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Wife & Friend Make Me Watch


My wife Charlotte was what you would call "lively" in the bedroom. She was a very sexy blonde with a gorgeous figure and that sort of flirtatious manner which could make your cock stand on end without even touching her. We were always getting creative in the bedroom and one of her favourite fantasies was that she wanted to get fucked by another man while I watched. In the cold light of day I wasn't too keen on this but in bed with her when we were having sex the idea kind of turned me on as well.

One night I was in a local nightclub with a friend when Charlotte came in to meet me and her friend, Julie, was with her. Julie was a brunette with nice big tits which she always showed off to their fullest – not as pretty as Charlotte but still quite sexy.

We had fun at the nightclub and it was clear that Julie liked my friend John. Charlotte suggested we all went back to my house for a drink after the club shut and there we were in the early hours of the morning, all very drunk sitting in my lounge drinking even more.

It was then that Charlotte suggested we play strip poker. Julie didn't seem that keen initially but John was up for it and I must admit I liked the idea of seeing Julie naked so when I agreed the game began.

As we played the alcohol continued to flow and it wasn't long before we were all down to our underwear. In the next hand Charlotte lost, stood up and unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor. John nearly spilt his drink in shock – he had obviously dreamed of seeing her tits and here they were in all their glory right in front of him. His eyes never left her tits and I must admit that this gave me a bit of a thrill.

We carried on playing and soon all four of us were sitting their naked. John and I were both enjoying looking at these two sexy female bodies before us when Julie said "what do we do now – is the game over?"

"Oh no," said Charlotte quickly "now we play forfeits". She then went onto explain that whoever lost the hand was given a forfeit by the person of the opposite sex with the best hand.

This was all getting a bit heavy and I was even more nervous when I lost the next hand and Charlotte, with the best girls hand, told me my forfeit was to go into the hallway and kiss Julie. Julie looked shocked but I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to have some fun with another girl (and with my wife's permission) so I got up and went into the hallway. Julie obviously felt like she had to follow and soon we were in the hallway in a passionate but slightly embarrassed embrace. I was getting very aroused tongue kissing this sexy naked girl and my cock became almost fully erect. Julie felt this and her hand dropped down to start stroking me penis. I was now fully hard but mindful of my wife in the next room so I told Julie we had better stop and rejoin the others.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I went back in the lounge though. As I walked in I was greeted with the site of Charlotte on all fours in front of John with his stiff cock in her mouth. Her sexy lips were all over his shaft and her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked him like a lollipop. I was about to cry out and ask her what the hell she thought she was doing when Julie's hand again started to stroke my cock. The combination of being slowly wanked by a naked girl while my own wife sucked my best friend's cock was intoxicating and for some reason I kept quiet and just watched.

Charlotte looked up at me as she continued to suck the cock and winked. Julie now got onto her knees also and took my cock in her mouth. I could feel her licking the precum from the end of my rigid dick as Charlotte took John's cock out of her mouth and smiled.

"Your friend has a beautiful cock, baby. You like watching me blow him while Julie sucks you don't you. Yes, I know you do – you're a very naughty boy. Your punishment is that I am going to fuck John's brains out right now while you watch."

John's eyes lit up but he also looked nervously over at me. I don't know why I did it but I nodded my approval to him and before I knew what had happened Charlotte had straddled his cock and impaled herself on it. She started riding him hard screaming about how big his dick was just to torment me. I thought I would get my own revenge for this and took my dick out of Julie's mouth spun her round and entered her juicy pussy from behind.

"Do you like fucking my boyfriend?" Charlotte asked Julie. "Oh yes, he's got a lovely cock". "Yes but it's not as big as John's though." Said Charlotte with a mischievous glint in her eye.

" Do you hear that baby, I'm getting fucked by a much bigger cock than yours. He's stretching my cunt much wider than you ever have."

Fucking such a sexy girl as Charlotte and hearing her talk so dirty obviously had its effect on John and he screamed out that he was about to cum.

"Quick, over my face, I want him to see me as a real slut," cried Charlotte and with that she got off John and positioned herself in front of his dick.

She stuck out her tongue and moaned as he wanked himself furiously. Seconds later the first spurts of his hot cum erupted from his dick. The first flew past her face and coated her hair but the second and third shots splashed all over her mouth and cheeks. Her tongue lapped up his creamy cum and she then took his dick in her mouth and sucked the last remaining drops from his cock.

The site of my wife behaving like such a tramp sent me over the top too and I grabbed Julie's hips and shot a big load of spunk into her wet pussy before collapsing on the floor on top of her.

We all fucked twice more that night. Me and John both fucked Charlotte at the same time and then I wanked myself off while John fucked Julie as Charlotte was sitting on her face.

I know love watching Charlotte getting fucked by other guys as I love watching her act like a little slut.

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