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Wife Caught on the Nanny Cam


Normal life doesn't prepare you to deal with this kind of situation. Even with the most damning evidence of my wife cheating with one of our closest friends, seeing the 'deed' on video tape, even having watched most of the affair develop in front of my eyes, I wasn't sure what I should do. I couldn't bring myself to hate her, but I sure as hell wasn't happy. I didn't understand why she had fallen for Kevin's rather simplistic seduction. The first incident caught me completely by surprise. If I hadn't seen it directly on video, I wouldn't have believed it. I had absolutely no idea Jill was even interested in Kevin or that she would act on that interest. Catching them on our 'nanny' surveillance system had been an accident....

As with most suburban families, Saturday's are usually dedicated to running the kids around to soccer games or dance recitals, or whatever they are currently involved in. On this particular Saturday, our youngest daughter was spending the night at a friend's house and wouldn't be home until after lunch. Our son, Scotty, had a soccer game at 10:00. I walked him the couple of blocks to the field at 9:00 for all the pre-game stuff and jogged back home, thinking about an empty house and almost an hour alone with my wife. We've been married almost 12 years and like most couples, our sex life had slowed down considerably. Not that it was terrible, well, actually, I guess it was pretty terrible. At any rate, I had been looking forward to this morning for most of the week. I'll admit to being something of a voyeur and had even turned on our 'nanny' cameras without telling Jill.

We had the system installed years ago when the kids were both staying with a nanny in our house. We had heard enough horror stories that we wanted to be sure the kids were well taken care of. I work in computer systems and I'm pretty good with that kind of technology, so I had installed the system myself, using top-of-the-line miniature cameras, hidden where they wouldn't be obvious, and all routed to a central taping system. Turned out to be a waste of money; both of the nannies we used were really great with the kids and we never saw anything on the video that concerned us. We had pretty much forgotten about the system and hadn't used it in years. But, a few months ago, I got the bright idea of trying to tape Jill and I having sex. She would never have consented; she's a schoolteacher and is pretty straight laced sexually, so I've done it on the sly. It has worked a couple of times, and I've enjoyed the tapes on my own afterwards.

On this Saturday, I had turned the system on before taking Scotty to soccer. However, my plans were doomed from the start. Jill was busy grading papers at the kitchen table and didn't respond to my hints. Not really all that unusual for us, unfortunately. I got some of my weekend chores started and we both walked down to the soccer game just before 10:00. When we got to the game, we put our chairs out next to our good friends Kevin and Diane. Their son Jason is one of Scotty's best friends and they've been on the same soccer team for three years, since they were almost six.

Just as the game started, Jill said, "Damn, I forgot, we're supposed to bring the snacks today!"

Rather distracted, I asked, "Do you want me to go get something at half time?"

"No" she said, "I was going to cut up some fruit for the kids to have after the game. It'll only take me a few minutes; I'll just run home and do it right now."

"Hey, you guys walked and we have a car, I'll drive you home and bring you back. You'll miss less of the game that way." offered Kevin.

"Great, thanks, Kevin" said Jill, "is that OK, David?"

"Sure, that's fine" I replied, still watching the game, and they went off to get the snacks.

Diane and I really get into the kid's games, screaming encouragement, booing the referees, and going wild when our team scores a goal. Jill isn't into sports that much; she goes mostly to watch Scotty. Kevin is somewhere in between; he sometimes doesn't pay much attention, but he can really ride the referees when they screw up. Being wrapped up in the game, I don't think Diane or I really noticed how long Kevin and Jill were gone. As the kids broke for half time, I saw Kevin and Jill coming back with an ice chest. In hindsight, I should have noticed that 45 minutes was an awfully long time to drive a couple of blocks, chop up some apples, and return. But, at the time, I didn't really give it much thought.

The rest of the day proceeded pretty much like normal. The game ended in a tie, but both Scotty and Jason scored a goal so they were pretty happy. Susan came home right after lunch, all excited about the new puppy her friend had gotten, and I pretty much forgot about the morning's original plans and the video taping I had started. Later that night, after everyone else had gone to bed, I went to my study to work on some computer stuff and noticed the little light on the video tape system. I turned the system off and just as I was about to rewind the tapes, for some reason I remembered that Jill had taken a while to get back with the fruit. Now, I didn't really suspect anything, but something made me take a quick look at the tapes. Boy, was I surprised!

I wound the tape back until I saw us leaving the house and hit fast forward until Jill and Kevin came back in the back door. Jill got fruit from the fridge, and began cutting apples at the counter. With Jill calling out instructions, Kevin retrieved a small ice chest from the pantry and put in some ice from the freezer. Next, he put the ice chest on the counter next to Jill's cutting board. Then it began. He moved behind her and began slowly massaging her neck.

"Stop it" she said, "that almost got us in trouble a couple of weeks ago."

Watching the tape, I almost snorted my drink. What went on a couple of weeks ago??

"You didn't complain too much that night" Kevin replied. I noticed she had told him to stop, but he kept his hands on her.

"Yeah, but I'd had a lot to drink and so had you." Jill said. Kevin just smiled and continued to massage her neck, but now his hands were moving down lower on her back. Jill loves to have her back rubbed, and by the looks of things, she was enjoying this way too much for my comfort.

She still didn't move away, but after another few seconds she said, "Look, we came way too close to doing something we'd really regret at that party. I don't want to start down that road again."

Kevin continued the massage, now his hands were rubbing the sides of her back. He didn't say a word, letting Jill do all the talking.

"Oh God," she breathed, "That feels so good. But you have to stop." He continued, now grazing the sides of her breasts.

"Damn" she muttered, "here we go again." She put the knife down, turned in his arms and kissed him hard. I couldn't believe my eyes (or my ears)!

They kissed for what seemed like an eternity. When they broke the kiss, Kevin kissed his way down her neck. Jill was wearing a sleeveless, white button down blouse. Kevin stopped kissing her, stepped back a little and began unbuttoning her blouse. Jill seemed to catch her breath, then pushed his hands away when he was about half through with her buttons. Finally, I thought, she's come to her senses. Shows what I know....

Hands on the counter, breathing hard, Jill looked Kevin in the eye for a second or two, then without saying a word, she slowly unbuttoned the rest of her blouse. Kevin face had this big grin as he pushed the bra up, revealing her 34B breasts. Not too large, but nicely shaped with pretty nipples that were very aroused. Jill leaned back against the counter as Kevin began sucking on her right tit. Jill's about average height, but Kevin's pretty tall, so he had to lean way over. After a few second of Kevin's sucking, Jill closed her eyes and began to moan softly. It looked like her knees were even beginning to shake. She was still leaning against the counter, one hand holding her up, the other wrapped around Kevin's head. Kevin moved back and forth, suckling one tit and kneading the other.

Sometimes Jill likes a lot of attention to her breasts, but I'd never made her react like this. Then, Kevin wrapped an arm around her back to support, moved the other hand further down and unzipped her shorts. While he kept his face in her breast, he wrestled the loose fitting shorts down around her knees, and quickly had a hand in her panties. I couldn't see exactly what he was doing, but Jill's moans pretty much confirmed my guess. Her head was back, her eyes were closed and she panting and moaning like a freight train. With Kevin fingering her and sucking on her tits, she reached orgasm in less than two minutes, again, something she had never done with me. Of course, I'd never approached her in quite this manner!

As her moans subsided, Kevin stood back up while Jill just leaned back on the counter. Kevin licked his fingers with a shit eating grin all over his face. They separated a little and Jill opened her eyes.

"Damn, we went even further that time!" she said, still panting.

Kevin gave her a big grin and replied "Yeah, and this time you can't tell me you were drunk."

Jill began to pull her pants up. "They're going to start wondering where we are," she said as she turned away from Kevin to button her blouse.

"Hey, what about me?" asked Kevin as he rubbed the bulge in his shorts against her ass.

Jill finished her blouse and turned around again, pushing Kevin back a little. She gave him a long look, then reached down and gently ran her hand up and down the bulge in his pants.

"Not now," she said with an odd look on her face, "but we've come this far, so I'll find a time to finish this. I promise."

He smiled and said, "Soon, I hope." Then he leaned in for one more quick kiss.

In a moment, they jumped back to cutting up fruit and tossing it into the ice chest. While working, they compared schedules for the next week and decided to meet that Thursday afternoon while the boys were at soccer practice. With that decided, they grabbed the ice chest and hurried out the door.

For reasons I can't explain, I did not confront Jill with what I had seen on the videotape. Well, there were at least two reasons. One, although I was pissed, I was also really turned on. I watched through the section of tape where she gets fingered at least a dozen times over the next couple of days, usually jacking off. I know some guys really get off watching their wives get screwed, but I never really though that I was that type, so I was pretty confused. Two, I guess I wanted to see if Jill would follow through on 'finishing what they started'.

I know our sex life wasn't all that great, at least I didn't think it was. But Jill hadn't ever shown all that much interest in sex, and certainly not since the kids were born. She didn't ever get excited with me the way she had with Kevin. Maybe some sick, twisted part of me wanted to understand what he did that turned her on so much.

While waiting for that Thursday, I moved some of the cameras around (while Jill wasn't home of course) to make sure I had good coverage of the living room and bedroom; places I figured were most likely for a liaison. Then, I waited. Jill acted a little distant that week, but not enough for me to be suspicious if I didn't already know what had happened.

Thursday came. I couldn't focus on my work much, and finally left a little after noon. I didn't want to go home, not wanting to confront them, but also telling myself, maybe nothing would happen. Maybe Jill will come to her senses and kick Kevin out. I was pretty confused about my feelings for Jill, but I knew I was pissed at Kevin. With all that going through my head, I sure concentrate. So I drove around for almost three hours, just kind of antsy.

Finally, a little before 4 o'clock, I drove into my neighborhood. Scotty and Jacob's practice started at 4:00 and if my wife was going to do anything, it would be after both boys were at practice. I wasn't supposed to be home until after picking Scotty up, sometime after 5:30. I'd told my co-workers that if anybody called, to tell them I was in a meeting, just in case Jill got real cautious and checked to make sure I was still at work.

I parked the car at the far side of the soccer field. Sure enough, just before 4:00, Jill drove up and dropped Scotty off. She then turned around and drove back down our street. A few minutes later, Kevin's car drove up and Jason got out. Then, after waving to the boys, Kevin got back into his car. But he didn't turn around and drive back towards his house. He went right down the street towards our house.

I felt a lot of different emotions, all of them strong, but I didn't do the obvious. I didn't rush right home to stop them or catch Jill cheating on me. Instead, I drove back to work and picked up some paperwork to look at. Kind of silly, but I didn't really know what else to do. Obviously, I didn't get much done. About the normal time, I went back to the soccer field to pick Scotty up. Fortunately, Kevin wasn't around; apparently he had already picked up Jason. We went on home. Jill was in the kitchen, dressed normally, working on dinner. Nothing looked out of place. The place didn't smell any different, it didn't look any different, and nothing was obviously changed. In our bedroom, the bed was made and the same sheets were on the bed, so that didn't tell me anything. It looked like she had taken a shower after she had gotten home, but that was certainly inconclusive. Jill seemed a little distant or preoccupied, but not unfriendly. I was more than a little disturbed that she could act so casual about it. Maybe nothing had happened after all?

I tried to act normal through dinner, listening to the kids talking about their day, hearing Jill ask her usual questions. I certainly didn't forget what might have happened, but our regular evening routine didn't really allow me to check my tapes until after they were all in bed. After dinner, I told Jill I had some work to catch up on and spent the rest of the evening pretending to read the papers I had brought home from work.

After Jill tucked the boys in, she said she was tired and got ready for bed herself. All through the evening, she had acted fairly normal, not like she had just cheated on her husband. That made me think all sorts of crazy things, like maybe she did this kind of thing all the time, maybe this wasn't unusual for her at all. I didn't really believe that, but I wasn't sure what to think at this point. I waited another half hour after she had gone to bed before I finally rewound the tapes and began reviewing them.

I don't have a camera on the front door or the entry area. The closest was the living room camera. Soon after Jill came back from dropping Scotty off, she moved off camera towards the front door, presumably to let Kevin in. I heard some muffled sounds, maybe laughter. I couldn't make out what they were saying, and of course, couldn't see them. After a few moments, Kevin came into the living room, followed by Jill. I could see and hear them pretty well in this room. Jill was still dressed in rather proper school teacher clothes; slacks and a conservative knit top, buttoned all the way to the top. She was fiddling with the top button rather nervously.

Kevin turned towards Jill and asked, "So, I think you owe me, don't you?" He had a shit eating grin on his face.

"Kevin, are we sure we should be doing this?" she said, standing a little apart from him, uncertainty in her face.

"A little late for that question, isn't it?" he replied, moving towards her and reaching a hand out to brush her hair.

"Still," she said, backing away, "this could really screw up our lives."

With a big step forward, Kevin gathered her up in his arms and aggressively kissed her. At first she didn't respond, but after a second, she slowly brought her arms up to his shoulders and returned his kiss. The kiss grew more and more passionate for a few seconds. When they came up for air, he straightened up, one arm holding her tight to his body, the other rubbing her neck. Without saying anything, he moved the hand down her front and roughly squeezed her right breast. She let out a little whimper as he bent in to nuzzle her neck, continuing to massage the breast through the blouse. I could swear her eyes had a confused, even frightened look in them. Then she seemed to slump in his arms, closed her eyes and rolled her head back, moaning slightly.

He eased her down onto the couch, moving both hands to her breasts while still standing over her. His kisses moved back up her neck to her lips and she wrapped one arm around his neck as they kissed. Her other hand reached into his crotch and began rubbing the outside of his jeans. He unbuttoned her blouse as he continued to kiss her, sliding the blouse off her shoulders. Jill continued to rub his cock through his pants. Kevin deftly reached around her back and unhooked her bra, shoving it up and exposing her pert breasts to his tongue. By now, Jill was breathing hard. After a minute of suckling on her breasts, Kevin stood up, and stepped in close to Jill, putting his hands on her shoulders, his crotch almost in her face.

"My turn," he commanded.

She looked up into his eyes, her reservations clearly forgotten. I saw only desire in her face. Slowly, she reached out and began pulling his shirt out of his pants. He was wearing jeans and a button down shirt. She began unbuttoning the shirt from the bottom. After exposing his belly (which was disgustingly flat) she pushed the shirt apart and began to kiss around his belly button. He unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and shrugged it off while she continued to kiss and lick his flat stomach muscles.

She reached up and tweaked his right nipple. With a little yelp, he said "You go tiger".

She smiled up at him then pushed him back a little, him still standing, her still sitting. She undid the belt and the top of his pants, pushing them down as he stepped out of them. He was wearing white briefs, which had a rather large bulge in them by now. She rubbed his stomach, around his butt cheeks, and then rather gently ran one finger from the top of his briefs, down the bulge to the bottom. She looked up at him again; a growing smile on her face, then she quickly yanked the briefs down to his knees. His cock sprang out, fully aroused, and truth to tell, he had a pretty big one.

Now, my wife isn't really into blow jobs, but this time she went to it with gusto. She immediately started licking around the shaft and rubbing his butt with her hands. Then she grabbed the base of his dick with her right hand and swallowed the tip of his cock, her left hand fondling his balls. She began to slowly bob her head up and down. Both his hands were on her head and he let out a low moan.

"That's it baby, suck my dick!" Kevin groaned as she picked up the pace.

After a few second, she pulled back, letting his cock loose with a slow lick across the tip. She continued to rub up and down the now slick shaft with her hand while she looked up at him.

"Are we even now?" she asked with a sly grin. In my opinion, she was enjoying this way too much.

"Hell no!" burst Kevin, "don't stop now."

"You have to tell me what you want" said my wife in a coy, teasing voice I don't think I've ever heard before. "Do you want me to finish this or should we move onto better things?" She was still rubbing his cock.

"Keep going, babe, you're doing great!" replied Kevin, pushing her head back towards his cock.

She pulled away and stood up.

"Not so fast, big boy" she said as she began pulling down her pants. "no reason we can't both enjoy this."

She shed the rest of her clothes and pushed him onto his back on the couch. She knelt on the floor beside him and leaned over, her mouth sliding smoothly down over his cock. As she aggressively slurped up and down his pole, he began rubbing her butt and pulling her legs onto his body. In a minute, he had her in the 69 position and began rubbing up and down her slit. Jill lifted her head off his cock for a second to let out a groan. Kevin spread her legs further apart, using his thumbs to open up her slit, giving him full access to her clit and cunt. He stuck his nose right up into the crack, his tongue going to work. Jill must have been pretty turned on before he even started. She was pushing her hips back into his face and moaning continually. Her eyes were closed; her head rolled back, no longer sucking on Kevin's cock while one of her hands kept stroking the shaft. Kevin moved his head back and forth, diving his tongue into her hole and then sucking her clit. Jill was going nuts; within another minute, she began to grunt, her whole body shaking and she came with a big orgasm.

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