Wicked Hot


"I'm a responsible, upstanding member of my community. I am on the PTA Community Morals Committee to ban that freaking strip club. What the hell did I just do? Did I seriously just cum in front of two total strangers? I almost wish I was Catholic, so I could go to confession and all would be forgiven," she said to herself. Her thoughts wavered between ranting and raving.

Kevin finally broke the ice. "Honey . . . What happened out there . . . It doesn't mean anything, you know."

"I . . ."

"No. It means nothing," he repeated.

"I'm mortified," she said, starting to cry.

"Well, I'm not," he said sincerely. "That was the most erotic moment of my life."

Amy sat quietly with the tears running down her face for a long moment.

"That's the problem," she said, her voice wavering and her lip quivering. "It was erotic. That was the hardest I've cum in a long time." Her voice trailed to a whisper. "I wanted to touch her."

Chirp, chirp, chirp. Ka, ty, did.

The sun dipped below the horizon, and the glow started to fade. Kevin put another log on the fire, and it crackled and popped softly.

"I think she wanted to touch you too," he said quietly.

Amy looked over to see the bulge rising in Kevin's shorts.

Chirp, chirp, chirp. Ka, ty, did.

"Let's go for a walk," Kevin said, taking her hand.

"But . . ."

"No buts. We probably won't see them anyway. They're probably in their air conditioned camper."

The first hint of a breeze tickled their shoulders as they stepped off, hand-in-hand.


Amy did not realize until it was too late that they were approaching the Carter's site. She heard Tina shout, "Hi y'all!" at the same time that she spotted the phrase that was forever etched into her mind-Nothin finer than a pipeliner!

"C'mon over. Have a glass of wine," Tina called.

Amy was frozen in her tracks, too embarrassed to take a step closer. Kevin squeezed her hand and whispered to her, "C'mon. It's OK."

Tina approached her, and Kevin let go of her hand. He slipped away quietly to join Deacon at the table. Amy's heart pounded, and she looked for a way out.

"Girl, don't be ashamed of what happened in the creek today. I'm sure not," Tina said, looking her in the eye. "C'mon and have a drink."

Amy finally spoke. "I've never done anything like that before," she whispered.

Tina smiled and whispered back, "Girl, Deacon and I have done that and more. Don't you worry. It's all good."

Amy's jaw dropped.

"We were hoping you guys would stop by," Tina added. "I mean, we can just sit and talk if you like, but I think..."

Tina looked to the table where Kevin and Deacon were conspiring.

"I think maybe we could, uh, play a little more?" she finished.

Amy took a deep breath and blushed deeply while her stomach did nervous flip-flops. She was grateful for the cover of darkness, and she allowed Tina to take her by the hand and lead her to the table. She sat next to Kevin and gulped the glass of pink wine that Deacon handed her.

"Thirsty, huh?" he teased as he refilled her glass.

"It is wicked hot out here," Amy replied, fanning herself.

"Depends on your perspective, I guess," he answered. "A day like today's ordinary in Arkansas. It was a lot hotter there today than it is here."

"Yeah, and it feels like the wind is picking up a bit anyway," Tina added.

Amy looked up, and was surprised to see the trees above swaying to and fro. "I guess so. I wonder if there will be a storm."

"I didn't even check the weather today," Kevin said.

"We should probably get going back to our campsite, just in case," Amy said, just as the sky opened up, drenching with cold rain them before they could scramble for the awning.

They stood under the awning, dripping, and waiting for the rain to let up until there was a loud crash of thunder, and Tina said, "Y'all better come inside."


Amy shivered when the icy blast from the air conditioner hit her wet skin.

"Wow!" Kevin said. "I didn't know camper couches could be so comfy! Ours is like sitting on a milk crate. It's wicked hard."

"Wicked hahd?" Deacon repeated.

"Yeah. Hard. H-A-AH-D. Like hard as a rock?" Kevin explained.

"Oh! You mean hard!" Deacon chuckled. Of course, when Deacon said it, it was a two-syllable word.

"Hah-erd?" Kevin repeated, trying his best to mimic Deacon's drawl with his Boston accent.

"I guess the lady at the winery was right," Amy said with a giggle. "It is like dueling accents in here."

Tina laughed too. "How do you spell that? H-e-e-y-a-h?"

Poking fun at the way the other couple talked and another round of wine broke the ice, and Tina took that opportunity to change the subject. "I know something else that was wicked hahd today," she said coyly, her eyes resting on Amy's breasts.

Amy's stomach did another flip-flop, and once again, she downed the wine in one gulp and looked at the floor.

Kevin reached for her hand, and said, "Could you guys give us a minute?"

"Sure. No problem," Deacon and Tina said as they slipped out of the sitting area into their bedroom and slid the pocket door closed.

Kevin held Amy's face in both of his hands and looked into her eyes. "Amy, you tell me 'let's go', and we're out of here. We can play with them a little, but only if you want to."

"I don't know," she whispered. "I just don't know if I can, but I'm so turned on. I want to, but I don't want to . . ."

Kevin stopped her by kissing her, softly, but insistently. She melted into him, and he knew she'd give it a shot.

"Let's go. That's all you have to say, and we'll leave, OK?"

She nodded slightly and closed her eyes. Kevin took her hand once again, and led her to Deacon and Tina's bedroom.


Tina ushered Deacon and Kevin out to the sitting area, and sat down across from Amy on the bed.

"Relax," Tina whispered. "Do you really want to do this?"

"I'm not even sure what we're doing," Amy replied.

"What happened in the creek today—How'd that make you feel?" Tina asked.

"Embarrassed. Excited. Confused. Turned on," Amy stammered. "I. . ."

Before she could say anything more, Tina put her lips against Amy's and kissed her gently. Both women shuddered, and Tina put her hands on Amy's arms to steady her. Amy felt a rush of arousal through her pelvis, and leaned closer to Tina.

Amy lost her sense of time and space as their kiss deepened. She couldn't hear the rain or the thunder or the baseball game Deacon and Kevin had turned on to shoo away the awkwardness of not knowing exactly what their wives were doing to each other.

She couldn't have spoken, even if she wanted to. She kissed Tina as passionately as she had ever kissed Kevin, and her doubts were no longer in her mind. When Tina placed her hands on Amy's breasts, Amy welcomed them.

"I have wanted to put my hands on your tits since the moment I realized that you didn't have your top on in the creek," Tina murmured. "They are luscious."

Automatically, Amy murmured, "Thank you," as if Tina had just complimented her new haircut or something.

Tina broke their kiss to laugh softly. She said, "I'm going to take my shirt off. What you do is up to you."

Amy was only a little bit surprised to see that Tina wasn't wearing a bra. Her eyes were drawn right to Tina's long, dark red nipples, and her hands followed. She traced her palms with Tina's hard buds before closing her hands around her tits.

Tina smiled, and asked, "Can I take your shirt off too?" After Amy's almost imperceptible nod, Tina eased her t-shirt over her head. She did not ask permission to take her bra off, and she did it quickly, before Amy could stop her. When the cool air hit her nipples, they became even harder.

"Is this OK?" she asked, now that both women were topless. Amy nodded again.

Tina leaned closer and surprised Amy by putting her mouth over her nipple. Amy let out a small squeak, and then shuddered. She felt Tina's tongue touching her nipple, and it sent a fresh jolt to her nether regions.

Amy didn't hear the pocket door sliding open, and she didn't see Kevin poke his head into the room and look at Tina questioningly. She also mistook Tina's nod for a different approach to licking her nipples.

Kevin made his way to the head of the bed, and surprised Amy by pulling her back against him. She gasped with surprise, but smiled when he kissed her on the cheek, and said, "I gotcha, Hon. Relax. This is unreal."

"How do you feel about taking off your pants?" Tina asked carefully. "I'm going a little crazy here. I want to lick your pussy."

"O- OK," Amy said, hoping she was making the right decision. She couldn't believe this was happening. She thought back to the snowy night after the Town Hall meeting when she whispered her crazy fantasy of having sex with a woman. It was hard enough to say it out loud to the love of her life, and now she was taking her pants off for another woman. Kevin's erection was pressing hard into her back, and he put his hands over her tits.

Amy felt her shorts sliding down over her hips, and then she felt Tina's fingers tugging at the thin elastic holding her panties in place. She wiggled a little bit to make it easier to remove them, and she suddenly felt very naked. The only thing she was wearing was her wedding ring and her husband's hands.

Tina gave her one more chance to back out. "Are you sure?" she asked quietly.

Instead of answering, Amy spread her legs. She was terrified and thrilled, and at that moment she wanted Tina's mouth on her pussy.

"Lick me," she whispered, "before I chicken out."

Tina wasted no time in putting her head between Amy's thighs and putting her tongue against her cunt. She started by exploring, testing, teasing. "Mmm. . ." she said. "You taste so nice."

Tina's technique was a little different from Kevin's. It was softer, more tentative at first, but quickly moved in on Amy's clit. She licked on the right and on the left and right on top of her clit. She swirled her tongue around the sensitive nub. Amy heard the wetness of Tina's tongue against the wetness of her cunt, and she realized just how much she had wanted this.

And then Tina hit the spot, just to the left of her clit. Tina's tongue swirled around that sweet spot, and Amy moaned right out loud. Tina knew that she had found the key to Amy's orgasm, and she focused her efforts on that spot.

Kevin looked down over his wife's shoulder and watched the woman with the unfamiliar drawl tonguing his wife's pussy. He could see her nose nuzzling Amy's mound each time her tongue swirled around her clit. Amy's hips were beginning to buck against Tina's face, and she was moaning softly. Kevin pinched Amy's nipples and rubbed her tits. He could see the flush building across her chest and the sweat breaking out on her brow. Her toes curled; her hips bucked; she began moaning loudly. Kevin knew she was on the brink of orgasm. He pinched her nipples and spoke right into her ear. "You are having sex with another woman, just like we talked about that night."

That statement pushed Amy over the edge, and she cried out loudly enough for Deacon to hear from the next room, over the rumbles of thunder.

As she came down from her orgasm, Deacon poked his head into the room. "That sounded great. Does anybody mind if I join y'all?"

Amy shook her head a little bit, so Deacon took a seat next to Kevin on the bed. Amy relaxed and took deep breaths, trying to clear her head and to understand what had just happened.

Before she could come to her senses, Kevin whispered in her ear. "Which fantasy comes next?"

Amy's mind and body were like a puddle of mush after the wine and the delicious orgasm, and she couldn't do more than moan contentedly.

Kevin tried again. "What do you say, Honey? Any interest in giving our friend Deacon a blowjob? Like we talked about that night?"

Amy came to her senses enough to know that she wanted to do this for Kevin. And for herself.

She smiled and sat up. She hardly noticed that she was the only naked one in the room. She crawled across the bed toward Deacon while he unzipped his shorts and pulled them down his hips. He lay back on the bed and smiled at Amy. "You gonna suck my cock, Sweetie?"

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am," she replied with a tipsy smile as she got her first look at Deacon's hard cock. It wasn't as long as Kevin's, but it was a bit thicker. She licked her lips and leaned forward to kiss him. Kissing Deacon was a little bit like kissing Tina, only his lips were wider and his kiss was harder. Their tongues poked into each other's mouths for a moment before Kevin said, "Suck his cock, Honey. Please, do it now."

Amy stuck the tip of her tongue between her lips and licked them slowly. She lowered her head into his lap and took him into her mouth. The head of his cock felt different from Kevin's, and she used her tongue to memorize its shape. His larger girth filled her mouth, but she found that she could take his entire cock in her mouth without gagging. She grabbed his heavy balls in her hand and caressed them while she licked his shaft from the head to the base.

Tina watched from the foot of the bed for a moment before settling in next to Kevin. She kissed him a little bit, but he was more interested in watching his wife sucking Deacon's cock. Tina tried again, but a little lower this time. She unzipped his fly and took his erection out of his pants. "You want a BJ, Sugar?"

"As long as I have a front row seat to the Amy Show, that sounds great," he replied. He relaxed back onto the pillow and let Tina swallow his cock.

Amy looked to her right and saw Tina's head bobbing up and down on her husband's erection. For a moment she felt a flash of jealousy stab through her stomach. She heard an unfamiliar, masculine moan, and remembered where she was and what she was doing.

She was sucking another man's cock, and Kevin was watching. She turned her head to look at Kevin without removing the thick, hard cock from her mouth. Then she looked up at Deacon's brown eyes, and smiled around his thick erection. She began bobbing her head up and down, fucking Deacon with her mouth in time with Tina's motions.

Amy could feel Deacon's cock thickening in her mouth, swelling to an impossible girth. She knew that he would cum soon, and for the first time, she felt bold enough to dictate the next step.

Amy pulled her mouth off Deacon's cock and crawled up his body. She kissed him hard on the mouth, and looked at Kevin, looking for his approval.

Kevin said simply, "Fuck him, Honey."

Amy held eye contact with her husband as she lowered herself onto Deacon's cock. Tina saw the energy between Kevin and Amy and pulled her mouth off his cock. She smiled at Kevin, and nudged him to rise and arrange his cock near Amy's mouth.

"Good idea," he said, smiling at Tina. He took Amy's head, and pushed her face gently down on his cock. She felt like she was breaking out of a prison cell, like she was doing something fundamentally life-changing. She was blowing Kevin and fucking a near stranger, and it felt wicked good.

Amy moved herself up and down on Deacon's cock until he moaned, and told her that he was going to cum. She pulled herself off his cock, and tugged on Tina's arm. Tina responded automatically, and put her mouth over Deacon's cock just in time to catch the first spurt of semen. She sucked his spunk into her mouth, and then swallowed hard and fast. She moved her head up and down slowly on his cock, just to prolong his ecstasy. She could taste Amy's cunt on Deacon's cock, and she liked it.

"So, girl," Tina started. "Do you want to try licking my pussy?"

Amy couldn't respond out loud, but she moved up onto her knees. Tina lay back, nestling between the two men and spreading her legs. Amy paused for a moment and considered what she was about to do. She looked at Kevin for his approval. His nod and smile gave her the permission she needed. She dipped her head between Tina's legs, and ran her tongue from her vagina to her clitoris. She had tasted her own pussy on her fingers or Kevin's cock, but the taste of another woman was a sweet surprise.

Amy used her tongue to explore Tina's sex—poking it into her opening, teasing her clit, licking her soft lips. When Tina began to shiver, she knew she had found the spot. She licked the sides of Tina's clit, first the left, and then the right. Tina moaned out loud, and put her hands on Amy's head.

Kevin eased himself off the bed, and went to stand behind his wife. "Hon, this is just like we pictured it," he said with a touch of awe in his voice.

Amy wiggled her ass at Kevin, inviting the next step in the fantasy. He put his hands on her ass and lined his cock up to penetrate her. He slammed his cock in hard, pushing Amy's face into Tina's pussy.

Deacon watched this couple fucking his wife, and his cock started to swell again. He wrapped his fist around his erection and started to stroke it slowly. "Feel good, Baby?" he asked lazily.

"Oh, yeah," Tina purred. "I can't believe this is her first time licking pussy. She's a natural."

"Hear that Aim?" Kevin asked. "She likes it. You're doing great." He continued to pump his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Mm hm," was all Amy could manage to reply. She licked for another moment, and then pulled her face out of Tina's cunt and looked back at her husband. She wiggled her ass again, suggesting to Kevin that he could do more with his hands than just hold on.

It took him a minute to catch her meaning, but he suddenly grinned widely.

"Oh, I get it. You're a bad girl, aren't you?" he teased. "You're right, Honey. You need a spanking, don't you?"

Smack, smack, smack, smack.

Kevin laughed as Deacon's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "My wife is licking your wife's pussy. She's a bad girl. Bad girls need spankings. It's just the way it goes," he said with a twinkle in his eye.

Smack, smack, smack, smack.

Amy moaned and licked a little faster. She stuck two fingers into Tina's vagina, finding her G-spot and rubbing hard.

Deacon rose onto his knees and lined his cock up with Tina's mouth. She sucked him for a moment, but as her orgasm approached, she forgot everything except the pressure building in her pelvis. She ground her hips against Amy's face and pulled her hair.

Smack, smack, smack, smack.

Amy shouted incoherently each time Kevin's palm marked her bottom. Deacon rubbed his cock against his wife's face. Tina teetered on the brink of orgasm for a moment before her body went rigid, her pelvis smashed against Amy's face.

"I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Holy shit, don't stop licking my pussy!" she yelled through her orgasm. When she finally relaxed, she rubbed Amy's hair gently, and said, "Holy cow. That was good."

"Fuck me, that was even better than I imagined," Kevin said, shaking his head slowly.

"Yeah," Amy agreed.

"I think I'm the only one who hasn't cum yet," Kevin added. "Although if I was twenty five again, I'd have cum twenty minutes ago."

Tina pulled herself up and said, "Deacon. Help me out in the kitchen. I think we could all use a nice, cold glass of water."

When they were alone, Kevin wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her. "I can taste her pussy on your mouth. This is unbelievable,"

"I'll probably regret all of this in the morning, but I am having a great time," Amy agreed. "Do you think we're done?"

"Remember that night after the Town Hall Meeting? Remember when you asked if there was fucking involved or if you just sucked the other man's cock?" he asked. "I said I usually didn't make it that far. Well, since then I've been imagining something else."

"L—Like what?" she asked carefully.

Kevin eased his wife back onto her hands and knees, and began kissing her bottom. His tongue trailed closer to her puckered anus, and he used his tongue to lubricate it.

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