Wife Forced

bySean Renaud©

Laura shrieked at the top of her lungs, not that it was going to do her any good at the moment. The four men already had her surrounded and were in the process of lifting her thrashing body into the back of their van. She was in the parking lot on her way home from work but like always she'd been forced to park ridiculously far from her store and now she had a knife pressed against her throat.

"Shut the fuck up!" One of the men shouted before slapping her across the face. The pretty blonde head snapped to one side turning red where she'd been struck as tears started to well up in her beautiful eyes. She couldn't identify any of her attackers through the masks they'd all chosen to wear. The only think she was certain of was that at least two of them were black and that was just because she'd seen their hands.

"FUCK YOU!" She pulled her hand free of his grasp and punched him in the nose. If she'd had any room to maneuver it would have hurt instead of just stung. It was more than enough to earn her another violent slap across the face and then have his dirty boot pressed against her cheek.

"Now stop that shit or I'll crush your goddamn head." The man increased the pressure slowly. "You gonna behave?" He kept leaning on her until she squeaked out an answer. "Good." He lifted his boot from her face looking down at the black waffle like print it had left on her pale flesh. "Now get those goddamn cloths off."

Her chest heaved with a pained sob as she sat up in the van which had started to move. Laura looked up at her attacker, dressed in all black including the mask concealing his identity. The only white on him was the rope coiled around his right arm. She knew that he wasn't playing with her so she did as she was told peeling the plain white shirt up over her chest and setting it aside. Tears ran down her cheeks as she felt the shirt snag on her wedding ring and thought of her husband, waiting up for a wife who wouldn't make it home tonight.

The man's smile grew as he focused on her tits, eyes wide with anticipation as she fumbled with the snaps. "Please." She whispered as her thumbs move down to the waist band of her slacks preparing to remove them.

"Don't even start with that bullshit." He leaned back knocking on the cab. "We nearly there?"

"Nah, get that bitch undressed already man."

"Aight." He smiled turning back toward her. "Really girl this shit can be as easy as you let it be. If you make us beat you we'll beat you beat you, and you'll end up missing just like all the stupid bitches who can't obey." When Laura looked up into his dark brown eyes she realized that she believed every word he said. So instead of talking back any longer she pulled her pants down and off along with her panties.

"That's better. Now hand them here." Laura sniffled but did as she was told handing the pile of clothing to her kidnapper who in turn handed them to the driver. She couldn't see it happen but she heard the excited hoots and hollers as her clothing was thrown out the window. "Now back to you Laura."

The man slid his belt out from his pants and wrapped it around her throat giving it a sharp tug to tighten it. "Now listen up girly girl. As long as you're good I won't choke you, much. Understand." Laura reached up to hold the leather wrapped around her neck prying at it for a moment before looking up at him and nodding. "Good."

The van came to a complete stop and the doors opened revealing a tiny little motel room. "C'mon." The man yanked the leash choking her slightly as he dragged her out onto the asphalt. "Right here is fine." He pulled her into room 109 and pushed her onto the bed. Three more men walked into the room standing around the bed and staring down at her.

"Set up the camera." One said making a quick motion, a moment later one of the men had a camera that he was filming her with. "Ok let's get this started. Now pretend you're scared." The man speaking said as he pulled out black 9mm and pointed it straight at her skull.

There was no need for Laura to pretend that she was frightened, she was genuinely terrified of the weapon being pointed directly at her face. She could already imagine the bang and the sharp pain of the bullet passing through her head, splattering her brains and blood on the bed as they video taped. She wasn't faking the panicked speed of her breathing or the look in her tear filled eyes. "Now tell us your name honey."


"Now tell them what you are willing to do not to get hurt."

"A-anything." The camera man shifted to the man speaking as he pretended to think sitting down next to Laura and picking up the belt and popping the end of it against her tit. "So are you willing to suck dick?" She nodded. "Take it in your cute lil' asshole?" Again she nodded her consent to the idea. "From all of us?" The camera panned around the room to each of the three me standing around the bed and the back to the wide eyed girl staring at all of them. "Now crawl over to the first man and start sucking."

Laura did exactly as she was told crawling over the shortest man and dropping his pants. It was her first black dick and fear of the situation made the thick seven inch long piece of flesh hanging in front of her even more intimidating. Reaching with her hands she gripped the flaccid member and wrapped her lips around it starting to suck on his manhood.

"Don't forget to look at the camera girl." Her eyes shifted to the camera letting the viewers see the tears running down her cheeks as she bobbed up and down on his cock. "Good girl, slobber all over it, we need it to show up on camera." Laura closed her eyes for a moment gathering her spit as she started slurping on his cock coating it with her spittle. Rivers of her saliva started flowing down over his cock eventually coating his hairy balls. Without being told she moved one hand to his scrotum, massaging the sack of flesh in time with her lips.

"Damn, look at her go." One of the others whispered as he dropped his own pants revealing a slightly larger cock. "Come over here girl." Laura looked up over her shoulder sniffing and wiping away her tears. Blonde hair partially covered her face as she crawled over to the next dick taking it between her lips. The man grabbed her head and pulled her forward ramming his cock to the back of her throat. She gasped and sputtered trying to pull away as she gagged on his cock. The rest of the room laughed as she beat her tiny fists against his trunk like legs. When he eased out of her throat she felt her stomach heave trying to puke. "Not bad, I almost got half way in. Try again." She started to protest but he was already pushed back into her throat a second time. She could feel his cock as it forced its way into her throat her body heaving in constant protest to the invasion. Inch by inch he kept pushing until finally she felt her nose pressed against his firm abs completely cutting of her air. That was enough to put the fear back into her as she thrashed around again pounding her fists against him. Slowly her face started to turn bright red and then purple as her blows softened.

"Let her go." The camera man shouted and she was dropped back down sputtering to the bed. Saliva tricked out of her mouth onto the sheets as she stared at the men wondering what was left.

"You still have one left girl." The last man in the circle, the only white man gripped her by the arms and pulled her to the edge of the bed hanging her head upside down before pushing his cock into her mouth. At only six inches it was almost a relief to have the smooth flesh between her lips. She didn't need to suck; the man gripped her tits and started slowly fucking her face. Laura gagged twice as she struggled to get the rhythm of his thrusts but after that it was easy to accept him into her throat. In fact the smell of his sack was oddly arousing. Above her the man was gasping, moaning each time he pushed into her mouth and that was exciting.

"Enough don't waste a load on this cunt yet." The man sighed in disappointment as he pulled his cock slowly from her mouth, dragging the spit soaked organ over her face and leaving it resting on her forehead. "Sit up and face the camera." Laura did as she was told brushing her hair back out of her face. "Now tell the viewers that you are here for some ass sex and some pussy sex." She heard the gun cocked to remind her of the situation.

"I'm here for some ass sex and some pussy sex." The man holding the gun motioned for her to continue. "I'm gonna let the black man with the huge dick fuck my but, it's gonna hurt so much I'm gonna cry. And then the white man with the big dick is gonna take his turn and then they are going to fuck my cunt." The camera suddenly shifted to her left hand zooming in.

"You're married. Tell us about your husband."

It stung to have them mention her husband Justin but it was even worse because she knew what they wanted her to say. So with a renewed set of tears glistening her eyes she turned toward the camera. "He's not really good in bed, he has a little bitty wee wee. I always joke and tell him that cocks are big and hard and black, his is a wee wee because it's small, soft and white. Of course I had never seen a white dick like this before." She reached back to the white man's cock holding it and firmly stroking him. She could already feel him pulsing in her grasp.

"That's good enough. Some one fuck this lovely young lady." Laura felt the belt around her neck tighten again pulling her face down into the bed and her hips pulled up. "That's right, face down, ass up that's the way we like to fuck!" The guys chuckled at the joke as the black man got on the bed behind her pushing his thick spit coated cock into her cunt. Even without the spit he would have glided in into at that point.

"Holy shit this bitch is dripping!" The camera man moved slightly to watch the show between the man's legs; he could see the juices oozing out of her cunt to coat his cock. Everybody in the room could hear her twat slurping at his cock, squishing in and out of her body with each thrust.

"Moan for us." The man commanded.

Up until that moment Laura had been holding it back, silently feeling her insides stretched so wonderfully around her first black dick. Now she opened her mouth and moaned hungrily. "Oh my god, dick. I love dick, hard dick in my cunt. Fuck me, fuck me hard!" She squealed as his sawed his thick shaft in and out of her body.

The white man stepped in front of her wrapping her hair around his fist and forcing her to look up. "Don't stop. Tell him how much you love it!"

Laura looked up at him for a moment nearly rolling her eyes before she started moaning again, gripping at the sheets and struggling to twist her head back to see the man inside her. "I love black cock, it so big, so hard. He's getting so deep my husband never been this deep!" She bucked her hips back against the man behind her. "Cum inside me! Use me; make me into your little cum dumpster whore!" She screamed gripping the white man's hips fighting her way up to lap hungrily at his balls. Her eyes were locked on his as she scrubbed his sack with her soft pink tongue. As soon as it was glistening with saliva she started working her way up his cock partially wrapping her lips around it and working her tongue rapidly over his flesh

It was hard to believe that she didn't want this to happen to her. Her cunt was already clenching around the thick invading cock threatening her with her first orgasm. On the other end of her body greedy lips were trying their best to swallow the man's cock whole between her throaty moans. The camera of course was capturing everything from her stretched pussy lips to the glazed lust in her eyes as she slurped. "That's it, cum cum. I can feel it." Laura thrust her hips back and clenched down with her muscles squeezing on his thick shaft. His fingers instantly dug into her hips, hard enough to bruise her tender flesh as he spurted his cum inside her. She kept flexing her cunt around him squeezing the cum out of him like a tube of toothpaste till every drop he had to give was inside her.

"Damn." He gasped collapsing onto the bed.

"Oh no you don't." She abandoned the cock in her mouth and moved over to the downed black man and started lapping at his cum coated nuts. She gathered all his juices on her tongue and turned briefly toward the camera making sure there was an excellent shot of her milky white tongue before she swallowed. Then she turned around and gripped her butt cheeks prying her ass open. "C'mon."

The second black man grinned and eased up behind her aiming his cock up with her puckered brown eye. The camera man moved to watch her face as the man slammed his entire length into her in a single violent stroke. The scream that she tried to make was almost instantly cut off by the first man cramming his dick into her throat again. Instead of a scream she sputtered and gagged. This time he didn't let her up either, instead just let his buddy drive into her from behind forcing her nose to grind against his stomach.

It only took her a moment to adjust to the feeling of being stretched and start enjoying her ass fucking, going as far and pushing back against the man again. "Make sure you get this on camera." She cooed as she finished cleaning the first cock and stared into the camera as she gripped the sheets untucking them in her rush to get a grip and continue pumping back against the man. His moans slowly started to get louder and louder trying to keep pace with the collisions of flesh on flesh that echoed around the tiny motel room. She felt his fingers dig into her adding to the bruises she was already certain she'd earned. The best feeling though was the black man burying his cock in bowels and the sudden warmth of his cum flooding her ass. "Oh my." Laura collapsed onto the bed her used red ass still up in the air.

The camera man moved around behind her watching as he pulled free of her asshole. They could ass see into her still gaping asshole, cum oozing out of the freshly fucked rectum down onto the sheets beneath her. "Was that good." Laura gasped looking up at the white man and crawling over to him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

"It was incredible honey." The white man reached up and pulled off his mask tossing it aside. Beneath his brown hair was matted to his skull and a huge smile curled his lips. "I hope we weren't too rough." He grinned kissing her forehead.

"Too rough?" She smiled caressing her husband's bare chest. "I just hope I was convincingly scared, it didn't take long for me to get into it." She smiled up at him kissing him gently.

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