tagGay MaleWife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 01

Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 01


It was the early 80s; I was taking a full load in college and working full time. At nineteen I was making good money, going to school, and just married my high school sweetheart. I know it was too young, but it was 80's and I thought the only way out of my parent's house was to get married. We were married for a year now and, at twenty, we had a nice two bedroom, spacious, corner apartment on the second floor of an apartment four-plex.

My wife, Carol, was 5'4", 115lbs, short brown hair, blue eyes, and nice 34C breasts with beautiful round pink nipples that stood out against her milky white skin. My name is Tony and I am 5'7" 128lbs, hairy guy, from my Italian decent, brown hair, brown eyes. Carol was just going to school at the time. I like my job as a night manager at a big chain grocery store, my hours were mostly set at 2pm to 11pm during the weekdays and Saturday, and I had the 11am to 8pm shift on Sunday. The time and two thirds pay on Sunday made a big difference; you have to love the union.

My school schedule was usually Monday thru Thursday 9am to 1pm giving me time to get to work. My days off during the week fluctuated but I didn't care I just used those days to catch up on homework. Carol was carrying a full load, but that was it, she didn't seem too keen on keeping the house clean or cooking. When I got home at 11:30 at night Carol was usually asleep, but I was still a little wound up from my day, so I would clean the dishes and pick up the rest of the apartment.

But what she lacked in cleanliness she made up for in the bedroom. Carol liked to play in the bedroom. She was a take charge kind of girl and hell I was having sex so who was I to complain. Carol taught me to lower my inhibitions and would always tell me if it felt good go with it, sex should be fun, exciting, and adventurous. We started our marriage just doing the normal missionary positions, then we went to doggie style, then Carol took over.

Carol liked to play with my body. Carol taught me that my nipples were extra hot-wired to my balls. She loved to lick, pinch, twist, and bite my nipples until I was begging to cum. She would also lick my balls and would move farther down until she gave me my first rim job that caused me to blow the biggest wad all over my stomach. I felt really bad the first time it happened because she hadn't cum yet. She just played it down and gave me the speech about just letting it feel good.

Carol then taught me how to eat her out to an orgasm and keep sucking her juices. The first time I didn't like it too much because I was always trying to get the hair out of my mouth. She quickly resolved that problem by shaving her pussy. Her pussy was so pretty clean shaven, I was really able to see her pussy lips and appreciate what I was licking and sucking on. She quickly pointed that out, "Now you know what I have to put up with sucking your balls, now go shave that cock and those balls."

I was taken aback by her sternness but I was excited to shave my cock and balls. I grabbed a disposable razor and went into the shower. I let the hot water relax me, and then I started to soap up my pubic mound. Once I started I wished I had trimmed down the bush first, it was slow going, hacking away at the bush and rinsing the razor every 1/8 of an inch of hair. The rest of my body is pretty hairy, being Italian, so it was hard to figure out where I should stop shaving.

I got the top part of my cock nice and smooth, stopping along my waist line. Then I put more soap on my balls and continued to shave. I found that the 'up' stroke takes off the hair, going back down your balls gets closer and makes them smoother. Especially the area between my balls and ass, using 'down' strokes makes it real smooth and very sexually sensitive.

I bent over as best I could, to inspect my work, as I reached past my ball sack I could not believe how smooth and sexy my taint felt. Enjoying the feeling of my fingers light touch, I ran my fingers back and forth to my hairy hole, I thought I've gone this far, and I love being rimmed, so I shaved around my ass hole as well. I felt around my work again and even my hole was more sensitive now. I got out of the shower and dried off. I glanced in the mirror and WOW, my cock looked bigger, great ego boost for me. I went to bed naked and ready for Carol's inspection.

Carol was excited to see my shaved cock, balls, and loved that I shaved my ass as well. She dove right down on my cock and devoured it, and then she licked all around my cock right where my pubic hair had been. I don't know if it was the fact that it was freshly shaven or that that area is very sexually sensitive and was always covered in stupid hair, but I loved her tongue on my skin. Carol licked my balls, enjoying the hairless feel, rubbing her face all over them.

She worked her way down past my balls and started to lick my taint. Without missing a beat she lifted my legs so that my knees bent into my chest exposing my hairless hole and giving her complete access. She went down on my boy pussy, licking up and down my crack. She stopped and concentrated on licking my hole. She actually stuck her tongue in my hole and started to tongue fuck me. I held onto my ankles and started moaning and squealing like a bitch in heat. It felt so good.

I was leaking cum all over my stomach. I just kept thinking, if 'it feels good go with it', and it did feel so damn good, so I went with it. Carol lifted her head up, but held my legs in place, smiled at me, and said "Feels good doesn't it? Your ass pussy is so sensitive, I love driving you crazy by playing with your little tight hole."

I smiled back and told her, "You better stop that you're making me leak all over and I am close to shooting my load."

Carol lifted my hard cock out of the way to see my little puddle that I started and in a little pouty baby voice said, "MMMM your pussy is so sensitive, it makes you all wet." Then she leaned over and sucked up all the precum off my stomach. She moved up and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue in my mouth so that we could share my cum. As our tongues touched I could feel the slippery liquid spread all over our mouths. I didn't mind the taste at all, and in the heat of passion I would have done anything.

She was on top of me grinding her pussy against my ass and balls. I could feel her hot wet pussy lips coating me with her juices. Man was she dripping, and now, so were my ass and balls. She backed off my lips, "Oh baby you have me so hot sharing your cum, god I love that."

Looking down at my cock, another puddle started building up on my stomach. She looked back at me mischievously, like the cat that swallowed the canary, and said "Looks like you don't mind sharing your cum with me either, look at you dripping more cum for us to share."

Then she pushed against my ass some more and I was rolling into a tight ball. She had me in a wrestling type position. My cock was now dripping between my nipples, and only a couple of inches from my mouth. I think if I was more limber she would have pushed my cock into my mouth, but I was bent as far as I was going. I don't know why I was disappointed, but I was.

Carol lowered me back a bit, reached down grabbing my cock with her hand and began to pump her hand up and down the shaft a couple of times. She pumped my cock, bringing me to the edge of shooting my load when she stopped on an upstroke, bringing a big drop of cum to the top of my cock. Using her other hand she took her finger, scooped up the drop, brought it to my mouth, and shoved it in. This time I could really taste it. I knew that it was my cum I tasted. It was almost sweet tasting. It felt real thick and smooth on my tongue. Carol looked at me as I tasted my cum, "Good huh?" she said.

"God yes, it actually DOES taste good." I responded with a lustful daze.

Then she scooped another big drop off my dripping cock. I thought I would get another taste but instead she put it on my man pussy and rubbed it around my hole. It felt so slick on my hole; I actually bucked back against her finger a bit. With a knowing chuckle Carol said "You like that baby? Want me to do it some more?"

I was so horned up the only thing out of my mouth was "Yes. Yes, please don't stop." She took another drop but before she put it on my hole she engulfed my cock. The sudden warmth around my cock made my entire body spasm, "UGH, YA." I moaned.

Then I felt her finger on my virgin hole, then the pressure of her finger pushing in, demanding entrance for the first time. With her tonguing me earlier, and using my cum as lube, her finger slipped right in and down to her second knuckle. Her mouth totally engulfed my dripping cock and I could feel her nose pressing into my freshly shaven skin above my cock.

Her finger continued its way in until I felt pressure on my prostate. My cock lurched from the unusual intrusion. She started to massage my prostate causing by body to go into a frenzy of spasms. I was really bucking against her hand now. I started to moan, my body was on fire, "Oh god what are you doing to me, I can't hold back, push hard in my quick. Oh my god I can't hold it anymore I'm going to cum AARRGHHHH!"

I was wiggling my ass down against her finger, shoving my cock up into her mouth, and then pushing my ass back down on her finger all in a frenzied furry to one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I'm sure the neighbors could hear my screams but I didn't care. My cum shot into her mouth and down her throat. I swear my balls have never let this much go at one time. After I shot three or four powerful bursts of cum, followed by two or three more dribbles of cum, I started to come down off my body shaking orgasm. As my body descended from midair, I came down resting onto her finger that was still embedded in my ass.

Carol pulled off my cock and, laying her body on my chest like before, she planted a big kiss on my lips. Her finger was still deep in my ass. My mouth opened to receive her tongue and, to my surprise, found a mouthful of cum flooding into my mouth. My eyes flew open in surprise but Carol was ready for me to fight her surprise.

At the same time Carol was filling my mouth full of cum she pulled her finger out of my ass and quickly replaced it by shoving two fingers in my ass. Feeling my ass being spread open and assaulted with two fingers, and stretching my hole farther than it has ever been stretched before; my only response was to cry out, and in doing so caused me to swallow my mouthful of cum. As I swallowed my cum Carol continued to kiss me. Carol was grinding her pussy against the back of her hand, almost like her fingers lodged in my ass was her cock. She started cumming hard, forcing her tongue deeper in my mouth. Her fingers went in as deep as they could go, lodging in my ass, I could feel them became ridged. Her body convulsed and trembled against me. I could feel her pussy juices dripping down my ass.

Looking up at each other she said "That was one intense orgasm," as she pulled her fingers out of my ass. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, I laid there taking a couple of breathes and tasting my cum in my mouth. Compared to precum, having a full load of cum in your mouth is much thicker in consistency, and not as sweet. Surprisingly though, it wasn't bad at all, as a matter of fact I actually liked the taste.

I got up and followed Carol to the bathroom and joined her in the shower. We soaped each other up, hugging under the water. Carol had her hands on my ass, massaging each cheek as she pushed against me, grinding her pussy into my now hardening cock. "You're such a little slut when I play with your ass, look at you getting hard and ready for another round." She said all proud of herself for opening up a new facet of our sex life.

She then slid a finger up and down the crack of my ass, stopping at my hole just long enough to push the tip of her finger in and out couple of times. This caused my hard on to flare up harder flexing against her pussy. "Mmm. Nice, maybe later slut boy, for now we clean up and go to sleep." She said as she turned the water off. We got out of the shower, dried off, and went to bed. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

As the weeks continued on Carol became more aggressive in the anal play department. She loved to get me on my back and finger fuck me while she either blew me or jacked me off. When she blew me she would come up and kiss me feeding me my cum. When she would jack me off she would scoop up my cum and make me lick it off her nipples until she came. I really liked the taste of my cum, and loved the different ways it was being served to me.

One night I was on my back and Carol came up, sat on my cock, and started riding me hard. Her juices were flowing so much that my balls were soaked and I could feel her wet juice fall between my ass cheeks. I loved it. Then she started to pull on my nipples, pinching them hard each time she rode up and down on my cock. I started to arch my back up into her hot pussy, shoving my cock in as deep as my 6 inch cock would go. "That's it, shove that little cock in me baby, get it in deep. I'm going to twist and pinch your little girly titties tell you shoot your cum deep inside my pussy." Carol said with determination.

Carol was really getting into the dominant role. Carol started to pull and twist my nipples hard. I was seeing stars, loving every twinge of pain race through my body and down to my aching balls, until finally the pressure was too much; I could feel my cock expand and then a huge explosion, once, twice, three big globs of cum being shot up into her wet pussy. I let my ass rest back down on the bed as I felt another couple of smaller burst of cum leak out my cock head.

"Oh no, I'm not there yet baby." Carol said sternly as she jumped off my deflating cock, turned her body around, and sat her hairless, cum covered pussy, right onto my face. "Quick baby finish me off, I'm so close, lick your cum out, come on baby suck those pussy lips, make me cum." She commanded.

That was all the encouragement I needed, I darted my tongue out and started to lick her inner thighs, searching for every drop of pussy juice and cum I could find. Then I dove in for the thick wad of cum dripping out of her pussy, scooping it up with my tongue and letting it dribble into my mouth. My mouth was open wide to allow in any cum dripping from her pussy. I sucked in her pussy lips and started to lick, suck, and bite on them.

"Oh ya that's it baby, suck that man juice out of my pussy, oh god YES that's it bite those lips baby make me cum on your face. Eat your cum, eat it ALL, OH THAT'S IT I'M CUMMING." Carol screamed out in a body shaking orgasm.

Carol clamped her thighs so tight around my head I thought I would suffocate, 'but what a way to go, right?' When she came down off her thrashing orgasm, she moved back down my body, turned around and started to kiss and lick my face clean, tasting both our juices. "That was really hot. It felt good didn't it baby?" Carol said breathless after her orgasm. I nodded, I can't deny that it felt, and tasted GREAT.

The next weekend we went out to our friend's house for dinner and drinks. Carol wore a nice low-cut blouse with a black lacy uplifting bra that really brought up and out the girls for show. I love when she puts herself on display like that. She also had on a nice skirt that went down to her knees, a pair of sheer nylons and slip on shoes that were open in the front showing her nylon clad feet, mmm that was hot.

Carol knows how I like the feeling of her legs in nylons, the entire night she kept flipping off her shoe and running her nylon covered foot up my pant leg, or she would place it in my lap under the table and massage my hard cock. Before she made me cum, I had to continually use my hand to pull her foot away. Though once I touched those nylon clad feet, I tended to give her foot a quick massage before pulling it off my straining cock. We left our friend's house with just enough drinks in us to feel loose. We got in the car and I turned to Carol, "What the hell were you doing in there? Were you trying to get caught playing with my cock under the table?"

Carol winked at me and said "Yes, that would be hot to play in front of others wouldn't it? The more the merrier you know, if it feels good?"

"Ya ya I know, then go with it," I said finishing her mantra sentence.

Carol gave me the mischievous look as she continued "But really, wouldn't it be fun to have someone else in bed with us?"

Of course being a guy I thought another girl, hmmm that is a thought. Then reality hit as I retorted in an exasperated tone, "Shit I can barely keep up with you NOW let alone adding another women, you would have me drained and warn out in no time."

Carol looked at me with this surprised look on her face then laughed, reached over to me, and grabbed my hard cock, "This always gives you away, and it is telling me you're not against playing with others," as she continue to giggle at me.

When we got home we had all we could do to keep from stripping our clothes off in the parking garage and running to our door naked. We got in the Apartment and ran to our bedroom for what would be great sex. Carol left on her black lacy bra and nylons, I stripped naked, and we lay on the bed making out. Carol ran her nylon covered legs all over my body. I was moaning and writhing when the lacy bra rubbed against my nipples, and the feeling of nylon on my hairy legs and hairless cock and balls was making me leak pre-cum like a water faucet.

"Feels good doesn't it sweetie? You like the feeling of silky nylon all over your legs, cock, and balls? Feeling the lace scratching the tips of your nipples?" Carol said seductively as she continued to play my body like a well-tuned piano.

She wiggled her lace covered tits against my nipples, dragging them across my nipples. I let out an approving moan as my nipples hardened. "Does my baby like that? The lace feels good, doesn't it? You can imagine what I went through all night wearing this bra, how hard my nipples stayed as the bra worked my hard nipples over. Do you want to feel what I feel baby?" Carol whispered in my ear as she continued to work her body against mine.

My usual unclear head didn't comprehend what she was really implying; I just went with it and said "Yes." She sat up, reached around, undid her bra in the back, and pulled it off. She tucked her thumbs in the waist band of her nylons lifted her ass and pulled them off as well. I figured 'Yahoo' time for sex.

Then she continued to turn the nylons right side out. She scrunched one leg up in her hand as if she was going to put it back on her foot and pull it up her leg. I was partially right. Instead she grabbed my foot and slid the bunched up nylon over my toes and started to pull the nylon up MY leg, "Woe. Woe. What are you doing?" I said as I weakly tried to push away her hands.

She defensively, and very quickly, slapped my hand away, "You said you wanted to feel what I was feeling, what better way than to put the nylons on you? Nobody is going to see you but me. I just want you to see how good it feels to have your legs and ass covered in nylon. Your shaved cock and balls will really love it. I guarantee it. Now come on and let me dress you up so we can start playing again."

Thinking with my dick, as usual, I conceded to being dressed in nylons. Feeling them being pulled up my legs was so sexy. Then, having them tightly press against my ass and cock, 'WOW' that is hot, and so different than rubbing against them from the outside. Carol ran her hands up and down my legs. Even grabbing my feet felt different. Then she told me to roll over on my stomach. Oh my god the pressure of my hard on pressing into the mattress encased in the silky nylon was incredible. Then she ran her hands up and down the backs of my legs that sent chills right to my balls. When she got to my ass and started to rub my cheeks she received an audible moan of pleasure out of me.

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