tagInterracial LoveWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 11

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 11


Chapter Eleven: Extra-Large

"So, Kelsi, tell me honestly: does size matter?"

Kelsi looked her boyfriend quizzically. He was a very handsome young man, with curly blonde hair, a square jaw, and dark blue eyes. His body was tight and muscular, and his penis was nice and sizable. She figured that he was about seven inches long and thick enough to stretch her a bit.

"Not really," Kelsi said, and she kissed him on the cheek. "Sex is sex, baby. The size of a guy's penis doesn't really change it much. It's mostly about love, and a little bit about lasting time." She laughed. "You've got nothing to worry about."

"So, you're telling me that sex would be the same if I had a huge nine incher or something?"

Kelsi felt a strange tingle in her pussy and her face flushed a bit. "No, that's not what I'm saying. Honestly, that would scare me quite a bit. Penises THAT big are pretty much disgusting."

"So, you're saying that size DOES matter?"

"Well, no, they don't, so I guess I would still fuck you if you had a nine inch penis. My pussy would be all sorts of broken by it."

"Okay," he said curiously. "But you always say that Ray has a small dick."

"That's because I don't like him."

"See, right there, that's what confuses me about this issue."

"What in the world are you talking about, Brian?"

"If size doesn't matter then why do you say that someone you don't like has a small penis? It's like if you're not homophobic, but you call people or things that you don't like are gay. It's contradictory."

Kelsi sighed. "Babe, you're thinking on this a little too much."

He shrugged. "Maybe I am, but I think it's kind of annoying. Anyway, my parents won't be home for a few hours, and we have the house to ourselves. Do you want to go fuck?"

"Of course," Kelsi said with a raunchy smile. "I can't wait to get your big dick inside of me."

Brian grinned and took her hand. "So, there you go again with the contradictions."

Once they were in Brian's bed room Kelsi shoved him down on the bed and undid her blouse. "Brian, just shut up and fuck me!"

Kelsi had always told her boyfriend that she preferred normal cocks to huge one. It was something she said to every guy. "Big penises scare me," was something of a manta for her, and she would always go to extreme lengths to describe how disgusting they were.

"I mean, do you see how big they are," she said one time Brian got her to watch porn. "They wouldn't even really fit in a girl. It's all camera angles, every single bit of it. Besides, if you're not lose that would just hurt. It takes a real slut to fit one of those in her."

"I would never choke on a dick like a whore," Kelsi said when the subject of big dicks was brought up at a sleep over. "I don't mind sucking Brian off, but if a guy was too big it would just be gross. Wouldn't it hurt your jaw?"

"I like dicks, but only when they're in me. If they're too big for that then forget about it," she said on a random website she found online while looking up big dicks, because the truth was that Kelsi never stopped thinking about the size of a man's cock.

That was Kelsi's closest guarded secret. Every night she would go home and boot up her computer, and every night she would by-pass the internet security lock her pants had put on the computer to keep her brother from looking up something inappropriate. Then she would look up pictures of large penises for hours.

She didn't merely look for large penises though, but huge, pussy-breaking cocks. She looked for the kind of penises that made nine inches look small, and when she found them she would masturbate until her pussy ached from the pleasure.

Kelsi was a very beautiful girl. She had dark hair with blonde streaks in it, and large green eyes. Her face was cherubic, with small features, a slightly upturned nose, full pink lips, rosy cheeks, and eye lashes that were sinfully long, and while her face looked very young, she had the body of a woman. By the age of eighteen she was blessed with full, dramatic curves.

Her breasts were incredibly large, heavy double Ds. Her age allowed them to seemingly defy gravity. They sat high on their chest and were topped by small, pointed pink nipples. When aroused, her breasts and nipples were so sensitive that she could have an orgasm by merely having her breasts teased.

Her waist was small and her hips outrageously wide. She had the kind of hips that were meant for childbearing, and it gave her a beautiful, fleshy rear. Her thighs were fit to accommodate her curvaceous frame. They were strong and powerful, yet soft and sensual. She had the perfect kind of legs for riding a man.

Now imagine that beautiful girl with her legs splayed, her fingers sliding in and out of her pink pussy while one hand mauls her sizable tits. Imagine her with her eyes glued to a computer screen while she defiles herself to the sight of ridiculously large horse cocks. Then compare that image to the girl who told her boyfriend that she hates big cocks, and you'll quickly realize that something certainly doesn't match up.

The truth is obvious from the beginning of the story, but it took a dramatic experience for Kelsi to accept her true self. Without this experience she would have continued to lie to herself and her boyfriend for the rest of her life. What happened was that her boyfriend invited her to a night of bowling with her friends. That is when she had to face reality...

Brian and Kelsi went bowling with a couple of friends. Kelsi showed up wearing a spaghetti strap with a nearly transparent blue shirt over it and a pair of tight jeans. Her breasts bulged around the outfit, as did her round bottom. No matter what she wore she always filled it out, and sometimes Kelsi truly cursed her figure.

Her boyfriend showed up wearing his usual black denim jacket and t-shirt. His jacket was getting old, and Kelsi secretly wished that he would put it away, but he loved the jacket. Kelsi had to admit that it gave him a rugged charm.

The night started out well. Brian was a fairly skilled bowler and did well. Kelsi, who had small, dainty hands could never control the ball well and usually ended up sending it right into a gutter. Whenever she did her friends would tease her and she laughed, because it all about hanging out, not winning.

She took the seat next to her boyfriend, who kissed her on the cheek.

"Don't worry, babe. I'm sure you'll catch up in the end."

"I doubt it," Kelsi said, "Unless you all start losing on purpose."

"Well, do you want me to buy you a soda to cheer you up?"

"That depends...What are you buying?"

"Diet pepsi, of course," Brian said gallantly. He hopped out of his seat while smiling, "Babe, I know your drink by heart."

"That's my man," Kelsi said, smiling lovingly at her adorable boyfriend."

While Brian was away getting her drink, Kelsi went to find a lighter bowling ball. She looked through the rows of bowling balls, looking for one that was both easy to handle and attractive to the eye. On the bottom shelf she saw a sky blue one that appealed to her, and she bent over to get it.

From behind a man with a deep, booming voice said, "Damn, girl, you've got a nice wiggle to you, don't you?"

Kelsi shot straight up and wheeled around, ready to smack whoever said that, but froze in place when she saw him. He was an enormous black man, easily 6'5" and built like a tank. He wore a tank top that showed his bulging, muscular frame. At 5'4", Kelsi was considerably smaller, and she shrank back in fear.

He smiled and ran his hands over his bald head. "You got some nice tits, too."

Kelsi blushed and looked down at her double Ds. She knew they were nice, but she also knew that was inappropriate. Too afraid to reprimand him, she merely said, "Th-thank you," and hurried back to her seat. Brian was already waiting for her.

"Hey, babe, where'd you go?"

"Oh, I...I was looking for a new bowling ball."

"Oh, well, where's it at?"

"I decided that I liked the old one better," she said, and she took a long drink from her soda. She didn't know why the black man had intimidated her so much, nor did she know why he evoked such a strange feeling inside of her body. All she knew was that she couldn't get her mind off of him.

"Wow," Brian said as he shook her nearly empty drink. "You must have been really thirsty."

"Yeah, and now my turn is up," she said, and she went up to take her turn.

Throughout the night Kelsi caught the large black man out of the corner of her eye. He was sitting a few rows down from her, and whenever she got up to bowl he started intently at her. It didn't help that bowling made her breasts jiggle uncontrollably or that walking made her bottom bounce erotically to her each step.

Luckily, he left her alone for a while, at least until Brian left to use the restroom. Almost immediately the black man came over, pretending to look for a bowling ball. Aware of his presence, and infuriated by his stalker-like behavior, Kelsi decided to confront him.

"What the hell are you doing over here," she asked somewhat fearlessly. Her courage faded when he turned to look at her, and she felt very glad that he took her rage with amusement.

"I'm looking for a bowling ball. What, you got a problem with black men being near your little white party?"

"Oh, yeah right, like this has anything to do with race," Kelsi said snappishly, but quietly. "This has to do with you staring at me all night."

"You're a pretty girl. Can I be blamed for looking?"

When he said this he looked directly at her breasts. Kelsi blushed and crossed her arms, which only served to make her breasts look bigger.

"You need to stop it right now!"

"Why? What's going to happen? Is that scrawny little guy with the ridiculous jacket going to do something to me?"

"Maybe he will," she said shakily, not believing it herself. "He's stronger than he looks."

"He's still a scrawny little boy."

"He's more of a man than you are!"

"You willing to put money on that," he asked with a confident grin.

"I'm willing to put money on the fact that he's not a creepy stalker."

"And I'm willing to put money on the fact that he doesn't have what it takes to please a woman like you."

Kelsi rolled her eyes. "Oh, right, because he's white, right? You know, my dad is right, your kind are just a bunch of uppity ni..."

The black man got right in her face looking suddenly dangerous. "I'd watch my mouth, little lady, or else your boyfriend will have to intervene."

"I...I'm sorry, but..."

The black man straightened up and started smiling. "It's all good. I can't help it if you're the ignorant backwater type, but to answer your question, no, it has nothing to do with me being black. It has to do with me being hung like a horse."

"Okay, that's enough, I'm done with this conversation."

"Then let's stop talking and start fucking, sweet heart."

Kelsi scoffed at him. "Yeah, right, you're not even man enough to get me naked."

"Oh, baby, trust me, I'm more than man enough to please your uppity ass. In fact, I bet once I'm done fucking you, I'll have you desperate to be worshipping my big dick with those fat tits of yours."

"Oh, please, the only thing big on you is your ego, and it's filled with nothing but a lot of hot air."

"Oh, you think so," he asked, and he reached out quickly and grabbed one of her hands. His hand, big and calloused, eclipsed her small, dainty hands, and pressed it against his crotch. Then his strong fingers curled, making her grasp something very long and very thick.

Kelsi stammered and shoved him away. "G-Get the hell out of her, you fucking pervert."

The large black man laughed at her and said, "If you need me, baby, come and get me. I'll take you to the bathroom and show you what a real man is like."

Kelsi was blushing and breathing heavily as she watched him walk away. She waited until he was gone, and then looked down at her hand. He was, without a doubt, huge down there. It was thicker than her wrist and, despite her admonishment of large cocks, she found herself incredibly turned on.

She looked up at the black man again, who was now seated and watching her. Around that time Brian was returning from the bathroom, and Kelsi's face grew redder. She felt guilty and aroused all at the same time, and most of all she just didn't know what to do...

Kelsi sat angrily in her chair and stared down the lanes. Her legs and arms were crossed, and she was shaking her foot rapidly. It felt like an eternity since the black man had left her side, but when she looked at her watch she found that only a minute had passed. This made her frown.

She couldn't believe the man's actions or words. His behavior surprised her, disgusted her, and aroused her. Thoughts of him crawled around inside of her head, pushing her buttons and creating strange aches in her muscles and bones.

At her side Brian was speaking to her, but she could barely hear what he had said. She was busy thinking about the man's penis. She hadn't gotten to see it, but the touch was enough. He felt incredible, not merely big, but immense. He was the size of the cocks that she secretly found online, the ones which gave her endless thrills and inspired in her mixed feelings of awe and dread. These thoughts made her feel hot all over.

Regardless of these feelings, she knew what the black man had done was wrong. He was a very bad person, and it was very wrong for him to say such things about her boyfriend. She didn't care how handsome he was or well-hung. It was ridiculous for him to even try to compare what was assured to be an incredibly large horse cock to Brian's normal sized penis.

She looked at Brian and smiled fondly. He was cute, and sex with him was pretty good. His penis was, after all, not small. It was average in length and in girth, and normally that satisfied her, but at that time it didn't. She just felt that he was mediocre, up to standards, not great, but okay, and then she pondered what the black man would be like. His cock was the kind of cock that she would remember for years to come.

She stared off dreamily in the air. It wasn't right for him to make her touch it, no matter how impressive his cock was. Somehow, she had to tell him that. He was so arrogant, so cocky, so cock-sure, so well endowed...She just had to show him that he wasn't quite as great as he thought he was.

The more she thought about it, the angrier Kelsi got. She decided that the black man obviously acted in such a way because no one ever stood up to him. So, she decided that it was her task as a good person to put him in his place. She stood with a start and turned on her heel to leave without a word.

"Babe, where are you going? It's your turn?"

Kelsi smiled at silly-old-Brian and said, "I have to use the restroom.

Kelsi marched through the bowling alley, right up to the large black man. She stared him in the eyes, with her arms crossed over her sizable chest. He regarded her with a knowing smile.

"Look who came to see me," he said confidently.

"I'm here to reprimand you for being such a bastard and to prove you wrong," she said. "Take me to the bathroom. Show me this big cock of yours. Hell, fuck me with it, even. I promise you I won't enjoy it, because you're no man. You're just a boy with a big cock who is pretending."

"If you insist."

The black man stood and led her to the men's bathroom. The room was mostly empty and stunk of piss. It was littered with broken napkins and the soap dispensers were half-torn off the wall.

He led her to an empty stall and sat on the toilet like a king. Kelsi locked the door behind her and turned to face him. It was then that she was surprised to find her confidence fade. All she could think about was his cock and his muscles. All she could do in his presence was stand in awe of his masculine beauty.

The black man grinned and reclined on the toilet. "I thought you were going to prove me wrong."

Kelsi nodded silently. She was really there, and it was such a shock that she couldn't speak. It all seemed strange. The toilet stall, as filthy as it was, had become hallowed ground. It was not appropriate to speak before him unless given permission first.

The black man smiled confidently. "Well, I guess you aren't here to listen to me talk shit, are you? Nope, you left your friends and your little boyfriend to see my big, manly cock, didn't you?"

Kelsi nodded silently. She couldn't lie to herself anymore. Though she claimed to want to reprimand him, she was there for only one reason. She had to know whether his giant cock was a mere illusion or not. She didn't believe that cocks that big were real and she had to see and know it was a reality. She had to know the truth.

The black man undid his jeans and eased his thick cock out, and Kelsi realized that he hadn't lied at all. She stared at the thickest, longest cock of her life. It hung over the porcelain, limp, and already nearly three times as large as Brian's limp dick. His dark flesh was lined with equally dark veins which cross-crossed on it like a web. His size was positively obscene, like the ones she used to find online.

The sight of such a magnificent man sent a tremor through her pussy. Warmth spread all through her, and she suddenly wanted to rip her clothes off and ride his spectacular manhood. She didn't know what had come over her so suddenly, but she knew that she truly craved a big fat horse cock inside of her, and the black man before her certainly had a cock that belonged on a horse.

"Impressed," he asked confidently. "Why don't you get down there and see it up close?"

Kelsi feel immediately, and came face-to-face with his huge cock. It was thick, large, and surprisingly fragrant. While his smell was not strong enough to block out the lingering aroma of piss that permeated the room, it did take the edge off. His penis smelled fresh and clean, like soap. Obviously, he took pride in his manhood, and kept it in top shape.

She reached for him without a thought, and she cupped his manhood in her slender fingers. The black man let her cradle him for a while, but while she did he cupped her head and pulled it close to his manhood. Before she even realized his intention, he was inside of her mouth and she was sucking on him.

He grew in her mouth to immense proportions, and soon he was at least as big as one of the cocks she saw on the internet. While no math genius, she assumed he was around fourteen inches long and very thick. She slurped lewdly on the knob of his bulging manhood, which was all she could fit in her mouth. Even that was a struggle for her.

The black man sat on the toilet like it was his throne, and he watched the buxom white girl fuck his cock with her mouth. Kelsi was really working hard to pleasure him, and she put all of her energy into giving him the best blowjob of his life. She loved his cock more than she loved her boyfriend, and showed it the proper dedication that Brian never deserved. She showed him that she had always secretly dreamt of sucking on a cock like his.

All denial was gone. Kelsi wished desperately that she could take back all of those years where she had lied to herself. She wished she could tell her boyfriend the truth when he had asked her about size.

"Yes, Brian, size matters, I've just never met a man big enough to send me to my knees, so I settle for you!" That was the true answer to his question, and if given the chance she would tell him just that.

Having been stuck with an inadequate cock for so long, it was difficult for Kelsi to handle a real man's cock, but she tried her hardest. She nursed on the crown and furiously jerked on his thick shaft as if she were possessed. In a way she was possessed. She was overcome with need, and swept up in a powerful passion that controlled her every action.

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