tagLoving WivesWife Bang in the Stables Ch. 02

Wife Bang in the Stables Ch. 02


Lisa was stunned and the first words out of her mouth were, "What the fuck is this?" Up walked Gill.

Mike said, "Mrs. Wilson, I didn't even know he was here yet!" He then asked Gill, "How long have you been here?"

Gill said, "For about an hour." He went on to say, "My dad dropped me off to meet you guys here, because I knew you would eventually come here to take care of the horses. I thought you would've been here sooner."

Gill is one of those kids destined to be a movie maker; he constantly has his video camera with him and is filming something.

Unfortunately for Lisa, he had it with him today, and it was running. There she was naked, with cum still on her chin, in front of 3 teen age boys, and on film.

"I saw you guys pull up and started to come out and meet you, but then I saw Mrs. Wilson with you. You all looked a little guilty of something, so I decided to stay out of sight and record for a few minutes. I didn't have a clue what was going to happen, but it was hot!" he said in a somewhat awestruck voice. He continued to say, "I caught it all on tape!" Lisa was still so stunned that she continued to stand there naked without saying a word.

Gill then boldly looked Lisa up and down, and with a leer on his face bluntly stated, "I want my turn now Mrs. Wilson."

Lisa found her words, "Fuck no! I want that tape and I want to go home, NOW!"

Gill, the tricky fucker, just smiled slyly and said, "I have the tape and have no intention of giving it to your Mrs. Wilson. You're well known in this town and I'd hate to see it get out, wouldn't you?"

Lisa argued, "Your friends were on it too. Do you plan on hurting them as well?"

"I have the capability to blur their faces and most of their bodies out," Gill said. "All that will be seen is you sucking multiple cocks." He said, "And really enjoying it I might add."

The other young men, just unwitting sex partners to begin with, were now warming up to the possibilities before them. Unlike what Lisa originally thought, they were young and virile and were not ready to stop yet themselves. This confirmed to them that the party wasn't over yet.

Back in our living room, Lisa gave me a penetrating gaze and said in a husky voice, "I admit it honey, I was still VERY horny. I wanted more. Besides, if I stopped the tape would get out. I HAD to go on!"

Our gazes were pulled back to the television screen when I heard her voice from that direction asking, "What do I have to do to get the tape?"

Gill, still with a very cocky air about him, explained, "Look Mrs. Wilson, we all like you. Shit, we've all been over to your house a bunch of times. But to be honest, I've jacked off while fantasizing of fucking of you several times. We don't want you hurt or run out of town, and your daughter is our friend, but you're in it with us now. We want it all.

"I'll keep recording and we'll all get off, but then I'll give you the tape when we're all done," he said. He let it soak in for a minute, "Deal?"

I could see the look of indecision on her face, but I also saw when she made her decision.

She told me later, "I didn't see a choice in it for me, other then try to physically take it away, but I didn't know if Mike or the others would support me on it. Seeing the looks on their faces, I assumed not."

The other boys chimed in then, "Please Mrs. Wilson", "You'll like it Mrs. Wilson", "We'll be good, we promise!"

She looked at Gill and still a little reluctantly said, "You better not be lying to me. Let's see what you've got for me."

Gill handed the camera to Clint, moved in front of Lisa and dropped his pants to his ankles. His cock was the least impressive of the four, but it was a respectable size and very hard. Lisa got down on her knees in front of him eyeing his manhood. She said in a very teasing voice, "Do you want Mrs. Wilson to suck your cock honey? It's such a pretty cock and probably tastes very good. Is that what you want?"

Gill, held his cock and started trying to stab it into her mouth saying, "Please yes, oh fuck yes!"

With one final look at the camera, Lisa began to suck her fourth cock of the day.

"Yes, Mrs. Wilson, Yes!" Gill exclaimed as Lisa went quickly from the tip of his cock all the way down his shaft until her nose was nestled in his thin pubic hair. She wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft and started stroking it in time with her mouth moving up and down his cock.

She told me then that quite unexpectedly, she got into it. "I mean, I REALLY liked it," she said. "All I could think about was that I'd be able to watch this anytime I wanted to, and if that was the case, that I might as well put on a great show!" She then added in a timid, slightly embarrassed voice, "I also thought maybe I could show it to you someday.

Back on the television, Gill was getting a lot better blowjob then I'm sure he expected. I'm also sure he was quite happy with the willingness to please that Lisa showed. I'm sure he probably had at least a slight fear of getting his penis bitten off instead of sucked. But suck it, she did. She wrapped her arms around him, took hold of his ass cheeks and pulled back and forth on them to make him fuck her mouth. She then quit moving her head and let him do the work.

"Oh fuck, Mrs. Wilson! This is great! Your mouth is so awesome!" he gasped.

Lisa pulled off his cock long enough to say in a sultry voice, "Fuck my mouth Gill, fuck it good and hard!"

With that encouragement he grabbed two handfuls of her hair and started bucking his hips to draw his cock out of her mouth and then push it back in to the hilt. With a little experimentation he saw that Lisa was not having a problem handling it, so he picked up the pace. In 30 more seconds he was fucking her mouth hard and fast.

I don't know how she survived it, but not only did she not pull off, or even attempt to escape, but I could see that she was pulling him into her as hard and fast as he was driving into her. Soon, he yelled in the beginning stages of orgasm, but instead of shooting his load in her mouth, he pulled her by the hair of head, loosing his cock from her mouth and shot load after load of cum onto her face and tits. "Fuck yes! Fuck yes! I'm cumming!" he screamed.

"Give it to me baby! Let me have it!" Lisa cheered him on.

It was an awesome sight. I was shocked and stunned, and so turned on.

Now that Lisa had decided to go through with this, she put on a real show for the camera. She cooed to him, "Did you like it Gill? Did Mrs. Wilson suck you good? Let me clean you up poor boy, you're a mess." Using loving sucks and licks, she cleaned his cock up and let him loose. Covered in cum and licking her lips, she faced the boys and said, "Do you boys like me nasty?" She then scooped as much cum off of her face and tits as possible and ate every drop, finishing by sucking on her fingers and licking them clean.

She said, "Okay boys if we're going to do this thing we're going to do it right. I need to cum and then I need fucked, who has ever eaten a pussy before?" Clint's voice came from behind the camera (I had already identified him as the guy willing to try anything first) and stated, "I'll try it."

Lisa said, "Okay baby, come to mama." Clint handed the camera back to Gill and Lisa grabbed his hand to lead him over to the blanket-covered hay bales where she lay down on her back. "Just start licking honey. Do what you think is best and I'll direct you where needed."

Well, Clint wasn't shy. He really loved pussy and started lapping up her cream like a thirsty dog at the water bowl. If her moans were any indication, laying there with her legs spread open and an 18 year-old boy eating her cunt, Lisa was in heaven. She grabbed his ears and pulled him harder into her pussy and said "Lick me baby, stick your tongue deep inside of me." After a minute or two she moved one hand to her clit and played with it. Clint was smart and seeing that he got the hint. He moved his mouth from her slit to her clit and started alternately tonguing and sucking it hard.

She lost it. It was one of the most vocal orgasms I believe she has ever had. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh yes! Oh yes!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Oh Fuck, lick it, lick it, lick it! Eat all of my cum you bastard, eat it!" He readily complied as she continued to scream. It's a good thing they were out in the country.

After a few minutes of heavy breathing and moaning, Lisa seemed to come out of it and looked around her. She had 4 willing participants, a video camera, and all the time in the world. She was ready for this.

Mike was obviously her favorite. She looked at him and said, "Would you like to fuck my Pussy, Mike? It's very hot and needs some attention by a good hard cock."

"Yes Ma'am!" Mike said, jumping on the opportunity. The others gathered around to watch. All rubbing their young hard cocks, as Mike crawled right between her legs, lined it up to her slit, and immediately buried it to the hilt.

"Oh yes!" screamed Lisa. "Fuck me baby, fuck me with your hard cock!"

"Oh fuck!" said Mike. "It feels so good!"

For a few minutes the others could do nothing but watch, but soon Clint moved up to the head of the bale of hay. Lisa saw a cock approaching and grabbed it. She pulled him over by it asking him through gasps, "Do you like watching Mike fuck me? It feels so fucking good. Do you want me to make you feel good?" With that she started sucking his cock. After a few seconds she stopped, Mike was picking up the pace in her cunt, but she managed to get out, "Bill, come over here, it's not fair that you have to stroke that big cock. I can handle you both."

Gill flashed the camera down so everyone could see he was hard again already, but then went back to steadily filming the action. I had to continue to admit, his camera action was great. He had enough shots where you could see the whole action, but also got in there for some good close-up individual action. He'd also walk up on occasion and get Lisa to suck on his cock while he filmed the action. It was all overwhelming and quite incredible.

I still didn't know if I was going to be mad when it was all said and done, or what feelings I would have tomorrow about it. But at that minute I was too turned on to care. Mike was breathing hard after of few minutes of fucking my wife's talented pussy. When we have sex, she doesn't just lie there and take it, but she moves and works her pussy muscles to give me incredible amounts of pleasure. I'm sure she was doing the same for him.

For a while there was no talking, except for an occasional "Oh Fuck!" They were all breathing hard and moaning. Lisa's legs were wrapped around Mike's waist, and he had a look of concentration on his face. Mike and Clint were standing there steadily moaning as Lisa alternated between sucking their cocks. They were all at their most primitive. All that existed was the need to fuck and suck and cum. Very animalistic.

It wasn't long before Mike just couldn't hold back any longer. "Give it to me baby! Give me your cum!" Lisa said urgently.

Mike started moaning, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, and ahhhhhhhh!" With that he stopped stock still and I could tell by the look on his face and the spasms going through his body that he was pumping her pussy full of hot spunk.

There it was, the moment I had never dreamed would happen. My wife of 18 years now had, for the first time, taken another load of cum in her cunt besides mine. Not only that, but it was cum that belonged to a young man that was barely even born when we got married. At the time I couldn't have been happier.

Mike pulled out and crawled off the hay bales with a great big smile on his face. He went to Gill and took the camera away from him so he could go next. Gill was very vocal and said, "Fucking A, I can't wait to get sloppy seconds. You're a good little slut Mrs. Wilson, do you like those cocks you're sucking? You've got me so turned on; I can't wait to get into that pussy."

In between cocks, Lisa moaned, "I love it, I love it all, fuck me while I love on these cocks. Give it to me good. I'm so glad you made me do this." Gill jumped right on and started slamming it to her. "Your cunt is so hot Mrs. Wilson, you are such a good whore. Are you a good whore?!"

"Yes, I'm all of yours whore, just give it to me, just fuck me good!"

It continued for awhile. She moaned, she sucked cock and she got fucked. Gill had more stamina this time and fucked her for a few minutes. He was giving it to her good, and during that time, while Lisa was sucking Clint's cock and stroking Bill's, Clint began moaning and grabbed her head to prevent her from switching cocks. He couldn't hold out any longer. "Oh God, oh yes, I'm CCUUUMMMMMING," he said raggedly, as he deposited another load of jism into her mouth. Lisa lapped it up quickly, and gave him a good cleaning up. Then without hesitation, she let him go to concentrate on Bill's big rod while Clint stepped aside to watch.

Gill was breathing hard, and Lisa was doing her best to concentrate on Bill's cock with Gill slamming it to her hard.

On the couch, I heard her mutter, "I love that big cock." At hearing that, I quickly glanced at her and her eyes were glued to the screen where her image jacked his massive cock with both hands and sucked on the tip. It looked so fucking huge in her little hands, and with her mouth just clamped over the head, there was still plenty of cock that could be seen. I still couldn't see how she had engulfed it in her mouth earlier.

Now that Clint had cum again, he took the camera from Mike, who was rock hard again and moved back over to watch the action close up. Gill asked, "Mrs. Wilson, are you ready for my spunk, do you want my cum to mix with Mike's?"

"You're such a good fuck Gill! Please, please cum in pussy, I want your cum with Mike's now. I want all of your cum in me!"

Gill started grunting and with a loud "Holy Fuck", he deposited his load into Lisa's cunt. He lay on her for a minute recovering while she cooed to him in between the huge slurps she was taking on Bill's cock.

When he crawled off of Lisa, she removed her mouth from Bill's huge fuck stick and stood up. "Honey, I want to try something different with you, are you ready?" she coaxed.

With a nod Bill let her steer him to lie down on the hay bales. She got on the bales and stood over him straddling his body at waist level. She squatted and grabbed his massive cock and started rubbing it up and down her swollen and sloppy pussy lips. The two loads of cum previously deposited there had already started oozing out of her beautiful, well fucked slit when she stood up.

Now she used the other boys' cum pouring out to coat his big cock with. She rubbed it in coating his cock very well, and with great determination, but no hesitation whatsoever, started working that big fucker into her.

After all the things I'd seen that had made me hot up to this point, that image really hit me. I gasped while watching the action and had sometime during this part got my pants down and was stroking my cock while watching the video. I didn't even remember doing it.

Beside me on the couch, Lisa was focused intently on the screen. Her skirt was now up around her waist, and her panties were pulled aside. She was using two fingers and alternated between dipping in and out of her pussy, and playing with her clit.

On the screen, she continued to work the tip of his cock into her cunt and slowly, very slowly, she continued to lower herself onto it. I just couldn't see anyway that she could get it all into her, but with much moaning, groaning, and cursing; she kept rising up and sliding back down until she was sitting on his cock and their pelvic bones were touching. When she got it all in, she just sat still for a minute and kind of squirmed around enjoying it. "Does that feel good baby?" she asked Bill.

Then the fucking started. All Bill could do was lay their and moan. She started slow. Up and down, up and down, and then faster and faster until she had worked herself up into a fucking frenzy. She fucked him hard and fast for a quite a while longer than I thought she'd be capable of in that position, but somehow managed.

Gill was getting all the action. While Bill was moaning, Lisa was throwing her head around, and was non-stop telling Bill, "Your cock is so good, it feels so good. I fucking love your cock!" Soon she lowered herself onto her knees and started really grinding her pussy into his pelvis.

I recognized this as the mode she gets into when she is preparing to cum. She lay down pressing her tits against his chest and kissed him full on the mouth. She was breathing heavily onto him while grinding her pelvis into his. She was completely lost in the sensation, and I doubt she ever let a thought go through her head of hesitation or regret of the things she was doing. She was completely into getting all the cock she could.

Gill said, "Hey Mike, go up there and stick your prick into her mouth, maybe that will quiet her down some." Mike complied and she took his dick in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down the best she could, since both hands were supporting her over Bill. "Grab her head and fuck her face, she loves it!" Gill said. Mike wrapped both hands around the back of her head and started pulling her down on his cock and pulling it back out. Soon he was fucking her hard. Not too forcefully, but he was getting his.

"Mmmmpf, mmmmpf" was the only sound coming out of Lisa as her mouth was completely stuffed. She was not in control of the cock in her mouth, so it was only when her entire body heaved and quivered and came to a complete stop that I could tell she was having the most powerful orgasm yet.

I expected her to stay there like that, and finish poor Bill off like that, but she had other ideas. She lifted up, releasing Mike's cock from her mouth and stood up. She asked, "Bill, stand up baby", and I suddenly knew what she was going to do. It was her favorite position after orgasm.

She got on her hands and knees on the bales of hay and presented her ass to Bill, "Fuck me doggy style honey. I love to be fucked from behind." Bill couldn't have moved quickly enough. He was behind her and working his cock back into her now stretched cunt in less than a second and was soon fucking her hard. She was screaming, "Your cock has got to be as big as one of these horses! I love it, give me that horse cock, fuck me hard you bastard, fuck me hard! Fuck me like the bitch I am!"

And fuck her he did. Mike quickly moved back up front and regained his position fucking her face again. Clint was fondling her dangling tits and rubbing her ass. Bill didn't talk much, but he fucked a lot. If it wasn't for the cock in her mouth, Lisa would have been screaming and talking filthy nonstop. Still consumed, I saw her pulling forward and slamming back in rhythm with Bill while taking all of Mike's cock in her mouth.

Gill was cheering, "Fuck the slut, fuck that little bitch, fuck yes give it to her for the camera!"

The boys in the action could only moan. They had no time to talk; only to fuck. I don't know if any of them had been laid before today, but I guarantee the things they were getting was something none of them have ever had before.

For Lisa, every time there was the opportunity that her mouth was empty she was telling Bill that he was the best fuck she'd ever had and to fuck her good and hard. Soon Bill grunted in his characteristic manner, "Ugghhhff!" Signifying his impending orgasm. Gill pointed the camera up under Bill's legs to catch the close-up, and Bill, holding onto Lisa's hips for dear life, started filling her pussy with the biggest load yet.

I know this, because the camera caught it all. There her small pussy was completely filled to the rim with his huge cock. I thought it was clamped around it with an air tight seal, but was proven wrong. His balls started bobbing, and I saw his cock spasm as the cum traveled through it. I knew he was filling her full then, but then I saw it leaking out between her lips and his cock, and I knew he was giving her the load of a lifetime. He had her so full, there was no room for all the spunk and it was literally leaking out between them.

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