tagLoving WivesWife Becomes A Prostitute Ch. 02

Wife Becomes A Prostitute Ch. 02


Wife Becomes A Prostitute Chapter 2Julie making big money.

Meeting with the madam was very pleasant. She was impressed with my college studies in the School of Business and thought I could mix in easily with business people.

Ms. Burnham said, “I have a simple assignment for you to see how you react to one of my regular clients. This will be a test to see how well you perform. If I receive a good review, then I’ll probably have more work for you. Mr. Weller is having a party for some business people at his home tomorrow evening. He is a widower and will probably want sex. Mr. Weller will tell you what to do when you arrive. He will pay me, but you will make about $2000 for the night. Mr. Weller doesn’t mind paying that amount because he charges it off to company expenses. Are you interested?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Alright, dress in a sexy looking cocktail dress that will show a lot of skin around your breasts. A limo will pick you up about 8 PM to take you.”

The limo picked me up as scheduled and let me out at Mr. Weller’s front door. The butler led me to a large room where several people were standing and conversing with drinks in their hands. The men were dressed rather informally with sport coats and no ties. The few women were dressed in pretty cocktail dresses. The butler got the attention of a man I assumed to be Mr. Weller The butler suggested I go to the bar for a drink. I no sooner had a drink in my hand until Mr. Weller greeted me.

He said, “Make yourself at home and mingle. I’ll talk to you later.”

A young man about my age started a conversation with me. He commented, “I haven’t seen you here before. Which company do you work for?”

I didn’t know what to say, but responded, “I’m a friend of Mr. Weller, so thought I would stop in for a drink. Who do you work for?”

“Oh, I am employed by Mr. Weller. He is a great guy.”

As the evening wore on, I noticed Mr. Weller was talking to a man at least age seventy. What little hair he had was very gray. The two of them disappeared for a little while, then Mr. Weller came back alone. He came over to me.

“Are you enjoying the evening?”

“It’s been very nice so far and I’ve talked to several people.”

“Probably you noticed me talking to Mr. Barnard. He is the CEO of a large company. My organization has several contracts with him and have more pending.”

I looked around, then said, “I saw him leave with you, but didn’t come back.”

“Dear girl, he noticed how pretty you are. I told him you came by yourself and not attached to any of the men here. I want you to make him happy. I suggested he walk upstairs and go in the first bedroom on the right. You know what you are to do.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Mr. Weller smiled and walked away. I slowly walked out of the room as if going to the rest room. I walked up the stairs, turned to the right and knocked on the first door I came to.

“Come in, Please”, I heard a voice

I opened the door to see Mr Barnard sitting in a chair holding his drink.

He said, “Didn’t you bring your drink up with you? Let me make another for you.”

“Thank you Mr. Barnard.”

“Call me James. I want to be friendly with you.”

Once I had the drink in my hand, I sat on the edge of the bed facing him. Our conversation was pleasant but nothing was said about sex. He was much older than myself, but he was a man who wanted sex with an attractive young girl. I decided I had to take the lead to get action started.

“James, I’m sitting on this bed by myself, do you think it would be more friendly if you sat beside me.”

He quickly got up and sat beside me, then put his arm around my waist. I turned to kiss him on the cheek. He then faced me for a light lingering kiss on the lips.

I said, “Let’s take off your jacket and get more comfortable.”

As I helped him remove his jacket, he turned to me to find the zipper at the back of my dress.

He commented with a smile, “I always like to do zippers.”

I stood up to let my dress fall to he floor. By now, he was actively removing my clothes. He unhooked my bra then removed my panties. I could tell he was getting very sexually excited now that I was naked. I was wondering if this old man was going to get a hard erection.

He got up and stripped off everything except his shorts.

“Aren’t you going to remove your shorts.”

He looked a little embarrassed but pulled down his shorts to expose his cock. It was about half hard.

I softly said, “I think I can help you with that.”

He meekly said, “Guess I’ve had a little too much to drink, but I know I can do it.”

“Let’s get on the bed”, I suggested.

I took his cock in my hand and jacked it a little. I took the head in my mouth to tease it. I could feel it getting harder. I was beginning to work my spell on him.

“That’s it, keep it up, that’s good.”, he energetically responded and hunched up to my face.

He then moved his body around to get his face at my crotch. He started licking my pussy. I looked down to see his bald head with a ring of gray hair, bobbing up and down as his tongue was licking my slit. His tongue went all the way down to lick my ass.

What seemed like several minutes, he lifted his head up and looked at my face.

I asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I can cum only once and I want you to suck me dry.”

“Alright, what position do you want?”

“I want to sit up here in bed and watch you.”

He adjusted a pillow at the head board and sat up. I moved in a position for him to see my face and mouth. His cock was very hard. I could deep throat him completely because his cock was not as long as some I’ve had. I raised back up with just the head in my mouth, then went all the way down with my nose buried in his hair. I continued to do this as he watched. He kept mumbling that he liked it and to keep doing it.

He seemed to be in no hurry to cum or maybe he was too old to cum very quick. I was beginning to get a little tired and wished he would finish. About that time, he started shooting cum in my mouth and throat. He groaned and moaned and finally relaxed. I continued to keep his shrinking cock in my mouth as he watched.

He finally said, “That was very good. I haven’t had a pretty sexy girl like you in a long time. Maybe I could put you on my company payroll.”

“Well, thank you, Mr Bernard. You’re a really nice guy. I’ve liked being here with you.”

I thought I would say nice things to him to make him feel good. I doubt that he would put me on the company payroll. We both dressed. Before we left he said he didn’t have any money for a tip, but if I would write down my name and address, he would send something.

We returned to the party room, but not at the same time. Mr. Weller asked me, “How did it go?”

“He seemed very pleased. I thought he was a real nice guy.”

Mr. Weller commented, “The party is about over.. I’ll arrange for the lemo to take you home later. Now, I want you to go up stairs and go in my bedroom. It’s the third door to the right.”

I went up stairs as instructed and found his bedroom. It was a large room with beautiful furniture. I noticed family pictures in the room. I assume they were his sons and daughters and grandchildren.

While I sat and waited for Mr. Weller, I thought about all the money I was making tonight. So far, it had been a pleasant evening. I was hoping Mr. Weller didn’t want any weird sex.

Mr. Weller interrupted my thoughts when he came in the room. He said he needed to take a shower before getting in bed and wanted me to shower with him. We both undressed and got in the shower. He held my nude body as we shared a few sexy kisses. He didn’t have a problem with a hard erection because it was rubbing against my body. He seemed more interested in playing with my breasts than my pussy.

Once on the bed, he immediately wanted to kiss my breasts. He sucked my nipples and lightly bit them.

I said, “Please don’t bit too hard. I like for you to suck them.”

He had me lie on my back so he could get on top. He spread my legs wide and pushed them up toward my head as his cock slowly entered my pussy and went all the way in. He slowly fucked me as I pushed up to him.

Then he pulled out and said, “I want to fuck your tits”.

He moved up on my body to place his cock between my tits. I used my hands to push my tits together to surround his cock. He was eagerly fucking my tits when he started shooting cum all over my chin and neck. His body was jerking as he yelled. As he was coming down from his high, he was still groaning. I knew I had him well satisfied. My chin and neck was a mess.

We both got up and went in the bathroom to clean up.

He said, “It’s getting late, you can get dressed and the lemo will take you home. You are very pretty and sexy and have been very good tonight. I’ll ask the madam for you again.”

Just before I left, he opened the night stand drawer to take out some bills and handed them to me. I didn’t know how much of a tip I was getting, but could count it later.

When I was home in bed before going to sleep, I thought about all that had happened tonight. I enjoyed going to the party and talking to rich people. The two men I had sex with were really nice persons. With all the money I made, I didn’t mind not having an orgasm tonight. Greg will satisfy me later on.

The next day a messenger came by my home to give me an envelop. When I opened it, there was a one-thousand dollar bill and a note from Mr. Bernard. It read, “I enjoyed my time with you. Hope to see you again.”

That night when Greg came home from work, he called me. I suggested he come over and I would call a caterer to have dinner delivered. I could afford it with it will all the money I made last night.

While enjoying a glass of wine with dinner, Greg asked, “How did it go last night?”

“Greg, first thing first, I made a lot of money and had a good time too.”

He responded, “The money is good, but you went there for sex, didn’t you?”

I knew he wanted me to tell him about my sex escapades. “Yes, there was sex. Two old guys wanted to get laid. I satisfied them very good, I think. I’m beginning to wonder if it turns you on to hear about it. You always want to know the details.”

Greg looked embarrassed, but then responded, “Yes, I’ll admit it does turn me on. Tell me all you did.”

I told him the details about the first guy sitting up in bed and watching me suck him off. Then I explained how the next old guy wanted to fuck my tits and made a mess on my neck and chin.

Greg looked at me, “You are a sexy girl and I like you a lot. Why don’t we stop wasting time sitting here talking about how you satisfied two old guys.”

I knew what he wanted and I was ready. I missed having an orgasm last night with the two old guys. Now I was ready to accept Greg’s love making and enjoy our time together. I really liked him and would consider marrying him someday.

The madam called me the next day to say, “Evidently you made a good impression on Mr. Weller. He wants your services again. Are you ready for more?”

“Yes, it was a pleasant evening and I thought Mr. Weller was a very nice person. What does he want this time?”

“There is a business conference this coming Friday and Saturday. A limo will pick you up at one PM on Friday. You will probably have time to lounge at the swimming pool and later that evening dine and dance. Take a couple of cocktail dresses for the two evenings.”

The limo picked me up on schedule and took me to the city conference center. I checked into my room and put on my bikini. When I looked in the full length mirror, I thought I looked attractive and sexy. I knew my shapely body was making money for me now, but how many years would it last. I wanted to make as much money as I could now while I could attract men.

I went to the pool side and sat down. In a little while, I saw Mr. Weller and a young man walking toward me.

He said, “I want you to meet Clark, my grandson. I’m just taking a break from the conference, but have to get back soon. It would be nice of you to entertain Clark for awhile.”

I smiled at Clark and said, “Yes, Mr. Weller, I’ll do my best.”

I thought Clark was very handsome in his business suit. He looked to be about eighteen to twenty years old.

When he sat down in a chair beside me, I asked, “Are you attending the conference too?”

“Yes, grandfather wants me to get started in the business world. He is sending me to Yale this autumn to enroll in the School of Business.”

I responded, “I went the local college here for two years and studied business.”

“Why didn’t you continue and get your degree?”

“I got married and quit. Maybe I should enroll again since I’m not married now.”

There was a pause in the conversation. I knew it was time for me to take the initiative and invite him to my room.

I got up and said, “Let’s go inside.”

He seemed a little shy and unsure of himself because he let me lead while he followed behind me. Maybe he wanted to look at my nearly naked body as I walked in front of him. After we entered the room, we walked over to the window to look down on the swimming pool.

I turned my back to him and asked, “Would you like to untie my bikini top?”

He didn’t say anything but proceeded to release my breasts from the restraints. I turned toward him, lifted my face to his as if asking for a kiss. He took the hint and kissed me rather sexily. I was beginning to think I was going to enjoy my time with him. He was a rather muscular handsome young guy.

I tugged at his tie to remove it. He started undressing. When he was down to his underpants, he stopped.

I looked down at his hard cock pushing out his shorts, then looked back at his face to say, “Aren’t you going to take them off? I’d like to see what you have.”

He hesitated, then said, “I’ve never been with a girl like this before.”

“Do you mean to tell me you are a virgin?”

“Well, no, but I mean like being naked with a girl in a room with the daylight shining in.”

I smiled, “You don’t have to be shy with me. Let me help you.”

I tugged at his shorts. When they dropped down his hips, his very hard cock sprang out.

As I took his cock in my hand, I said, “You don’t have to be ashamed of this beautiful hard rod pointing straight at me. You have a nice big one. Now, why don’t you untie the bow at the side of my bikini bottom and let it fall to the floor? Then I’ll be naked, too.”

I noticed his hand was slightly shaking with excitement as he fumbled to untie it. I saw his eyes glance down to see my nakedness.

I said, “I shaved it just this morning in order to wear this bikini. Don’t you think I did a neat job?”

I think he was too shy to respond to that question.

“You haven’t even touched my breasts as yet.”

I put a hand under each one and pushed them up toward his face.

“You can kiss my nipples if you want to, but don’t bit them too hard.”

He leaned down to feel one breast while he nibbled on the other one. I could sense his body slightly tremble with excitement. I knew I was going to give this young stud a very thrilling time.

His cock was punching me in the stomach. I moved one hand down to hold it and thought I could excite him even more if I put it in my mouth. I licked around the head once, then took the head in my mouth. He quickly started erupting in my mouth as his body shook and shuddered. I assumed he would cum rather fast, but not this quick. I continued to keep his cock in my mouth as he groaned. I grasped his legs to steady his body when his knees started to buckle.

When he again regained his composure, he sat down on the edge of the bed. “Sorry, I did that so quick. It was so very good. I’ve never had a girl do that to me.”

“So this is the first time you ever had a blow job. You have a lot to learn about sex, but you’re young and have a long life ahead of you. What else would you like to experience?”

He shyly looked at me without saying anything. He glanced down toward my crotch and I wondered if he had ever had a good look at a pussy.

“Have you ever seen between a girl’s legs and would you like to look?”

I think he was too embarrassed to answer. I took the initiative to say, “Let’s get up here on the bed and you can take a good look.”

I laid on my back, pulled my knees up and spread my legs in a position for him to see.

He was up on his knees and moved into a good position for a view between my legs. I noticed his very hard, and rather large cock was hanging down. I was able to reach it to wrap my hand around it. I could see he was staring, but not touching me.

“Don’t be afraid to touch me”, I softly said.

Then I felt his fingers moving up and down my slit trying to feel the opening of my hole.

His fingers explored me for about a minute before I asked, “Do like what you see?”

He quickly responded, “Wow! This is so exciting. I’ve never played with a girl like this.”

“Well, if you like what you see, would you like to kiss and lick me there?”

Again, he quickly responded, “Oh yes! I didn’t know you would allow me to do that.”

“Go ahead and do it.”

I could feel his tongue touch my slit and then move up over my clit causing my body to sexually flinch.

I said, “That feel good to me. Take your time and do it lightly because I am very sensitive there.”

Evidently he was enjoying himself by having his head between my legs. I was still holding on to his cock. His precum was making my fingers wet.

I suggested, “Move your butt around closer to my face.”

He readily complied. I then pushed him over on to his back and got on top. Now I could take his big cock in my mouth while his head was buried in my crotch. I started going up and down on him. Even though his mouth was on my pussy, I could hear him breathing hard and moaning. I felt as if I could build up for an orgasm. Evidently, my mouth on his cock was just too much for him to wait because I could feel his cock jerk each time he spurted cum in my mouth and throat. I was close to an orgasm, but he had already stopped working on my clit. I was a little disappointed, but there will probably be another time.

We sat up in bed to talk.

I asked, “Will this be your first year in college?”

“Yes, I just graduated from High School, now grandfather is sending me to Yale. My father is in business with granddad and they want me to join them.”

“I expect you will do well. You are now getting acquainted with some of the perks in the business world. Do you like being with me?”

“Very much. I’m enjoying this perk, if that is what its called.”

We talked for awhile, but then I could see his cock was coming back to life.

“I don’t know what time you want to be back at the conference, but do you want to go one more time?”

“Yes, that would be wonderful.”

“This time, would you want to put it in me?”

“Oh Yes!”

“I don’t know if you have ever done it this way with a girl friend, but why don’t you lie on your back and I’ll ride you.”

He rolled over on his back while I moved up on top. I could see he was watching me hold his cock to aim at my hole as I slowly sat down. I could see in his face the sexual bliss he was feeling as I started pulsating my pussy on his submerged cock.

He jubilantly responded, “I didn’t know a girl could do that.”

“There are many things you don’t know about a girl, but you are learning. Some other time I’ll teach you some more.”

I leaned forward to let my breasts swing back and forth as I slowly rode his cock. Now and then he could kiss a nipple as my breasts often bumped up against his chin and face.

This time he was not going to cum very fast which would allow me to probably have an orgasm. I could feel it building in my body. I was riding him faster causing us both to breath heavier and our bodies began to strain. I was in the throes of my orgasm when I heard him become very vocal. I could feel his cock jerk and throb in my pussy as he was filling me with cum. I soon slumped forward to press my breasts into his chest. We probably laid like this for a couple of minutes until we felt like getting up.

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