tagInterracial LoveWife as Young Woman Ch. 01

Wife as Young Woman Ch. 01


My wife writes these stories for me so I thought I would share them with the world. She is the sexiest woman with long legs and dark hair. She is mixed black and white with big sexy lips. She is a 36C with long black hair down the middle of her back. When she completes one of these she will let me read it in bed while she gives me a blowjob. Some of these are fictional others are true. I have a hard time getting which is which out of her. Anyways they make for good reading, enjoy.


Dear Diary;

This happened to me when I was a young nineteen years old. I was living alone in my first apartment.

Today was a hell of a day. A while back I met a guy. His name is Gregg. He's really cute but a bit old for me. He's 32. He moved into my apartment complex about a week ago. Today when I was getting my mail I caught him eying me from his balcony.

I glanced up at him and said, "hi".

He grinned down at me and said, "Hello fine lady." I thought he was cute trying to be so cool.

I went and got my mail and on my way back to my apartment I saw him again, only this time he was on the bottom of his stairwell standing there waiting for me. I tried to walk by, but he stood in my way.

"Hey, hey, what's the hurry?" he said.

"I'm in no hurry," I said as I stopped in front of him.

He smiled and said "My name in Gregg, what's yours?"

"Suzan" I replied.

He then explained to me his circumstances and how he got to live in these apartments. Apparently he was newly divorced and was trying to rediscover being single again.

"Would you like to come up for a beer maybe?" He said with a smile that made me pleasantly uneasy.

"I don't drink beer." I said trying to be a bit stand offish.

He then grinned at me and said, "Have you ever modeled before? You're really pretty."

I blushed. I just shook my head no.

"I have soda upstairs too you know." He held my hand, "Come upstairs, I'd like to show you something."

I don't know what got into me but I totally forgot the lessons my mother taught me about not talking to strangers, and definitely not going into strange men's apartments! I went willingly.

His apartment was empty and a bit messy. Typical bachelor's apartment, there was a couch against the far wall with some boxes filled with what looked like portfolio folders and such. There was an old TV on the other wall and some stereo equipment stacked up next to it that looked like it was hastily put together. He had photography equipment scattered in various areas of the apartment. It was dark and cool, quite comfortable really for the mess. In the back bedroom I couldn't see much but an unmade bed with a milk crate next to it holding and alarm clock and a brass lamp and various books.

"Wow!" I said after a quick study of the apartment. "She sure didn't leave you shit!"

He laughed. "Do they ever?" He said smugly. With that, he jumped into the kitchen carefully trying to avoid some boxes that were laid in his path to the kitchen. "I have lemon lime, and cola, which one would you like?"

"Lemon lime is fine," I said as I made my way into his living room to sit on the couch. A minute later he emerged from the kitchen holding a beer in one hand and a glass with soda and ice in the other.

"Here you go." He said as he reached the soda in my direction with a big smile. I took the soda and he came and sat down next to me.

He's a big black man probably stands around 6'3 or 4. He has strong features. Deep dark eyes and angular nose and big sexy lips. He keeps his hair shaved tight to his head and he has a well-groomed goatee and a great smile. He talks with a deep slow voice that seems to purr as he speaks. He seemed very laid back and I felt myself being comfortable around him even though we only had met 15 minutes ago.

"So, how do you like my place?" he said with a grin.

"Very nice, if you're into storage units" I said trying to attempt to be funny. I don't think he found it funny. "I'm sorry," I said feeling bad at my lame attempt to be funny at his expense.

"It's okay," he said looking down at his beer. "The bitch took everything that meant anything to me. I decided I'll have to get back into photography as a side job just to make extra money to get back on my feet again."

That sparked my interest. "You're a photographer? What do you photograph?" He looked at me with a flirty grin,

"Whatever you like sweetheart."

I shifted my position on the couch to face him, lifting my knee onto the couch not knowingly moving my skirt into a revealing position giving him a good crotch shot. I guess he liked it cause I couldn't get what he kept staring at until I noticed my skirt was showing my pink panties covering my crotch. I pulled my skirt down quickly. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize..."

He stopped me," Don't worry about it baby, nothing I ain't already seen in my lifetime."

I looked at him over the top of my glass as I sipped my soda. I took a drink, then sucked the remaining soda from the top of my lip then said in almost a whisper, "Oh no sweetie, you've never seen a pussy like mine."

I must have shocked him because he all of a sudden felt an urge to reposition himself. I grinned on the inside. This guy was too easy. I'm an insatiable flirt! Feeling his uneasiness I changed the subject.

"So, you have any pictures so I can see how good you are?"

He snapped out of whatever trance he was in while staring at my breasts. "Oh! Yeah. I do actually. He got up and went over to the boxes next to the couch on my side. After a bit of folder shuffling, he produced two folders full of pictures. He unfolded the folders and spread out the pictures that were inside. "Wow! These are really good!"

"Thanks" he said with a little embarrassment in his voice. The pictures where of various things like cars, and sceneries. The other folder had mostly girls posed in tasteful positions around cars or against backdrops they were quite nice.

"How much do you charge to take pictures?"

Gregg was still leaning back on the couch watching me look at his pictures. "Depends..."

Still busy shuffling through the pictures I asked, "On what?"

Gregg then leans forward and begins scanning the pictures with me. "Lots of things" he said. "How many someone would want, where they're to be taken... you know, it depends on how much comes out of my pocket. I'd say probably about $1500 to $2500.

I sat back up on the couch, "Shit! That's expensive!"

Without missing a beat, Gregg says, "I'm good at what I do and people are glad to pay for what I do."

"Well I could never afford you." I said as I finished my soda.

Gregg then smiled his sexy smile at me and said, "Oh, I'm sure we could work something out." I couldn't help but smiling back at him. "Are you propositioning me Gregg?"

Gregg smiled back and shrugged. "I tell you what sweetie, why don't you go home and think of a good way to pay me for my photography services to you, and then if I like your idea, I'll take some pictures of you. The more I like your idea, the more pictures you'll get. Deal?"

I thought about it for a minute while studying him. I could really make this guy do exactly what I want if I apply myself, and he knows it. "Deal." I said quietly as I got up making sure he got a good glance at my ass before I stood completely up to shake his hand. "I'll be back on Saturday with some ideas."

He smiled at me and showed me to the door, opened the door and didn't miss his chance to slap my ass as I walked by him. He had an idea what I had in store for him.... or at least he thought he did.

Saturday rolled around and I took care of my daily errands all the while I was thinking of what I could do to get one of Gregg's portfolios under my belt. I sing in a group and did some modeling on the side and I knew I could only flourish with someone with a talent like Gregg's on my side. I figured I shouldn't even stress over it and just go over there and see what happens. I finished up my errands and came home. As I was walking up the walkway I walked past Gregg's apartment. He was on the balcony drinking a beer and talking on the phone. He flashed a wink at me and I waved back as I walked by. I got to my apartment and jumped in the shower.

After a quick shower and change of clothes, I found myself wandering out of my door and back down the walkway toward Gregg's place. I walked up the stairs and stood at the doorstep for a moment to gather my thoughts. With a quick knock I made my decision on how I would get my portfolio. I heard someone walking toward the door then the door popped open. Gregg emerged with his sexy smile.

"Hi" he said smiling and leaning against the door. "Would you like to come in?"

"Sure" I said as I walked past him into his apartment. The apartment was a bit cleaned up now. The boxes were almost all gone and the bed in the back was made. There was some music playing on the stereo that was now neatly stacked inside a stereo cabinet on the far wall.

"Much better huh?" I heard Gregg's voice behind me.

"Not bad." I said as I walked toward the couch. Gregg closed the door and locked it.

"Would you like something to drink?" He said as he started toward the kitchen.

"Water would be great actually."

"No soda?" I hear his voice from the kitchen.

"No, water's fine thanks." I lean back on the couch and begin to relax to the music. The lights are on but dim and the ambient is very relaxed and sexy. With my eyes closed leaning back on Gregg's couch, I hear him emerge from the kitchen.

"Here you go sweetie." as he handed me my water. I took the water and placed it on a side table he now had in place of the boxes of pictures.

Gregg sat next to me on the couch with his beer.

"How was your day?" he said smiling at me.

"Good. I figured out how I could pay you for a portfolio."

Looking intrigued Gregg raises and eyebrow in my direction. "You did?" I nodded to him biting my lip. Gregg took a swig of his beer, "What did you have in mind?" he said as if he didn't know.

I moved closer to him and looked him in his eyes. "I'll show you." I said as I advanced even closer to him. "But if you don't like what I'm doing, just stop me okay?"

Gregg's eyes widened as I reached down between his legs to feel his dick in his pants. Obviously he knew what he was in for because his dick was as big and as hard as ever. I unzipped his pants and reached in to pull his big black dick out to get a better look at his manhood. I really think this will be fun! I got his dick out of his pants and Gregg laid back on the couch placing his beer on the floor next to the couch as if he's getting ready for a long night. I wrap my hot lips around his big dick and begin playing with his dick with my mouth. I hear a deep groan pour from Gregg's lung as I take his whole dick deep into my mouth and down my throat.

"Suck it bitch." Gregg whispers.

I begin sucking frantically up and down his shaft taking his dick deep into my throat then letting up over and over again.

Suddenly he grabs the back of my head and stops me.

"Shit baby! Don't make me cum before we even get started!" He said as he pushes me away from him so he can unbutton the front of my blouse. Gregg opens my blouse and begins sucking my tits as he reaches down to unbutton my shorts and starts pushing them down. He pushed me back onto my back and pulls my shorts off my legs then my panties. I lay there with nothing on but my unbuttoned blouse on as he works on taking off his shirt then his pants. "Damn baby, I don't think you know what you've started." he said as he pulled his pants off then gets to his knees. He's holding his big dick in his hand and smiling his sexy smile at me.

"Oh you think you know me." I said as I lay there. "I can handle you just fine." His smile went away then he said, "Then handle it bitch!"

He pulled me back up onto my knees as he stood up. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth and began to set the pace with his hand on my head. I could hear him talking to me, "Suck that dick bitch! Suck it hard!"

I did too. I sucked and sucked like I was hungry for his cum!

"Okay! Okay!" he said as he pulled me away from his dick once more.

I looked up at him, "Something wrong?"

"Stop talking." he whispered back.

With that, he turned me around and propped me against the couch in a kneeling position. He then kneeled behind me. I could feel the warmth of his breath on the back of my neck. "I want to fuck you now, doggie style."

He bent me over a little then I felt his dick penetrate my pussy from behind. He grabbed my hips and again set the pace of our fucking. He would ram his dick as far as he could get it inside me the pull out making the friction almost unbearable, but it was so good, I'd be stupid to make him stop.

Gregg said "God Damn, bitch you have a tight pussy." I heard him moan a little.

Then I asked him is he liked it. He said shit yeah, you feel good. All this time he kept punishing me with his cock. He thought that it would hurt me but I had bigger cocks than this shoved into me so I was really starting to enjoy it.

Gregg then said, "I am going to knock $200 off your picture bill for this fuck."

I turned my head to him and said, "How am I going to come up with the rest."

He smiled and seemed to start to fuck me harder and said "we will think of something."

Then it hit me hard I started to cum hard on his dick. I felt my pussy start to contract and hard him chuckle.

He then said, "loosen up some bitch" but I couldn't.

I then started to moan "give it to me you asshole."

He then smacked my ass and kept fucking my brains out.

He said, "That is enough, turn around and get on you knees slut, I am going to cum all over that face and in your mouth."

I quickly spun around on my knees while he stroked his big cock in my face. "Open you mouth bitch."

I did then he started to cum all over my face. Cum hit my cheeks and forehead then he grabbed my ponytail and shoved his cock down my throat. Cum filled my mouth and drizzled out the corner of my mouth.

Gregg looked down at me and smiled a little as I sucked the rest of the cum from his softening cock. "Damn you are a whore aren't you?"

I just nodded a little. Gregg then sat down on the couch and grabbed his beer.

I started to stand up and he told me to stay where I was. He then said "you look so damn hot right now with all that cum on you." Some of that cum had fallen off my face and hit my tits. I rubbed it in a little and licked my lips for him. "You have some of the nicest dick sucking lips in town and some really great tits and a nice pussy." "I will knock $300 off you portfolio, that will leave about $1200 for those pictures."

I smiled and said "what about the rest?" He answered "Well I have plenty of friends who would make a contribution toward your portfolio if you treated them right."

I replied, "I am not a hooker!"

"No your not, but you are a whore, and it will be easy money for you and you will enjoy it. I will make sure no one hurts you and we can have them come here only."

I stood up and took a drink of my water and said surprisingly "Can we start next week?"

I had been gangbanged a couple times but mostly when I was alone with a bunch of guys it ended up being a circle jerk with them all cuming in my face.

Grinning Gregg said, "Anytime you are ready, now come over here and give me some more head, I am getting hard again."

I climbed back onto the couch and lowered my head over his stiffening cock. I grabbed his cock at the base tightly and started to jack him off while kissing his cock. He just smiled at me when I glanced up at his face and seemed to lean back further in the couch allowing my mouth to work on his cock. I sucked for a good 10 minutes feeling my jaw start to go numb and continued to play with his balls and cock with my hands. Gregg kept pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits. Gregg kept moaning like before "Suck that dick bitch, suck it hard." I did and wanted to taste him again. Gregg then said, "STOP."

I did and looked at him.

He smiled that great smile again and said "lay down on the floor, I am going to fuck those huge tits you have."

I smiled and did as he asked. He mounted my chest and told me to hold them tight. As he fucked my tits his big cock kept hitting me in the chin. Gregg said "Suck it while I fuck your tits." I allowed the head of his cock to enter my mouth as he fucked my tits.

Gregg kept saying what a hot bitch I was and all of a sudden he pulled away a little bit and shot his hot cum on my tits and some on my face again.

"God you are one hot bitch. I haven't been laid in over two months as you can see from all the cum on you."

I just smiled and told him "That one was for free and I would be back Saturday to work off some more money."

Gregg then said how many guys have you fucked at once?

I smiled while dressing and said "four at one time once."

He then asked, "How that happened."

I said "Well I got caught in an elevator by some security guards playing with myself."

He smiled and said "I will have some people over then Saturday. Come dressed for a good fucking.

I smiled and started for the door for a long shower.

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