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Why Is Incest So Hot?


I have been reading stories on Literotica for sometime now and been writing on here since July and one question has been burning through my mind, why is incest the number one category on this site? What makes the subject matter so enticing to the readers that it overwhelms the majority of the other stories, some by an amazing three to one margin?

Do you people out in reading land really find it that sexy when someone tells a story of a brother fucking a sister, or daddy banging his little girl? And it seems that a mother giving into her son or vice versa is the most popular of all. Can someone explain this to me?

I have even done my fair share of incest stories on here and the most positive feedback (next to my non-erotic) comes from stories with a mom-son flavor. Are there that many people out here in internet land that actually have fantasies about someone in their family? Not to mention any names but I have even had people telling me in private emails about "situations" they have been involved in and ask me to write about it.

Now personally I don't believe for a minute that these so called "active" people are really doing the things they have told me but if they are could consensual incest be as wide spread as is appears to be? Is that what this world has come too?

Incest also is one of the oldest subjects in story telling. The bible itself has many blatant and hinted acts of incest. I don't want to get into a religious battle here though so I will just leave it at that. Could it be though that if we did come from Adam and Eve that each of us could still hold subconscious memories of acts unspeakable and that is where this desire comes from?

I wonder if someone did a secret survey today how many people out there would admit to having even the slightest "incestuous" thought or fantasy. I bet it would be high just based on the number of responses I get from people who read my stories alone. And some of these people aren't even afraid to leave their own email addresses and even want to keep correspondence. A note to those responders, even though I love the feedback, they are just stories people.

This essay is not to condone or accept anyone's behavior, I am just curious as to why the topic of incest is so hot on Literotica. If you read the comments left by the readers, the incest ones always seem to have the most positive feedback. And the sheer number of stories written only adds weight to the fact they are wanted stories and accepted fantasies.

Even when I have written an incest story that is getting torn apart by the people brave enough to leave a comment (although most leave it anonymously so brave probably isn't the correct word) they still rate above a 4 out of 5. In a matter of fact in over ten stories that I have written with an incestuous theme only one has received sub par numbers and that was one of my audio with text stories that I just can't seem to get right yet. And even that story is holding a rating in the high 3's.

A lot of the stories in the incest category also involve peeping. It makes me wonder if many of you in reader land have actually tried this act of perversion. Not that it is going to make one lick of difference in my life but I have asked myself a couple of questions as I write and read the responses to the "perverted" stories I write. First, if incest wasn't illegal how many people would probably do it without hesitation if given the chance? And secondly why is it illegal in the first place? And I am not talking about sex with a relative when they are under the age of consent. For example a 22 year old daughter and her father have consensual sex why should that be illegal? I know there is the whole fear of screwed up gene pools and such but if the Bible is real aren't we all already pretty much "fucked"?

If some people actually did this would it make a difference to my life? Not one bit although I might look at them a little strangely because of years of being taught that incest is not to be accepted but weren't we told that about homosexuality when we were growing up?

Personally I could care less what others do in their bedrooms, as long as they are adults and no one is being forced against their will then I say fill your boots! What ever you do in your life, you are the one that has to live with it. Whether it is fantasizing and jerking your cock or plowing an oversized dildo into your pussy while you read some kinky story about mom and son or daddy and daughter fucking the lights out of each other, or even if you are the "mom" and you are doing it with your real son I don't really give a flying fuck cause if nobody is getting hurt it makes no difference to me.

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