Wicked Hot


"I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone," Amy said. "I've never seen so many different license plates- Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Colorado."

A large welding truck eased by them on the small dirt road. "Those must be why the road is so damned bumpy," Kevin said.

They walked for a while, noticing that many of the campers, fifth-wheels mostly, had virtually none of the normal paraphernalia associated with camping. There were no party lights, checkered tablecloths on the picnic tables, bikes, screen houses... They were pretty stark.

"I wonder what all these workers think of the weekend people," Amy mused. "I wonder if they like the company, or if it annoys them."

"Watch your step," Kevin warned, as a huge, white pick-up truck crept slowly down the bumpy road. The sound of the diesel engine announced the truck's presence from a mile away. At the top of the windshield, there were large white letters, "Nothin finer than a pipeliner!" The couple in the truck waved on their way to their own camper.

Kevin and Amy arrived back at their own site, sat in the chairs overlooking the creek, and popped another round of IPAs. "Should I make a fire?" Kevin asked.

"Nah. It's too hot," Amy replied. "I think I'm going to take my beer inside to cool down."

"You wanna fool around?" Kevin asked with hope in his voice.

"It is so hot, I can't imagine you touching me," she said, shaking her head. "Let's call it an early night. We have to be up early tomorrow, and it's just so fucking hot."

"O-K," Kevin said, looking dejected. "But tomorrow night, you're mine."

"It's a date," Amy replied, as they went back into the camper for the night.


The wedding was a roaring success, despite the blazing heat, and somehow the bride managed to have a good hair day. Fortunately, the ceremony was in an air conditioned church and the reception was indoors. Kevin and Amy danced all evening, and when they returned to the campground, night had already fallen.

They drove slowly down the dirt road, waving to families roasting marshmallows, and pipeliners talking on cell phones. A movie was on the big, inflatable screen at the pavilion, and kids with light sticks ran around in the grass.

They quickly changed out of their fancy clothes, and threw on shorts and t-shirts. Kevin popped the beers, poured them into the famous "Red Solo Cups", per campground policy, and they took a walk. This time they walked to the rocky area along the creek. They held hands and sipped their beer, and in the growing darkness, they didn't realize that they weren't exactly alone.

Kevin led Amy to a picnic table, overlooking the creek. The moonlight reflected off the water, providing the tiniest bit of soft light. Kevin brushed a piece of hair out of Amy's eye, and leaned in to kiss her. The gentle pairing of soft lips gave way quickly to furious tongues probing each other, and Amy's hand went to Kevin's shorts.

"Ooh. A little excited, are we?" she cooed, touching his stiffening cock through the denim.

"Mmhmm," he murmured. "We are."

Amy reached into his shorts and began squeezing his cock, feeling it harden in her hand. "You're nice and hard now, Baby. Are you up for a hand job?"

"Old school, huh?" he chuckled.

Kevin adjusted his shorts to accommodate the impending hand job, and leaned back with his hands behind him on the picnic table. Amy kissed him on the nose and got down to the business of jerking him off. It had been a long time since she had used nothing but her hands to make him cum, but this was like the old days when she'd stick her hands down his pants in the back row of the movie theater and surreptitiously make him cum all over her hand.

She tugged and pulled and cooed and ahhed, and the pre-cum trickled into her hand, making his cock slippery.

Suddenly, they heard a splash in the creek followed by a soft laugh. Amy froze, but only for a moment.

"Amy," Kevin whispered. "Look."


"Look in the water. They're having sex in the creek!" he said.


"I don't know. It's wicked hot though," he said with a quiet laugh. "Feel free to keep going there. I have some live porn to watch."

Amy tried to see the action while she jacked his cock, but the angle was awkward. Instead, she focused her energy on bringing his orgasm on as quickly as possible. She grabbed his balls with her other hand, and said, "Tell me what they're doing."

The darkness made it difficult for him to see exactly what was going on, so he improvised a little.

"I think she's blowing him. The water isn't too deep. It looks like she's squatting in front of him."

"Oh, that is hot," Amy said.

"Oops! Looks like the water is pushing her around," he said, laughing a bit. "Oh, good. He caught her. She's good now."

Amy used her fingers on the sweet spot under the head of his cock and applied just the right amount of pressure. Amy felt his cock swelling and his balls tightening, and a moment later, she felt his hand on the back of her head.

"I wanna cum in your mouth," he managed to say before his body stiffened. He was motionless and quiet for a long moment before he started to grunt quietly.

Amy put her mouth over his cock just in time to catch the first jet of cum on her tongue. Spurt after spurt of hot semen landed in her open mouth, and she swallowed every drop.

They heard another splash as the couple in the creek fell into the water.

When Kevin recovered from his orgasm, he said, "Your turn. Take your pants off and sit on them."

After she positioned herself on the table top, Kevin sat on the picnic bench in front of her and spread her legs. "Now what are they doing?" he asked, before sticking his tongue into her pussy.

"Oh, my. He's holding her and her legs are wrapped around him," she said. "Ooh. Right there. I think they're fucking."

"Mmmm..." he moaned against her clit.

"Oh, yeah. They're fucking," she said breathlessly. "She's moving up and down on his cock. Can you hear them splashing in the water?"

"Mmmhmmm..." was his only response. He poked his finger into her pussy and started rubbing. He knew that would drive her wild.

"Ooh! He almost dropped her!" Amy narrated. "Right there. Oh. That's nice."

They heard a loud, guttural sound coming from the creek, and they knew that he was cumming.

"Oh, my god. He's cumming," Amy said. "I think I'm gonna cum. Oh, keep licking me. Oh, yeah. Right there. Finger fuck me. Oh, oh, oh."

She tried to keep quiet, but it wasn't easy. Kevin continued to lick her clit until she relaxed.

"Mmm. Thank you Honey," she whispered, rubbing his hair.

Kevin helped her to her feet, and she put her pants back on. Kevin picked up their empty cups, and led her back to their campsite before the couple in the creek discovered them.


Sunday morning was the hottest one of the summer so far. By the time that Kevin and Amy got outside to drink their coffee and scramble their eggs on the camp stove, the thermometer had already reached ninety. Without a single cloud in the sky, the day promised to be a scorcher.

"Ugh," Amy said, as soon as she stepped into the hot, humid air. "I think it's too hot to drink coffee."

"Toss some ice cubes in it," Kevin suggested. "Maybe an iced coffee is the way to go."

"I guess." She opened the cooler to find a puddle of warm water. Disappointed, she sipped at her steaming hot cup, wrinkling her nose.

"What's on the agenda for today?" Kevin asked. "Something air conditioned, I hope."

"Wine tasting," she announced. "There are a bunch of wineries in the area, so I thought we'd give them a try."

"Ugh. I guess I'm going to be the designated driver again, huh?" Kevin said wryly.

"Three of them are close enough to ride our bikes," Amy suggested, forgetting about the oppressive heat for a moment.

"Good idea," he agreed, and he started packing for their day. "I'm really thinking about a dip in the creek later though."


Half an hour later, they had already decided that the bikes were a lousy idea. The hill between the campground and the first winery on the list was enormous. Halfway up the hill, they hopped off and walked their bikes up the remainder of the hill.

"I think... this... will... be... our... only... stop," Amy said, panting hard, as they parked the bikes on the side of the tasting room and took off their helmets. The sweat poured down their heads, and they drank water while they walked through the parking lot.

"Hmm. There's the 'Nothin finer than a pipliner' truck," Kevin pointed out as they passed by.

Everyone in the tasting room turned toward the door when the bell on the doorknob tinkled, and the pipeliner couple recognized them from the campground. They waved Kevin and Amy over to the crowded tasting bar and made room for them.

The woman greeted them with a friendly smile. "Hey! C'mon over. Come taste some wines. Where y'all from?"

Introductions were passed around. Kevin and Amy Connors were from Massachusetts, outside of Boston. Both were in their forties. He was a paramedic; she was a nurse. Two girls and a boy- ages 5, 8, and 10.

Deacon and Tina Carter were from Arkansas, but they spent most of their life on the road, moving from state to state as union jobs became available. No kids. He worked on the pipeline. She was a stay-at-home wife. They looked to be in their late twenties or early thirties, but it was hard to tell.

"Do you think you'll stay on the road like this forever? Or will you settle down somewhere someday?" Amy asked.

"I don't know," Tina replied. "I mean, maybe we'll have kids someday, and we won't want to be moving around all the time."

Deacon snorted, "Or maybe she'll decide to get a job, and she won't be able to move around with me."

"Not likely," Tina said, laughing.

The woman working behind the bar poured the next round of samples, and chatted a little with the two couples. "It's like dueling accents in here. Arkansas versus Massachusetts. That's a hoot!"

The tasting room was air conditioned, and Kevin and Amy had already decided that this would be their last stop. Deacon and Tina were headed out to run errands, so after a few samples and a little conversation, they were ready to head out.

Kevin and Amy took some glasses of wine to the sitting area. They settled into comfy chairs and listened to 80's music while they sipped a nice, oaky Chardonnay and a robust Cabernet Franc. The window looked out over the hill they had climbed on their bikes, and they could see the heat rising from the pavement.

"I don't think I can go back out there," Amy said, wrinkling her nose. "It's just too damn hot."

"I know, but it's not like we can live here. Finish up, and I'll go buy a couple of bottles," he replied.

When bottles were stowed in backpacks and helmets were strapped on, they started down the hill to the campground. The breeze whipped by as they whizzed down, but they were still dripping with sweat by the time they reached their campsite.


Lunch was a light one with cheese and crackers and veggies and dip. They drank bottle after bottle of water, and when they felt rehydrated, they finally opened the Chardonnay they had just purchased.

"Get your suit on," Kevin said. "I want to swim in the creek."

They changed and packed up the wine and the fancy-schmancy Red Solo wine glasses, and then headed down a small path to the edge of the creek. Most of the weekend guests had already left the campground, and most of the workers were hiding from the heat in their air conditioned RVs. Despite the record heat, the creek water was still chilly, and Amy tip-toed in, trying to get used to the water.

They paddled around a little, avoiding touching the slippery rocks with their bare feet. Kevin spotted a couple of crawfish crawling around the rocks and a turtle downstream. Amy was on the lookout for a blue heron, which Deacon had mentioned at the winery.

She was so engrossed in her search, that she didn't see Kevin coming when he snuck up behind her. He scooped her up in his arms, and then dropped her into the deepest part of the water. She shrieked when the cold water hit her shoulders, and had trouble getting back on her feet on the slippery rocks. As she went into the water again, she grabbed Kevin's hand and yanked him off balance. He fell on his ass too, making a big splash.

They came up laughing, which led to kissing, which led to wandering hands.

"Stop, Kevin! People will see. It's light out, for Christ's sake!" she hissed. "Remember how much we saw last night in the dark?"

"Yeah, but there's hardly anyone here today," he argued. Before she could react, he slipped his hand inside her bikini bottom, and stuck his middle finger between her pussy lips. He wrapped his arms around her, standing behind her, and began fingering her pussy.

For a moment, she lost herself and allowed him to play.

Suddenly she saw movement out of the corner of her eye, and came to her senses. She laughed when she realized that it was the heron she was looking for. It was quite a distance away, but the impressive wingspan was what startled her.

She was so busy watching the large bird, she didn't notice Kevin slowly pulling the strings on her bikini top.

Her top hit the water and began to float downstream. Only then did she realize that she was topless with Kevin's hand in her bottoms.

"Kevin!" she shrieked, reaching for her top. She lost her balance, and once again fell in. "Get my top!"

He left her floundering in the water to grab the garment, but he didn't give it back. Instead, he held it high over his head and let her jump for it. Those "big boobs" Kevin had cited as a reason that Amy would make a good exotic dancer bounced up and down as she tried to get her clothes. When she realized it was hopeless, she crouched under the water and spat threats of what she would do to him once she was dressed.

He looked down and realized the marvelous position she was in. His erection was forming an uncomfortable tent in his swim trunks. "Are you going to blow me right here?" he said, with mock incredulity in his voice.

"No, you asshole! Give me my top, you jerk!"

"Well, if you'd just give me a blowjob..."

They heard voices on the bank of the creek, startling both of them. Kevin slipped once again, and scrambled to regain his footing. He let go of the bikini top without realizing it and crouched under the water with Amy.

The voices got closer until they could see the speakers on the bank. It was the Carters, the same couple they had met at the winery just hours before.

"Oh! Hi y'all!" Tina shouted. "We were just coming down to take a swim."

Tina and Deacon stripped down to their bathing suits, and waded into the creek. Amy was doing a good job of covering up for the moment, but as the Carters drew near, her panic increased. She turned around and hissed, "Give me my top!"

"Oh, my god," he said in a low voice. "I lost it."

"You what?" she shrieked. She looked frantically downstream, but was too late. "What am I going to do?"

The Carters splashed into the water and swam around the crouching couple.

Deacon was the first to spy the problem. "Oh, dear!"

"What is it, Babe?" Tina asked.

Amy's cheeks were on fire as Tina swam around to meet her face to face. Amy felt as much as saw Tina's eyes drop to look below the water.

"Oh, dear is right," she said quietly. "We're interrupting."

Amy began to stammer as she covered her breasts with her hands. "It's just that my top fell off and it floated away and I don't know where it is and now I'm topless in the water and you guys are here and I'm so embarrassed..."

Tina looked sympathetic, and tried to stop the flood of words running out of Amy's mouth. When she finally took a breath, Tina said, "No worries. I'll take mine off too."

The two men crouched in the water, watching the scene unfold in front of them.

"I'm not sure that will make me feel any better," Amy said, shaking her head.

"I do this all the time," Tina coaxed, as she slid her top down her arms. "Nobody can see us here unless they're right on the bank. Now, if you go downstream a little near the tent sites, it's a little more exposed."

Amy blushed even more furiously.

"What? Are you blushing because you can see my tits?" Tina asked.

"Well, that and..."

"And you saw us in the creek last night, didn't you?" It dawned on Tina at that moment that this was the couple who had watched them from the picnic table. "Girl, don't give it another thought. We'll just stay here under the water and cool down."

"I'm so embarrassed," Amy whispered again.

Amy slipped again and fell back into Kevin. His cock was even harder than before, and it poked her in the back almost painfully. When she regained her balance, she realized that Deacon's hands were rubbing his wife's breasts.

Amy gasped and watched for a moment, her jaw hanging open.

"Honey, it's OK. Relax. We can play a little out here," Tina said, trying to encourage Amy to let go.

Kevin reached down and cupped Amy's breasts, rubbing her nipples with his thumbs. She shivered, only in part because his hands were as cold as the water. She closed her eyes, and tried to relax.

When she opened them again, she saw Tina looking back at her. She could see that Tina's hand was in her bathing suit bottom, and she could only guess that she was rubbing her pussy.

"Go ahead," Tina nodded. "You can do it too."

"No," Amy whispered. "I can't." She wanted desperately to flee, but she couldn't get herself to move knowing that she was naked above the waist.

Kevin took the next step, and put his hand into Amy's bottoms once again, and began rubbing. She tensed up, but he whispered into her ear, "You are so wet. Relax and enjoy. This won't go any further."

He continued tweaking her nipple as he circled her clit with the fingers on his other hand.

Tina was frigging her clit furiously while Deacon pinched her nipples and nibbled on her neck. She started to moan, which aroused Amy even more. She heard another moan, and she was surprised to realize that it came from her own throat.

Amy thought back to the fantasies that she and Kevin had shared that night weeks ago. "Aahh," she moaned loudly, as a surge of good feeling shot through her pelvis. She wasn't quite ready to cum, but she was getting close. He rubbed harder and faster, and she leaned back into Kevin.

Amy heard Tina cum. Tina moaned and cried out, "Ohmigod. Holy shit. Fuck me. I'm cumming!"

Tina's orgasm pushed Amy right to the brink, and she came hard, but quietly. She breathed hard and thrashed her head back and forth against Kevin's chest.

As she relaxed and floated back into the water, she was only vaguely aware that her breasts were popping up over the water.

Tina and Deacon pulled themselves together, and Tina replaced her top. "We'll leave first since I'm dressed. See you later."


After dinner Amy cleaned up while Kevin built a nice fire, even though it was too hot to enjoy. He arranged the chairs at the campfire so that they could see the creek as the sun set.

They settled into their comfy chairs using the cooler between them as a table and listened to the crackle of the fire and the chorus of katydids.

Chirp, chirp, chirp. Ka, ty, did.

The wood was pine and the light fragrance of smoke and in the air smelled like a Yankee Candle. It was finally beginning to get dark. The rosy glow from the sky reflected off the creek, and the moment felt pretty damned perfect.

Except for the heat.

Even the sun setting didn't make the air feel any less oppressive. As nice as the fire sounded and smelled, it didn't make the night any more comfortable.

Chirp, chirp, chirp. Ka, ty, did.

Kevin and Amy sat in silence watching the sun set and sipping Chardonnay. Amy's head was swirling, only partly because of the wine.

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