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Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 07


Note: This is a work of fiction. No person, place, or object in this story is real. They are figments of my imagination and should be treated as such.

The author retains all rights to this story.

Chapter 7

21. Male Call

When he emerged from the bedroom Wednesday afternoon, Frank no longer had any doubts, which of them was the stronger. The one hundred pound weakling had beaten him into submission. He had to beg for sleep, rest, and food, while all she wanted was him. He was not sure how she turned the pure protein he gave her into a useful source of energy, but she never seemed to run out of it and always, always wanted more. Either she would kill him with her love, or she would obtain the highest cardiovascular rating of any human being this planet had ever known. If they allowed girls to ride bulls, when the bulls saw her coming, they would run for cover. She was a maniac in bed, and as naïve as a kitten in the ways of the world.

Frank knew this was going to be a very interesting time. He had to call Tony and tell him that he was marrying his daughter. He knew he would hear the answer to that, without the use of a telephone. Rose Caruso had an idea, that something might spark a relationship between the two of them, so she would not be too surprised.

His parents would be thrilled, at the thought of him getting married. Now, with the possibility of grandchildren, they would be thrilled. They would be arriving, in Milan, on September 3, and had given him the complete flight schedule information.

Philip was on their side. They were sure with his help, here in Italy; they could work out any problems that occurred. Frank had saved his life, and Philip was still awaiting Antonia's retribution for the clothing store incident. She had not shot him in the leg, yet, however it had only been a few weeks. Philip knew Antonia had a long memory, and the way he had seen Antonia set Frank up for his big fall, and used him as a pawn in the process, made him shiver.

They also had to get ready for the start of school. Frank called and made an appointment for the next day, at the bursar's office, for both of them.

Antonia accused him of screwing her, by making her go to the bursar's office, thereby getting him out of screwing her in bed.

Frank had to think about that one for a moment before he started laughing. He said, "Very convoluted thinking Antonia, but it does work if you think about it hard enough."

She did not laugh instead she threw apillow at him.

"Antonia, do you realize how little laundry we have to do for you. You never wear clothes in the house. You rarely want to go out, because all you want to do is fuck. We wash and change the sheets, twice and sometimes three times a day, but I do not believe I have ever seen one article of your clothing go into the washing machine."

"Are you complaining Frank? I could always wear an overcoat in the house, if that would make you feel better."

"No, it was just an observation. I like watching your cute little titties bounce while you are walking."

"Thank you for your left-handed complement Frank. My titties have just joined my ass as a 'six with possibilities.'"

"Remember Antonia, there is so little of you, that every extra bit, that bounces and jiggles, is fun to grab onto, or watch."

Antonia did a cute little girl curtsy, and said, "Thank you, kind sir."

The following day, Frank marched Antonia across the campus to the administration building, for their meeting at the bursar's office. The meeting was to be a simple one: Verify that all the paperwork for their admission to the University was in order, and all the payments had been made. However, they were ushered into the office of the bursar herself.

Antonia was greeted like royalty, while Frank was treated like a shadow in her presence. For thirty minutes, the two women could not stop fawning over one another. When they finally started talking about Antonia's classes for her freshman year, she was told that she had been accepted in all her first choice selections. Antonio was absolutely, thrilled.

Frank grumbled, "Gee whiz, what a surprise!"

Eventually, the bursar acknowledged Frank's presence. She said, "Mister Gennaro, we have received your SAT and ACT scores, as well as all your military qualification exams, and accomplishments. Based on these achievements and your service in the military, we have decided to start you as a Third-year student. If you excel, as we believe you will over the next two years, you will be required to take the Graduate Entrance Examination to our School of Business. If you pass that exam, we will offer you a Full Scholarship for the remainder of your stay at our institution."

Frank was astounded by the offer, but had several doubts about where this largess came from and had to ask about it. "I know that people here in Milan have a lot of power and can do many things with the money they have at their disposal. If this is a true offer from this University, I accept with a full and grateful heart. However, if anyone has put this University into a position, where it has had to make me this offer, I would like to know now and save myself the embarrassment of dropping out of the university later."

The bursar smiled at Frank. "Mister Gennaro, this University can be asked to do many things for the right amount of money. We can arrange to give a student the right class, for the right amount of money. We can arrange a sabbatical for a student, for the right amount of money. We can do many things for many people, for the right amount of money. We are like any other university all around the world. However, no one can get into this university without the proper credentials. No one is offered advanced placement without the proper credentials. No one is allowed into our advanced degree programs without the proper credentials. Money makes the world go round, Mister Gennaro, but in this University, credentials dictate how far you can go. We have turned people away for the lack of a single point, and not blinked an eye while doing it."

"Madam, in that case, I would like to accept your offer. Where do I sign my life away?"

The bursar smiled and handed Frank a small stack of papers. She said, "Please be sure to carefully read everything carefully, initial, and sign where indicated, on each page, before you give them back to me." Having admonished Frank to do everything necessary, on the forms, she started talking with Antonia again.

It took Frank nearly 15 minutes and acase of finger cramps for him to complete his assigned task. When he was finished, the bursar went over each page, making sure they were done correctly. When she was finished, she stood up and congratulated him on his decisions. She also welcomed him as a future faculty member.

Frank said, "Excuse me?"

The bursar laughed and said, "I told you to read and sign the paperwork. It clearly states on the top of each page what you are signing. On one page it says that in return for the full scholarship, you guarantee this University two years of teaching after you receive your Doctorate."

"Doctorate, who said I was going for doctorate?"

Antonia was laughing uncontrollably.

Frank turned and said, "Put a sock in it or I will."

She replied, "Yes dear."

He started to turn away from her, when her answer hit him like a ton of bricks. He turned back to her and silently mouth, "Fuck you."

She responded, "HERE, NOW?"

"Stop it, Antonia."

"Yes dear."

Exasperated, Frank looked up to the heavens and asked, "Please take me. She has turned my mind to mush and soon it will pour out of my ears. I will be her toy for the remainder of time. Only you Lord, and probably her, know when that will happen."

Antonia replied, "You are right Frank, I do know."

The bursar broke into raucous laughter.

"Did I say that prayer out loud?"

"Yes you did Frank, and it was a beautiful prayer."

"Now, who said anything about aDoctorate?

"You were told to read and sign where indicated. Apparently, you forgot to read before you signed. At the top of each page, it clearly states what you are signing."

"Yes, but it was all in Italian."

"Of course, you are in Italy."

"I told you she had turned my brain to mush."

Antonia shouted, "Now it is my fault you have forgotten how to read."

"Put a sock in it."

Frank asked if he was finished so he could leave before he embarrassed himself any further.

The bursar told them that they could wait in the outside office, and receive copies of everything they signed.

As she stood up to leave, Antonia asked the bursar if she knew about Steve Covey's rules.

She replied, "I was Steve's teaching assistant for two years. I helped put together one of his books and he was nice enough to mention me on the honorarium page. I loved that man and his passion for work and life. How do you think I get big lugs like Frank to teach here for two years at the cost of a scholarship?"

Frank dropped his head and said, "The man I based my entire adult life on, had awoman on his staff that hooked me like guppy."

Antonia laughed. "Do not feel so bad Frank. You started teaching the rules less than a month ago, and I already have you on the run. It really does not take that much effort to hook you."

Both women broke out into peals of laughter, while Frank wanted to crawl into the nearest hole in the floor. If he did not have the obligation to protect Antonia, he would be running for his life.

While waiting for their copies, a young woman approached them and said, "I could not help but overhear the conversation about both of you. When I heard your last name, I realized I had a letter for you in the mail room. I ran there and got it before you left. I hope you do not mind, because I am supposed to wait for you to come to us."

Frank thanked the girl, and took the letter from her hand. Antonia snatched the letter from Frank's hand, opened it, and read it loud enough for Frank to hear it. Sergeant Frank Gennaro, US Marines (Disabled) is to report to Camp Darby, Italy, soonest, for the removal of shrapnel located near lumbar spine. Surgeons and equipment are due to leave within the next ten days. Call the number below to make an appointment for your surgery. Signed, Charles B. Gomes, Col. U.S. Army Medical Division."

Antonia was thrilled for Frank. However, when she looked at him, he was not a happy man. She said, "Frank, let's go home. You have something you need to tell me, and you cannot tell me here."

"When did you become a mind reader, Antonia?"

"I did not have to read your mind Frank. All I had to do was look at your face to know something was wrong."

"Baby, I did not want to have this conversation until my parents were here. I wanted to tell all of you at the same time. It will be safer that way, and there will be no leaks. It is very, very important that you not change your habits at all. I have to go to Camp Darby alone. You cannot come with me. I will leave you with Philip and his people. I will be gone less than a week. This is the way it must be, Antonia. Please trust me, I will be back to get you. Only God could keep me away from you."

"I guess arguing with you will do no good this time, Frank."

"No, baby, not this time."

"How much trouble are you in, Frank?"

"I will not know until I get there and see if they will accept my answer. If they do not accept it, I am going to have to dig a hole, deep enough for four people to disappear into for very long time."

"Frank, do you remember a long time ago I asked you if you worked for the government. I think you lied to me."

"No Antonia, when you asked me that question. I did not work for the government. I told you the exact truth, so help me God. At that time, my only incomes were from your father and my disability."

"I believe we are splitting hairs again Frank."

"You may be splitting hairs, but I told you the truth."

"Liar, liar, pants on fire."

"I can go to confession, and not have any problems leaving that item out."

"God will get you for that anyhow."

"Antonia, when you get there, ask him, because I am telling you the truth."

"Your truth Frank and it is probably by the width of the pubic hair."

"How would you know the width of a pubic hair?"

"I used to have some!"

"Yes, you did. My life was simple, until Celeste entered the picture. Now look at what she has done to me. I am going to marry a 100 pound weakling that has turned my brain into mush, and fucks me to death in bed."

"Poor Frank; abused and misused by a little girl. Do you want to go to bed and forget your worries for a while?"

"Well, I guess I could make that phone call in the morning. They are probably at lunch anyway. They would not get my message until late this afternoon, at the earliest.

Therefore, I guess it would be okay to fool around for a little while. Just remember, I am only doing this as a favor to you. You asked nicely so I am giving you an afternoon treat."

"Thank you daddy, I am an all-day sucker anyhow."

Frank grabbed his head and said, "God help me."

22. Happy Camp(er) Darby

Frank flew to Camp Darby the following Monday. He announced his presence at the reception desk and waited for the next shoe to drop, and he did not have to wait long. Not only was Gomes there, but also the assistant director of the Brooklyn FBI drug task force, the DEA liaison to Italy and his Italian counterpart. Frank wanted to say something, but they started talking first.

"Frank, you are back on the team. Here is what we need you to do." For the next several minutes, they laid out their plan of action for Frank, while he tried to interrupt him, dozens of times.

Finally, he yelled, "Stop. I am not doing this anymore. I am getting married to Antonia Caruso, in December. I am going to college for the next six years at the University of Milan, on a full scholarship. I have my life in order, and it does not include guns or violence. That part of my life is over. I will neither help you, nor help my father-in-law with either of your businesses. I am a private citizen and I do not care what either of you do. If you want me to renounce my U.S. citizenship to prove it, I will. However, I will not get involved any longer. I am going to get Antonia pregnant, and we are going to have a dozen children. We are going to be happy. We cannot do that if I am running around being shot at day and night. Do you understand?"

"Frank, your country is being overrun by drugs and it needs you to stand up for it. Man up."

Frank went into a rage. Gomes had never seen him so angry. He ripped off his shirt and nearly tore off his slacks. Frank said to the director, "Let me see your scars. Tell me how many days you spent in the hospital on your back wondering if you would ever walk again. Tell me how many friends you saw die in front of you, because of IED's and grenades. Tell me about all the sleepless nights you have had, knowing that you were the only one to survive an ambush, because you were 12 feet away from your friends. Tell me how many months it took you to wean yourself off painkillers. Tell me director, how many years have you manned up like me? You tell me all this and I will think about manning up one more time. Until then, you can take your fist and shove it up your ass."

"You give up your U.S. citizenship, you lose your disability."

Frank laughed and said, "If that is the best you can do to threaten me, you have a wonderful day. I am making $2000 a week guarding my future wife. It is legitimate work and I report every penny of it to the Internal Revenue Service. I pay quarterly taxes on it through an accountant in Brooklyn. If you want his name and address, call me and I will give it to you. Now, fuck off. Gomes, it was great seeing you again."

Gomes replied, "Take care, Frank. I will send you a card for the wedding, because I guarantee you we will know the date."

Frank clapped him on the back and said, "You and Sharer are invited to the wedding, if you happen to be in town, but none of these guys are. You can have a great meal and drink to your hearts content and dance the night away."

"Thanks Frank. Do you need ride the train station?"

"That would be nice, if these gentlemen do not mind?"

There was a grumbling assent. Gomes and Frank walked out of the building towards the Italian version of the police car.

Gomes said, "Frank, I wish I had a pair of balls like yours. I have been dying to say something like that to him for years."

"It is a lot easier for me to do then for you. You have 12 or 13 years in the service. Seven more and your eligible for retirement. Just make sure you live that long. Do not let them give your wife flag, and say they are sorry. I took Antonia to a lingerie store in downtown Milan. Nine guys, with automatic weapons, tried to kidnap her."

"Shit Frank, I told you to stop wearing panties."

"With jokes like that, you wonder why they are never going to make you SAIC?" (Special Agent in Charge)

"That is what happens, Frank, when you are half Italian and half Puerto Rican. You have great rhythm but no sense of humor."

As they were approaching the car Gomes said, "Frank you drive, you know where you going."

Frank took the keys and drove off the base towards the airport. On the way there, they talked about friends, and family and nothing else out of the ordinary. Gomes remarked, "You flew here?"

Frank replied, "Have you seen the way Italian's drive?"

"Why do you think you are driving?"

Both men laughed at the remarks they made to one another.

When they got to the general aviation terminal, both men got out, hugged each other goodbye, and departed company.

Gomes slipped a note into Frank's pocket, tapped it, and said later.

Frank nodded and told Gomes to tell the director that if he had been a little more subdued with his approach, that he was ready to help work on the Italian side of the project. He was not willing to work against his future father-in-law, for obvious reasons, but he had no problem working against the people on this side of the pond, until the director tried to jam it up his ass. Now he was out of it totally, and a very relieved man.

Gomes said, "Kiss that little girl for me, she is getting a really great catch."

"Gomes, I did not know you cared."

"Fuck you Frank."

"There is the man I know and love."

As he walked back to the car, Gomes loved the thought of telling the director that he had fucked up big time with his forceful approach towards Frank. It made him feel even better about the note he put in Frank's pocket. It was unethical, but not exactly illegal.

As Frank leveled the aircraft out at 9000 feet and put it on automatic pilot, he took Gomes's note out of his pocket and read it. He thought about it for half an hour. He concluded that it was an early wedding present for Antonia's entire family. They had to be willing to listen and go along with what he had in mind, or it would not work. It was going to be a very hard sell to Anthony Caruso. However, it was going to be this, or the possibility of an 8 x 12 foot cell for the rest of his life. Once he was arrested, by the FBI, he would never be free again. Antonia may think she hated her father, however, Frank did not believe she would want him in jail for the rest of his life. Frank did not want him to be rich and living in the lap of luxury, either, because of the way he had made his money. He had thought of a way around that already. It would be wonderful to see Tony put on a budget, controlled by his daughter. It seems that, "turnabout was fair play."

He used his cell phone to call Antonia to surprise the crap out of her. He said to her, "Baby, you have been holding out on me. I have only been gone 10 hours, and I am already horny. Apparently, you are losing your touch. When I get home, you had better be ready to get fucked, good, and proper, because you did not do it for me last night."

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