tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife Exposes Me To Friends

Wife Exposes Me To Friends


Below is a true story. For those of you who follow my stories you know that I love to expose my shy wife. Many of those stories are true as well, and she knows of several of the episodes where I showed her tiny breasts or more to strangers or our friends, usually without her knowledge. This is why I suspicious about how my massage this weekend went down.

My wife, Jessica, surprised me recently with a "spa day". We were both to have a massage and facial. It was billed as a "couples day" where we were side by side for both the massage and facial, each of us with our own masseuse initially, then with new girls for the facials.

I was a nice place, were were led to locker rooms and told to strip completely, coming out in big fluffy robes and slippers afterward. I skipped the slippers. We sat around wearing just the robes, filling out lots of pre massage paperwork. I was a bit self conscious being the only man in the place, naked except for my robe.

Eventually, two women came out and introduced themselves to me, both already knew my wife as she was a regular. I remember one was a thin brunette, the other a stocky girl, early 40's. I forget the names, but the brunette hangs out with my wife's girlfriends. (shopping trips, bunco etc). We are left in a room with two massage tables where we drop the robes and lie, naked, face down, pulling the thin sheet up to mid back to cover myself. I tucked my penis pointing downward to keep from lying on it. This is a set up where there is a hole for the nose and mouth but the ring of that hole came across my eyes and cheeks. With my head down, I couldn't see, but that didn't seem required.

Right off, things were a bit odd. I'd had massages a couple of times before, and what the stocky girl initially did, seemed surprising. She basically popped by sheet, just as my wife does when making the bed. I felt the sheet come completely off of me, feeling the wind on my ass. Seems like she wasn't one for modesty, but I chalked this up to her being a tidy freak. She sat at the head of the table though and began to massage from my shoulders to low back, in a sweeping motion. Felt great. She had pushed the sheet down to just above my ass to do this, no problem. Then, with no fanfare, she pushed the sheet down to my mid thigh, rubbing in long motions from my shoulders to my ass. I found myself in room with two spa girls, and my wife lying naked and face down with the sheet basically only covering my calves and knees. This definitely varied from protocol that I'd seen in my (few) previous visits to other spas. I still didn't think much of it, after all, an ass is an ass, but then my masseuse walked to the foot of the bed. She left the sheet where it was and started to work on a foot, pulling it a bit to the side to massage it. As I lay there, I became aware that she must have a view of my balls, and, since I tucked down, the head on my penis peaking out, pointing to my feet. I didn't think of a graceful way to complain, so I held fast while she worked and, no doubt looked all she wanted. I heard walking in the room, so I suspect I was displayed to both the spa girls, who knows.

Finally, she pulled the sheet to cover me from ankle to shoulder and walked to the side of the bed. She lifted the sheet to just under her chin and abruptly said, "turn over!" I raised my head, my vision a bit blurry from having pressed my eyes to the bed for 30 minutes, and looking up at the stocky, stoic looking girl, started to roll over. She had the sheet high enough that I thought she might not be watching, but as I rolled on to my side, I saw that I was facing my wife's table. She was already on her back, her head turned so she was facing me, the little brunette working on her scalp, glancing in my direction. I was completely uncovered, penis hanging limp and exposed to my smiling wife and her friend from the spa. I quickly completed my turn on to my back, hoping to get the sheet down sooner rather than later, but when I lay flat on my back, I say my stocky masseuse sheet below her chin, looking down at my flopping penis. At this point, the gig was up. I'd certainly not managed to hide anything from the girls. At least the room was warm. As my masseuse lowered the sheet, I reached down and tucked my still flaccid penis to the left. I thought that tucking it down would make it a bit less prominent under the thin sheet.

For a while my girl was content to work on the chest and shoulders, uneventful. I said nothing through this whole thing. Then she moved to the right leg and thigh. She flipped the sheet off the thigh and worked the muscle well, no problems, no slips ups. Then she replaced the sheet and moved to the left thigh. As she moved over, I began to reconsider my tuck job, but in previous massages, it had been no problem, the girls had been meticulous with privacy. Today, of course, was different. She nonchalantly flipped the sheet off my left thigh and I could feel air on the johnson once again. The sheet had come to rest half covering my penis, leaving it's length exposed to the masseuse, my wife and her masseuse as well if they cared to look. She was just working away on the leg as if nothing were amiss. I thought about this for a moment and decided not to make a big deal about it. If I raised a fuss, it wouldn't help much, after all, the package had been seen by all already. I don't have anything to be ashamed of, I'm solid average size, no better. I work out a lot, so the body isn't that bad. It's just weird to be on display like this to a bunch of clothed women. My wife gossips with these spa girls on her monthly trips, I pick her up here all the time. Having them have such an intimate look puts me at a bit of a disadvantage. All this time, my wife's privacy has been very well maintained. I'm was beginning to think that I was set up.

Eventually, this was over, and the first set of girls filed out to be replaced by the girls that do the facials. This was uneventful.

After I had dressed, I was waiting out in the spa for my wife to appear, her brunette buddy (her masseuse) came up making small talk with me. Asking about my work, etc. I know she already knows all this stuff from my wife's frequent visits. I get the sense that she is looking through my cloths. Lord knows she had a good long view of my penis, just an hour before. There are four masseuses at the spa, as well as hairdressers, facial girls, manicurists. One of the hairdressers is dating a buddy of mine. I imagine the description of my package will make the rounds as soon as I walk out. Not to mention at my wife's next "girl night out". I think that wife of mine set me up. Guess what is fair is fair...

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