed. He was glad that it was good, because he certainly wanted it to happen again. "Okay, let's get cleaned up."

Meg and Chris's parents were oblivious that Saturday as they watched television in the living room. They were completely uncaring of what their kids did to keep themselves busy. If asked, they had some notion of what their children would be doing, but the truth of the matter would have startled them.

While they watched television in the living room, Meg was bent over the oven. She was dressed in bright colours, a tight blue blouse from which her sizable breasts had sprung. She wore no bra because Chris didn't have enough dexterity to get them off.

Her black skirt was hiked up over her heart-shaped rear, and she wore no panties either. On days off from school she never wore panties, because they just got in the way when Chris called on her, and he called on her quite often.

Chris thrust hard into her, driving twenty-two centimeters into her slender frame. He had grown a bit more muscular over the past weeks, and his body tensed as he drilled his sister. He grunted, but kept his voice down so as not to rouse his parents, and emptied himself inside of Meg, who had a string of powerful orgasms as his cock pulsated inside of her.

That was one of her favorite parts about sex with Chris. She loved how his massive cock pulsated because it tickled her insides. Normally she came two or three times each time they fucked, but she really lost control when his cock pulsed inside of her. Each and every time they fucked his erupting cock always sent her over the edge and gave her the most powerful orgasm of the session. She figured it was because his cock was so big that when it twitched it hit all sides of her pussy.

The frequency of her sex with Chris had made her relationship with Rob nearly impossible. She didn't officially break up with him, but at that point she hadn't seen him or spoken to him in a month. It was a struggle to keep up with Chris's bottomless sexual appetite, but it was a struggle that she gladly took up.

Being with Chris made Meg feel very feminine, and Meg liked that. His big cock was perfectly suited for her tiny pussy, she decided. "Not only are horse cock superior to penises, they change lives, too," she thought as Chris released the last bit of his sperm into her. "I know that Chris was a revelation for me. After he was done with me, well...I think I'm happier now," she thought in reference to her new outfits. She liked to dress up for Chris, and she craved his approval.

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