Wife Fucked At Gym


"Oh, Ahhh!" Kim yelled.

Even though she had just had Matt inside her, her cunt was not used to such a large cock. "Ohh, God it feels like you are ripping my wide open!"

Matt didn't pause, but continued to pump his black tool in and out of her pussy. Pulling Kim strongly to him he thrust the entire eleven inches deep into her womb.

"OHHHHH!" she yelled.

Matt felt Kim's cunt wall gripping his cock has he pounded her. Kim felt complete helpless as Matt jack hammered her like a dog in heat, his hands wrapped around her hips pulling her to his cock. Kim was uncontrollably groaning with pleasure as Matt's huge cockhead and pole slide over her clit and deep inside her. She completely submitted to his will and let him fuck her and use her cunt for his pleasure.

"I'mm cummmming! I'm cummming! So good, so good, mmmm!" Kim breathless said, as Matt continued his assault on his newly submissive whore.

Kim noticed she was able to look at the mirrored wall see her self getting fucked. Kim observed the sharp contrast between Matt's dark, cocoa skin and her whiteness, his chiseled muscles and her soft curves. She couldn't help but stare at the sight of the large black cock pumping in and out of her married cunt and the look of pleasure that was plastered on her face.

"I am going to cum bitch!" Matt announced, " Get ready for my black cum!"

Matt quickened his pace and then plunged to the depths of her cunt and he began to unleash his cum. He quickly filled her pussy up. Kim felt his huge cock jerk and in an instant his hot cum filled her cunt.

"Whaa" exclaimed Kim, as Matt pulled out rubbed his still spewing cock all over her ass.

Cum now gushed out of her misshapen pussy hole and ran all over her ass cheeks. Any other time Kim would have immediately ran to bathroom to clean herself up, but she was still so horny and turned on that she just let the cum drip out of her and dry all over her ass and cunt.

She smiled as she thought to herself, "I really am a slut."

"You are a great fuck," Matt said.

Kim lay on her side in exhaustion, "What just happened? I can't believe what I just did. It was incredible." Kim exclaimed. " But I never thought I would be with anyone else but my husband."

Kim leaned against Matt rock solid chest and felt his still hard, slick, black cock resting on the back her thighs. Matt gently caressed her soaked pussy.

He whispered in her ear, " You know just what you did. You got fucked and fucked good."

He reached over to tease her nipples. "You loved it and you still want more"

"Oh, no I can't! "

Matt adjusted his long black dick so it lay in between her thighs and he slid it over her swollen, wet cunt lips. He softly pulled and twisted her nipples and continued, " I am not done with you yet and I know you are not done with me."

To be continued.

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Every woman's fantasy-- black cock is amazing as the beautiful black man.

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