tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife As A Life Model

Wife As A Life Model


I am an unashamed exhibitionist and voyeur. I have contrived many situations over the previous few years to either exhibit myself, my wife Jenny or to view naked women.

Nothing turns me on more than showing my nude wife to other men. We have been married since we were 21 and have 3 kids. I suppose we are a bit inexperienced. Sex is great but we both felt we'd missed out on something having married so early.

Jenny is mid 30,s, slim, dark hair with very small breasts and not really comfortable showing herself but she loves me and knows it turns me on.

I will describe some of the situations where she has appeared nude in front of others.

Life Modelling;

I rang a local college on her behalf and spoke to the art Dept. I gave her details and said that she would like to seek work as a life model.

A few days later she received a phone call from a teacher called Sean who wanted to meet her and talk over the post.

It was all very professional and a she went along during the day to meet the students and Sean. It was very embarrasing for her, this college is fairly close to our house and she recognised some of the students from the area.

I wanted her to undress in front of Sean in the privacy of his office but she couldn't.

They all got on well and she was pencilled in for a class with the 6th form (18 year olds) the next week. She was very nervous but agreed to go ahead with it.

On the day she met Sean and I had asked her to say that this was the first time she had undressed and wasn't sure if she could do it.

Sean showed her to a small office and Jenny started to undress. Sean went to leave but she engaged him in conversation and he remained. She asked about the class and poses whilst she removed her jeans and t shirt. She stood in front of him in her bra and pants and made a real point of expressing her nervousness as she removed her bra. She remained facing him and slowly slid down her pants. She was shaven, completely bald and stood in front of a man she had just met.

" what do you think?"

Sean, looked at her and said, "you look great."

She indicated towards her shaven pussy and said, " will it be ok me being shaven, I prefer it this way?"

Sean looked down and said, "its no problem"

She put on her gown and they walked a short distance along a corridor towards the life room. As they did so the rest of the college were making their way towards classes and literally hundreds of young people saw her in a skimpy dressing gown.

There were about 20 people in the class setting up easils etc. About 10 lads and 10 girls. All aged about 18.

She was introduced to the class and looked around at them whilst she stood in the middle of the room in her gown. She recognised one boy who lives near our street, another who is the son of her friend (Emma) and a girl who works in the local store.

Alan, the son of her friend, looked as shocked as she did and nodded at her. She told me later that she was distraught knowing she was going to be nude in front of him. She was also very excited, her heart was beating to the max!

After a few minutes Sean asked her if she was ready. She was in a trance as she undone the gown and let it slip off her. She stood completely nude and shaven in front of a class of 20 people.

Sean explained that this was their first attempt at life drawing and told the class to put down their pencils whilst he explained about dimensions, the figure etc.

He told Jenny to stand facing the front with her legs shoulder width apart and hands on her hips. Her pointed out the fall of her breasts and proportions and he got her to turn every few minutes so that she faced every person in the room.

When she faced Alan she felt embarrassed as he smiled and looked her up and down, staring at her tiny tits and shaven pussy. What on earth would her friend say ... and her husband was a perv! He would love to see her like this!

Eventually the drawing started and she began to enjoy the experience. At break time she stepped off the posing stage and stood nude in the class. I had asked her to remain nude in the break and talk to the students if possible.

Sean went to get her a coffee and most students left the room to go to a canteen. Jenny walked around the easils admiring their work. Alan waled over to her with a big grin on his face. He had got over the shock of seeing his Mothers friend nude! They spoke about the class and he asked about her modelling experience which was nil. She said, " I ought to put my gown on" and he said, "no, we've all seen you now so there's no point"

The rest of the class filed out of the door leaving just Jenny and Alan. The door had been left open and passers by were able to look in at her. She said, "everyone in the college is looking in, I will put on my gown"

Alan said, "no, I'll shut the door"

The two of them stood in the room alone and Jenny said, "I'm so embarrassed you seeing me"

Alan said that it was no problem and she had a great figure. Jenny laughed and pointed towards her tits, " they're so small and my bum is too big"

Alan laughed and said she looked great whilst taking the opportunity to look at her nude body.

She said, " ... and I would not have shaved down there if I'd known that I would know people here!"

He then said, " I've never seen a shaven one before" and they both laughed.

Jenny said, "please don't tell your Mum about this, it'll be our little secret!"

He thought for a minute and said "yeah, sure." But she could tell that there was something else going through his mind.

At that the door opened and a group of three boys entered laughing and drinking soft drinks. They were friends of Alans and they stopped in their tracks as they looked at jenny.

They apologised and went to leave but Jenny said it was fine and slowly put her gown on, she faced them and made sure they could all see her.

The rest of the class went fine and she left exhilerated and embarrassed but really turned on. She recounted these events to me later that night and we fucked as she told me how Alan had looked at her shaven pussy.

I got her to show me the poses that she had adopted and she stood in front of me nude and recounted how Alan had looked at her.

Jenny was a hit and they booked her again for the following week.

Her friend Emma obviously didn't know her little secret and Alan had been good to his word.

The night bgefore the next session Jenny was nervous as hell but shaved again and told me she would go through with it.

I was jealous and wanted to be there so we hatched a plan.

I dropped her off at the college and went in to meet Sean. I was surprised, he was only about mid 20's and quite fit. She hadn't really told me about Sean. I spoke to him whilst she went away to get changed. I asked him how she was doing as a model and he said fine.

I said, "she's worried about her bum being too big and her boobs too small" and he told me that they wanted a variety of shaped models and that she looked great.

It was odd discussing my wife's body with a stranger who had seen her nude. I said I'd be back to pick her up at the end and he said that was fine. My plan was to get there before the end and watch the class for a while.

She reappeared in her gown and they went off to the life room. I went home for an hour feeling as horny as fuck imagining her nude in front of Sean.

The class went as planned and the time came for a break.

Sean went to the staff room and invited Jenny for a coffee but she said she'd join him in a while.

The rest of the class left leaving just her and Alan. She wandered around the room looking at the drawings in the nude. Jenny thanked Alan for being discreet.

He said, " no problem" and asked her if she enjoyed being nude? He had got more confident and direct sincce the previous week.

She told him that she was comfortable being nude but wouldn't poses in any position that would expose her too much. He asked what she meant and she said, "you know .. legs open and that" and she blushed.

He told her that some poses were more 'relaxed' than others and where would she draw the line.

She told hm she wasn't sure until it came to it because that was all so new to her.

He said ," what if I asked you to stand and put your foot up on the stool?"

She did so and faced him conscious that her pussy lips were displayed. She said that it was fine.

He then got her to sit astride the stool and put her feet out at an angle. She knew that he was looking at her and he asked how far she would open her legs before she felt that it was no longer art. She moved her legs apart until they were wide open. He had a perfect view of her!

She remained like this for a minute as they discussed poses and then she put on her gown.

The class restarted and about 20 minutes before the end I knocked on the door and walked in. Sean waved at me and I took a seat at the rear of the room.

Jenny was stood on a small stage slightly elevated, facing me and about 5 lads. Her hands were on her head and she had her feet about 2 feet apart. Sean was directly in front of her giving advice to a student. At one point he approached Jenny and pointed towards her tits and belly and told the student to look at the rise and fall of her breasts and torso!

It was a real turn on.

At the end of the class the group quickly left the room. Jenny remained nude looking at the drawings and talking to some of the students as they packed up. I had asked her to talk to Alan when I was there and she did so for about 5 minutes.

He left and I spoke to Sean. I told him that I was surprised at the full frontal nudity and made out that I thought it was more discreet with robes and drapes.

He assured me that it was all very professional but full frontal nudity was required.

Jenny was still naked and she used Alan's lines from earlier about poses and feeling comfortable.

I wasn't aware at this time of the earlier incident with Alan and wondered where she was going with it.

She said, "at one point does it stop being art and become porn?"

Sean started to answer but she said that another teacher had asked her to sit in a very exposed position and she wondered whether this was ethical. (It was all amde up of course!)

She then said, "I'll show you what he asked me to do and you can tell me if its art?"

At this she lay on a matrress in the room and brought her knees up to her waist. she then allowed them to drop to the side leaving her legs wide open. Her bare pussy was gaping open and glistening! Sean looked down and said that it was not appropiate for a class of students but could be considered as erotic art in a private class. All the time Jenny lay in front of him completely exposed. She said, " I feel even more exposed as I am shaved" and again this drew Seans attention to her pussy. Hew as embarrassed... probably because I was tehre and he left whilst she dressed.

I couldn't believe it and wanted to fuck her there and then!

We then headed home and talked over the day as we fucked and fucked!

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