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Wife & The Doctor


My wife is originally from India. When I married her, she was in her early twenties and her family had just immigrated to the US. Having been raised in a conservative background, she was always very shy about her body. I was always looking for ways to make her less inhibited. I wanted her to wear more revealing clothes, and to show off more of her body. I always found it a turn-on to have other men look at her. She had a slim, tight body and never failed to get attention from men wherever she went.

I had to transfer to a new job a few years after our marriage. As part of the transfer, I had to switch to a new HMO and had to select a primary doctor for my wife and I. For some reason, I always found it exciting to think of a male doctor examining female patients. I looked through the list of doctors with their pictures provided by my insurance company and deliberately picked out a white male doctor who looked like a hunk, and signed him up as my wife's doctor.

My wife had to make a preliminary visit to see him just to get the paperwork done. She was a little uneasy about going to him because up until then she had only been to female doctors, both in India and in the US. I did not tell her that I had picked out the doctor for her. She thought that she was assigned to him at random. On the first visit, she had to fill out some forms and the doctor asked her about her medical and family history. After she came back from the visit, she told me all about the doctor and mentioned that he seemed like a very friendly guy.

Afterwards, I sent her to see the doctor a few times, usually for minor allergy problems that she used to have occasionally. He usually asked her to come back for another visit to follow-up on the medication she was taking. He also asked her to schedule a complete physical, but she was nervous about it and kept postponing it. I was quite excited by the idea and tried to encourage her to have the physical. She then confessed to me that she thought the doctor was starting to flirt with her during her office visits. She said that he commented on her looks and figure, and often asked personal questions. I told her that it seemed harmless to me and that she should have the physical if she thought that he was a good doctor.

My wife visited him several more times but she never made an appointment for her physical. After a few months, I happened to meet the doctor at the lobby of his clinic when I went to pick up my wife after one of her visits. He was a very impressive guy, tall and fit, with a firm handshake and a friendly smile. He looked older than he did in his photograph; he was probably in his mid-forties. After I talked with him about my wife's allergies for a while, I happened to mention to him that she was a good cook. He said that he was fond of Indian food, and would like to try her cooking sometime. I offered that he was welcome to come over for dinner to our house sometime. To my surprise, he took me up on the offer.

The doctor came over to see us the following weekend. My wife wasn't very happy that I had invited him home, but she still cooked a big meal for him. When he came over, she was wearing a simple ankle-length skirt and blouse, and she had her long hair tied in a knot. She was very petite and slim, and looked almost like a teenager. During dinner, I caught the doctor often stealing appreciative glances at her body. He complimented my wife on her cooking, and then continued to compliment her on her looks and figure. He said that he found Indian girls to be very attractive. My wife started blushing and it seemed like she was starting to like the attention she was getting from him.

He asked me more questions about her and how I met and married her. I told him truthfully that she was a virgin when I married her, and that she had not been with any other guy before or since. My wife blushed deeply when I said it, and pretended to be angry with me. I was starting to get turned on by my wife's embarrassment and decided to take this as far as I could.

After we finished dinner, he spotted a family picture of my wife on the wall. She was wearing a sari in the photo. He told her that she looked lovely in the photo, and said that he would have liked to see her wearing a sari. I asked my wife to go and change to a sari. She was reluctant, but I insisted and she left us to go and change. I poured the doctor a drink, and we went to the living room to watch some TV. We continued to talk about my wife, and he said that I was a lucky man to have a wife as attractive as her. I thanked him for the compliment and told him that my wife had told me good things about him and that I was glad to have him as her doctor. Somehow I was getting turned on by the idea that he was obviously attracted to my wife who was much younger than him.

My wife joined us after a while wearing a beautiful red sari and stood before us. He immediately went to her to have a closer look. My wife had untied her long flowing hair. It reached nearly till her hips, and covered much of her back. He held her hair up with both hands to look at the sari closely. Since her blouse was cut low in the back, much of her shoulder was bare. She started blushing again, very aware of the show she was giving to both of us.

He then asked her how the sari is worn, and I explained that most of it is wrapped around her waist and one end is placed over the shoulder. He was surprised that there were no buttons or snaps to hold it in place, and gently lifted the end of the sari that was covering her shoulder and moved it away from her body. The small blouse that she wore under the sari was tight and made of very thin cloth and the outline of her bra and the shape of her breasts were clearly visible. She didn't expect him to do this so quickly, and she protested mildly, folding her arms across her breasts to cover up. I told her not to be shy since he is her doctor. She reluctantly dropped her hands giving him a good look at her figure.

My wife has relatively small breasts, but they were firm and well shaped, and a hint of her perky nipples was visible from even under her bra. The blouse was cut low in the front as well, and a little bit of her cleavage was visible. The blouse reached just below her breasts and her midriff was bare. She always wore her sari below her waistline, and since she had a very small waist, her navel and belly looked gorgeous above the folds of the sari.

He then dropped the end of the sari to the floor, and asked her to turn around, to give us a view from all sides. I already had a boner and was starting to wonder how far this would go. He asked her what she wore under the sari. She first blushed and pretended to be mad at him for asking, but then told him she wore a skirt. He knelt beside her and slowly raised the lower folds of the sari to reveal a little of her petticoat (underskirt) in matching red. He lifted her skirt to her knee, exposing the smooth skin of her calves. He then playfully asked her what she had on under the skirt. She didn't answer him, but she blushed deeply. He pretended to put a hand up her skirt, but she wiggled free of his grasp and got away from him. She looked flushed with a mix of embarrassment and excitement. He let her go, and we sat down again.

She then re-adjusted her sari and sat on the couch next to where we were sitting. I asked the doctor about the medication she was taking. He said that he had recommended a full physical for my wife, but that she had failed to schedule an appointment. He looked disapprovingly at my wife, and she started stammering an apology. I asked him what kind of tests she needed to have done. He said that she would need a basic exam and some special tests based on her medical and family history.

He then asked me whether we use birth control and if I wanted to get my wife started on birth control pills. I told him that we had been using condoms till then and that it would be a great idea for her to start taking pills since neither of us liked condoms much. My wife turned red as the conversation turned very intimate. The doctor said that he would have to give her a pelvic exam and a breast exam before he could write a prescription and offered to make an appointment at his clinic for a physical for her the next week. My wife seemed nervous upon hearing this but she did not have much choice at this point.

I told him that my wife was embarrassed about having a physical from a male doctor, but that it was perfectly OK by me. He said that it is quite normal to be nervous during a physical the first time, but that I was welcome to accompany her during the exam if it would help make her more comfortable. This sounded very exciting to me and I eagerly agreed. I joked with him later about how nice it was to be able to see many girls naked as part of his work. He admitted that it was interesting for him, but that most of his female patients were old women and it was nice to have a pretty girl like my wife to be his patient. My wife blushed upon hearing this and she seemed pleased to hear the compliment.

The doctor called us the next day to confirm the appointment for my wife's physical a few days later. It was unusual that he was handling the appointment himself instead of letting his office do it. It was clear to me that he was quite eager to have her in for the physical. I was eagerly looking forward to it as well. On the day of her physical, my wife spent considerable time getting ready, and I noticed that she had groomed herself meticulously. She wore a floral blouse and a flowing skirt that reached just above her ankles. She wore her best makeup and perfume and had given herself a manicure and a pedicure. I could tell that she was nervous and a little excited at the same time.

At the clinic, we were taken to the examination room where a nurse came in first and measured her height and weight and then took her temperature, pulse and blood pressure. She then left and then the doctor came in to talk to us briefly. After some small talk, he pointed to the gown provided by the clinic and told my wife that she could change into the gown if she wanted to, or she could just keep her street clothes on if she was more comfortable that way. He then left us, presumably to give her time to change. My wife looked at the skimpy gown and decided against wearing it.

The doctor came back after a few minutes. He was his usual friendly self and he kept up the small talk as he started examining her. He first checked her eyes, ears and throat. He examined her neck and shoulders, and listened to her heart and lungs with a stethoscope. He then asked her to lie on her back on the examining table, and raised her blouse till her abdomen was fully exposed. He started feeling up her abdomen firmly with his fingers. My wife trembled slightly at his touch. He explained as he examined her liver, spleen and other internal organs thoroughly, at times inserting his finger under the waistband of her skirt and panties. He then asked her to turn over to lie on her stomach. He raised her blouse to the middle of her back, and examined her kidneys and spine.

He then asked my wife to get up and undress to her waist for her breast exam. She hesitated a bit, and then sat up on the table and started undoing the snaps on the front of her blouse. I helped her to remove it off her shoulders, revealing a lacy black bra. She undid the snaps at the back of the bra, took it off and sat up, with her hands crossed in her lap. Her embarrassment at sitting topless in front of the two of us was obvious. She looked very attractive and vulnerable at the same time. My wife has nicely shaped breasts with perky dark nipples, which stood out clearly. He asked her to raise her right hand and then started checking her right breast. With his bare hands, he felt up her underarm and all around her breast in a circular motion with three fingers pressing the flesh of her breasts. He asked her if she ever had a discharge from her nipple. She said no, but he still pressed a finger on her nipple, bending it to one side and lightly squeezing it. He then lowered her arm. He repeated the same with her left breast, while holding up her left hand over her head with his other hand. He asked her if she ever did breast self-exams and she said no. He said that she should do them regularly in the same way that he just did, and placed his hand again on her breast to show her the area to cover.

He told her she could put her clothes back on. I watched as my wife put her bra back on and then I helped her with her blouse. He then told her that he would do the pelvic exam next, and that she could keep her skirt on and just remove her underwear. She blushed upon hearing this, and reluctantly got down from the table. She then awkwardly reached under her skirt to lower her panties. As she stepped out of them, I noticed that they were lacy black panties that matched her bra. He helped her to get up on the table and asked her to lie down and then slide down the table. He raised her skirt to the waist and gently spread her knees apart. He lifted each of her feet onto the supports on the examination table . He then switched on the spotlight directly above the examination table. My wife's legs, thighs and pubic area were completely exposed, and her light brown skin glowed in the spotlight. Her pussy was very smooth and cleanly shaven, which is the way she usually kept it. It seemed that she had waxed or shaved her legs especially well for her exam, because she did not have a single hair visible anywhere.

After talking briefly about pelvic exams, he spread her pussy lips gently apart. He ran his finger along the outer labia and spread them open a little. He spread a drop of lubricant on his fingers and inserted his index finger into her pussy gently. I thought it was unusual that he did not wear gloves as I had expected. He explained what he was doing as he went on examining her insides for a while. Her pussy lips were slightly moist and I noticed that his finger too was moist when he withdrew them. He explained that he was going to examine her cervix. He rolled one finger around her cervix and pressed it lightly against it. My wife squirmed a little, but he continued. He then also added his middle finger and I watched excitedly as his fingers disappeared inside her pussy. He said that he was trying to check her uterus and ovaries for any abnormalities. He had big hands and I found it very arousing to see two of his fingers inserted up to the third knuckle inside her pussy. He twisted his fingers around inside her pussy, checking it from every direction. With his fingers inside her pussy, he felt up her hairless pubic area with his left hand, pressing down firmly with his fingers.

He then got a speculum and gradually inserted it in her while holding her pussy lips apart with the other hand. She winced when she felt the cold material entering her. I was amazed at the view he had of my wife, with her legs spread obscenely apart and her cleanly shaven pussy on display, held open with the speculum so that he could see deep inside her pussy. The insides of her pussy looked very moist and pink. My wife looked a little uncomfortable and nervous, but it seemed that she had gotten over her initial embarrassment. He checked her cervix closely with the speculum, and took a sample for a Pap smear test.

He then said that he would next check her rectum for hemorrhoids or other abnormalities. She had clearly not expected this and neither had I. He removed her feet from the supports and asked her to turn over and lie on her stomach. I watched excitedly as she turned over and he raised her skirt to expose her buttocks and thighs completely. She has a nicely rounded bottom, and it was a stunning sight to watch my wife's ass being so clearly exposed in the spotlight. He separated her legs a bit till her anal area and even her pussy was clearly exposed. He left her in this embarrassing position to go to the cupboard to get a pair of latex gloves. He put on the gloves, then squeezed out some lubricant and smeared some on his gloved index finger. He spread her butt cheeks apart with his left hand and inserted his index finger gently into her ass. My wife gasped and grabbed the edge of the table tightly as she was not used to any anal contact. He told her to relax her muscles as he inserted the finger all the way in and rolled it around inside her. He continued to check for about a minute. When he was done, he took some tissue and wiped the excess lubricant from her anal area.

He wrapped up the rest of the exam in another few minutes. After he was done, he helped her get down from the table. She put her panties back on and sat up on the table. He explained more about the birth control pills, gave her some free samples, and asked her to start taking the pills every day. He told us to use condoms for another month because it would take a few weeks for the pill to be effective.

I found the whole procedure quite arousing and couldn't wait to get back home to fuck her. When we got home, I was pleasantly surprised to find her to be quite responsive to my caresses. As I entered her, I found her to be as wet as she had ever been.

After a couple of days, my wife called me at work one evening and excitedly told me that the doctor had called to tell her that her test results were normal. She had talked to him for a while on the phone, and he had ended up inviting himself for dinner. He was on his way to our house and she was cooking dinner in a hurry.

I deliberately stayed at work for another hour and took my time getting home. When I got home, I found them in the kitchen. He was tasting the food she had prepared. My wife's face was all red, and it seemed like there was some intense flirting going on.

We had a nice dinner and I found that our conversation had become much more intimate no doubt partly because he had seen my wife naked just a couple of days ago. He asked us if we were still using condoms as he had told us to. I told him that we have been using condoms every day. My wife blushed at the implication of what I said. He told her that she would probably enjoy sex more after we stop using condoms, because she would be able to feel it better. This kind of talk was turning me on, although my wife was painfully embarrassed. I told him that we sometimes have sex without a condom when it is a safe time of the month for her. I said that she likes it better when we do it without a condom, but that I do not come inside her for fear of her becoming pregnant.

He then asked me if she enjoys sex. I told him that she usually does not come during sex, but she climaxes easily when I finger her or when I go down on her. My wife was so embarrassed she covered her face with her hands, but we ignored her. He asked next if we use a lubricant or whether she has enough natural lubrication. I said that we usually use some lubricant, but that we don't need it if I caress her long enough, because then she gets quite wet.

He then asked me if I wanted him to check her out to make sure everything was all right. He had a slightly evil grin on his face that told me that he wanted to more than just check her. It sounded good to me however, and I told him to go ahead. He got up and sat next to her on the couch. He put his arm around her and gave her a hug and a quick kiss on her lips. She looked at me like she couldn't believe what he was doing, but I told her it was all right. He asked me again if it was OK to kiss her and I smiled to indicate my approval. He held her head with both his hands and started kissing her in earnest. I thought it was best to leave them alone for a minute, so I excused myself pretending to go to the bathroom.

When I came back, he had picked her up and placed her on his lap, and he was still kissing her deeply. She had her eyes closed and mouth open. His tongue was exploring her mouth and she seemed to be melting in his arms. I wasn't bothered at all by this and in fact found it very sexy to watch them together. I dimmed the lights and sat on a chair at the other end of the room and watched them intently. I watched as he held her head with one hand, and put his other hand under her top to caress her breasts over her bra. I could tell that my wife was very excited and she seemed to tremble at his touch. Very soon he raised her hands to remove her top over her head, and then slowly unhooked the thin white bra she had on and let it fall to the floor. She seemed giddy with excitement, and eagerly opened her mouth again as he continued to kiss her.

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