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Wicked Ch. 03


Never thought I'd continue this due to life and the little enthusiasm it met on literotica. However, more than a few people emailed me and encouraged me to keep going, and sometimes asked me to "Stop writing and Drop, dead, Wuss." After which those brave rays of sunshine signed "Anonymous"

I figured for everyone who wrote an email there must be hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, who wanted to but didn't (because they had things more important to do or don't know how to write).

Anyhow, this is it, I'm already 8/10 of the next chapter way and this time I won't stop till I finish or till Obama bombs the Syrians I will be called for reserve duty and Assad will drop a gas bomb on my head (later denying everything claiming it was Al Qaeda and anyway he figured I wanted mustard on that shitty sausage the IDF issues).

So first, thanks to my very patient editors:



Cambria rose.

You guys totally rock.

And thanks to all the nice people who wrote me and asked me to continue. That actually meant a lot.

Wicked Chapter Six

Saturday 2 AM

To love and to cherish from this day forward until death do us part.... Or until the Messiah comes and then it's an Angelina Jolie free-for-all and wedding vows are important, but hey, Angelina Jolie.... Or until that sympathetic Iranian, Ahmadinejad decides to redecorate this part of the Middle East – hole-in-the-ground style.... Or until your wife blows a fuse and starts fucking random people.

Irit slept with a table lamp on. It seemed a little odd for a woman who invited complete strangers into her home daily, to be afraid of the dark. It illuminated a black-and-white wedding picture on the wall: an eighty-something-year-old groom with an eighty-something bride. They looked very much in love.

Wait till she finds a basketball star, dude.

Irit's hair was spread on the pillow like a halo. Her long fingers clasped and unclasped in her sleep. She kneaded Dan's ear half the night until he gently moved his head and slipped out of reach. Now she was hugging his pillow, kneading the bedding. Her clenched lips were the only remaining hint of the tough daytime working girl.

Dan flipped and found himself face to face with her black and white tomcat. The feline licked his paw and then sunk his sharp teeth deep in Dan's nose. Dan bit hard on his lip, and threw the furry monster off the bed. The cat jumped right back up and gave him a look as if to say "I was here first, dumbass, so don't you, you fat old unemployed slob who lets strangers fuck his wife, get any ideas."

"Yeah, at least I don't shit in a sandbox," Dan whispered to no one in particular.

The cat yawned.

His smartphone cheerfully hummed the Super Mario theme song and Dan lunged to retrieve it from his jeans and pressed on the mute. Who the fuck calls at 2 AM?

The smartphone blinked again. A persistent fucker. Dan tiptoed to the next room and sat on the edge of the 'clients' bed, making sure to distance himself from a dubious-looking stain.

"Who is this?" Dan aimed at annoyance but ruined the effect by yawning in mid-sentence.

"D ... Dan, it's Dan?" said a semi-familiar voice at the other end of the line.

"Who's this?"

"Thank god. It's Moshe."

"Moshe who?"

"The one who gave the Torah on Mount Sinai."


"How many Moshes do you know? It's Moshe Silver."

"Chicko? It's 2 AM."

"Duh. I've been trying to get in touch with everyone. You're the first White family member who picked up the phone."

"What? Who? What?" Cold fingers of an adrenaline rush flipped Dan's stomach. "What happened?"

"Alice has been in a car accident. She's in Hadasa Jerusalem, it's serious."

"Who?" Dan felt a calming wave of relief.

"Your sister-in-law, Alice White; tall blond, works at marrying suckers, dumping their ass, and leeching them dry."

"Spare me, Chicko. And Alice didn't take a shekel from you, so don't."

"Not for lack of trying. Anyway, the hospital tried to contact her parents."

"Rachel and Ofek are outdoors camping with my kids." Dan's relief turned to guilt.

"They couldn't find Ana or Ilan either."

"Ilan is in New Zealand. How did they get to you?"

"Lucky me, I'm still registered as her husband on her ID card. Is Ana awake?"

"I don't ... No...."

"Then wake her. You need to drive to Hadasa. They need her family to go over and sign some papers at the hospital."

"Is Alice ok?"

"I don't think so. She might not make it through the night." Moshe didn't sound too concerned. "Look, they need someone from the family at the hospital."

"Any chance that you might...?" Dan said.

"Fuck me if I do, man, I feel I already did way more than my share for the bitch."

"You're all heart, Chicko."

"Yeah, yeah. So, been nice talking to you. Now it's your problem. Cheers." Click!

Asshole. All of Alice's ex-husbands were assholes, she was an asshole magnet. After the divorce they had each become bitter assholes.

Dan dialed home then tried Ana's cellphone. There was no answer; he'd kind of guessed that would be the case, but the thought was too painful to dwell on.

What to do?


Her jaw hurt. Nothing to write home about (especially considering what she'd been doing with her jaw), but enough to transform sex with Nadav from a mind-blowing experience to an experience akin to watching Grey's Anatomy season nine, (leaves you with a bad taste and a feeling like ABC just vacuumed forty-five minutes of your life.

Nadav was sprawled on her neighbor Mrs. Schwartz's Jacuzzi bench; his legs dangled in the water, head tilted back, and eyes closed. The Jacuzzi was strategically located in Mrs. Schwartz's patio so that it made for amazing night dipping (Mrs. Schwartz had given Ana and Dan free access). However, the bubbling water in the Jacuzzi had already lost most of its heat. Annoying. The chirping grasshoppers in the warm night air sang a monotonous melody, with a rhythm that accentuated her head-bobbing. Now, they started to get on her nerves.

She drew her head back and examined his cock. There were signs of life on Planet Flaccid, at last. She kissed the bulbous head and wrapped her lips around it. The same sensuous lips that she used to kiss her husband and kids with. Her tongue played with the slit, burrowing in, darting out, and slapping the sensitive head. She tried everything in her arsenal and some stuff she invented on the fly. She sucked hard and placed a hand delicately at the base of his cock. She pumped a few times and bobbed her head up and down a few times.

"Hmmm...." Nadav purred, the first sound from him in the last fifteen minutes or so. His cock jumped to life in her mouth.

She drew back and kissed it lovingly, noting it was now almost fully erect. She toned down a sigh of relief. "Someone is eager to play again."

Nadav didn't open his eyes but she saw a smile forming.

She rose up, turned her back to him then lowered herself down, her hand guiding him inside her. Ah, yes, here we go again. She felt his rod tunneling inside her pink folds, raising her excitement, vanishing all thoughts of an aching jaw. This was so damn good. A hot basketball star. Wait till Alice hears. Any minute now he'll start thrusting like a piston in love. The thought was enough to send her butterflies amok and she almost lost control.

"Oh god ... you're amazing. You feel so good," she gasped.

She had a moment of panic as Nadav rose without warning. She was skewered on his cock and her legs lifted off the relative safety of the Jacuzzi floor. He then grabbed her hips and pushed her forward, her upper torso bent over the cold Jacuzzi rim.

"Hey," she cried. "Gently!"

"Gently? Gently is not here."

It can speak.

"Gently is dating Rosie O'Donnell's uglier sister." He gave a loud snort. "I thought you were a kick-ass girl."

Ana dearly wanted to be a kick-ass girl for him, even though she was clueless as to what being a kick-ass girl entailed. She gathered it didn't involve words like 'gently'.

"If you're cashed, it's really okay," he said.


"I mean at your age...."

"At my –?" She bit her lip, afraid she would say something really insulting.

"We can call it a night." He moved backward and his cock plopped out of her pussy.

The grasshoppers' chirps in her ears sounded like a sitcom's crowd-recorded laugh.

She panicked, desperate to make him refill the emptiness inside her vagina. 'At your age....' – what the fuck? Suddenly she wasn't a hot, wild, free-spirited ex-model screwing a basketball star. She felt thirty-eight ... a married, used-but-in-mint-condition, housewife. Old. Nadav couldn't have made a made a bigger dent in her ego if he had used a five-ton sledgehammer.

"Oh, I see." She forced a plastic smile like the kind she used in court. "You're tired and you need a break so you're ... you're the one who's crashed."

"Cashed, baby, not crashed."

Great! Now she felt like some aging mom trying to keep up with her slang-speaking adolescent son. A lump in her throat was solidifying.

Nadav yawned.

"See, you're tired."

"Look, Ana, before in the pool that was so fucking hot and in the restaurant when you jerked me under the table, two inches from your hubby, you nearly blew my top off. Seriously, I kaboomed like a fountain. But this Jacuzzi sex, been there, done that...."

"We can try the bed," she said.

"Been there, done that."

Somewhere inside her, the old Ana, the one her colleagues called The Shark, was screaming at her, Send the insensitive jerk to screw himself, who the hell does he think he is?! But the old Ana was shouting from a deep cave that the new hot Ana had blocked with bricks made of new experiences and selfish expectations.

"We can go back to the pool."

"Nah..." Nadav yawned again. "This party is dead. I think I'll bounce out."

"Too bad," Ana said too quickly. She was losing self-esteem points quicker than the Charlotte Bobcats were losing games. "You'll be missing out on the main event."

"What event?"

Hell if I know. "You'll never know."

"Oh, come on."

"I will cum, you won't."

He sat down on the Jacuzzi rim and squinted at her. "You're full of surprises," he said out loud, while his eyes said that he thought her full of something else.

"You haven't got a clue." Me neither. What event? Think, idiot. What could you possibly offer to this rich, good-looking basketball star? Girls half your age wait in line at his door.

Her mobile beeped the theme song from Star Wars. Dan installed it so she'd differentiate between his calls and those of the rest of the world.

"That's really one ancient piece of junk. The news of smartphones didn't reach the suburbs?" Nadav smiled his version of patronizing.

She'd only left it on in case her parents, camping with her kids, needed to make an emergency call. The caring and slightly over-protective mom part of her was still kicking even if the faithful wife part suffered from a terminal tumor.

"Aren't you going to answer?"

"Just my husband, screw him."

The mobile went silent.

What can a thirty-eight-year-old mother of two offer someone like Nadav?

The mobile played Star Wars again.

"Looks like he wants you to pick up." Nadav climbed out of the Jacuzzi, grabbed a towel and his shirt.

Ana snatched the mobile and texted a quick "Busy."

"What's the story between you and your hubby, anyways?"

"We ... I told you. We have an open marriage."

"He doesn't mind you sleeping with other guys? If my wife would even hint she wants to play behind my back, I'd kill the guy."

How ironic. "He's cool with it. Don't worry."

The mobile beeped again.

"I'm no expert," Nadav said. "But maybe he's not so cool with it as much as you think. You've been doing this for long?"

Ana noted with despair his cock was losing altitude. "Let's not talk about him, I'll put my mobile on silent mode."

"Maybe he's feeling insecure because it's me?" Nadav said.

She almost slapped her forehead when the obvious hit her like a warm monsoon wave. Nadav was an ego-maniac and the most competitive person in the northern hemisphere. What had Alice said about men with egos the size of trucks? 'You let them take a whiff of competition and they'll slit throats on their way to imaginary victory'. She suddenly knew what she had that Nadav wanted. Thirty-eight years of wisdom and ten years in court playing mind games with sharp adversaries. And Nadav wasn't even the brightest candle in the Hanukah lamp.

"Look," she tried an apologetic face. "I know he has an issue with this, I mean, it's not your fault. You don't need to feel bad about it." Yep, as if you care.

"I don't," Nadav smiled.

"He begged me not to sleep with you."

"Ahhh ..." his smile broadened, "and you did anyway."

"Can you blame me?" Fake apologetic smile again. "He never acted this way before. I think he's afraid you're more man than he is. You know, you men are so insecure when it comes to bed activities."

"Am I?"

"You're in your twenties and a basketball star, he's almost forty and unemployed; can you blame him for insecurity?"

"Fuck the being famous shit. Am I better in bed?"

"You're different." She smiled.

"What the fuck?" Nadav dropped the shirt and placed the towel on his shoulders. He then reentered the Jacuzzi, towering over her. "Does he make you wet all over the place like I did an hour ago?"



"So what?"

"I want you to admit it!" he raised his voice.

"But he's my husband."

"That's his problem, should have kept you on a shorter leash. Who's better in bed?"

In the corner of her mouth a wicked smile escaped past her façade. "You," she said in a little voice.




"You, okay. You're ten times better, a million times. Happy?" She raised her hands in mock surrender. "If you're a Ferrari then he is a mule pulling a cart with a broken wheel."

Nadav smiled like Michael Phelps when he got that eighteenth gold.

Ana lowered her head in resignation. She looked like someone who had just admitted ... well, like a wife who'd just admitted her husband was a loser. Inside, her smile stretched bigger than Nadav's. The man's cock stood out like the Eiffel Tower, hard and angry. It heaved and a white drop of pre-cum blossomed on the tip. Ten seconds of basic psychology achieved what thirty minutes of a blow-job couldn't.

"So, about that special event," he said.

Like taking candy from a baby. Nadav was getting his trips on conquest. She just needed to invent a new one and then she could keep him. "Never mind the special event."

"Come on."

She put on her Little-Bo-Peep face. "It's embarrassing."

"We've gone past that, no?" He tousled her hair, his version of Mr. Sensitive.

"Promise you won't laugh."


She looked down behind her at the direction of her ass.


She whispered, "I'd never... in the butt."

"Your husband never went to fifth base?"

"It's not like he didn't want to. He's been begging me about it for years," she lied.

"Well." Nadav rolled the towel into a ball shape and threw it at the dirty clothes basket across the patio. It painted a nice arc and landed true. "We'll need some lube."

"Wait? What?"

"It's gonna hurt like hell if we don't."

"You know what sweetie, I think...."

"You're not getting cold feet on me, Ana."

"You said you wanted to call it a night."

"Where does your neighbor keeps her womanly stuff? We can probably find some gel there."

Little Bo-Peep was a-wagging her tail behind her. "You know what, I think I'll pass. I promised my husband we'll do it on his next birthday anyways. He should be first after all."

"But you said – "

"A woman is allowed to change her mind, isn't she?" Make him sweat a little. Convince him he's competing with your husband. "You're right, my husband is really insecure about you and me. He'll know I let you be my first.... He'll be devastated."

"Come on, Ana, I know you want it." He leaned into her and started nibbling her neck.

"I don't know...."

"You could ride the mule, if that's your style," he whispered in her ear. "But with something as delicate as this, you'll need an expert." His tongue slithered and fondled her earlobe.

A warm wave of wetness flooded Ana down below. "Do you know where can I find such an expert at 3 AM?" she purred.



Alice stirred on the white hospital bed. Her mouth twitched in agony but her eyes remained closed. Her amazing golden hair was burned, showing patches of skin, and her bandaged arm rose like a woman requesting mercy and then fell again.

Funny how she still manages to look beautiful, Dan thought. One would think that the ugliness inside would finally show.


A single word. "Busy." Pain had been such a close companion for the last days that it had almost become tolerable. Now the hot stab he felt in his chest came as a surprise. Busy. Nadav Fine. The basketball star and his wife were busy.

This was worse than when she did it with a complete stranger. Now he had a face to attach to his nightmares. He tried to push them away but images of his beautiful wife moaning her passion under Nadav Fine, kept popping in his mind.

"Every day, in every way I'm getting better and better," he whispered but with little conviction.


"Sorry, just talking to myself." Dan turned to the tall young doctor. Obviously a resident. Attending physicians almost never shared the nightshift load.

"We'll keep her asleep like that for another hour; she'll be in a lot of pain when she wakes. It's best if she has someone close to her when that happens."

Yeah, I bet she's gonna be ecstatic if that someone would be me. "Is it very bad?"

"I've seen worse." The doctor gave him an encouraging and slightly tired smile. It was a good smile and it made Dan feel a little better. "Her upper torso suffered only minor injuries, except for a broken arm she has mostly first degree burns. However one leg is broken and the other is badly burned. She dragged herself away from that car with one hand."

"Yeah, she's one tough...." Bitch, Dan said with little emotion.

"It's going to be a slow recovery, and not pleasant. Weeks. Months. It will include debridement procedures. She'll need all the support she can get from the people who love her."

Too bad for her that nobody does. No husband or kids and she hasn't talked to her parents and brother for who knows how long. The thought that Alice, who had had no small part in his marriage crisis, was suffering, didn't fill him with a joy. If anything, it made him sad.

He texted his wife again. "Alice had a car accident. I'm at Hadasa Hospital. Situation critical. Call me!!!!!!!"

"You're Dan Jacobson." The doctor said.

"Huh...?" Dan was six foot and a little but he still needed to look up at the doctor, actually really looking at him for the first time. Blond, early thirties or late twenties, very broad and breaking the law of fairness which stated that 'A man can pick a maximum two out of handsome, smart, tall and successful'.

"Yeah, you are Dan Jacobson."

"Do I know you?"

"Long time ago, fourteen years actually." The doctor smiled. "Juvie center, Jerusalem's Grace in Jerusalem. You and your brother volunteered there. Taught the kids basic boxing techniques three times a week."

"Ahh," Dan smiled when he thought of the Juvie. He had been a broke-ass computer science student, but he loved working with the youth at the center. He had won a scholarship that year for his volunteer activity in the community. His future had looked bright and his girlfriend, Ana, was the hottest girl on campus. A good period. "You were one of the Juvie's instructors?"

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