tagLoving WivesWhy I Love Married Women Ch. 01

Why I Love Married Women Ch. 01


"Yeaaaah," I groaned loudly as my cock disappeared into Cindy's mouth. It had taken all night to get her into my car with me but wow, it was worth it! Her left hand was around my thick shaft and I swear I could feel the coolness of her ring.

"Mhm," she hummed into my cock, apparently enjoying herself as she fought to take the entire length down her throat. Her tongue was flicking around the head of my cock, turning me on insanely.

"You like?" she asked with a little naughty smile, as she came up for air.

"Oh yes!" I said with conviction and pressed her face back down to my cock. Surrendering, she quickly took it inside again and continued sucking. I had gotten the vibe all night that Cindy was a closet sub. She'd like me to treat her a bit roughly and tell her what to do.

We were in the backseat of my car, she was on her knees on the seat next to me. Slowly, I let my right hand glide down her back to her soft ass. I pushed her panties aside and stretched, trying to feel her warm pussy.

"Please don't," she said as she pulled off my cock again, looking up at me with large eyes.

"Don't what?" I asked as I found her asshole. Hmm... a submissive slut like this might take it up the ass...

"Don't touch me... down there," she blushed, "I don't wanna cheat on my husband."

"What?" I asked confused. I noticed she had even stopped masturbating me, so I took a hold of her hand and started her again -- as I touched her wedding band, a sexual rush shot through me -- and she continued automatically.

"I don't wanna cheat on my husband," she repeated.

Wow, you have a twisted outlook on morale if you don't think giving a strange guy a blowjob in his car is cheating. This is all Bill Clinton's fault, I guess.

"Well, it better be one hell of a blowjob then," I said as leaned back, moving my hand off her ass. She nodded, relieved that I wasn't pushing the subject and renewed her efforts on my cock.

"Ahh..." I moaned in pleasure as she began again. She gave everything she had, as she bobbed her head up and down my solid shaft, while jacking off what she couldn't fit inside. Slowly she increased the speed and the pressure on the cockhead, giving me a nice, slow blowjob.

Too slow for my liking though. I grabbed a firm hold of her hair with one hand and held on to her neck with the other, using my position and strength to guide her head up and down. Control turns me on, I don't know why but it does. And controlling a little unfaithful slut is always exhilarating.

I began forcing her head up and down with greater speed. Though uncomfortable, it must have turned her on too, as one of her hands found its way under her short skirt and she hummed fast and uncontrollable.

"Oh yes," I cried out, "suck my cock. Suck it and go home and kiss your husband with my cum on your lips! God, I love you housewives, you're so hot -- and so good with a cock!" I lost control of myself -- though I kept control of her and continued to fuck her face.

Hearing her moan into my cock only spurred my on further and suddenly the orgasm crashed over me, the waves of pleasure sending me sky-rocketing as I emptied my balls into her mouth. In my orgasmic bliss, I held onto her head, forcing her to keep my cock in her mouth as I shot my warm, sticky sperm down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow it all.

The submissive little wife really liked that, being forced to take my white goo in her stomach; she started to trash around while she rubbed her wet, unavailable pussy. Her muffled moans told me clearly that she was cumming as well, probably getting one of her fantasies fulfilled. Bet ol' hubby respects her too much to take her like he really wants to.

I took her back to the club we came from, making sure she'd be alright.

"Make sure to tell your husband he has a hot wife," I said with a wink as I left her at the entrance. She blushed and smiled at me as she went inside, looking for her friends.


"There's no pussy like a married pussy," I always say. I know this may make me sound like an asshole, but I can't and won't stay away from a woman just because she has a ring on her finger. Why should I? If her husband can't hold on to her and if she won't stay faithful, why is it my responsibility? The answer: It's not.

I have formed two rules for my hunting. First, don't get caught. Primarily by her husband - you can't talk your way out of fucking a guy's wife if he discovers it -- but also her kids. They shouldn't have to know what kind of slut their mother is, after all. I think that's rather decent of me, actually.

And second, don't develop feelings for her -- often she's just looking for a fling and isn't going to leave her husband for you, even if you wanted her to. Love 'em and leave 'em, as the saying goes. Far from all of my conquests are one night stands, but I always take great care to not fall for them.


A couple of nights after my delightful evening with Mrs. Cindy, I went to one of my favourite nightclubs, looking for a good time. I do that too often, I know -- sometimes it feels like I only really live on those nights out.

The club is rather large with an impressively big dance floor -- that always attracts the ladies -- and a long bar. I went to the bar, as I usually do, to get myself a beer. Lucas, the barkeep who knows me and my habits saw me coming. Before I had even sat down, he'd opened a beer and handed it to me.

"The usual," he said with a friendly smile as I sat down.

"Thanks," I nodded and took a sip, "How's life in the world of bar keeping?" I asked casually.

"The usual," he repeated with a grin before leaving me to my beer. He likes me... I think. I try to be friendly with the barkeeps, as they usually know what's going on -- information is always useful.

I turned around and scanned the room. It was a Wednesday night so not too much was going on. There were some single guys, a few couples and some girls dancing with each other.

"That brunette out there should be right up your alley," Lucas suddenly said from behind.

"Oh?" I said without turning around, trying to locate the one he was talking about.

"Oh yeah, I don't know what she's been flashing the most; her ring or her tits. Not that she has much in that department, but I've noticed that you're more interested in the first anyway."

I was about to answer him when I noticed he was gone. Sneaky bartender...

I spotted the brunette he was talking about, a petite, slim woman in a very short, skimpy dress. She was jumping around on the dance floor, her dress flailing around, giving the entire dance floor a nice view of her tanned, sexy legs. But Lucas was right, not much in the chest-region -- her dress was very low-cut, showing off what little cleavage she had though. She was certainly a worthy candidate but she smelled a bit like someone looking for validation. Many wives do that -- dress slutty and chat up guys, just to leave them hanging and go home to their husbands, rejuvenated from the fact that other males still find them attractive.

She stayed close to another girl, so I figured they were having a night out on the town. I discarded her friend though -- it wasn't that she was unattractive but I'm very single-minded and I had already picked my target for the night. Besides, I couldn't see if that other broad had a ring on her finger or not...

I looked around at the bar -- I needed someone to get the friend off my back while I played my hand with the dancing bride...

"Hey," I said to the guy a couple of stools away. He was reasonable good-looking, not overly buffed and seemed in control of himself. He looked at me, "yes?"

"See that blonde dancing with the brunette?" I asked and indicated whom I meant without pointing.

"Yes?" he asked again. A man of few words. I liked him.

"How about we double-tag them, you take Blondie, I'll have the brunette?" I proposed. He looked back at the dance floor and studied her a bit more.

"Deal," he finally said and we clinked our beers together in a toast, sealing the pact.

It didn't take long before the dancing stopped. Blondie returned to the table while my brunette came to the bar to order another round of fancy drinks.

"I have this round," I said to her as I positioned myself next to her, "a slight token of my appreciation of the... impressive dancing." Letting her see the desire in my eyes, I smiled at her.

She blushed, deep red. She looked like she didn't know whether to be grateful or offended, so I quickly continued, "my name's Jonathan."

"Ehh... Elizabeth but everyone calls me Betty," she said, still a bit confused. Confused was fine with me, that's usually an advantage.

"My friend here," I said with a hand gesture, indicating my ally for the night, "was very much taken aback with your friend out there. I was wondering if you'd introduce him to her?"

I could practically see the wheels turning in her head. If her friend and my friend ended up together, talking or... whatever, that would leave her alone with me. She reached the conclusion that this was acceptable though and smiled at my friend.

"Sure. What's your name then?"

"Henry," he said. Hmm... in hindsight, perhaps I should have found myself a wing-man with a somewhat larger vocabulary.

The three of us went to Betty's friend, Henry and I each caring a drink and our beer and Betty making sure to sway her ass for my (our) benefit.

She smiled to her girlfriend and introduced us and we sat down next to our respective women and for the next two hours, I chatted with her, listened, danced and paid for all her drinks. She was fun to be around and I'm sure she had a good time. However...

"Well, I gotta get home," she said hesitantly, looking at her watch. I'd known for at least half an hour that she'd leave soon, so it came as no great surprise.

"Yeah, it's getting a little late..." I said nonchalantly. Then, admitting defeat: "There's really no way I can get you to go home with me, is there?"

"No," she said a little worried -- probably afraid I'd be pissed that she'd let me on for so long without getting anything in return, "but I had a fun night..."

Well, I guess that's something then. At least I had entertained some guy's wife for the night. Well, the only thing left was to go down honourably.

"You have a lucky husband," I smiled at her and saluted her with my beer. She smiled, relieved at my understanding and lack of anger.

"Thanks. See you!"

I waved her off and noticed that Blondie and my faithful sidekick, Henry, were busy exchanging saliva. I'm so happy I could bring them together...

I went back to Lucas. He gave me a beer and a sympathetic smile: "Struck out, eh?" he observed.

"Yeah, probably turned her on and send her home to hubby," I agreed, without feeling too bitter, "you win some, you lose some." I handed him a 5-dollar note for the beer when a lady from the table next to the one I'd just left suddenly got up and walked towards me, looking intensely at me.

"Hey, I'm Jane," she introduced herself immediately when she reached me. "Come sit with me..."

Jane had dark brown hair, was quite tall with broad shoulders that made her look big, although she was definitely not fat. She looked to be around 30, so a couple of years older than me. Her face was pretty but not delicate like the ones I usually go for. She was wearing a black dress that made it impossible not to notice her deep cleavage and long legs. In her heels, she was actually a bit taller than me.

And most importantly: On her left hand she wore a beautiful golden wedding band.

She seemed very interesting but also a bit domineering. I don't usually go for domineering women -- either I'm in charge or nothing happens. I don't submit to anyone. But still, she was better than nothing and having just struck out, I was curious and willing. I left my beer at the bar and went to sit with her.

"I couldn't help but overhearing how you talked to that girl -- Jonathan, right?" she said with a nod towards the place where we'd been sitting, "guess you don't mind if a woman's married, eh?" There was an interested gleam in her eyes -- one that I couldn't quite place. She tried to sound indifferent but this was obviously important to her.

"Well, no..." I said guardedly, trying to figure this strange woman out. Others might have jumped up and down with glee at this point but I become very careful in situations I don't understand.

"I'm married," she informed me with a seductive smile. She held up her hand, showing me her expensive wedding ring.

"I noticed."

My lack of response seemed to make her a little uncomfortable; she lost some of her confidence and her smile faded a bit.

"Go buy me a drink and maybe you can come home with me..." she said, attempting to glide back into her seductress-role but there was an edge of uncertainty to it. Good.

Seeming to obey her 'suggestion' I went back to the bar, but only to grab the beer I had left there. As I returned I sat down next to her and took a sip, ignoring her surprised expression. She was looking at me, not quite knowing what was going on -- this clearly hadn't gone at all as she had planned and imagined.

"Listen here," I said as I put the bottle on the table, "I don't know what kind of game you're trying to play, but here're my rules: I'm not gonna come home with you. You can come with me, IF you ask me very nicely and accept a spanking to your bare, lily-white bottom when we get there." Finishing that sentence I placed my left hand on her soft, white thigh, just below the dress, grabbed her around the back of her neck with my right and pulled her down into a hard, demanding kiss.

She tried to resist at first (not crying-rape resist, more trying-to-get-back-in-control resist) but she soon surrendered and kissed me back, greedily even. Her lips were soft and welcoming and she parted them for my eager tongue.

My hand moved slowly up her thigh, under her dress and she willingly parted her legs, giving me easy access to her most intimate parts. I met her panties and without hesitating -- I'd already made it this far, hadn't I? -- I moved past them and touched the soft folds of her delicate pussy. To feel up a sexy wife in a public place is something that always turns me on and to bend a woman to my will is a sure way to give me a hard-on.

As she felt me touch her down below, she tried to pull off my mouth but I held her in place, continuing the kiss and my little exploration-expedition under her dress. As before she gave up and accepted my dominance after only a token resistance.

"So, what's it gonna be?" I asked as I finally broke the kiss. She looked at me, completely confused. I guess it didn't help that I was slowly stroking her pussy, up and down, up and down, without going inside. That kind of teasing rarely helps one's ability to concentrate. I waited while she replayed what I'd said before the kissing and saw how she suddenly blushed. I guessed she remembered the part about the spanking...

Nevertheless: "Can I come home with you?"

"Why?" I asked, feeling a bit cruel. Her eyes widened at that.

"So you can spank me and fuck me," she finally admitted, accepting her submission to me. With a smile, I pulled my hand away from her pussy, getting a small moan out of her, took her hand and pulled her up with me.

We took a cab to my address. All the way, I kept her in a state of arousal by kissing her and teasing her, whispering naughty things in her ear. With some wives you can't even mention the husband without their bad conscience making them call it off. Others have decided to be unfaithful and get a kick out of being reminded of their infidelity. Without a doubt, Jane belonged to the second category.

"What do you think your husband is doing while you're in a cab with a stranger, letting him feel you up?" I whispered in her ear. Her reaction was to grab my cock through my pants and whisper back: "The poor bastard is probably watching porn on his computer! He hasn't gotten any of what you're about to get in weeks..."

"I'm not getting anything," I returned, "I'm taking what I want." She blushed at that but didn't stop caressing my cock -- guess she knew it to be true.

I lived only a short while from the club so the ride didn't take long and soon we were entering my apartment. Just as I closed the door behind me, I took hold of her and pressed her against the wall in a hard, intense kiss. Not only did she eagerly open her mouth for my probing tongue, she even laid her arms around my shoulders, holding me in a lover's embrace. My hands quickly slid around her waist and started exploring her delicious ass.

It was tight and well-formed, she probably worked out regularly. I like a woman who keeps herself fit -- it makes it all the more pleasurable for us who enjoy her body.

"I'm gonna spank you so hard, you can't sit tomorrow. How're you gonna explain that to your hubby?" I asked, teasing her.

"Oh, I'll get that bastard to rub lotion on it!" she answered out of breath. Wow, she was quick on her comebacks. I liked that.

Taking her by the hand, I led her through my apartment to the bedroom.

"Stand on all fours," I ordered her as she crawled into the bed. She gave me a sexy smile and complied, positioning her voluptuous ass towards me and waiting for her punishment. It was a nice ass. Not too big but not too small either. Her short dress only served to enhance its desirability and I knew how tight and sexy it would feel under my hands. I pulled the little dress up, leaving her butt bared -- except for her tiny thong that really covered nothing -- and let my hand run across her soft skin.

"Tell me why you are gonna get a spanking," I demanded of her. I wanted to hear her say it, hear her admit her 'guilt' and submit to my control. I've always been dominating in my sexual relationships -- it turns me on to no end -- but never really to the point of trying to humiliate my partner. There was just something about this woman... maybe it was the way she had acted in the club and I wanted to take her down a notch. Or maybe I instinctively knew that she wanted to be humiliated.

"Mhm... 'Cause I deserve it for trying to manipulate such a powerful man," she replied in a husky voice, "I should have know you'd be too strong for me..." She was looking at me over her shoulder and there was something close to reverence in her eyes.

Slap! My hand struck her ass with a resounding 'smack' sound. She gave a throaty growl but stayed perfectly still. I had hit her as hard as I could and my hand begun to sting a bit immediately. On her pale, white ass was a distinctive red mark where I had struck her.

Curious, I suddenly pulled her panties down to her knees, wanting to see what kind of effect being in this humiliating position had on the delightful housewife. I stuck my fingers in between her legs and felt her engorged pussylips. She was drenching wet.

"Like it, eh?" I asked her gleefully but before she could answer, I struck her again, in almost precisely the same place as before, right on her right asscheek. She wasn't prepared for it this time and she gave a loud "Ouh!" and started to pull away from me before getting her body under control and sticking her ass back out towards me.

"Want me to rub you here, while I spank you?" I asked as I found her clit and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Yeeees!" the aroused woman breathed, "please rub my clit!"

I did as I landed another hard slap, this time on her left asscheek. Her entire body convulsed as the feeling of sudden pain got mixed up with the pleasure from her clit, and she accidently pushed her cunt down on my hand and two fingers easily glided into her wet and willing pussy.

"Oh God, yes!" she moaned in delight and did her best to work the fingers further up. Aroused I let the blows hail down on her exposed ass, while rubbing her clit and moving my fingers around inside her, much to her pleasure. Her moans grew louder and louder and I figured she was probably nearing an orgasm.

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