tagLoving WivesWife Becomes A Prostitute, Ch. 1

Wife Becomes A Prostitute, Ch. 1


I was enjoying the feeling of the water in the shower as it was running down my body. I pushed my breasts up with my hands to allow the water to cascade over them. Although it was a good feeling, I couldn’t get my mind off my problems. My husband was seriously injured in an automobile accident and had recently died after being in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

My husband had been a good provider, but now I have a problem with enough money to pay the bills. I am making a little more than minimum wages at my job and that hardly pays the rent.

I stepped out of the shower to towel off, then walked nude to the master bedroom. I looked in the full length mirror to see my thirty year old body. I still have a nice figure with well shaped breasts, but a shapely body and good looks don’t always pay the bills. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I glanced at the window to notice the drape wasn’t pulled all the way. I thought I saw a movement outside in the dark close to the window. Did I have a peeping tom?

I quickly slipped my nighty over my head and put on my robe. I decided to step out the back door to see if I could see anyone. As I walked out the back door, I turned on the outside light at the same time. Sure enough, a man was standing near the window.

Instantly, I recognized him as the divorced man living next door. His name was Greg. My husband and I had talked to him in the yard several times, but I had no familiar relationship with him. He and my husband did go fishing together one time.

I raised my voice, “What are you doing out here?”

“Oh, I was just taking a stroll around the yard before retiring”, he nervously said.

He walked over closer to me. “I went to the hospital to see your husband before he died. He told me to look after you in the event you needed help.”

We chatted a little about my husband while we stood facing each other.

I finally said, “It’s nice for you to look after me, but I don’t appreciate you looking in my bedroom window.”

He seemed very embarrassed, hesitated, then said, “You have such a beautiful body, I couldn’t help but look. When I was walking in my yard, I saw your bedroom light on and the drape slightly open. I couldn’t help myself to walk closer. Then when I saw you enter your bedroom completely nude, your beauty drew me to your window for a closer view. You are beautiful.”

I felt a slight flush as he complimented me.

He continued, “Your husband told me he was broke and didn’t know how you would live without a reasonable income. I could help you by contributing a hundred dollars if you would be nice to me.”

I let my mind briefly ponder on his words and realized he was trying to pay me for sex. How indecent! I scowled at him.

“Julie, don’t be mad at me, I’m just trying to help. I assume you haven’t had any sex for quite a while. It would be good for both of us.”

My anger and frustration began to calm down. I blurted out, “Do you think I am a whore?”

“No, Julie, I just want to help, but my finances are limited too. I wish I could afford to give you more.”

I thought about it. I did need the money. I had been faithful to my husband but I had several affairs before I was married. Was I on the verge of having illicit sex? I had never looked at Greg as a sex object, but now I could see he was a handsome guy.

“Well, I might consider it sometime”, I said as I looked away from him.

“What about right now? I can come in your house or you can come over to mine.”

This was going too fast for me to comprehend. A few minutes ago I noticed a peeping tom at my window, now I’m about to agree to have sex with him.

I thought about the one-hundred dollars, then said, “Come on in my house. I’m going to need a strong drink before we do anything.”

Greg followed me into the house. I fixed two very strong drinks and went into the living room. We sat facing each other while I nervously sipped my drink.

When our drinks were finished, we went into the bedroom where he undressed. As his shorts dropped to the floor, his very hard cock popped out. I knew I would soon have it buried in my pussy. I was beginning to look forward to it since I hadn’t had sex in quite a while. I turned out the light, but left the bedroom door open to allow some light to come in from the hall. I let my robe fall to the floor. He came to me, picked up the hem of my nighty and lifted it over my head. Then he kissed me.

We said nothing to each other as he walked with me to the bed and laid down in each others arms. His kisses were very sexy and I was ready for his cock. I let him make all the moves. He kissed my breasts, then moved on down to lick my pussy. I held on to his cock, but was not in a position to take it in my mouth. I realized my breath was becoming irregular as his tongue was doing wonders on my clit. I had the urge to take his cock in my mouth, so I took the initiative to move into a better position. I licked all around the head tasting his pre-cum, then took as much as I could in my mouth and throat causing his cock to jerk with joy. He made a couple of back and forth movements, then shot a load in my mouth. His cock was jerking with each spurt as I tried to consume all of it without choking.

Did I feel like a whore? I didn’t have an orgasm as yet and he had used me for his own good.

Then he said, “Sorry, I couldn’t wait, but I’ll be hard again soon.”

I continued to play with his cock and balls causing him to get hard again. This time he mounted me in the missionary position. I aimed his cock at my hole. I could feel his cock beginning to spread my pussy lips. Then he slowly eased it in letting his balls rest on my ass. He slowly fucked me for several minutes before I could feel an orgasm building up in my body. I was soon over the threshold with my body going though sexual spasms as his cock was pounding me. He groaned and I could feel his cock jerking in my pussy. I knew he was filling me with cum. We laid in this position for awhile to enjoy the afterglow. His cock soon became small and I couldn’t feel it anymore. I held some tissues to catch the cum as he pulled out.

When he rolled off and laid by my side, I asked, “Was that worth a hundred dollars?”

“Julie, it was worth a lot more than that. You are a very sexy girl. I’ll have to save up another hundred dollars and come back to see you again.” We both laughed at that.

“I’ll go home and get the money”, he said as he was dressing.

He soon returned to hand me five twenty dollar bills. I looked at it and said, “Thank you!”

He responded, “I’m the one to thank you for a wonderful evening.”

I went into the bedroom and laid the money on the night stand. I sat up in bed trying to think about what had happened so suddenly this evening. Now and then I cast my eyes on the money. That was an easy way to make a hundred bucks. What was I thinking? Would I want to make more easy money like this? I knew Greg couldn’t afford to visit me very often. A hundred dollars once a month would help, but that is far from the amount I need for living expenses.

A few days went by without seeing Greg. When it was time to pay the rent, I called the owner to come and talk to me. Maybe he would like to fuck me for the rent.

Mr. Grady was to come over to pick up the rent money. I had dressed as sexy as I could without making it too obvious. I decided not to wear panties. My summer shorts were brief and I looked in the mirror to see what he could see when he sat in a chair opposite of mine. I knew he could get a glimpse of my pubic hair, and if I spread my legs in a certain way, he could actually see part of my pussy lips.

When he came in, I noticed he looked me up and down. He sat in a chair while I sat opposite him on the couch. He asked about my husband and we continued to make small talk. When I uncrossed my legs and slowly spread them a little as we talked, I noticed he couldn’t keep from glancing at my crotch.

Mr. Grady was about fifty years of age, balding, and had what I considered a big beer belly. He was not a handsome man, but he was my landlord and I needed to pay the rent money.

“Mr. Grady, I have a little problem raising the rent money today. As you know my husband recently died. What could I do for you to work off the rent money?”

I stop talking to let him digest my words. I noticed he looked at my crotch and then looked up at me.

“Julie, I know what you could do for me, but I don’t know if I should mention it. You might slap me.”

“That’s alright, I won’t hit you for suggesting something. Do you find me attractive?”

“That’s an understatement. I’ve always thought you were attractive. But I didn’t think I could ever touch you. I can’t believe you are offering sex to me, or are you teasing me?”

“Mr. Grady, would you like to trade the rent payment for sex?”

“The rent is a lot of money. Would you settle for half the rent?”

I noticed he was grinning and was looking me up and down. I believe he wanted me in a very bad way. I moved my hand down to my shorts and moved the pant leg to one side letting him see my pussy.

He gleefully said, “Wow, you are hot. But the rent is a lot of money.”

“Alright, Mr. Grady, what if we had sex today and you could come back next week for one more time? Would you agree to that?”

“Wonderful. Consider the rent paid.”

Now that he agreed, I had to perform. “Mr. Grady, come on in the bedroom with me.”

He jumped up with his fat belly and followed me into the bedroom.

He said, “I’ve always wanted to see you naked. Now I’ve paid for the right to see you and fuck you.”

I said, “You can take off you clothes while I undress.”

I noticed he closely watched me as I removed each article. I was already undressed before he was naked. As he dropped his shorts, I noticed his big fat ugly beer belly. Then I saw his small but hard cock. I had no intention on facing him for a kiss on the lips.

“Mr Grady, what position do you want? I think it best you don’t get on top of me because of your weight. You would mash me.”

“Julie, let me try it doggie style.”

I got up on the side of the bed on my knees and exposed my butt to him.

He walked up behind me, “This is going to be so good. I’ve dreamed of this for a long time and never thought it would happen.”

I could feel his big fat belly bumping up again my back end as he evidently was fumbling with his cock to aim it at my hole. Then he backed away and I could feel his fingers playing with my pussy. I felt his hands spreading my butt cheeks and his face pushing into my crotch. I glanced around to see him on his knees on the floor and his face buried in my crotch. His tongue was licking my slit and on up to my ass. I decided to let him have some harmless foreplay as long as he didn’t want to kiss my mouth.

After a couple of minutes I said, “Mr. Grady, why don’t you go ahead and fuck me.”

He then stood up to enter his cock. It was the smallest cock I ever had, but I could feel it entering me. He started back and forth movements while I began to wiggle my butt for him. After a couple of minutes, I could feel his fingers moving between my ass cheeks and rubbing my hole. The bright light was still on and I know he was looking down at my ass and his cock spreading my pussy. That’s alright with me, let him look and have his fun.

I was wondering how much longer he was going to fuck me, so I said, “Are you going to cum?”

“Julie, I’m enjoying watching my cock go in and out of your beautiful body, please don’t rush me, I’ll finish soon.”

I felt consoled to let him continue as half the monthly rent was quite a bit of money. I wanted him to have fun before he backs out on our deal to trade the other half of the rent money.

Soon he was huffing and puffing and I could feel his big fat belly banging on my butt. He groaned as he shot his load. Thank goodness, it’s over..

He dressed as I put on my robe to see him to the door. He said he would be back next week. After he left, I sat down with a glass of wine to think about what I just did. It wasn’t so bad after all to service him for half the rent even though I thought he was a slob.

The next evening, Greg, my next door neighbor came knocking at my back door. I noticed he was looking me over, probably remembering when he saw me naked and had sex with me. I was wondering if he was ready with another hundred dollars.

Finally he said, “Julie, I really enjoyed myself the other night and I know you liked it too. I can’t afford a hundred dollars too often. Would you accept a fifty dollar gift?”

I mulled it over in my mind, then responded, “You are a nice guy and I’ll admit I enjoyed our time together. I don’t have anything else to do tonight. Yes, I’m willing for the fifty dollars. .I can sure use the fifty.”

“Thank you, Julie, I was hoping you would agree.”

We walked to the bedroom and undressed. He took me in his arms and kissed me several times as we laid on the bed. His hard cock was pressing against my naked body. I thought about asking him what he would like to do, but decided to let him make the moves. Again, he wanted me to take his cock in my mouth. I suggested we roll into a six nine position.

He softly commented, “I’ll try to hold it tonight to give you a chance for an orgasm.”

I could feel Greg’s tongue move up and down my swollen folds then he covered my sensitive clit with his mouth. If Greg could hold off a little longer, I would have a very good orgasm. Then I felt his fingers slipping in and out while my pussy was clutching at them. I mouthed his balls while holding his hard cock to rub against my cheek. He started vigorously sucking on my clit and I knew an orgasm was not far away. I began to go up and down on his shaft to bring him to a high. We both exploded about the same time. He kept shooting sperm as I attempted to contain all of it in my mouth, but was unsuccessful. Some of it dribbled out on to his balls.

Finally, Greg said, “That was wonderful. I think that was the best blow job I’ve ever had. Why don’t we have another drink while waiting for me to get hard again. I have something I want to tell you.”

I mixed drinks and brought them to the bedroom where we sat up in bed. I asked, “What did you want to tell me.”

“Since you seem to be desperate for more money, how would you like to take on some friends of mine.”

“I don’t know about that. I agree I need the money, but I’m afraid to have sex with just anyone. There are lots of diseases out there and some guys are really weird and might be a danger for me.”

“Julie, I agree there is some danger, but the guys I have in mind, I believe to be disease free. My ex-wife and I had lots of married friends. They don’t screw around very much and they are very careful. I have already talked to two of my friends who would like to get a little safe sex on the side. I took the liberty to say it would cost them $200 a session. They would spend an hour or two with you and leave. What do you think?”

“If you think it is safe for me, I’ll consider it.”

“Good, now what do I get for lining up the clients for you.”

I hadn’t thought about that. Is he asking for a cut of the money? No way! But I guess he should get something.

“I guess you do deserve something. I’ll tell what I’ll do. For each two clients and when I get $400, you can get in bed with me.”

“Wonderful, I was hoping you would say that, because I really like sex with you. Which nights are you available?”

Most any night, and I’m available on Saturday and Sunday during the day time.

“I’ll call you to let you know. Now let’s go back in the bedroom.”

Once in the bedroom he suggested I ride his cock. He laid on his back while I got up to lower myself down on him. He wanted to aim his cock. I could feel it slide right in me to the hilt and put my whole weight on him. He pulled my head forward for a sexy kiss. Then I started riding him. He soon flooded my pussy and I erotically shuddered through an orgasm.

As he was leaving my home, I said, “Be sure the guys you line up for me don’t want pain or anything else I consider weird.”

Greg called me the next evening. “I have two guys who want a date with you. They are willing to come to your house, each evening for the next two evenings. Is that alright with you? I gave them your address and told them to be at your house at eight PM. I assured them you are very sexy and they would like you. Also, it will cost them two hundred dollars. Now when do I get my free turn?”

“I know you are joking about when you get it, but you know the agreement. After I collect $400, you can come over. Anyway, I’m too tired tonight and you just visited me last night.”

The next evening before eight o’clock, I showered and put on sexy underwear, combed my hair, sprayed a light amount of cologne between my legs and around my breasts. I wanted the guy to like me and maybe he would be back for a repeat visit.

I answered the door when the bell rang. A tall handsome man introduced himself as John. I invited him in. I suggested we have a drink to become a little acquainted before the evening progressed. I think he was somewhere around the middle fifties in age, much older than my thirty years. That didn’t bother me because he was here only for sex.

He seemed a little uneasy while we talked. When our drinks were finished, I said, “Are you ready to go in the bedroom with me.?”

He seemed shy and reluctant to get up. I tugged at his hand which was shaking. I knew he was unsure of doing what he came here to do.

I asked, “Don’t be nervous. I’ll show you a good time. I see you have a wedding ring. Is this the first time for you to cheat on your wife.”

“Yes it is. I’ve been debating about canceling out, but I really wanted to be here. My wife used to like sex, but during the past couple of years, she rarely lets me have sex with her. I finally decided I wanted sex in my life, so Greg said you were very good at sex. By the way, my name isn’t John, but it is George. You seem so nice and pleasant, I know you won’t tell my wife.”

As we entered the bedroom, I asked, “Do you want the light on or off?”

“Please leave it on. Greg said you have a beautiful naked body. I want to see you.”

“George, take off your clothes while I take mine off, unless you want to undress me.”

“That would be nice. I’d like to undress you.”

With that, he removed my blouse and my bra which released my tits. He looked longingly at them.

“Would you like to kiss them?”

Without saying anything, he put a hand on each one, then leaned forward to kiss each nipple. It didn’t turn me on, but I acted as if it did. He seemed to notice and sucked some more.

Next he unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor leaving me only in my panty briefs. He hooked his thumbs in my panties and pulled them down. While bent over, his nose was practically in my pubic hair.

“Go ahead and undress while I get on the bed. What position do you want? It’s your choice.”

While undressing he kept looking at my nudeness. I laid on my back and spread my legs giving him a good view of what he was paying for. When he dropped his shorts, his cock was slightly hard. I knew he was still a little nervous, but I assumed I could make it hard by sucking it.

I commented, “Come over here, I think I can help you get it very hard. Get up here on the bed on your back.”

I proceeded to get up on my knees and take his cock in my mouth. I thought it would be more sexy for him if he could see my pussy, so I moved around to aim my butt toward his head. I took my mouth off his cock long enough to see that he was looking at my crotch. I moved my mouth back on his cock as I felt his fingers feeling my pussy lips. Soon, he was moving one or two fingers back and forth in me.

I asked, “Do you like this?”

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