tagBDSMWife & Sister Do Him Again

Wife & Sister Do Him Again


When Brian regained consciousness some time later, he was spread-eagled and bound to the corners of Stacey's bed. He was incredibly stiff and sore and an excruciating ache radiated from his groin to every part of his body. The ropes binding him were tight and he could barely move. His genitals were wrapped in a cool moist towel that was providing some relief to his abused testicles.

As he tried to shake the cobwebs from his brain, the two sultry sisters returned to the room and sidled up to the bed next to him.

"Are you feeling better lover?...We missed your captivating company!..." Linda said as she reached down and gently unwrapped the towel from her husband's groin.

Brian strained to look down and see the condition of his tortured genitals.

"You don't look bad at all baby!...How do you feel?..." Linda asked, reaching down and slowly dragging her sharp nails up the length of her husband's limp cock. She was curious to see if the viagra was still working.

"Ohhhh!...." Brian gasped as his cock responded to his wife's teasing fingers with a noticeable lurch.

"Don't!...Lindaaaa!... Please!... I've had enough!... I really have!...Just let me go!..." Brian protested as Linda continued to worry his growing cock flesh.

"Really baby?...I thought you liked to play games!...Your cock's still interested!..." Linda taunted as she jabbed one sharp nail into Brian's pee slit, making his tool stiffen even further at his groin.

"Goddd!...Don't!...." Brian whispered. But despite himself he couldn't control his cock's eager response to his wife's touch and it once more began to rise up from his loins at her rough caress.

"As a matter of fact I think we better get this thing under control before it gets away from us!..." Linda said with a wicked smile at her sister.

"I have just what the doctor ordered!..." Stacey said with a giggle. She rummaged around in her little catch-all on the bed and came out with an open steel ring. As Linda picked up Brian's prick by the end, Stacey reached in and applied the cock ring to the root of his shaft. She had to press quite firmly to close it but soon it snapped shut around his throbbing shaft.

"How's that?..." Linda asked Brian as she continued to drag her fingernails back and forth across the crimson knob of his tool.

"Ahhhhh!....Ohhhhh!...Lindaaaaa!...Waittt!...I can't!..." Brian squealed as his wife toyed with his turgid cock. Though tightly constricted, the blood was still surging through his shaft as his arousal grew. His balls were enormously swollen from all the teasing and the abuse. The cumulative effect of his wife's fondling and the cock ring was a feverish excitement and a wracking discomfort that had him writhing on the bed.

"It's not just about you lover!...This time it's my turn to have a little fun!...I don't see why you and Stacey should be the only one around here getting all the fucking around here!...I want some too!... And Stacey's going to help!...She's going to make sure you're good and hard, aren't you sis?..." Linda asked.

"Ohhhhhh!...Nooooo!..." Brian groaned fearfully, as his loins began to hunch upwards into the caress of Linda's still teasing fingers.

"Oh I can do that... if I can just find...now where did I put?...Or here it is!..." Stacey said as she rooted through her little bag.

Brian's stared fearfully at his sister-in-law. The red headed nurse came up with a piece of paper in her hand as she smiled up at Brian over his supine frame.

"What's that?..." he asked nervously.

"Why it's just a little piece of sand paper, lover!..." Stacey said in a husky murmur.

"You're going to love this!..." she enthused as she leaned closer to Brian's loins with the coarse paper cupped in her palm.

"You're not going to use that on me!...Noooo!...." Brian cried. But his yell was cut off as Linda leaned her face down to his and sealed his lips with hers.

Stacey closed one hand on the cock ring and pull down hard, drawing the skin taut on Brian's turgid erection. Then he could feel her other hand press the sandpaper around his cock. He waited and waited, his brain racing as his wife lashed her tongue around in his mouth. After a few moments of this, with Stacey's hand unmoving on his engorged shaft, he couldn't resist his wife's tantalizing kisses any longer. He began to twist his mouth and his tongue under hers. Stacey could see the moment that Brian succumbed to his wife's sexy teasing and it was then that she began to race her sand paper covered hand up and down his vulnerable tool.

"Waaaaaaahhhhh!...Naaaaa!...Ghhaaaaa!..." Brian wailed gutturally into Linda's mouth. His body arched off the bed like he was being electrocuted. It felt like Stacey was holding a blow torch against his cock as she cruelly stripped the gritty paper up and down his organ.

"Ummmmmm!..." Linda purred in excitement. She could feel the agony lancing through her husband's frame and she reveled in. She increased the fervor of her kiss as he squealed beneath her.

Stacey knew exactly how much pain she was inflicting on her brother-in-law. The brisk scrubbing she was giving his cock along with the sensitivity drug she had given him earlier had him crying like a baby. And the viagra was keeping him erect regardless. In fact she could feel his cock getting even harder as she vigorously sandpapered his livid flesh. She closed her hand a little tighter on him as she sped up the pace of her ruthless masturbation.

"Noooooooo!....Mwaaaaahhh!...Goddddd!...." Brian screamed, straining futilely against his bonds.

Linda straightened up and regarded her wailing husband with a cruel smile. She looked at Stacey and purred..." I think he's ready!....

Stacey looked at her sister, smiled at her and stopped her severe cock stroking.

Brian panted and shook as the tears streamed down his cheeks. The sisters watched him silently as he seemed to regain a little of his composure.

And then Linda said...."Oh Oh!...It looks like you missed a spot!..." pointing at the tip of Brian's gleaming boner.

Stacey smiled at her wicked sister. Still holding Brian's crimson shaft upright, she laid the sand paper over his cock crown with two fingers and began to scour his distended knob vigorously in a circular motion.

"Naaaahh!...Nooooooo!....Pleaseeeeeee!...." Brian pleaded, his body stiffening up all over again.

"That's it!...Get the ridge underneath too!...He's really sensitive there!..." Linda directed.

"Gahhhhhh!....Nahhhhhh!...Nooooo!...." Brian yelped as Stacey swirled the sand paper cruelly over his meat, frictioning his cock raw.

After watching Stacey's nasty handiwork for a few more moments, Linda finally said..."That's good!...That's enough!...."

Stacey slowed down her lewd torturing then stopped. Brian groaned pitifully and began to relax. Stacey started on his cock again. Brian screamed! She stopped... waited ...then started up again, just to make Brian squeal. She did this a couple of more times and then eventually she stopped and released his cock.

"Naaaahhh!....Nooo!...No Moreee!..."Brian groaned, shuddering and gasping in distress. His penis was a towering, straining rod of throbbing red veins and purple skin. Linda eyed the livid looking erection with approval.

Without a word, she mounted the bed in her high heels, straddling her husband's loins on her haunches with her back to him. Before he had a chance to consider what she was doing, she took his cock in her fist and guided it into the opening of her drooling cunt mouth. Looking back over her shoulder into Brian's eyes, she flexed her knees and dropped like a stone, impaling herself down to his balls on her husband's turgid erection.

"Nyaaaahhhhhhh!....Wahhhhhhh!.....Unnnnnn!....." Brian screamed as his wife's cunt stripped down the length of his abraded flesh. His angry flesh screamed with pain inside Linda's molten pussy. He thrashed around frantically against his bonds and against the weight of his wife's rocking groin.

"Ohhhh!...Myyy!...Goddddd!...." Linda panted as she settled heavily on her husband's rearing loins. His cock felt like a rigid post, burning feverishly inside her. She straightened up and jogged her loins up and down tentatively a couple of times. She was rewarded with Brian's gasping pleas for her to stop as her cunt cruelly frictioned his agonized tool.

"Phwahhh!...Naaa!...Nooo!...Lindaaaa!...Stoppp!...Oh, Pleaseee!..."

"Ummm!... Stacey!...He's so big and hot inside me!...He feels so ready!...And so am I!...Take that cock ring off!...I'm going to fuck him blind!..." Linda hissed at her smiling sister.

"Are you sure baby?...Are you sure you can handle it?...I think he's a little bigger than you're used to!..."

"Oh yessss Stacey!...Yesss!...I want him to fill me up!..." Linda enthused.

Stacey regarded her sister with amusement. She reached between Linda's thighs and found the cock ring cinching Brian's cock. With a little fiddling she found the catch and with a deft twist of her fingers she released it.

Brian held his breath as the pressure was removed from the root of his cock. But as the blood rushed into his erect tool and dilated his already inflamed flesh even more, a fiery agony built and built in his groin that was truly overwhelming.

"Unnnnn!....Naaaaahhhh!,,.,Ghaaaaaa!..." he screamed, shuddering and shaking with every muscle in his body as he tried to dislodge his wife from his unbearably painful tool.

"Ohhhhh!....Ohhhhh!!...Unhhh!...Unhhh!!..." Linda gasped. Her eyes grew wide as saucers as Brian's cock grew and grew inside her, stretching her incredibly around his plundering shaft.

"Naahhhhh!...Ohhhh Godddd!...Waittt!...You're tearing me apart!..." she cried, trying to scramble backwards and off her husband's hugely engorged prick. But it had ballooned to such a girth inside her that she couldn't pull herself off.

"Noooo!...Godddd!...Ohhh Nnnooooo!..." Brian wailed. His wife's frantic back pedalling made her clutching cunt stretch his tool agonizingly. As she tried to lift off him, he tried to pull his shaft out of her wrenching pussy. It felt like his erection was going to be ripped from is groin at the root! But it remained locked in Linda's tautly stretched pussy, burning with all the fires of hell.

"Phwaaaahhhh!....Noooo!...Godddd!..." Brian screamed in pain.

Stacey ignored her gasping brother-in-law and eyed her sister. She thought it was time the little blonde got a taste of her own medicine.

"You said you wanted it sweetheart!....Well now you're going to get it!..." Stacey said, grabbing Linda's ankles and yanking them out from under her.

"Naaahhhhh!....Noooo!...Stacey!...Don'tttt!..." Linda wailed as her sister pulled her down and impaled her even more fully on Brian's rampant meat. Linda struggled against her but Stacey was stronger and relentlessly pulled her down.

"Naaahhh!...Shittt!...Noooo!..." Linda wailed as her husband's mammoth tool stretched her excruciatingly. It felt like the blunt end of Brian's cock was half way up to her throat.

Stacey watched the lewd spectacle of her sister writhing helplessly on her husband's rapacious cock with amusement. Then, after a few moments, she pulled herself hand over hand up Linda's spread legs until her face was in her sister's groin. She looked up at Linda with her eyes sparkling, and licked her lips temptingly.

"Unnnn!.....Ohhhh!...Stacey!...Please!....Don't do this to me!..." Linda pleaded.

"It's O.K. sweetheart!...Nurse Stacey's going to make it all better!..."

And with that Stacey pressed her open mouth against her sister's cunt. Her chin rested on the top of Brian's shaft as she attacked Linda's clit with suckling lips and a moistly flailing tongue.

"Ohhhhhh!....Staceyyy!....Noooooo!...." Linda wailed as her cunt throbbed with pained excitement in response to Stacey's lewd teasing.

"Naaaaaaa!....Stopppp!...Don'tttttt!....Nooooooo!....." Brian wailed as Stacey's lashing tongue made Linda's already vice like pussy contract even more on his distended tool.

Stacey then slipped one hand into Brian's groin. As she twisted her face tighter and tighter into her sister's seething loins, she gently cupped Brian's bloated testicles in her hand and prodded his puckered anus with her outstretched index finger.

Both her sister and brother-in-law responded to her obscene fondling with a chorus of moans and cries.....

"Ahhhhhh!....Nahhhh!...Ohh Godddd!!!!...Ummmm Hmmmm!...Yessss!....Wahhhh!... Noooo!.....Waitt!...Don'ttt!...Unnnn!... Unnn!...Pleaseeee!...Ohhhh!...Ohhhh!...Ohhhh!"

Stacey reveled in all this sexual tension and intensified her lewd caresses. She pursed her lips around Linda's clit and nibbled that tender little nub thrillingly. The slavering red head moaned as she flailed Linda's clit with her tongue, knowing the vibrations would send shocks of arousal washing through her sister's groin.

"Ohhhhhhhh!....Mmwaahhhh!....Nahhhh!..." Linda gasped, her legs stretching out rigidly in front of her as she writhed into her sister's devastating suck.

While gently squeezing his balls with one hand, Stacey moved her other hand from Stacey's ankle. She slipped it up into Brian's crotch and swiftly inserted her outstretched finger deep into his ass. Brian lurched upwards frantically ahead of his sister-in-law's intruding digit. Stacey smiled as his sphincter snapped feverishly around her finger. When she located his prostate with her sharp nailed fingertip, she rubbed and jabbed at that tender node, making Brian gasp with pained excitement.

"Ahhhhh!...Unnnn!....Naaaaa!...." he cried as his arousal soared at Stacey's lurid fondling. Incredibly he could feel the come rising in his battered groin.

"Ohhhh!....Ohhhh!...Ohhh! ...Myyy!... Goddddd!...." Linda gasped as she felt Brian's enormous cock growing even bigger inside her. Her loins were juicing frantically as her own orgasm built in her loins.

"Mmmmm!....Ummm Hmmmm!....Ummm Hmmm!...Commmme Onnn!... Comeee!... Commeee!..." Stacey encouraged gutturally. With a lurid sucking sound, she popped Linda's clit from her mouth. She began to lap at it furiously, like a cat at a bowl of cream. At the same time she drilled Brian's prostate with a corkscrewing motion of her finger and milked his balls.

"Wahhhhh!...Ngaaaaaaa!...Ohhhhh!....Ohhhh!...Godddddd!....Aiiieeee!!!!...Wahhhh!..." the husband and wife cried as they writhed beneath Stacey's merciless teasing.

And then Brian stiffened up even further and bucked upwards with all his strength. Even though he was bound and stretched out on the bed, he still lifted his wife two feet in the air.

"Ahhhh!....Ahhhh!...Nnnaaaaaaaa!..." he wailed as a laser stream of sperm erupted from his cock and jetted into Linda's womb. Stacey smiled to see the wracking convulsions seize her brother-in-law as he ejaculated with furious intensity. She jammed her finger as hard as she could up his ass and wrenched it around with a vicious twisting motion.

"Unnnn!....Unnnn!...Unnn!....Ohhhhhhh!..." Brian grunted in time with the furious orgasm that was thundering through his loins

"Waaahhhhh!....Unnnn!....Ahhhh!....Godddd!...Ohh Goddd!..." Linda cried, twisting and shuddering on her husband's throbbing organ. She could feel every spurt of Brian's come splattering into her aching womb. She was stuffed so full of his rampaging cock that there was no room for the spewing cream to escape. She could practically taste it and thought that in another moment it would be coming out her nose.

In response to the throbbing and searing heat in her pussy, Linda's own climax overtook her.

"Naaaaa!...Ahhhh!...Ohhhh!...Noooo!....Yessss!...Nooooo!...." she wailed as her cunt contracted unbearably and then began a long, concentrated series of wracking spasms that ripped her loins.

Stacey watched her sister's lusty crying and shuddering with amusement. She could see the intensity of her orgasm and she decided to help her along. Again she dove into Linda's pulsing groin and leeched onto her now supersensitive clitoris.

"Ohhhhh!...Noooo!...Donn'ttt!...Staceyyyy!...Pleaseee!..." Linda wailed as her sister once more furiously sucked and chewed on her throbbing clit.

"Umm Hmmm!...Ummm Hmmm!... Yessssss!...." Stacey mewed as she looked up at Linda with her sister's throbbing clit between her teeth. With smiling eyes she slowly, then sharply shook her head back and forth like a dog with a rag toy.

"Aiieeeeee!....Nooooo!...Stopppp!...I can't stand itttt!..." Linda wailed. The power of her orgasm, instead of diminishing was growing stronger and stronger. Each contraction of was becoming harder and harder. She was sure that she would be torn and bleeding as blinding flashes of pain and pleasure ripped through her groin. She started peddling back up the bed, frantically trying to escape Stacey's merciless mouthing and her husband's brutally ravishing cock. Her high heels raked big red welts down the inside of Brian's thighs as she futilely tried to get away.

"Naaaaaaa!...Noooooo!...Pleaseeee!..." Brian wailed, thrashing around frenziedly as his wife's pussy convulsed around his tool.

Stacey continued to torment her sister's completely vulnerable genitals as Linda cried above her. At the same time she decided to devote a little extra attention to poor Brian. She whipped her finger from his gaping anus, making him cry out in pained surprise. Instead of gently milking his balls, she waited for his next spasm. When she felt him tensing up she palmed his nuts up into his crotch and crushed them sickeningly into his groin. Brian cried and shuddered helplessly. She eased up until she felt him about to ejaculate once more, then jammed his balls up into his loins again, mashing them cruelly under her twisting hand.

"Aieeeee!....Gahhhhhhhh!...Naaahhhhhh!....Noooooo!..." he screamed as Stacey mercilessly abused his testicles as he came inside his gasping wife.

"Unnnn!....Unnnnn!...Stacey!....Unnnn!....No moreee!...Pleaseee!...Please help meee!..." Linda whispered to her sister.

Stacey released Linda's swollen clit from her teeth and smiled at her sister sweetly.

"Of course I will baby!..." Stacey purred as she straddled one of Brian's legs and crawled up to embrace her sister. She wrapped her in her arms and pulled her upright on Brian's throbbing tool. She looked over her sister's shoulder at her bound and spread eagled brother-in-law. She pouted a mocking kiss at him as she nudged her nylon sheathed knee into his groin. When she felt his testicles tensing for yet another orgasmic spasm, she drew her knee back then drove it into Brian's balls with all her might.

"Nnnahhhhh!.....Waaaahhhhh!...." he screamed, a blinding nausea sweeping through his groin. He strained futilely at his bonds, trying to escape Stacey's punishing knee.

"Ohhhhh!...." Linda squeaked, bouncing on her husband's lap as his huge phallus thrust deep into her sodden pussy in response to Stacey's punishing knee..

"Shhhh!..." Stacey murmured. She hugged her sister close and watched Brian over Linda's shoulder. In a moment she saw him biting his lip and writhing in an effort to keep from coming any more. She waited a moment longer and when his eyes flashed up to hers with a look of desperation she smiled and slammed her knee into his groin, crushing his balls yet again.

"Ahhhhhh!..." Brian groaned almost quietly. Stacey and Linda were becoming a blur and he finally began to relax as consciousness started to fade.

Stacey could see his eyes rolling in his head and swiftly kneed his groin once more before he totally passed out.

"Naaaaaaa!....Nooooo!...." he gasped quietly, stiffening frantically then slumping in his bonds.

"Ohhhhhh!...." Linda groaned as Brian's hugely swollen penis slammed into her depths one last time. Then he collapsed on the bed beneath her. In a moment more, his enormous cock finally began to lose some of its stiffness inside her.

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