tagHumor & SatireWhy Mr Anonymous Likes To Troll

Why Mr Anonymous Likes To Troll


Definition of Trolling or being a troll: Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical, sarcastic or just downright nasty remarks on an innocent person because it's the internet and, hey, you can.

Mr Anonymous watched as his wife closed the door behind him. A twinge of anger took him momentarily, but he found it somewhat exciting. Deep down he wanted this, even though it was his wife's idea. His wife had talked about sleeping with other men ever since she had discovered the loving wives section on Literotica.com. They both loved the fantasy, but Mr Anonymous hated himself for it, especially after he shot his load.

To feel better about himself he would log on to Literotica.com when his wife was in work and track down these stories that had made his wife so wet and "troll" them. He loved to tell the author how he hated the piggy behaviour in their stories, but not before he shot his dirty little load all over his keyboard and monitor. It made him so jealous and humiliated, he just couldn't help it.

Mr Anonymous wanted to get back inside his house, but he knew the rules. He wasn't allowed to even sneak a peek through the window. No, his wife had instructed him to sit in the car on the drive and wait, wait for her to let him back in the house.

As Mr Anonymous sat in his car a million questions ran through his head. Questions like: Will she suck his cock? Will she fuck him? Will she fuck him bareback? Would she get naked with him? Would she let him take her up the arse? Would she let him cum deep inside her womb? God, those thoughts made him jealous and horny.

Suddenly, Mr Anonymous imagined his ugly fat wife riding that black man's cock. Oh, did I forget to mention he was black? Yes, his wife's new lover was black, with a big thick black cock. This made Mr Anonymous so jealous; being an ignorant, small minded man he hated the thought of interracial sex. You can find him on many an interracial story on Literotica spewing his ignorant little minded thoughts, especially after he has shot his pathetic sperm.

Anyway, back to Mr Anonymous and his thoughts of his fat ugly wife riding that lovely black cock. In his jealous mind she was suddenly bent over their marital bed on all fours taking the long, thick black spear deep inside her fat cunt. The dark meat was reaching places he only dreamed his little maggot could reach.

Mmmmm yes, he could see it now, the man's strong black hand on her hip and the other holding a handful of her lovely blond hair, which he paid for her to have done that day at the salon, just for her black lover.

The image tore at him. It made him so angry that he logged on to Literotica.com from his phone and started trolling loving wives stories. He sat in his car trolling people's stories whilst images of his wife filled his narrow mind.

The stories he read aggravated him as he sat uncomfortably in his car, his erection squashed by his wife's panties inside his jeans.

Stressed, he climbed out of his car and paced the street. He hated the fact that the idea of his wife being fucked by another man caused such an erection. He glanced at his watch. Forty minutes had passed. She should be done by know he thought. Maybe she was only just starting? Maybe she took her time sucking his big black fuck stick. After all her husband was such a mouse of a man she could swallow his cock and feel nothing.

Mr Anonymous shook his head as if trying to rid himself of these dirty thoughts. But no matter how hard he tried he couldn't ignore the fact his tiny cock throbbed like a sparrow's heart beat between his legs.

Suddenly his phone began to ring inside his pocket. He frantically pulled it out and saw it was his wife calling. He answered nervously.

"H ... hello?" he mumbled, pathetically.

"Hey pencil dick its Dion, your bitches bit of black meat." The voice laughed down the line.

"Hi ... is my wife ok?" he asked, sadly.

"Yeah, I've finished fucking the bitch." He laughed again.

He could hear his wife giggling in the background as her lover continued to torment him on the phone.

"I just filled her tight honey pot with some of my African seed. I told her you should come up and taste some straight from her soggy cunt."

"A ... a ...and what did she say." He mumbled again.

"You better get up here and eat your cream pie." He said, before hanging up the phone.

Mr Anonymous quickly opened the door and ran upstairs. As he entered his bedroom he found his wife naked on the bed, legs spread with copious amounts of spunk dribbling from her well fucked cunt.

"Come here you pathetic little man and eat this black stallion's seed from my cunt!" She demanded.

Mr Anonymous looked at his wife and her lover for a moment, wondering why they were staring at him so strangely. He looked down at his pants and quickly realised what they were staring at. He had shot his load inside his pants without even touching himself.

"It would be my pleasure to clean your pussy." He said, before burying his head between his wife's legs.

That evening when his wife's lover made him sleep on the sofa, he logged on to Literotica.com once again and began trolling. Trolling as he always does, and now you know why he does it.

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