tagNon-Erotic PoetryWhy Should I Hide Who I Am?

Why Should I Hide Who I Am?


Why should I have to hide who I am
So that some women wont feel threatened....
Cause ironically, I'm no miss america...
But apparently some feel the need to hate anyway...
Why should I have to tone down my vibrant spirit...
And pretend that I am nothing....just to be left alone..
But the bigger question is..why should I give a Damn?!

I am sincere and I am real...what's so wrong with that?
Why do I have to try and be like everyone else, to be liked?
Does not individuality mean anything anymore?
I'm tired of having to defend myself and who I am...
To please those that would wish me gone
So that I wont be in their way....
Do they even know the difference between a woman that's real or fake?
Can they tell?
All I have to say is...
If you dont like the real me...then go to hell!

Why should I have to pretend that I find myself unworthy...
Just to garner the approval of people,
Who get off on using your weaknesses against you..
Never thinking twice about trying to rip you to shreds.
Some women will only befriend another female with low self esteem,
So that they are no threat to them,
But when a strong woman comes along, their hatred rears its ugly head.

This is for those that cant handle a strong woman, that's true to herself...
Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you see...from your own stares..
If you have to despise another woman's strengths because of your own weaknesses...
Then you're not a true woman, and dont come at me with your jealousy business.
I am a great woman with weaknesses like anyone else, but at least I'm genuine.....
If you cant handle that, then that's your lack...
Mark my words I say today...
I am who I am, and I'm proud of who I am,
I make no apologies
Here's a quarter...call someone who cares.

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